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Proof of concept for the master plan 20132017 Case Singapore


  • Internationalizationof Dream School concept

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    Case S



  • The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progressdepends on the unreasonable man.

    George Bernard Shaw

  • MilestonesKasavuori School in the city of Kauniainen near Helsinki initiated the Dream School development process to create an engaging and ubiquitous learning environment. It is designed with all learners needs in mind. The Dream School is a bottom-up designed model to support learners growth and learning. Technology used is based on open source code and it is developed in collaboration with our partners.

    Learn more about Dream School atwww.dreamschool.eu

    2013 Dream School 3

    Preparations forthe first internationalDream School pilots.

    Dream Schoolservices are launched in first 10 schools in Finland.

    Dream, DreamOS and other core Dream Schooltechnology released as open source.

    Kasavuori School was one of thenational pilot schools in the National Planof ICT in Education.

    Seven ongoingresearch projects.

    Dream School concept is launched atKasavuori Schoolin Kauniainen.

    Launch of the new Future Programfor 20142017.

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  • 2013 Dream School4

    Co-creating excellenceVisions and plans in education are not in short supply, but implementation and examples of concrete steps and best practice are. Dream School model is all about concrete steps and attention to learners future needs.

    Both Singapore and Finland are committed to excellence and the desired outcomes of education are explicitly linked to competitiveness, research and innovation. Singapore is one of the most dynamic and innovative centers in the world, with eyes firmly fixed on the future.

    We believe that Finland and Singapore, worlds top educational performers, can learn from each other and jointly lead the way for the best educational practice. Even though there are many differences between Finland and

    Singapore, both countries share a culture of education and a high respect for teachers. There is a good foundation for many types of collaboration. We believe that the School is the place where new ideas take root. Schools in both countries have a clear idea of the importance of life long learning. We both know how important it is that students can reach the ability to manage their own lives and that they possess the necessary learning tools, life skills and knowledge for a good life in a changing world. That is why collaboration between schools also internationally is so very important.

    We look forward to seeing you in Finland this autumn!

    The Finnish National Board of Education is the principal financier of the national Dream School pilot, which is coordinated by the Kasavuori School. The pilot focuses on the deployment of user driven cloud services for learning. Seven research projects and over ten service providers are part of the pilot. 15 schools nationwide have already adopted the model and we are expecting 15 more schools to join us by the end of the year.

    Mrs Riitta RekirantaPrincipal, Kasavuori School, KauniainenMobile: +358 50 597 7413Email: riitta.rekiranta@dreamschool.fi

    Riitta Rekiranta is Mrs Dream School. She has worked in Kauniainen since 1980 and she has been the principal since 2000. She was awarded Knight of the Order of the Lion of Finland for her life work for education.

  • FinlandThe basic education in Finland has been highly ranked in many international studies. This proves that something has been done right in the past. However, we recognize that the education model that built the industrial achievements of the past, is not a recipe for future success. The Finnish education system is based on strong professionalism and firm trust between all stakeholders. Our well-educated teachers are highly valued knowledge workers. Collaboration internationally and locally is vital for continued success.

    Kasavuori SchoolKasavuori School has about 330 students and 40 teachers. ICT has been used in learning since the 1980s. The School was one of the national pilot schools in the National Plan of ICT in Education 20082010. The project studied and developed future ICT use in Finnish schools.

    Kasavuori School initiated and authored the Dream School model to meet the needs and the expectations of the 21st century learners and adults. Collaboration, sharing and continuous learning are a big part of the schools success. The Dream School was launched in 2008.

    Kasavuori School has committed, professional teachers and motivated students. The learning community shares common values, knowledge and experience. The support of the learning and growth is seen as the most important task of the basic education.

    Kauniainen Finnish-language school authority which Kasavuori School is a part of has about 1200 students, it employs 100 teachers and its annual budget is approximately EUR 8,5 million. Kauniainen is a small town located west of Helsinki. The city is relatively prosperous with a well educated population.

  • 2013 Dream School6

    Collaborative school bag light as a cloud

    No separate installations.

    Unifies the communicationbetween services, people and devices.

    Learning materials, notebooks, equipment for watching and producing films, photography and access to virtual networks are instantly available.

    According to research conducted by VTT, TechnicalResearch Centre of Finland, Dream School model saves costs as a result of streamlined procurement processes and using technology which significantly reducesenvironmental impact and users waste of time.

  • 2013 Dream School 7

    A development of a common learning platform like the Dream platform is very important especially for small learning solution companies like us. Dream platform opens up great possibilities to scale up our services and allows us to concentrate on our core mission development of engaging and effective learning solutions.

    A flexible user management system and a forthcoming learning solution marketplace facilitate our work greatly, because it decrease the development risks and will support the marketing of new learning solutions. For us the diffusion of the Dream platform is a key issue in scaling up and we believe that in the future it allows us to invest more in development of innovative learning solutions.

    Mr Kristian KiiliFlow Factory

    Mr Marko MkelAdvertising AgencyVriks

    Vriks is the advertising agency behind the visual look of Dream School. Our agency was founded in 2001 and today we employ 13 advertising professionals.

    Our energetic, colourful team shines with fresh visual designs and savvy software. The average work day consists of print and web designs, big advertising campaigns and demanding technical development projects.

  • 2013 Dream School8

    Haltu Ltd, founded in 2010, has grown from 2 persons to over 10 professionals and doubled its revenue and staff every year. Our company is young, innovative and constantly seeking growth through excellent performance.

    Our team consists of young, highly skilled and very ambitious professionals who have their own responsibilities in the product development process. We have built a winning team based on effective co-operation between highly performing individuals.

    Haltus dream is to work in co-operation with other stakeholders in the educational arena. Open communication, collaboration and co-creation with carefully selected partners are keys to success in this area demanding various forms of expertise. Core Factory has been Haltus partner throughout the development of the Dream School platform.

    The main player behind Dream Platform

    Mr Mikko Svilahti, CEO of HaltuMobile: +358 50 350 6464Email: mikko@haltu.fi

    Mikko is the co-founder of Haltu Ltd. He has lead extensive mobile and web application projects in large corporations like Tieto and Digia. Mikko is innovative, open-minded and constantly looking for ways to perform better and exceed expectations.

  • ZeeCore is the brain that connects the building with other learning support systems and services. It is a seamless part of the Dream platform.

    ZeeCore links all devices and sensors, regardless of interface or manufacturer, to one easily manageable entity. It makes the invisible information visible, informs and empowers the users and makes proactive maintenance and remote support possible. The system monitors energy use, WLAN access points, security systems and enables remote management of AV equipment.

    ZeeCore is a future proofed solution. It can be adapted to different protocols and interfaces without restrictions and it is easier and considerably cheaper to install and maintain than traditional server solutions.

    The brains of Ubiquitous networking

    Mr Juho Jakka, CEO of Core FactoryMobile: +358 50 535 4208Email: juho.jakka@corefactory.com

    Juho is the founder of Core Factory Ltd. He has built three successful companies in three different industries, selling their services to the most demanding private and public organizations. He is dedicated to inspire change in the people and the companies he leads and in the way business is done. In his free time hes passionate about performing arts as well as learning new languages and cultures.

    At Core Factory Ltd we see the differences and the similarities between Finland and Singapore as an inspiring opportunity for collaboration and bridge building. We hope to unlock new markets through partnerships with Singaporean companies.

    Haltu has been important partner for Core Factory