Encountering of Cultures Masao ISHII Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences Mie Univeristy

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Text of Encountering of Cultures Masao ISHII Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences Mie Univeristy

  • Encountering of CulturesMasao ISHIIFaculty of Humanities & Social SciencesMie Univeristy

  • Cultures in Conflict?Two contrasting examples from Insular S.E. Asia & PacificIn Melanesia: Native Fijians and Indo-FijiansIn Borneo: Malays and Kadayans

  • In Fiji:Contrasting Two CulturesThe native Melanesian culture and the South Asian culture. Two cultures encountered in the late 19th century under the British colonial rule.The Melanesians fear to lose their native land rights following the increase of Indian population.

  • Two Ethnic Groups of Fiji775,077393,575338,81842,684

  • Village Life of Fijians

  • Conflict between Two GroupsMilitary coup detat against Indian dominated government in 1987.Col. Rabuka stayed in power as Prime Minister until General election in 1999.First Indo-Fijian Prime Minister formed a coalition government in 1999.In May 2000, the coalition government was overthrown by a militia group of Native Fijians

  • In Northern Sarawak:Two Similar CulturesMalays and Kadayans are both under the rule of Brunei Saltanate since 14th century or earlier.Kadayns and Malays speak almost the same language, and share common customs.Kadayans were confined to lower status against ruling Brunei Malays.In Brunei, Kadayans are silently merging into Malays since the colonial days.

  • Kadayans in SarawakIn Sarawak under the rule of Brooke, Kadayans enjoyed higher status than their counterpart in Brunei.Their ethnic identiy is circumstantial.Ethnic awareness is getting vigorous recently, through carrying out the traditional rituals, and the activities of the Kadayan Ethnic Association.

  • Kadayans of Sarawak

  • Ethnic Conflicts ?Conflicts are mostly concentrated in the urban area.The stereotyped images of the culture.How and why these images are formed ?Political background and the role of the mass media.