Environmental Literacy: Environmental Justice

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Environmental Literacy: Environmental Justice. JoAnn Carmin Department of Urban Studies and Planning Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Streams in Environmental Sociology. Human-environment relationship Risk perception and communication Environmental movements and organizations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Environmental Literacy:Environmental JusticeJoAnn CarminDepartment of Urban Studies and PlanningMassachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Streams in Environmental SociologyHuman-environment relationshipRisk perception and communicationEnvironmental movements and organizationsCorporate social responsibilityEnvironmental governance and policyEnvironmental inequity and justice

  • Classic View of Environmental InjusticeWarren County, North CarolinaPhoto: www.ncwarn.org/Campaigns/WarrenCounty/12-05-03WarrenCountyHistory.htm

  • Environmental InjusticeGroup bears a disproportionate share of the negative environmental consequences resulting from industrial, municipal, and commercial operations or the execution of federal, state, local, and tribal programs and policies (U.S. EPA, 1998)

  • Disproportionate Burden Exposed community did not generate problem Exposed community receives marginal benefits Exposed community bears environmental burden

  • Emerging ParadigmClassicLocal concerns and local inequitiesEmphasis on race and classFocus on US, but some consideration of international locales

    Emerging Demand and consumption patterns in one part of the world imposing a disproportionate environmental burden in distant regionsSource: Friends of the Earth International

  • Tales of Gold in the Hills:Mining in Rosia Montana, RomaniaPhoto: www.truestory.ro

  • Major Drivers of Disparities Demand for quality of life Consumption Global dumping groupsGHGs & climate impacts Demand for goods ExtractionMiningBio-prospecting Demand for affordable goods/ profitability Workplace exposureGo tech! Go pork!

  • Coming Full CyclePressure from demandLeads to government or corporate responseCausing unequal burdenThat gives rise to public response

  • Constellation of ConsiderationsEnvironmental JusticeEnvironmental ImpactsHuman Health ImpactsPolitics and PolicyStratificationCultural SurvivalParticipationMobilization

  • Justice as Equitable DistributionTheories of justice, political economy/ resource curse, and globalizationJustice as RecognitionTheories of identity, social stratificationJustice as ProcedureTheories of public participation, participatory governance, and collective actionEnvironmental Justice and Environmental Literacy:Theory

  • Local, national, and global impacts associated with:Technology development and transferProduction processes, outsourcing, labor standards, ConsumptionEconomic development and poverty alleviation

    Environmental Justice and Environmental Literacy:Environmental and Human Impacts

  • International governance:International treaties and judicial proceduresNational policy, planning, and developmentAdoption of Aarhus Convention / Principle 10Laws and judicial proceduresMarket mechanismsInstitutional and stakeholder assessmentsSocial and environmental impact assessmentsParticipatory decision-makingCorporate social responsibilityVoluntary programs, codes, and certificationGood Neighbor AgreementsEnvironmental Justice and Environmental Literacy:Policy and Planning Tools


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