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Dimmer technology breakthrough! - Legrand€¦ · Dimmer technology breakthrough! Sparking a revolution in dimmer technology, HPM Legrand is launching a full range of universal push

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  • Dimmer technology breakthrough!Sparking a revolution in dimmer technology, HPM Legrand is launching a full range of universal push button dimmers. With the new technology, contractors are now able to dim a load 2 ways thanks to the inclusion of a secondary (or slave) mechanism (450SM) within the new range. And, with no accompanying switches required, up to 6 dimmer mechanisms can be easily installed on a standard 6 gang plate. Standard light switches can also easily be upgraded to a dimmer - contractors simply exchange the switch mechanisms for a new dimmer mechanism.

    Available in white, cream, black and matt silver (with either white or black trim), the dimmers work with both electronic and iron core transformers for greater flexibility and can be retrofitted onto existing HPM plates. Features include:

    Issue 2 July 09

    Showcasing the latest products for electrical installations and information networks

    NEWS link

    NEW HPM dimmer range:

    250L/T 400L/T 700L/T 1000L/T

    Flicker and noise free

    Soft-start - increased lamp life

    Compatible with HPMs Standard, Excel, Linea and Architectural Metal plates

    Available as mechanisms only as well as plated models


    The push button series of dimmers is the latest addition to HPMs completely revitalised and re-engineered dimmer range including: 250L/T, 400L/T, 700L/T, and 1000L/T.

    For a full list of Cat. No.s please ask your HPM representative for a product information flyer.

    One touch on-off. Push+hold to ramp up or down

    Serene blue LED indicator - bright when light is on, dimmed when light is off

    Max 450W load

    Short-circuit protection

    Overload protection

  • DOUBLE PLUGGINGSee clearly with new HPM double clear plugbases

    Improving visibility for faster fault checking, HPM has released a clear polycarbonate double plugbase. With a quick release base, plenty of wiring room, accessible and backed-off terminal screws, including loop terminal, they are lightning fast to install. The new clear double plugbases are available in 10 and 15A models. The 10A model is also available in black. Cat. No.sare as follows:

    37/2CL 10A clear double plugbase

    37/2BL 10A black double plugbase

    37/215CL 15A clear double plugbase

    DOUBLE THE MOTOR RATINGHPM rotary switch upgrade

    HPM has released 3 new rotary switches boosting the motor rating of each from M50 to M100. Rated 15AX (X rating for fluorescent lamps as well) the improved switches are ideal for: Auto-off-Manual selection, bi-direction switching for blinds and screens, as well as multi speed control. Colours available include: White, Beige, Black, Brown, Cream and Misty Grey*. The new switches are as follows:

    770RS180MWE 180 rotation with 3 positions 770RS270MWE 270 rotation with 4 positions 770RS360MWE 360 continuous rotation with 4 positions

    All switches are compatible with HPM plates - Standard, Excel, Linea and Architectural Metal

    *Colours are available when knob (CAT 770RSK) is purchased separately.

    POWERINGCONSTRUCTION SITESExcel 15A double pole power point

    Ideal for construction sites and temporary buildings, the Excel power point is now available in a 15A double pole version.

    Busbar terminal - no link wire

    Improved terminals for faster connection

    ANOTHER TRICKTO REDUCE COSTSNew HPM dimmers - 250 series

    To help contractors reduce project costs, HPM has released a series of 250VA dimmers - an economical solution for smaller jobs where 400VA+ capacity is not needed. The range includes both leading edge and trailing edge mechanisms. Features include:

    Quiet operation

    Flicker free

    Soft start lamp turns on gradually to increase lamp life

    Over-temperature protection lamp automatically dims if dimmer is overloaded

    Compatible with HPM plates Standard, Excel, Linea and Architectural Metal, the dimmer mechanisms are available in White, Cream, Beige, Brown and Black

  • OPTIMISED, USER FRIENDLY,AND ERGONOMICNew Viking 3 - complete screw and spring terminal block range

    Expanding its market coverage, Legrand has launched a comprehensive new range of terminal blocks called Viking 3. The new range boasts superior ergonomics for faster fit-off and includes a complete automatic spring range, as well as screw connection.

    The Spring connection range features:

    Direct insertion for 5 and 6mm pitch blocks: for rigid conductors and flexible conductors with ferrules SAVES TIME

    Integrated end caps for pitches of 6 12, small overall dimensions LESS CAT NO.S TO BE STORED

    Optimised terminal block size identical electrical characteristics for 5 and 6mm pitch blocks

    The Screw connection range features:

    Identical height blocks from 2.5mm - 10mm, 16mm - 70mm

    Single colour end cap: dark grey

    Direct screwless fixing on DIN rail for protection conductor modules (for pitches 5 to 10)

    Legrand L.V. distribution solutions now featured in PowerCad-5

    PowerCad-5 Electrical Design Software was specifically developed for consulting engineers/contractors. The software models the L.V distribution for residential, institutional, government, commercial and industrial buildings and now utilises all Legrand L.V. distribution solutions. Features of PowerCad-5 include:

    Circuit breaker selection with time/current co-ordination curves

    Maximum demand calculations

    Fault level calculations

    Fault-loop impedance calculations

    Harmonic analysis

    L.V. distribution single line diagram (SLD) with dynamic link to AutoCAD

    Cable sizing including thermal stress checking

    AS/NZS3000:2007 compliance checks

    For further information on PowerCad-5 go to


  • IMPROVING USABILITY16 channel IR remote control upgrade

    Featuring a completely new design, BTicino has upgraded its My Home 16 channel IR remote control for improved usability, replacing products 4482/7 and 4482/16. This remote control can directly control a mix of 16 channel commands including: lighting controls, scenarios, blind controls, dimmers, general on/offs, sound system on/off and volume control, sound system source and track selection and door strikes. Features include:

    Blue LED and an audio signal that activates when a button is pressed

    3.5mm jack for hearing aids

    Windows for the insertion of symbols representing the function stored in each pushbutton

    Threaded hole on the reverse side for easy mounting

    Power supply: 2 batteries 1.5V type AAA

    3 CONTROLLERS IN 1Special Controller

    This new BTicino My Home scenario controller combines the features of L4561/2, L4655 and L4656 into one versatile module. The versatile unit enables timed control up to 59 minutes and 59 seconds, activates scenarios, and can control actuators that are connected to a different bus cable. Other features include:

    Variable LED intensity OFF, 30%, 60%, 100%

    Slim profile reduced from 18.5mm to 13mm

    Configuration door added hinge to prevent door release

    * For product codes, please call Customer Service and request a product info flyer.

  • QUALITY, SIMPLICITYNew Starfix crimping tools

    Answering market demand for simple, high quality crimping tools, Legrand has expanded its Starfix range to cover complete solutions for ferrules in strips from 0.25mm up to 6mm.

    The new Starfix tools, developed in France, feature improved ergonomics for faster and more comfortable use.

    The Cat. No.s for the new Starfix crimping tools are as follows:

    37608 Crimping tool for 0.25mm and 0.34mm cross-sections37609 Crimping tool for 0.5mm to 2.5mm cross-sections37610 Crimping tool for 4mm and 6mm cross-sections37606 Crimping tool for 0.25mm to 6mm cross-sections (single and double ferrules)

    SAFETY IN NUMBERSTriple IP on Legrand Hypra IEC plugs and sockets from 16A to 125A

    Ideal for industries with strict health and safety re-quirements, frequent swilling, harsh environments and applications exposed to adverse weather conditions, the new Hypra range from 16A to 125A guarantees IP55 when in use or when the cover is closed, and both IP66 & IP67 when the ring is locked. The range includes panel mounting sockets, surface mounting sockets, straight plugs and mobile sockets.

    Visual IP display

    Every product from 16A to 125A features triple IP

    MASS EXITLegrand Jumbo Exit Signs

    For large commercial, sports and industrial applications, use Legrands Jumbo Exit Signs for maximum effectiveness. Features include:

    Sustained mode of operation

    High temperature NiCad batteries

    Large terminal block for ease of connection

    T8-18W fluorescent technology

    Easy to install

    Ceiling or wall mount diffuser options

    Diffuser provided with mounting plate

    When connected, IP 55 guaranteed with the cover closed

    IP 66/67 obtained with the ring locked

    When not connected IP 55 automatically assured. When cover is closed IP 66/67 obtained with the ring locked

  • Did you know that the Iset lighting system allows you to:

    Control 8 different circuits of lighting individually

    Dim the lighting of wirewound or electronic transformers

    Program 8 different scenes that incorporate multiple channels

    Program all functions WITHOUT the use of a computer

    With all keypads wired back to the control unit via

    Cat5e cable, it provides a simpler and more cost

    effective method of lighting control than full

    automation systems, and is extremely user-friendly.

    Iset is available in 4 and 8 channel models;

    features and specifications include:

    1000VA rating per channel (8 channel),

    2400VA rating per channel (4 channel)

    Up to 8 programmable lighting scenes

    Onboard programming

    Visual LED bar graph to show lighting level output

    Short circuit protection (8 channel)

    Power down memory backup

    HPM: 1300 369

    BTicino: 1300 284

    Legrand: 1300 534

    Cablofil: 1300 534

    D id you know?

    The Iset lighting system is perfect for commercial venues such as restaurants, bars, clubs, boardrooms, offices, hotels and reception areas environments where you only need to have lighting control scenarios in a few different rooms.