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Dr. Marsha Fralick. What is CollegeScope ?. Interactive online curriculum for a college success course Integrated career and learning style assessment Increased retention and success . Retention And Success. The most significant finding is increased retention. Retention . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dr. Marsha Fralick


What is CollegeScope?Interactive online curriculum for a college success courseIntegrated career and learning style assessmentIncreased retention and success

RetentionAndSuccess3The most significant finding is increased retention.

Retention Students who return the next semester.

Approximately half of community college students nationwide do not persist after the first semester.

College Retention Semester to Semester 5 Year Average at Cuyamaca CollegeAll students 63%All CollegeScope students 89%A 26% improvement!

6Lone Star College SystemCollegePersistence rate of all Student TypesPersistence rate of CollegeScope studentsLSC CyFair79%94%LSC Kingwood67%82%LSC Montgomery77%88%LSC North Harris81%90%LSC Tomball70%82%System Average75%87% Keys to SuccessThe program helps students to make a good choice of a major and career.

One of the keys to success of this program is that it helps students to make a good choice of a major and career. How do we do this?8

Based on Carl Jungs theory of personality type Statistically accurate personality assessmentValid and reliableCollege scenarios are easy to read and understand Keys to Success The program helps students to understand their learning style and how to become a lifelong learner.

Another central theme is learning style. If students understand their learning style, it helps them to learn new and difficult material in college and throughout life. 10Learning strategies for new and difficult college material

Comprehensive learning style assessment PerceptualEnvironmental Emotional SociologicalPhysical

Broad ScopeCollege success

Career success

Lifelong success 12 College SuccessMotivationTime and MoneyMemory and ReadingTest TakingTaking Notes, Writing and Speaking

Career SuccessPersonality and Related MajorsLearning Style and IntelligenceInterests and ValuesCareer and Educational Planning

Lifelong SuccessCommunication and RelationshipsCritical and Creative ThinkingMaintaining a Healthy LifestyleAppreciating DiversityPositive ThinkingLife Stages

Applied PsychologyFrom theory to practiceAcademically rigorous, yet practicalDesigned for college and transfer creditEasy to read16Engaging Students in LearningInteractive online format with journal entries, quizzes, activities, surveys, videosClassroom exercises for engaging students in learning17Personalized for each studentBased on personality and learning style

Refers to the student by their nameBridge High School Community College University

This course serves as a bridge from high school to community college to the university. Many of our local high schools offer the course in dual enrollment programs where students receive both high school and college credit. High school counselors and students see the course as valuable preparation for college.

The course helps students to persist in community colleges and to transfer to universities. In the San Diego area, the course has become an important part of transfer programs to the university. Most universities have college success programs to improve student success and retention. 19

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Benefits to InstitutionsHigher retention ratesMore motivated, successful student populationMinimal investmentIncreased revenue through more enrolled studentsEarly detection of at-risk students