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Enrolling and Transferring Students https://powersource.pearsonschoolsys tems.com Login to PowerSource>Training>Mastery in Minutes>Enrolling a New Student Overview Topics: Enrolling New Student, Address Validation, Family Management, Demographics, Emergency/Medical, Transferring Students, Re-enrolling Students

Enrolling and Transferring Students Login to PowerSource>Training>Mastery in Minutes>Enrolling a New Student

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PowerSchool Overview

Enrolling and TransferringStudents

https://powersource.pearsonschoolsystems.comLogin to PowerSource>Training>Mastery in Minutes>Enrolling a New Student

Overview Topics: Enrolling New Student, Address Validation, Family Management, Demographics, Emergency/Medical, Transferring Students, Re-enrolling StudentsWhat is

PowerSchool is the fastest-growing, most widely used web-based student information system, supporting 10 million students in all 50 states and over 65 countries. PowerSchool enables today's educators to make timely decisions that impact student performance while creating a collaborative environment for parents, teachers and students to work together in preparing 21st century learners for the future.

?Signing in to PowerSchoolThere are different URL addresses for each of the 4 Access Groups (For registrar access the current administrator address will be used)Administrator https://cms.powerschool.com/adminUser Name;Password (i.e. johnnym.williams;cowboys)

3PowerSchool Start PageNavigation toolbarOnline HelpSign Out

Print this pageReportQueueNotificationsSearch StudentsMain MenuTo begin any enrollment in PowerSchool:

On the Start Page,(click)

Enroll New StudentPersonalizeSetup Personal Preferences

https://powersource.pearsonschoolsystems.comLogin to PowerSource>Training>Mastery in Minutes>Personal Preferences SetupGOOD IDEA !

Set Personalize-Interface to:Enable task navigatorEnable Smart SearchInclude Inactive Student/Staff ResultsEnter the students last name, first name and middle initialStudents date of birthStudents phone numberEnter the date the student will begin school (If you enter a future date, the students record activates on the date automatically)Choose the students full-time equivalencyChoose the students grade levelChoose the appropriate entry codeChoose the school districtChoose the students fee exemption status

Enrolling a New StudentThere are 3 basic fields used to find student matches:Last Name, Date of Birth, and Phone Number

Highlighted areas are the minimum information that can be entered to search for duplicate students

Identifies siblings or other students who share demographic and parent information.

Copies shared data

Updates edited data dynamically

Using Family Management

Two options are provided when enrolling new student

Enroll without Linking or Copying Information

Search For Family Members to Link to and copy Information fromEnroll without Linking or Copying Information

If a match for the new student is found in the duplicate students screen, click students name to re-enroll that student.

If no match is found, click Enrollto proceed with a new enrollmentIf no duplicate student is found students name populates to

Quick Lookup

Select: Demographic (side menu)To enter student s information

Search for family members to Link to and copy information from

Choosing the option to Link to and copy feature will bring up the Family Search Results for the student you are enrolling. Family search will populate students who have similar matched demographic such as property address, mothers or fathers name. This allows you to copy demographic information from siblings or

If you chose to copy the information and Submit , Quick Lookup appears showing students last and first name, grade, student ID#, and school #

Select: Demographics (main menu)The address, phone number, father, and mothers names will be copied to the new student from the family member you selected.

To verify that the student's home address is a valid residence and falls within school boundaries, use the address validation function. There are 3 different ways to access the address validation. *Bottom of the Enroll New Student page* Students Addresses page*Students Demographics page

Enter the students home address on these pages and click, Validate (Parents/Guardians must provide the 3 required proof of residency documents at time of registration).When Google Maps appears, select your school from the View Boundary menu. If the address falls within school boundaries, click, Accept in the Student Info pane.Click Submit to record the validated addressAddress Validation

Once the student is enrolled, enter important information into PowerSchoolClick Demographicsfrom main menu

2.Enter demographic information as required by the school district and Submit

Click Emergency/Medicalfrom main menu

4.Enter all emergency and medical contact information and click Submit

Withdrawing and Transferring Studenthttps://powersource.pearsonschoolsystems.com

Login to PowerSource>Training>Distance Learning> Enrolling and Transferring StudentsThis course covers the management of student enrollment, whether into your school, out of a school, or transferring between schools. You'll also learn how to use PowerSchool to activate a student's inactive status, link to family demographic information, and avoid duplicating student data. Finally, you'll learn how to pre-enroll students before they attend kindergarten

Login to PowerSource>Training>Mastery in Minutes> Transferring From One School to AnotherLearn how to transfer a student from one school to another

Transferring Students Out of SchoolWhen students leave your school to attend another school within the district , different district, state, or country, use the Transfer Out of School functionType in student name and select studentUnder Enrollment (main menu)Select: FunctionsFunctions:Transfer Out of School4.Enter Transfer Comment5. Date of transfer: either date parent withdrew student or when you receive notification student is enrolling in new school.5.Chose appropriate exit code6.Submit

When transfer is submitted :Alert: screen shows 1 pending transfer

Transfer the student to Another school in the Same DistrictTransfer a Student Out of School must be done first

Search for the inactive student who transferred out of school(include the slash (/) in front of the students name). Students name should be (grey) if transfer out of school has been done.

Select Functions (main menu) Transfer to Another School

Choose the school and click Submit

Process is complete when Alert postthat the student is inactive at newSchool

Re-enrolling A Student

If you know a student has been a previous student of your school, or another CMS school has transferred the student to your school follow these steps to re-enroll.

When a student is re-enrolled in PowerSchool the system reactivates all of the related student information entered from previous school of attendance. The students information will need to be updated in the Student Pages.

Start Page > Search > Students (type name inactive students name is grayed out > Select name > Enrollment from main menu >Functions >Re-Enroll In SchoolDate of re-enrollment > Entry Code >SUMBITWarning: A Double CheckAlways check for duplicate students

PowerSchool checks last name, date of birth, and phone number, and displays possible duplicate records. If you find a match click on the students name to re-enroll the student and update the students demographics screen.


Additional resources: https://powersource.pearsonschoolsystems.com

CMS PowerSchool Help [email protected]