Eugene Delacroix 28th April 1798 - 13th August 1863

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  • Eugene Delacroix 28th April 1798 - 13th August 1863
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  • Self Portrait Liberty Leading the People
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  • Influences The leader of the French Romanticism in painting. His use of expressive colors profoundly shaped the work of the Impressionist movement. Trained by Pierre-Narcisse Guerin in the neoclassical style of Jacques-Louis David. Strongly influenced by the more colorful and rich style of the Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens and fellow French artist Thodore Gricault whose works marked an introduction to romanticism in art.
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  • Works He portrayed historical themes from France and Greece His later works were greatly influenced by his trip to North Africa. He was entranced by the people and the costumes. He did over 100 paintings and drawings of scenes from or based from the life of the people of North Africa. Sense of movement and tactile strength. Illustration of the works of Shakespeare, Goethe and Scott.
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  • The Massacre at Chios 1824 Oil on Canvas An incident in which 20,000 Greeks were killed by Turks on the island of Chios
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  • Greece on the Ruins of Missolonghi 1827 Shows a woman in Greek costume with her arms raised in a fashion where she shows she is powerless and begs to the viewer to see the horrible events which occurred here, the suicide of the Greeks, who chose death and to destroy their city, rather than surrender to the Turks.
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  • The Death of Sardanapalus 1827-28 - Pastel with chalk over wash on paper
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  • Liberty Leading the People 1830 Musee du Louvre, Paris Celebration of the day of 28 July 1830, when the people rose and dethroned the Bourbon king.
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  • Ovid Among the Scythians National Gallery at London
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  • The Barque of Dante 1822 - Oil on canvas; Musee du Louvre, Paris
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  • The Jewish Bride of Tangier 1832 - Watercolor over lead pencil on beige paper; Louvre
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  • Algerian Women in Their Apartments 1834 - Oil on canvas, Musee du Louvre, Paris
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  • Arabian Horses Fighting in a Stable 1860 - Oil on canvas, Musee d'Orsay, Paris
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  • Frederic Chopin 1838


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