Beef Cattle By: Alex Anderson, Hannah Downs, And Abby Dillman.

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  • Beef Cattle By: Alex Anderson, Hannah Downs, And Abby Dillman.
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  • Anatolian Black
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  • The Anatolian Black is a very form of aggressive animal. The black Anatolian is a Black silky. Their legs are short and thick, the neck is long with a dewlap. They are special for their strength to work on farms and for their dairy. Females average from 100-115 cm in height and 150 to 250 kg in weight. They are originally from turkey. FACTS 1.) An interesting fact about the cattle they are used in the dairy,they can produce up to 1890 kg of milk. 2.) On several farms the Anatolian Black Cattle are used as working animals.
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  • Angus Cattle
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  • The angus cattle is one of the several gentle cattle. Its fur can range from black to red. The Angus Cattle are short legged, hornless cattle. The Angus is special for its fine quality of its hide. The cattle are low to the ground they have bulky bodies. Wide. Short. The Angus Cattle came from Scottland. FACTS 1.)An interesting fact of the Angus is their fine fur. 2.) They were once known as Angus Doddies.
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  • Shorthorned Cattle
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  • They have early maturity, they adapt easily, kind. The color of the Shorthorned Cattle range from red to Roan, to White. Its body is in the shape of a rectangle, with short heads and oval extremely large eyes. They strength makes these Cattle special. They originate Tees River Valley in the northeastern point of England. FACTS 1.)These cattle can contain 1,000 to 1,200 pound weights at such an early age. 2.)They are hornless.
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  • Simmental Cattle
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  • The Simmental Cattle is a very quiet type of cattle. The color of the Simmental is red and white. The Simmental as a white face with little legs and humongous bodies. What makes the Simmental special is its outstanding production of its milk. Size: Large Its originated from Switzerland. FACTS 1.) They are the oldest breeds of the Cattle. 2.) There are 40 to 60 million Simmental Cattle world wide.
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  • Brahma Cattle
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  • These cows are very motherly and the bulls get along with other animals. The Brahmas can range from grey to red to almost black. The features of the Brahma is that they have a hump over the shoulders and very loose skin under the throat. The special thing about the Brahma is their appearance of how strange they are and their milk. They range in size of Bulls from 1600-2200 and cows from 1000- 1400. They originate from India. FACTS 1.)Brahmas developed in the South United States in the early 1900s. 2.)The hybrid cattle exhibit hybrid vigor.
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  • Vosges
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  • The Vosges are extremely long-lived, healthy and fertile. The color of the Vosges range from black and white to grey to dark rings around the muzzle. The features of the Vosges is the head is mainly milky grey. The Vosges is special for its good nature and their milk. They size ranges from 135-140 CM to 800 KG They originate from The Vosges Mountains, Alsace. FACTS 1.) The origin traces back to the 17 th Century. 2.)The breed was at the height at the beginning of the 20 th Century.
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  • Dlafe Cattle
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  • The Dlafe is sometimes aggressive and sometimes kind. The Dlafe ranged from dark brown or brindle animals to piebald (white), brown and black individuals. They have short legs and horns. This cattle is special for its milk. They are approximately 450-500 kg. The Dlafe originated from Europe FACTS 1.)The Dlafe is a very rare cattle, it stands out more than the rest of the different cattle. 2.)Registered population of 40 heifers and 85 cows as of January 1995.
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  • Texas Longhorn
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  • The Texas Longhorn have much strength and is a superior form of the Beef Cattle. The color of the Texas Longhorns color ranges from white to burnt-orange. The features of the Texas Longhorn is the long horns exactly up to and or over 7 feet. The reason the Texas Longhorn is special is it was close to extinction and their horns. The size of the Texas Longhorn ranged from 800 to 1,500 pounds. They originate from Spain via Mexico. FACTS 1.)The Texas Longhorn cattle are a species of cow that evolved in America. 2.) The Texas Longhorn was close to extinction, but human society managed to bring the Texas Longhorn back from its death. It is now a worshipped form of cattle in Texas.
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