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Feline Nasopharyngeal Polyps

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Feline Nasopharyngeal Polyps. Erica Fields, DVM Nov. 16, 2009 Acc # 124825. Maddie. MRN 152368 6 year old FS DSH Purulent left ear discharge for 2 mos Fleshy pink mass visible in external ear canal. CT images. CT images. Differential Diagnoses. Inflam. polyp - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Feline Nasopharyngeal Polyps

Feline Nasopharyngeal Polyps

Feline Nasopharyngeal PolypsErica Fields, DVMNov. 16, 2009Acc # 124825

MaddieMRN 1523686 year old FS DSHPurulent left ear discharge for 2 mosFleshy pink mass visible in external ear canalCT images

CT images

Differential DiagnosesInflam. polypNeoplasia* external canal Ceruminous gland adenomaSCCSebaceous gland adenocarcinomaNeoplasia* middle earCarcinomas (esp. SCC)LSAFSACholesteatoma (esp. dogs)

Fan and de Lorimier, 2004* 87.5 % of feline ear canal tumors are malignantInflammatory (Nasopharyngeal) PolypsArise from mucosa of middle ear, auditory tube, or pharynxLoose fibrovascular tissue covered by epithelial layer, with mixed inflammatory infiltratesPresence of ciliated epithelium is characteristic, but not always seenEtiology unknownCongenital?Chronic URT inflammation?Viral (Calicivirus, Herpesvirus-1)?Chronic otitis media?Ascending nasopharyngeal infection?Fan and de Lorimier, 2004 and Seitz, et al, 1996 cats most are under 3 yo (mean is 24 mos)Most unilateral, but can be bilateralAbyssinians overrepresentedClinical signs:Upper respiratory (sneezing, dysphonia, dyspnea, dysphagia, stertor, nasal dc)Otitis media/interna (head tilt, nystagmus, Horners syndrome)Otitis externa (otorrhea, head shaking)Can extend to cerebellum, temporal lobe, or brainstem!

Fan and de Lorimier, 2004 and Cook, et al, 2003

www.acfacat.comDiagnosisOtoscopyOropharyngeal examinationIMAGINGRadiographs open-mouth skull, plus thorax (look for lower respiratory tract signs)CT Less superimpositionCan see brain extensionBetter detail and localizationTreatmentMust know location to select right procedure!Traction vs. VBO/TECA

Seitz, et al, 1996 and Fan and de Lorimier, 2004




ReferencesCook LB, Bergman RL, Bahr A, Boothe HW. 2003. Inflammatory polyp in the middle ear with secondary suppurative meningoencephalitis in a cat. Veterinary Radiology and Ultrasound. 44(6): 648-651.Fan TM and de Lorimier L-P. 2004. Inflammatory polyps and aural neoplasia. Veterinary Clinics: Small Animal Practice. 34: 489-509. Seitz SE, Losonsky JM, Maretta SM. 1996. Computed tomographic appearance of inflammatory polyps in three cats. Veterinary Radiology and Ultrasound. 37 (2): 99-104.

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