Exterior Car Detailing

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Exterior car detailing is the important part of the car cleaning process. It provides a new look to your car and makes your car last longer. This presentation helps you to know more information about the exterior car detailing.

Text of Exterior Car Detailing

  • External Car Detailing - Car Care

  • External Car Detailing

    Exterior car detailing is not only

    a quick wash or wax service. This

    process is used for restoring the

    original condition of the external

    components of car such as

    windows, wheels and car body.

  • External Car Detailing Steps




    Polishing or Waxing

    Tyre Polishing






  • Properly wash the exterior to remove dirt, dust

    and other contaminants.

  • Soaping down the car from top to bottom and do

    not use Sponges while soaping the car.

  • Use a clean cloth after washing to remove water

    drops and to dry the car surface.

  • The next phase of exterior car detailing is polishing

    or waxing.

  • Tyre polishing is the last phase of car detailing.

  • Benefits of External Car Detailing

    It gives the brand new look to your car.

    All the scratches are eliminated by polishing.

    The durability of the vehicle will enhanced.

    Car becomes more attractive.

    The resale value of the vehicle goes up.

    Helps to remove rust.

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