Endangered Animal The Panda Bear

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Endangered Animal The Panda Bear. By: Taylor Franklin. Habitat of The Panda Bear. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Endangered Animal The Panda Bear

Endangered AnimalThe Panda BearBy: Taylor FranklinHabitat of The Panda Bear The Panda Bear lives in China. It lives in Central Western, Southwestern China in the high mountains. Well they did live there now since habitat loss they can only be found in the mountains in Central China. Today there are only about 2000 Pandas that can be found in the wild.

Diet of The Panda Bear As you may know Pandas mostly eat bamboo. Even though a Panda has a digestive system like a carnivore they mostly eat like a herbivore. Sometimes they eat honey, eggs, flowers, vines, tufted grasses, green corn, and small mammals if they can catch them.

General Characteristics The Panda Bear is black and white all over its body. It looks like it has lots of furry fur so I'm guessing it has that so it can survive in the fur winter. The Panda also has really big and hard teeth so it can chomp into the bamboo.

Why is it Endangered? The Panda Bear is mostly endangered because, of habitat loss. People keep building things over the Pandas natural habitat so it cant live there. When they build things they have to cut down bamboo to build it. So, they dont have enough bamboo to survive either.

What Can We Do to Save Them? We can help by adopting a Panda. All you do is just send money so they can buy land in china so people cant build things there. You can also do something really simple too. You can just grow bamboo and donate it to organizations that are dedicated to protecting Pandas.

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