Digital Photography Part 0 The administrative stuff.

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  • Digital PhotographyPart 0The administrative stuff

    Pter Tarjn

  • The basicsThis is a lecture. Attendance is optional. (But if you are not interested, why did you take it?)There will be a written exam at the end. Oral exam on demand.Previous knowledge is not assumed.Having a camera to try out things for yourself helps.Ill make the slides available as we go along.There are excellent books and online resources available on the topic.If you have questions during the lecture, ask.

    Pter Tarjn

  • Books & stuffThe Digital Photography Book by Scott KelbyThe Digital Photography Book, Volume 2 by Scott KelbyComplete Digital Photography by Ben LongThe Betterphoto Guide to Digital Photography by Jim MiotkeThe Book of Digital Photography by Chris GeorgeThe Digital Photography Handbook by Doug Harmanetc.

    Lecture notes: sharing sitesetc.

    Pter Tarjn

  • Course plan, part 1Week 1Properties of light, reflection and refraction. Imaging with lenses and mirrors. Week 2Real lenses. Types of cameras.

    Week 3How digital cameras work (part 1)

    Week 4How digital cameras work (part 2) Week 5Basic handling of cameras. Week 6Creative controls: shutter speed, aperture, depth of field.

    Pter Tarjn

  • Course plan, part 2Week 7Creative controls: focal length. Composition.

    Week 8Lighting. Style and subject (part 1).

    Week 9Style and subject (part 2). Processing images: from camera to PC, printing pictures, using them in programs and the web.

    Week 10Basic image editing.

    Week 11Advanced image editing

    Week 12Advanced image editing

    Pter Tarjn


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