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Fabric Vine, previously known as Asian Fabric, inspires creativity. Fabric and wine are at the core. An abundant range of patterns, projects, ideas and articles will resonate with the sewist, the crafter and those who enjoy great food and wine. Plus, travel with us as we explore fun locations throughout the world. Brought to you by Kona Bay Fabrics.

Text of Fabric Vine

  • Issue No. 3

    quilting patterns sewing & craft ideas design tips travel food & wine

    exploring a creative fabric culture

    Celebrate a bountiful summer season

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  • Geisha GatheringGeisha Gathering

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    Stylized Grape QuiltSip a delicious glass of wine while gazing upon your stylized wall quilt 11

    Brighten Your Day Quilt

    sure to brighten any ho-hum day 26

    Peaceful Pond Table QuiltBring this quiet calm to your table sharing in a feast with family 53

    Three E Quilt


    Fall Foliage Wall Quilt

    and calm to your room 94

    featuresWashington State Wine Monthand Trellis Gate 18


    Texas Quilt Museum 76


    Vol 1 Issue 3

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    Used exclusively and recommended by Asian Fabric

    6 FABRIC VINE 2015

  • Guess Whois in the

    Wine Business?

    Heres a hint...He has been bringing you beautiful fabric for over 20 years. See page 18 to find out more.

    departmentsPublishers Note 8

    How To Use the Magazine 9

    Food Samosas & Sangria 38

    Book ReviewThe Sew Simple Guide To Easy Sewing and Embellishing 72

    TravelPortland, OR 82

    General Instructions 108

    2015 fabric vine 7

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    s n


    Da Textile Samurai aka the Wine Eagle

    Publisher douglas@konabay.com


    Being from Honolulu, I am used to 80-85 days being the norm. The trade winds tend to keep it a cool 85. Occasionally, though, the Kona winds, currents coming north from the equator, make it muggy and miserableeven in beautiful Hawaii.

    Kona Bay Fabrics is in Redmond (just east of Seattle), Washington. Weve had a presence in Washington since 1994 when we opened our first warehouse and I have spent a lot of time in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

    Without a doubt, this has been the hottest year in the Seattle area (and the state) since I began coming here in 1994. Historic records were broke in both June and July. This week were edging towards 90 by mid-week and triple digits on the other side of the state.

    I bring this up because the Textile Samurai is also now the Wine Eagle with the launch of our wine businessWinefromWashington.com. Our labelTRELLIS GATEshowcases the outstanding Washington grapes which continue to receive world recognition.

    The early hot temperatures have Washington wine growers harvesting grapes nearly a month ahead of schedule, with many starting last week. We are fortunate to source our grapes from vineyards being managed by some of the states most expert growers. It is a science and our winemaker is known as one of the best in the business.

    Quilters in Washington and across the nation, Im told, have not been deterred by the national weather trends. Quilting and the love of fabric never slows. Consumer shows, quilt shop hops, row by row experiences and more are thriving.

    In this issue of Fabric Vine, Georgie Gerl has again brought you a wonderful selection of projects to take you into fall season. In addition, find out about a great show Quilt! Knit! Stitch going on just south of us in Portland, Oregon. In its second year, it looks to be a fun time to be had by all.

    As always, youll also find some great recipes. Look for samosas, jam and sangria ideas to serve at your summer gathering.

    Please make sure to stay cool and hydrated as summer marches on. And, if you have critters at home, please make sure they have lots of water, too.

    I suggest you visit your favorite quilt shop (they probably have AC!), forget about the heat and check out the latest Kona Bay fabric releases. If youre home and staying cool, visit www.konabay.com to see whats coming this fall.

    Thank you for your support and the time you spend with Fabric Vine.

    Mahalo and Aloha!

    Doug (middle) with Trellis Gate winemaker and owner of Fidelitas winery, Charlie Hoppes (L), and Dick Boushey (R), a long time Washington grape grower at a recent Fidelitas wine event.

  • Fabric Vine is produced six times a year by Eagle Publishing for Kona Bay Fabrics. The magazine accepts no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts or artwork; they will not be returned unless accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Kona Bay Fabrics. All rights reserved. No piece, in part or full, may be reproduced without permission.

    Issue #3 2015 VOL 1 ISSUE 3

    Kona Bay Fabrics 2015

    PUBLISHERDouglas Eagleson

    QUILT DESIGNER & EDITORGeorgie Gerl ggerldesigner@


    Facebook: Georgie Gerl Designer


    Madeline Puckette

    ASSISTANTS TO PUBLISHERDoris Eagleson 19232010Cheryl HamaiBrittany Eagleson Simpson

    SUBSCRIPTIONSKona Bay Fabricswww.konabay.com15812 NE 83rd StRedmond, WA 98052800-531-7913

    ADVERTISING ANDEDITORIAL INQUIRIESEagle Publishingwww.PublishingPeople.com328 E. Indiana AveSpokane, WA 99207866-638-1115

    EDITOR AND ASSOCIATE PUBLISHERVicki Dar nwwoman@mac.com

    GRAPHIC DESIGNwww.tyann.portfoliobox.me

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    2015 FABRIC VINE 9

    Issue No. 2

    p a t t e r n s d e c o r a t i n g t i p s b e r a r t c u l t u r ep a t t e r n s d e c o r a t i n g t i p s b e r a r t c u l t u r e

    Quilting and design ideas for inspired minds

    The Textile Samurai

    is making wine! pg 10

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    LAIR-03 blue LAIR-05 blue

    SHAD-12 topaz

    BUBB-01 blue

    MOVE-01 teal

    LAIR-04 teal BCAR-06 teal

    MOVE-01 topaz

    EXOT-06 teal

    SHAD-24 forest JETS-01 teal

    EXOT-06 indigo

    MIDN-01 blue MUMM-01 indigo MOVE-01 sapphire EXOT-06 blue

    RFOR-01 blueBCAR-06 blueMOVE-01 lapis

    SHAD-12 teal

    MIKO-03 blue

    Catalog January 2015


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    reens B

    lues Purples Neutrals Blacks

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    After a hectic day of pressing deadlines at work and driving home during rush hour traffic nothing sounds more inviting than relaxing in your comfortable chair sipping a delicious glass of Ruby Red Wine Sangria (recipe on page 46) gazing upon your stylized wall quilt.

    Stylized Grapes Wall Quilt

    Stylized Grapes Wall Quilt

    Designer: Georgie Gerl

  • 12 fabric vine 2015

    Stylised Grapes Quilt Cutting Chart & Material List

    material list

    Backing !4 yards Batting 38" x 44"

    Fabric ARFOR-01 CreamBackgrounds yard

    $2" x ^2"$2" squares$2" x @2"$" x @2"#2" x &2"@" squares*

    $2" x $@"

    #2" x $@"@" x $@"




    Fabric BEXOT-06 TanAccent 4 yard

    #2" x *2"#2" x $@"! $

    Fabric CTONE-07 GreenPieced Bordera yard

    $2" squares$" squares$" x @"@" square!" x @"

    $2" x $@"$" x $@"



    Fabric DMOVE-01 HunterPieced Border 2 yard

    $2" x !^2"$2" squares

    $2" x $@"# @!@

    Fabric ETONE-04 GreenPieced Border2 yard

    $2" x *2"$2" squares#2" x %2"@" x !^2"

    $2" x $@"

    @" x $@"




    First Cuts Next CutsFabric Name, Placement & Yardage

    Fabric FRFOR-01 GreenPieced Border4 yard

    $2" x *2"$" square$" x @"@" square!" x @"

    $2" x $@"! @!!!!

    Fabric GMOVE-01 ChocolateBorder Accent 8 yard

    @2" squares@2" x $@"! !^

    Fabric HEMPR-17 ChocolateBorder Accent2 yard

    @2" squares

    @w" x $@"

    @2" x $@"


    ! !^

    Fabric IMOVE-01AmethystGrapesFat Quarter

    Fabric JEMPR-17 EggplantFat Eighth

    Fabric KMOVE-01 AmethystFat Quarter

    $2" squares$

    Fabric LTONE-08 WineGrapesScrap

    $2" square!

    Fabric MMOVE-01 GarnetGrapesFat Eighth

    $2" squares@

    33 x 39

    Stylised Grapes Wall Quilt

    Grape Yardage & Cuts

    $2" squares$

    $2" squares@

    *Cut four 2 squares from #2"-wide strips.

  • 2015 fabric vine 13

    Lets BeginBefore you begin read all instructions. Referring to project Cutting Chart, cut First Cuts strips as indicated in chart then cut smaller pieces listed under Next Cuts from these strips. Refer to General Instructions (pages 108-109) for Accurate Seam Allowances and Assembly Line Method to construct this quilt. Use a 4-wide seam allowance throughout this project. Press seams in direction of arrows as indicated in each diagram.1. Refer to General Instructions (page 108) for Simple Triangles technique. Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of four @ Fabric A squares. This will be your sewing line. Place two marked squares on one $2 Fabric K square as shown. Stitch on drawn line, trim 4 away from stitch lines and press. Sew remaining marked squares to piece as shown. Trim and press. Make four and label Unit 1.

    Fabric A- @" squaresFabric K- $2" squareMake $

    Unit 1

    2. Refe