Film opening analysis don't look now

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  1. 1. FilmOpeningAnalysis:Dont LookNow
  2. 2. 1) Shots types/angles/movements?There was a lot of zoom movements and close up shots suchas the scene where there was a close up of thephotograph, when was dripping along the photograph, itmakes the audience think why did they zoom in and weknow its because its suppose to represent the little girl.There was also a mirror reflection using the water in thepond of the little girl which hints out to the audiencemaybe the water is a signifier to us and it maybe aimportance to the narrative. In addition to this in theopening scene they use quite a lot of graphic matchesbetween the parents and the children, furthermore therewas slow motion to put emphasis on the father emotionsand how time slowed down of when knowing the little girldrowned to her death.
  3. 3. The father was looking atthe photograph, whichresembles the little girl. Inthe next scene (parallelediting) which is an upsidedown image of the littlegirl.
  4. 4. This again is parallelediting, thephotograph with theperson in red coatwith blood drippingalong the photographrepresents the littlegirl drown its has ifthe photograph knewwhat was going tohappen which thefather later on knewwhat it was as he ranafter his daughter totry save her.
  5. 5. 2) Visual style Lighting/colour?The colour red is a genre signifier of the horror/thriller genre,which represents the theme danger and death etc. The colour redalso connotes blood as we see the red blood on the photographwhich represents the little girl dying/drowning in the water, thephotograph is supposed to show the girl dying in the nearerfuture. The blond colour of the little girl hair connotesinnocence/purity, so when she drowned it shows how innocentshe was and how young she was however death took her, but herdeath could have been avoided if her father knew what thephotograph stands for. Furthermore theres quite differentcontrast of lighting as the on the little girl theres quite brightlighting however her surroundings like the forest is dark lighting, itshows the binary opposition of dark vs light, it kind of shows theforest is evil and not good for the innocence and the bright lighton the girl shows her innocence/purity again.
  6. 6. Dark lighting in the forestbehind the girl, furthermorethere is more focus/depthon the little girl rather thanthe boy, it gets the audiencethinking why is that andwhats going to happen?Red outfit connotesdanger/death/blood itrelates to the theme and herblond hair representsinnocence and purity.
  7. 7. 3) Editing fast/slow/pace/longtakes/exposition of narrative character setting time?The piano music in the beginning is equivalent to the pace ofthe editing, it ties in with each other a lot. Also there wasa lot of parallel editing to show the audience and makethem understand whats happening in the narrative so far,which I personally think is very clever as the two childrenwere outside whilst the parents were in the house, andthe father knew what was going to happen to hisdaughter, it shows the similarity between both scenes.From knowing both scenes the audience kind of alreadyknew what was going to happen, which createsenigma/action codes unlike the characters in the actualopening scene didnt know nothing until later like thefather knew from the photograph which is veryreminiscence.
  8. 8. 4) How does the opening suggest thegenre or the themes of the film?The opening does suggest a lot about the film and thethemes as well. For example, the setting was mainlyfocused in the woods/forest which gives us a sense ofisolation and distance which is very iconic for thehorror/thriller genre. There are many themes that arein the horror/thriller genre such as death/danger asthe forest/woods represents the danger and manyother objects such as the photograph which sensedthe little girls death as well as the death of the littlegirl drowning shows us maybe shes the one thatdrives the narrative forward and maybe we canexpect something else from the death of the little girl.
  9. 9. 5) How is sound/music used to drawus into the world of the film?Sound/music is very important in this specific opening sceneas it draws our/the audience attention to whats actuallyhappening in the scenes. For example, in the beginningthe piano music that was playing shows innocence andthat nothing is going to go wrong. However despite thattheres quite a twist of the silence of the girl drowning itcreates suspension and more emphasis, which is verydramatic, even more when the father starts shouting inslow motion, the music was low/minor key, the soundfurther goes lower and quieter. Sound/music inhorror/thriller films is a audience expectation of either toscare the audience or be dramatic within the situationeither its very important and for this opening its beenused very well.
  10. 10. In my opinion of what I found very inspirational tothis specific opening scene, I like the fact how theyused sound/music gradually when time flowed by,it captured of what really the horror/thriller genreis about, for example of when time slowed downin the slow motion section of when the father wascrying out the music/sound emphasised the clipreally well, it almost felt like I could feel hisemotions which is very good to relate to.Moreover I like how they used parallel editing toshow two sides of the narrative, which thenarrative was enfolding together. Maybe in futurein my own opening scene Ill use these techniquesto show the genre that I want.