Edu technology week 1 discussion 2

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1. BE YOURSELF IN THEGAME OF LIFEStarring YOUCreated by: Ms. Edmond 2. NO ONE CAN BE YOUBETTER THAN YOU CANYou can do it!!! 3. WORK TOGETHER TOMAKE IT HAPPEN 4. GO FOR IT!Take calculated risks.That is quitedifferent from beingrash.George S. Patton 5. BE INSPIREDDoubt whom youwill, but neveryourself.Christian NestellBovee 6. Be known for pleasingothers, especially if you governthem...Ruling others has oneadvantage: you can do moregood than anyone else. Baltasar GracinWORKING TOGETHER 7. WHAT SEPARATESUS, BRINGS USTOGETHER 8. EVERYBODY IS SOMEBODY 9. BE YOURSELF IN THE GAME OFLIFE BECAUSE YOU CANT LOSE