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1. RAGWANA AKRAM12C Editing Log At the beginning of making our trailer, I decided to who was going to be the role of the crew requirements this was becausethere was a lot of decision making so I decided to take over instead. I choseAnisha to be the director and the camera woman, Elizabeth did sound and I did lighting. We edited our trailer together in another roomfrom our class members this was becausethere werenot many MAC computers available. We did our editing on Final Cut pro. Then we started to edit our trailer separately. This is because at firstwe do the filming together then weedit them ourselves which would get us our individual marks. We had to make a folder which we had to put our name under so then all our work would be stored in there so it wouldntget lost. What I did to create a meaning to my trailer is that I had to capture the audiences emotion see whether or not the trailer would look good for a BTEC level 2 trailer and if they would like to watch the trailer or not. This is whereI had my footages uploaded and recorded. I then organized them into bins using cmd U, and I created a folder and renamed it so I could put each of the clips into each folder which was named after every scene we filmed. 2. RAGWANA AKRAM12C This is whereI organised all my clips together to makethe trailer. Firstly whatI did was that I put all the clips together in chronologicalorder so then none of the clips would be messed up or get lost. I then sorted the clips out by cutting the scenes using the Final Cut pro tools. After that I had to add in a title which meant that I had to use the application motion I decided to add my intertitles in, to do this I was still using motion this would then give me the right width or length of for the trailer frame size. To get the intertitles to look good I used the effect text fade, flicker on outline. The reason I had to use intertitles in my trailer was because it didnt make sensebecause there was not much scenes to my trailer so I then decided that if I put intertitles in the trailer would make a lot of sense. What I also had to do to was to create editing transitions by using the same application, motion this took quite a long time because I had to makeat least 8 or 9 intertitles including the title of Thisis the cutting tool. These controls/seeshow loudor quietthe traileris dependingonhowthe trailerisbeingrun. 3. RAGWANA AKRAM12C the trailer and then also adding the ending title giving the information about when the trailer releases and the social media links. I put my institutional log at the beginning of my trailer before my title. I created my own one; this was because every time I tried to put in a institutional logo Final cut pro wouldntlet me, so with a bit of help fromone of the media teachers I came up with an institutional logo. My title screen was pretty much simple or basic becauseI felt as if the trailer was going to look too much but I also justadded an effect to make it look like a trailer. The final thing that I had to add into my trailer, was the sound and music this was done by garageband a music application. I had to also use itunes to convertthe sound into a file that could then be imported into my trailer timeline, this then finally turned into my Trailer, called Who Am i?