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  • 1. DIGIPAKWe have looked at some previous albumwork from other artists and decided to do atest shoot to see what effects work well. We believe that this shoot was successful.

2. These photos are unclear and not in focus, not just will but the backgrounddoesntt look good either. 3. This is my favourite photo. We took the photos on a low shutter speed of about 6 seconds and a longexposure, to get the effect of the car lights and background behind it. We used flash as it was late atnight. The location looks urban which fits well with what we want to achieve on our music video. I amgoing to choose 3 photos to use on our digipak from this shoot to edit. We are going to put filters onthese photos and change the effects so they appear different. Such as; Black and white. 4. This photo wasnt as good becauseits slightly blurred. If it was morein focus it would look better. Weused this angel to make it look asif the lights were appearingforward/towards us.Seeing where the camera was putwith a bit of the concrete on showlooks nice and is used in otherphotos which will be good to edit.The effects we have been using onthe camera only working if thephotographer and model is still. 5. This photo could work as a front cover because its in focus and clear. However Wills facelooks a little blurred but could be made better. The colours of the green light have workedout well. Im going to put this into my top 3 and on my list to edit In order for it to be onthe digipak. We used a flash at around 1.1 so it didnt over power the image but stillmanages to capture it showing detail. However in this one 6. This photo is blurred again. However with Will facing this way thecolour from the traffic lights look really good. 7. This photo is nice because you can see where the camera is put. The light looks nice andthis is a possibility to edit however it looks fairly similar to other photos and we havedecided to put only 3 photos from our night shoot. Therefore we have to choose fromthis and a similar one of what we are going to use. 8. The lights look really good here however itwould look better if Will was in focus 9. I have used a fish eye lens to add this circle effect around the photo. Ithink this works well and the blurred lights/colours from a really slowshutter speed work nicely together. We think this would be best to putbehind the CD disc therefore we are going to edit this one as well. 10. Wills face is blurred so it doesntlook as good 11. This photo is unclear and hazy towards the top because the light is likethat. If this was took again or from a different angle it would look better. 12. These photos wouldnt work as well because they are quite dark. Although theeffect of a small dim light looks nice, it still looks to dark to use.