Do you love us we love you. We are cutie pies do love do you us now we could love you

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  • Do you love us we love you

  • We are cutie pies do love do you us now we could love you

  • We are kind and loving we show are love and care

  • Your mine this show how we are not playing you mine

  • Can you find me we are playing hind and go sick your turn

  • We can be friends would you like to be my friend we love the show we love the winter

  • we are all you need we give love and care for you we can be a friend to you and care we you need some one to talk to

  • Youre my lover we love to play with you would you like to play we love to play outside, inside were every we love to make you have fun with us

  • Do you want to play we love to look cute and listen to music with you if you would like to dance then we will be there to dance with you

  • Lovely dogs love to run outside we like to be inside and out we love the TV and we

  • Baby boys are relaxing and love to tack pitchers do you like pitchers we love them

  • Girls dogs when there babies this one is new born we love to look so cute for you

  • Your baby dog love to ask like a real baby I love to act like a really baby I love to be care for

  • Dogs in love this is there lovers not talk about them there adorable if you like water or show then look for us

  • Babies we are little and cute you will love us and you will care and love us we are small

  • dogs love the out doors do you the outside is wonderful to us we love to seat out there if you like to walk run or what ever you like then we are the ones for you

  • Big cutie dogs this dog is looking out the window and this dog is summing we are very cute with pitchers you will love us