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  • 8/13/2019 Editing and Finishing Smoke 2010 Brochure Us Web


    Start to finish. Faster.

    Whether youre an artist looking to expand your creative

    capabilities or a facility owner looking to differentiate

    your business with effects-centric editorial finishing,

    explore your options with AutodeskSmokesoftware.

    The release features an extensive creative

    toolset, expanded format support and increasedinteroperability with third-party applications.

    Increase your profile and grow your business to

    be interoperable with Autodesk visual effects

    software; AutodeskInferno, AutodeskFlame,

    AutodeskFlint, and Smoke software helps provide

    you with an extensive and integrated set of conform,

    editorial, and compositing tools. Differentiation is

    no longer an option, its essential to your success. If

    you work in television or broadcast, you dont have

    the luxury of time. Powerful visual effects, streamlined

    workflow, and the ability to design your own templates

    enable you to bring your story to life faster. The pressures

    of television post-production are extremely high,

    and Smoke delivers production-proven performance,

    reliability, and flexibility at a very affordable price.

    Key Features

    D Effects and Finishing

    Smoke enables you to create interactivelyand qu

    Smoke software features a powerful 64-bit archite

    and industry-leading tools for conforming, ed

    audio, paint, tracking, character generation, gra

    design, and visual effects creation in the Actiocompositing environment, as well as Master

    and Colour Warper technologies.

    The Batch* procedural compositing environm

    promotes effects-centric finishing by opening u

    workflow between timeline and effects, making

    already powerful Smoke creative tools even m

    logical and efficient. Designed specifically to w

    conjunction with editorial decisions, you can e

    Batch* FX using a horizontal or vertical selectio

    timeline segments and soft effects.


    Complete your projects faster and better wi

    advanced conform and finishing tools. With expa

    digital media support: RED files, Panasonic P

    Sony XDCAMfile formats, and expanded A

    QuickTimeapplication program codec suppor

    well as support for EDL, AAF, OMF, and FCP X

    workflows can be streamlined. Work smoot

    native resolutions or use the efficient proxy wor

    for film resolution projects.

    Handle any project that comes througyour door commercials, long-formbumpers and promoson a singlesystem.

    Image courtesy of The Moving Picture Company.

    Autodesk Editing & FinishingSoftware.


    Smoke continues to makemy jobs easier with eachrelease. The creative toolsand workflow improvementshelp with productivity andI cant imagine workingon my current projectswithout Batch FX.

    Mark SullivanFinishing VFX

  • 8/13/2019 Editing and Finishing Smoke 2010 Brochure Us Web


    Now that the ModularKeyer is in Smoke, a lotof my Flame workflowsare available to me fromthe timeline, whichmakes Smoke an evenmore powerful FX andgrading tool.

    Kirk BaldenSmoke & Mirrors

    Autodesk Color Management

    liminate the confusion over color values and make

    ure that everyone across the Autodesk visual effects

    nd finishing software pipeline is working with and

    pproving images with the same color values. Autodesk

    olor Management tools provide a consistent and

    ccurate color rendition of film-originated material.

    his integrated solution is built upon high-precision

    pectral analysis of common print film stocks to achieve

    igh-quality print simulation and high-fidelity color

    pace conversion in the form of a D lookup table

    D LUT). Share D LUTs with AutodeskInferno,

    utodeskFlame, AutodeskFlare,

    utodeskLustre, and AutodeskToxik software

    roducts to help make sure the color and lighting

    f your shots match and reduce the need to reapply

    olor correction.

    olor Correction

    or sophisticated color correction, Smoke offers fast,

    ccurate color isolation, correction, and matching.

    he intuitive color-correction interface has advanced

    apabilities to adjust shadow, midtone, and highlight

    egions of the image independently.

    owerful Keying Capabilities

    moke now has Autodesks comprehensive keyer,

    he Modular Keyer. The powerful Modular Keyer

    rovides an extensive and flexible keying toolset incustomizable processing pipeline environment. You

    an work at high resolutions and bit depths, from 8-bit

    o 10-bit to 16-bit floating points as well as select

    nd arrange keying tools to pull your most precise key.

    Motion Tracking and Stabilization

    ix camera shakes and track moving elements for

    eamless composites. Smoke provides the highly

    cclaimed Autodesk tracker for fast and precise,

    ntegrated motion tracking with the ability to

    andle outgoing and obscured tracking elements.

    High-Performance Storage and Input/Output (I/O)

    With support for standard file systems, you can store

    ource footage and rendered intermediates on a SAN

    r a NAS storage device as well as Autodesk Stone

    Direct -attached storage system. In this configuration,

    rtists will experience virtually instant Publish and

    oft-Import operations, allowing for sharing of media

    with third-party applications and minimizing the

    uplication of data. The Stone Direct storage system

    rovides the performance needed to work natively

    with high-resolution footage, from SD to 2K.

    Autodesk, Colour Warper, FBX, Flame, Flint, Inferno, Lustre, Smoke, Stone, Toxik, Wire, and Wiretap are registered trademarks o r trademarks of Autodesk Inc., and/or its subsidiaries

    affiliates, in the USA and other countries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders. Autod esk reserves the right to alter product offerinspecifications at any time without notice, and is not responsible for typographical or graphical errors that may appear in this document. 200 9 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.

    InteroperabilityNow with support for multiple digital formats

    including REDCODE RAW, PanasonicP and Sony

    XDCAM HD, Apple QuickTime, AdobePhotoshop

    software, Multi-channel OpenEXR, and AutodeskFBX

    software interchange format, Smoke enables you

    to bring in other design elements. AutodeskWire

    software for networking works to let your system

    collaborate with other Autodesk visual effec ts

    and finishing systems, while AutodeskWiretap

    software makes it easy and transparent to connect

    with third-party applications.

    Weve Got You Covered.

    Youve invested in Autodesk software to help you

    realize your creative vision. Now get the benefits

    of increased productivity, predictable budgeting,

    and simplified license management with

    AutodeskSubscription. A range of community

    resources; web support direct from Autodesk technical

    experts, self-paced training, and e-Learning, help

    extend your skills and make Autodesk Subscription the

    best way to optimize your investment. Learn more at


    Image courtesy of CinePostproduction.

    Image courtesy of Smoke and Mirrors NY.

    For more information about Autodesk Smoke, v


    To purchase Autodesk Smoke or obtain produc


    North America: +1-800-869-3504

    International: +1-415-507-4461


    * Included in Smoke Advanced only.