Drill Sheet Gopher Walk

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Breakdown of Gopher Drill


Gopher Walk

S1 PNF Inside & Out

W1 Barefoot Walking

S2 PNF Knee Flares

W2 Walk inside foot

S3 Arm Circles (Wrist Extended)

W3 Walk Outside Feet

S4 Arm Circle Overhead

W4 Walk On Toes

S5 Pushaway (Wrist Extended)

W5 Walk Backwards inside of foot

S6 Reindeer Trunk Twist

W6 Walk Backwards outside of foot

S7 Vision Training (Near to far)

W7 Bear Crawl-----

S8 Neck Rolls

W8Walk Backwards on Toes

S9 Neck Slides (front to back)

W9 Frankensteins

S10 Hip Circles

W10 High knee pull (Figure 8)

S11 Shoulder Slides (Wrist Extended)

W11 Figure 4 walk

S12 Messier Squats

W12 Backwards Walk

S13 Vision Training (10-20 reps high socket low)

W13 Crab walk

S14 Ankle rolls

W14 Forwards Walk ( toes in toes out)

S15 Ape Trunk Twist

W15 Forward Crossover Lunge with twist

S16 X Behind

W16 Side Shuffle (drag foot)

S17 Neck Slides (left to right)

W17 Walking Lunge with twist

Chest sinks or POC Stretch

Overhead lunge (Wrist Extended)

Knee Circles

Lateral Shift Lunge (feet planted)

Straight leg figure 8

Lateral shift lunge (ankle tilt)

Spider man Crawl

Leg Swings (Front to back)

Straight leg toe touch walk

Leg Swings (Side to side)

Reverse Overhead Lunge (Wrist extended)

Squat internal rotation

Duck Walk

Toe roll

SLRDL T(Thumbs up, look at plant foot thumb when standing)

Reindeer Circles (Wrist Extended)

Duck Walk Backwards

Standing arm circles (Wrist Extended)

Ankle grab behind walking

Fighter circles

lateral Crossover lunge (Right)

Thumb Look Aways

Lateral Crossover lunge (Left)