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Dirty Little Roommates By:SKYLER LODER & brittany kinder.

Dirty Little Roommates

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Dirty Little Roommates. By: SKYLER LODER & brittany kinder. The Predicament. Our roommate’s lack of commitment to the promise we made to keep the house clean. . The Underlying Problem. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Dirty Little Roommates

Dirty Little Room-mates

Dirty Little RoommatesBy:SKYLER LODER & brittany kinder.The PredicamentOur roommates lack of commitment to the promise we made to keep the house clean. The Underlying ProblemHow do you avoid conflict in this situation or everyday situations with others you desire to maintain friendships with?Plan of AttackAs roommates, we need to decide how we want to approach the others about the impending issue.




AssertiveAggressiveVery radical way to express emotions.

Often the least productive option to resolve a disagreement.

Passive Not willing to fight for what one wants.

Can be seen as being flaky or a pushover.

Ineffective.Passive-AggressiveBeing nonchalant about an issue that bothers you, and expressing your emotions in annoying ways.

Dont be Passive Aggressive

http://www.comedycentral.com/videos/index.jhtml?videoId=222474&title=games-passive-aggressive-race&xrs=share_copyAssertiveOverall best method of communication.

Typically expresses all emotions and resolves issue at the same time.Resolution

Once the problem has been assessed, the outcome is determined.

Win-LoseOne sided victory.

Most common outcome of a conflict.

Win-WinOutcome is favorable for both parties.

Jiff commercial.

Lose-LoseOutcome is dissatisfactory for both parties.

No one wins in a headbutt.