Don't look for the meaning, look for the use!

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Don't look for the meaning, look for the use! IS-Land and other projects


  • Warning: Abandon Earth - or Face Extinction

    Enrico Forestieri

    20120508 Politecnico di Milano

  • August 6th 2010

    Warning: Abandon Earth - or Face Extinction

  • Nicolas Bourriaud

    PostProductionNew York: Lukas

    & Sternberg, 2002

    Buenos Aires: Adriana Hidalgo edi

    tora, 2004

  • Ludwig Wittgenstein

    Dont look for the meaning, l

    ook for the use

    in Philosophische Untersuchungen

    , Oxford, 1953

  • Dj Shadow

    EndtroducingMo Wax, 1996


    Barcelona: 2011


    Barcelona: 2011


    Barcelona: 2011

  • Statement editors

    STATEMENTMilano: www.this , 2012

    StatementtatementSa t e m e n t S tt e m e n t S t ae m e n t S t a tm e n t S t a t e

    e n t S t a t e m

    n t S t a t e m e

    t S t a t e m e n

    S t a t e m e n t




    Statement is a by-product of the internet.In a time in which having a website has become the sufficient

    condition to take part in the architectural scene, architects have to converge all their efforts in their presentation in order to stand out from the crowd. As architectural practices face the necessity of presenting themselves to the world in few lines, a new literary genre is rising: the statement.

    Statements work like leveling agents: regardless from the dimension of the practice, fame or visibility in the world of printed publications, very few escape from the temptation of statement.

    If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, statements are the mirror of todays discourse on the discipline of architecture: they are keys to understand the most popular topics, terms and registers in the field.

    Every office wants to present itself in the most synthetic way, but the vast majority takes advantage of the occasion to say something about the meaning of architecture- and the meaning of life.

    Some try to be funny, some are brutal. Some show off shamelessly their nuts, some opt for under-statement. Some start by stating that statements are no longer possible, then they write the last possible statement. Some write in verses, some in prose. Some are as dry as business cards, some try to be touching.

    Do you smile when you shake somebodys hand for the first time? Are you professional or sustainable? Do you care for natural light?

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • Wadden Sea Area: Critical Imbalances

    ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • Blurring Boundaries: Time, Space and Cycles at Wadden Sea Area

    Beyond ecotouristic segregated model, we propose thinking of Wadden Sea Area as a mixing chamber. Whitin this scenario, BLURRING BOUNDARIES is a post-environmental model of territorial management at regional scale that:

    softens the neatness of the actual protected area limit

    thickens and promotes a greater porosity of the sensible area borders

    reduces access and crossing constraints (on some control conditions) in WSA

    increases, diversify and overlaps heterogeneous activities through synergies which can manage and take advantage of the cyclical variations at WSA

    promotes an energetic strategy based on a redundant grid of scattered elements

    Whitin BLURRING BOUNDARIES plan, we propose developping island: a mobile infrastructure supporting migrating birds and a heterogeneous nomadic community (productive, scientific, touristic, residential), promoting forms of positive interaction and virtuous circles among the involved actors and establishing a tight interdependece between territory and island.

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

    ISLand: Strategies and Programisland is a middle earth, suspended between landscape and domestic scale. Itis an extremely site specific mobile platform. Its the visible element of a strategy (deployed at different scales with diverse intensity an physicity) focused on the management of regional imbalances, and on taking advantage of its inexpressed potentialities.island is a mobile harbour floating in a vast area protected by an breakwave ribbon of islands, which reduce significantly the wave intensity. Moreover, the emerged areas of island tend to enclose calmer water canals, which contribute to a pleasant mooring. The final shape of the inner canals derive from the circulation and manoeuvre space of the mooring Floating Living Units.island is not a self-sufficient monad (one of the weakness of floating utopias from the Sixties). Everytime it lands, island receives material and energetic inputs from the territory in exchange of material and intangible products developed in its interior. island accepts agricultural-food products planted-bred in selected areas within blurring boundaries ribbon, recharges its batteries thanks to Magenn rotors; in return island converts itself in a temporary plug for each of the guest cities. island is a marina, a mobile market where one can find fish-mussel products processed in its facilities, an exhibition space, a conference room, a workshop center, a regional-bio delicatessen shop, a restaurant, a love boat, ...

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

  • ISLANDMadrid: 2011

    enrico forestieriwith pilar dez, helena muiz muoz, mara martnez ureta,chiara novello, matteo pace, pietro pezzani

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