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<ul><li><p>8/6/2019 Dillman Done That List</p><p> 1/8</p><p>List of Things I Have DoneStephen W. Dillman</p><p>1. Attended Nazarene Youth International Institute in Estes Park, CO (1970).2. Went to Paris, France, to assist missionary with electronic publishing setup.3. Went to Port-au-Prince, Haiti on a Work &amp; Witness trip.</p><p>4. Rode motorcycle for 18 years and nearly 70K miles.5. Flew in helicopter to see Grand Canyon.6. Went to Lesotho, Africa on Work &amp; Witness trip.7. Flew in a small Cessna airplane and landed on a grass airstrip near Monamaning, Lesotho.8. Caught large Bluefish in Atlantic Ocean.9. Ate salmon prepared by Native Americans near Seattle, Washington.10. Worked for NAPA auto parts distribution center during seminary.11. Whos Who in American Colleges and Universities.12. ENC Pastor of the Year in 1996.13. Elected District Superintendent of Pittsburgh District Church of the Nazarene on fifth ballot</p><p>(1997).</p><p>14. Hiked 6.7 miles of trail in Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington.15. Photographed marmots in Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington.16. Completed Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University with the following</p><p>professors: Bruce Winston, Dail Fields, Greg Stone, Kathaleen Reid-Martinez, Karin Klenk,Mara Crabtree, Lyle Story, Joseph Umidi, Randolph Case, Michael Zigarelli, Alan Arroyo,Helen Stiff-Williams, short lady, Eldin Fillafane (visiting professor from Gordon-ConwellCenter for Urban Ministerial Education).</p><p>17. Viewed Niagara Falls from Maid of the Mist boat.18. Saw two bald eagles on ferry mooring near Seattle, Washington.19. Served as trustee to Eastern Nazarene College (1997 present)20. Attended General Assembly: 1989, 199321. Delegate to General Assembly: 1997, 2001, 2005, 200922. Performed the wedding of our son, Jonathan, to Kerry Maiolo (2004).23. Sang Cherish the Treasure to Glenda in front of Norwin congregation for Valentines Day.24. Played 1st chair saxophone in high school band and pep band.25. Won 2nd and 3rd place ribbons for high jump in 8 th grade but never cleared the bar.26. Won Master Evansville in Better Baby Show at 17 months of age.27. Motorcycle-camped with Glenda near Cape May, NJ.28. Rode motorcycle solo from Windsor, Canada, to Niagara Falls.29. Rode in 18-wheeler twice: hauling steel rolls and refrigerated food.30. Drove Mercedes-Benz sedan.31. Worked for Woodlawn Funeral Home as greeter, embalmers helper, custodian, and body pickup.32. Lost credit card in open grave.33. Hit inside the park homerun playing softball for church team.34. Met the following General Superintendents: James Diehl, John A. Knight, William Greathouse,</p><p>Paul Cunningham, Jerry Porter, Nina Gunter, Talmadge Johnson, Gerald Johnson, Jim Bond,Ray Hurn, Eugene Stowe, William Prince, Bill Coulter, Donald Owens, Jesse Middendorf, andJ.K. Warrick.</p><p>35. Ate dinner with Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.36. Attended prayer breakfast where Joe Gibbs spoke.37. Met Wayne Alderson, author ofStronger Than Steel.38. Rode in swamp boat near Orlando, FL and saw alligator in the wild.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Dillman Done That List</p><p> 2/8</p><p>39. Ate Urdu meat (similar to deer) in South Africa.40. Ate alligator meat in New Orleans, LA.41. Took Norwegian Cruise Lines to Western Caribbean (Cozumel, Cancun, Honduras, and Belize).42. Wrote chapter for a textbook on servant leadership to be used in MBA adult studies program.43. Completed undergraduate degree at Trevecca Nazarene University with these professors from the</p><p>Religion and Philosophy department: Mildred Wynkoop, H. Ray Dunning, William Strickland,Hal Cauthron, Neil Wiseman.</p><p>44. Completed Master of Divinity degree at Nazarene Theological Seminary with these professors:Morris Weigelt, Charles Isabel, Paul Bassett, Donald Owens, Stephen Nease, Robert Crabtree,Al Trousdale, Kenneth Grider, Mendell Taylor, Rob Staples, Mildred Wynkoop, AlexDeasley, Harvey Finley, Wesley Tracy.</p><p>45. Rode cog railway to top of Pikes Peak.46. Rode the wooden rollercoaster at Kennywood Park, Pittsburgh, PA.47. Second honeymoon in Poconos, Pennsylvania.48. Called in the alarm for a car fire next door to our apartment in Kansas City, MO.49. Pastored a young man tried and convicted of double murder/arson.50. Listened to choir practice at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.51. Toured Louvre in Paris, France.</p><p>52. Worshipped in Dru, France with real wine for communion and a common cup.53. Preached with translator in newly built church in Monamaning, Lesotho, Africa.54. Baptized two people in river near Monamaning, Lesotho.55. Participated in DS conferences in: Chicago, IL (9/1997); San Diego, CA (2/1998); Seattle, WA</p><p>(9/1998); Kansas City, MO (2/1999); Colorado Springs, CO (9/1999); Jacksonville, FL(2/2000); Montreal, Canada (9/2000); Orlando, FL (2/2001); Atlanta, GA (9/2001); Houston,TX (2/2002); Salt Lake City, UT (9/2002); Nashville, TN (2/2003 M3); Portland, OR(9/2003); Phoenix, AZ (2/2004); Lansdowne, VA (9/2004); Orlando, FL (2/2005); Sante Fe,NM (9/2005); San Diego, CA (9/2006); Kansas City, MO (2/2007 M7); San Antonio, TX(9/2007); Houston, TX (2/2008); Nashville, TN (9/2008); San Francisco, CA (2/2009);Niagara Falls, Canada (9/2009); St. Augustine, FL (2/2010).</p><p>56. Shucked corn in an old mechanical corn shucker (strips kernels from cob).57. Played in a hay maw on a farm.58. Ate kangaroo steaks in Australia.59. Sailed on a tall ship schooner, Solway Lass, in Whitsunday Islands, Australia.60. Snorkeled in Mantaray Bay, Whitsunday Islands, Australia.61. Scuba dived in Cid Harbor, Whitsunday Islands, Australia.62. Did four preachers meetings on Northern and Southern Districts in Australia: Melbourne,</p><p>Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane.63. Saw an enchinda (small porcupine) in the wild on Kangaroo Island, Australia.64. Saw elk, up close, in the wild in Banff, Canada.65. Soaked in a hot sulfur springs pool near Banff, Canada.</p><p>66. Hiked around Lake Louise in Banff, Canada.67. Attended a Billy Graham School of Evangelism.68. Served as counselor for Billy Graham crusade in Pittsburgh, PA.69. Photographed a fox in the wild.70. Elected band president during senior year of high school.71. Elected Spiritual Life Vice-President at Trevecca Nazarene University.72. Self-taught programming in Dbase: wrote program for district secretaries and one for Ministerial</p><p>Studies secretaries.73. Built several desktop computers; learned networking and wireless networking.74. Stayed in a million dollar (plus) home on Puget Sound, Gig Harbor, Washington.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Dillman Done That List</p><p> 3/8</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Dillman Done That List</p><p> 4/8</p><p>116. Experienced the grief and loss of my brother, Jerry, who died in an industrial accident at age of26.</p><p>117. Baptized my brother, Craig, who thought he needed to be since he was entering the ministry.118. Baptized my sister, Emily, and her daughter, Maggie, in front of family and friends in my</p><p>brother-in-law/sisters pool.119. Remodeled my daughters condo, including complete bathroom and kitchen remodel.120. Built a baby cradle from figured hard maple for our first grandson, Isaiah Christopher Dillman.</p><p>121. Oversaw the 100th Anniversary of the Pittsburgh District (2007), including a parade ofchurches in organizational date order and a centennial musical. Wrote the narration for both.</p><p>122. Constructed three 8 feet by 11 feet projector screens using photographic background paper.123. Bought Glenda a yarn winder for Christmas so she could stop wrestling with skeins that</p><p>tangled or wouldnt pull from the center.124. Received several woodworking magazine subscriptions: Wood, Woodwork, Popular</p><p>Woodworking; Fine Woodworking, and Woodcraft.125. Sang in the Pgh District Centennial musical: Solo No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus;</p><p>Trio He Touched Me; Southern Gospel Quartet Victory in Jesus and Just a Little TalkWith Jesus.</p><p>126. Landscaped the front of the district parsonage.</p><p>127. Built a water feature for the front flowerbed from three copper urns.128. Honored with a reception for 10th anniversary as district superintendent of Pgh District.129. Turned two wooden pens (Honduran rosewood and Redheart) for General Superintendent Nina</p><p>Gunter and husband, Moody.130. Vacationed at Cherokee, NC (about age 12)131. Funny video (8mm) of me unsuccessfully trying to jump on full-size plaster horse in a theme-</p><p>park western town.132. Walked across 180 feet long swinging bridge in Rock City, GA.133. Visited Lookout Mountain.134. Motorcycled through Smoky Mountains in October.135. Sang on district IMPACT Team as teenager in Kentucky.</p><p>136. Teen Bible-quizzer made the district team and went to regionals twice.137. Bronco-skied on Kentucky Lake behind dads boat (about age 13).138. Stubbed toe on underwater log in Kentucky Lake, driving splinter deep under my toenail. Dad</p><p>removed it at home while I cried and my brothers laughed.139. Took my dads lawnmower apart and couldnt put it together again.140. Witnessed the Olympic torch being carried through Washington D.C.141. Purchased an Olympus AE1 SLR cameratook photography classes to learn how to use it.142. First computer was a Franklin 2000 with two external 5 disk drives and a color monitor.</p><p>Bought a daisy writer printer at the same time. Paid nearly $4000 for the system at a timewhen my annual salary was $8500/year. (Bless my wife, Glenda, and her work income!)</p><p>143. Second computer was a laptop with 4meg memory and a 10mb hard drive. Weighed</p><p>approximately 15 pounds.144. First word processor was Screen Writer.145. Took Glenda to a revolving restaurant overlooking National Airport in Washington, D.C. for</p><p>our anniversary (15th?). Found out that the restaurant didnt revolve; only the bar on the floorabove did. After dinner, went to the bar to experience this panoramic view for the first time.</p><p>146. Saw Walter Matheau in Kwon Sings Dumpling House, Chinatown, NY.147. Saw Erica Gimpel (Coco in 1980s show, Fame) on street in New York City during the time</p><p>the show was popular.148. Met Rick Warren, author ofForty Days of Purpose.149. Met Leonard Sweet, author ofSoul Tsunami, and other books.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Dillman Done That List</p><p> 5/8</p><p>150. Met Carl George, author.151. Met George Hunsberger, author ofMissional Church.152. Met and talked privately with Dennis Kinlaw, former president of Asbury Seminary.153. Taught how to use a scroll saw (basically a sewing machine with a wood cutting blade) by</p><p>Larry Wilsonused to cut heart shapes in baby cradle.154. Met Aubrey Malphurs, author ofLeading Leaders.155. Accepted invitation to train pastors in ministerial assessment at Mount Vernon Nazarene</p><p>University (Spring, 2008).156. Invited to participate in a Clergy Development focus group in Nashville, TN, for the purpose</p><p>of giving input on future clergy training/continuing education initiatives (2007)157. Invited to participate in a second Clergy Development focus group in KC on the subject of</p><p>ministerial assessment (2008).158. Attended Natural Church Development training, led by Bob Logan (2005).159. Attended K-Church and Intermediate Church Initiative training, sponsored by Church of the</p><p>Nazarene (church-size leadership training).160. Wrote a review for Barbara Micheals, that appeared on her books jacket cover.161. After about 50 years of biting my fingernails, I quit (late spring, 2007).162. Broke my first fingernail.</p><p>163. Flew in a DC3, prop-driven airliner.164. Saw Richard Simmons, exercise celebrity, at the Pittsburgh airport. He was dressed in the</p><p>sleeveless t-shirt and shorts that he often wears on his television shows.165. Met Pat Robertson, founder of 700 Club and presidential candidate.166. Owned and used three different GPS systems: Garmin on its own brand of a Palm OS PDA,</p><p>TomTom on a Palm OS Treo 650 and Treo 755, and a dedicated Garmin Nuvi 205w.167. Attended three Promise Keeper rallies, including the pastors rally in Washington, D.C.168. Junior High Sunday School teacher in Grandview, MO, with Troy Martin (now Dr. Troy</p><p>Martin).169. Stayed in the Presidential Suite at the downtown Hyatt in Indianapolis, IN. The NewsBoys</p><p>were told that they could not stay there because someone else was in the room. That</p><p>someone was me and my family.170. After years of avoiding telling waiters about birthdays and anniversaries, Glenda and I were</p><p>honored for our 33rd anniversary by the waiters at Olive Garden in San Antonio, TXthanksto our friends: Jim and Susan Dillow, Jim and Vonnie Healey, and Larry and Linda White.</p><p>171. Attended church and partook of communion at Oak Hill Church, pastored by Max Lucado.172. Visited towns in Lancaster County, PA, with names like Blue Balls, Intercourse, and Paradise.173. Attended plays at Sight and Sound Theater and Living Waters Theater: Daniel, Noah,</p><p>Abraham and Sarah, and Mary: The Christmas Story.174. Kissed on the top of my bald head by a saloon lady at one of Disneyworlds attractions to</p><p>my childrens and wifes great delight. The ruby red lipstick left its mark for all to see until Icould wash it off.</p><p>175. Took about a dozen men to Homestead, FL, to help with damage from Hurricane Andrew.176. Took about a dozen men to Brooklyn, NY, to help clean out a three story building where the</p><p>roof and all three floors had fallen into the basement. This building would one day house aChurch of the Nazarene and the parsonage for the pastor.</p><p>177. Played a game that was a cross between bumper cars and basketball.178. Chaperoned the senior class of our son, Jonathan, to Toronto, Canada.179. Saw Phantom of the Opera in Toronto, Canada, just before the play closed after one of the</p><p>longest runs for a play at that theater.180. Played a practical joke on the Jonathans senior class by sending an official looking letter</p><p>purportedly from the government of Canada telling the class that some of the things they</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Dillman Done That List</p><p> 6/8</p><p>brought into Canada could not be taken back across the borderthings like item made bySony, things made of nylon, things made with rubbereffectively saying that they had toleave all the belongings they brought with them.</p><p>181. Rode into the district tabernacle on a motorcycle for an NYI convention to the tune of Leaderof the Pack.</p><p>182. Bit in the thigh by a German Shepherd while collecting for my newspaper route when I wasabout fourteen.</p><p>183. Gained fifty pounds in six months while going through a particularly stressful time in my firstchurch.</p><p>184. Performed the wedding of twin sisters who married brothers in the same ceremony and had thelocal newspaper cover the event.</p><p>185. Led the singing for several years at the annual Good Friday and Thanksgiving services held inNorth Huntingdon, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and the ministerium, respectfully.</p><p>186. Invited to roast Dr. Larry Dunster, pastor of the largest Presbyterian church in Irwin, PA, onthe occasion of his retirement.</p><p>187. Spoke several times at the annual Lenten services held in Irwin, PA.188. Played softball for an industrial league, representing NAPA auto parts distribution center.189. Had my first motorcycle accident in front of the Nazarene Seminary just after purchasing my</p><p>1967 Honda 350 and before I had offici...</p></li></ul>