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    Specialist Talent Assessment Services

    Specialist Talent Assessment Frameworks

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    Are you facing these challenges?

    Bandwidth/ scheduling issues in conducting technical interviews?

    Consistency of assessment process while interviewing across multiple


    Engineering/Delivery teams preferring to conduct only the final

    round of interview?

    Reducing the cost/hire without compromising on the quality?

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    Your Partner of Choice!




    Your teams focussed on

    final selection

    Direct and Indirect

    savings across the recruiting

    life-cycleConsistency in

    assessment process

    No scheduling headaches

    Potential hires assessed on


    Bandwidth no longer a

    challenge for interviewing candidates

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    Introducing Excellence4u

    Largest independent specialist assessment company with delivery capability in 17locations across the world

    Experience in assessing talent from 3 to 20 years band across technologies, roles andindustry verticals

    Set up by IITians with an industry background of having worked for some of the finestcompanies of the likes of Infosys, KPMG, Sun Microsystems

    Proprietary delivery framework which mirror your assessment / interview process orcustomized according to the defined need

    Working with leading services, SIs and product companies worldwide

    Cumulative of 400 man years of assessment and interviewing experience

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    Service Offerings

    Technical Screening of Resumes

    Based on your needs, experts across an array of technologies assess and screen resumes

    Domain oversight by Project Managers having relevant IT experience across multiple technology verticals

    Mirror hiring managers qualitative and quantitative needs while screening and callout specific observations

    Offered remotely via a batch processing mode / follow the sun model

    Telephonic/VC Interviews

    Conducted by technology experts well versed in remote methods of assessment and communication

    Call transcripts shared with customer, which in turn creates a technology/ interview data bank for internal and future use

    Service provisioned to suit candidate time-table over holidays, different time-zones, weekends or outside of office hours, if requested

    Face to Face Assessments

    Interviews conducted F2F at client premises by panelists ratified by your internal SME team

    Assessment process either mirrors clients methodologies or created based on inputs

    Rigorous orientation on company culture, vision and talent pitch for candidates by the panelists

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    Service Offerings contd

    Employee Assistance Program for employees with specific focus on new hires

    Make qualified counselling services easily accessible to employees

    Provide short term, consultation based counselling, telephonic and in-person sessions

    Targeted to help personal and work place related stress specifically among new hires and new college graduates

    Private and voluntary discussions. No identification of individuals in reporting unless there is a perceived harm

    Need based referrals to medical and support groups, non-intrusive

    Exit Interview and Analysis

    Conduct timely face to face or telephonic exit interviews to ensure maximum coverage and provide opportunity for any change in decision

    Consistent, neutral and well balanced methodology

    Periodic qualitative and quantitative reports on the findings

    Translate findings into defining key areas causing turnover

    Maintain utmost confidentiality as per predefined agreements

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    Service Offerings contd

    Behavioural Competency Assessment

    Advocate the 'Screen for Knowledge and Skills, Interview for Behaviour' methodology

    Experienced HR Specialists analyze the position or job based on the required behavioural competencies as defined by the Hiring Manager and align to overall values of the organization

    Develop a customised and structured Competency based interview model to identify critical success factors in potential candidates

    Comprehensive evaluation and reporting

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    Indicative Skill Sets Covered









    QA/Testing Constitution of technical panel

    mirrors your need

    Technology skill-sets covered are indicative and representative

    Each panelist brings a minimum 15+ years of diverse experience on the table

    The panel gets constituted post your internal team verifying the mix

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    Delivery Process Flow









    t Li

    fe C


    Evaluation Sheet for each candidate interviewed

    Weekly Report of shortlisted and rejected profiles

    QC feedback and directional recommendations shared with client

    Evaluation Sheet for each candidate interviewed

    Weekly Report of shortlisted and rejected profiles

    QC feedback and directional recommendations shared with client

    Evaluation Sheet for each candidate interviewed

    Weekly Report of shortlisted and rejected profiles

    QC feedback and directional recommendations shared with client

    List of profiles for Technical screening from

    Specific assessment artifacts/format

    Agree on Evaluation Criteria/Sheet

    Scheduling of tele-screening

    Administering of tele-screening and capturing feedback in assessment sheets

    List of profiles for Tele-assessment

    Specific assessment artifacts/format

    Agree on Evaluation Criteria/Sheet

    Scheduling of tele-assessments

    Administering of tele-assessments and capturing feedback in evaluation sheets

    List of profiles for F2F assessment

    Specific assessment artifacts/format

    Agree on Evaluation Criteria/Sheet

    Scheduling of F2F assessments

    Administering of F2F assessments and capturing feedback in evaluation sheets


    Macros and other workflow automationmechanisms to eliminate manual extraction.Web-based metric driven reporting system

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    Candidate Customer Experience

    Dear ,

    We are glad to inform that your

    interview for Software Engineer

    position has been scheduled for

    10 AM on 15th Feb 2012.

    We wish you the very best.



    9:41 AM

    Dear ,

    It was a pleasure talking to you

    recently. We at ,

    India would like to thank you for

    spending your quality time with


    Your candidature is currently

    being reviewed, in case your

    resume gets shortlisted,

    we would get in touch with you.



    4:15 PM

    Reminder SMS sent to candidate pre-interview Thank you SMS sent to candidate post completion of interview

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    Delivery Excellence




    Consistency Agility Versatility Time to hire Scalability

    Automation modules for standardization, reduce time to hire, consistency and improved candidate experience

    Customizable assessment templates Pre-configured templates and artifacts for agility


    Predictive hiring model

    Benchmark and raise the bar

    Metrics driven work flow management Metrics at every phase of the engagement to get insights

    into the status of the engagement and take a quick corrective action


    Quality Consistency

    Checklists for various process stages Review check lists for different reviews


    Process Control Risk mitigation Increased level of


    Regular internal audits Daily & Weekly status reports

    Check Points

    Elements Benefits

  • 12

    State Of The Art Interventions/Tools in the Assessment Roadmap

    Data standardization / weeding out

    duplicates based on contact numbers

    Generate evaluation sheets at a click of a


    Reporting on key Metrics

    Check Points & Audits

    Candidate Communication at

    key stages thru Auto Mail/Meeting/SMS

    Increased Efficiency Saves Time Avoid Candidate



    Standardization Consistency


    Predictive Hiring Model



    4 Enhanced Candidate

    Experience Increased Candidate



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    Sample cheat sheet/Evaluation sheet/Reports/Thank You Note

  • 14

    Sample Reports customizable to your needs

    Take control of your hiring with our state of the art intelligent reporting. We provide customized reporting specific to the engagement which will help you take quick decisions to improve hiring dynamics.

    By VendorUnderstand how your vendors are performing

    Top 5 vendors by resume flow

    Trends by location

    Trends by performance by role

    Inflow Trends

    Weekly Trends

    Daily Trends

    By Candidate



    Interview Status

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    Secret Sauces

    By understanding the job descriptions of

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