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  • Sher Hastings Designs

    Felt Gingerbread Boy & Girl Ornaments

    PDF Pattern

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    So quick and easy! Make them both!

    Make LOTS of them!

    These look so cute on your

    wrapped packages!

  • Supplies to make one boy and one girl: 9" x 12" piece of felt, light brown Matching embroidery floss 3-Dimensional Paint (white & black) 5 Buttons, green 2 - 12" pieces of 1/4" red ribbon Small amount of fiberfill Heavy thread for hanger Craft glue or a hot glue gun

    General supplies: Scissors, pins, sewing and embroidery needles, paper & pencil, paper

    Important tips & general instructions: **Read tips and instructions thoroughly before beginning.

    **When printing out your pattern, make sure you do not shrink the document. You will want to print it out at the actual size for your pattern pieces to fit your project. You will find this setting in the window that appears when you choose print. On some computers you will want to choose “NONE” for the page scaling, and on other computers, you will just choose “ACTUAL SIZE.” You will see a three inch line on the pattern page(s). Use that as a guide to make sure your pieces have printed out at the right size. If they don’t, they will not fit properly on your mug rug.

    **Remember to choose the pages you want to print when your print window appears so you don’t waste ink. I personally like to print only my pattern pieces, then I have my laptop or e-reader close to my side to use for following instructions.

    **Also note that you can enlarge and reduce the size of your printout to make the appliques fit other projects.

    Instructions: 1. Print out patterns. Be sure the printed line on the pattern piece measures 3" so that your ornament will be the proper size.

    2. Cut out the boy and girl pattern pieces. Fold your felt in half, pin the patterns to the felt and cut out cutting through both layers of fabric. Remove the paper pattern and pin the two pieces of felt back together.

    Page 2©SherHastingsDesigns

  • 3. You will notice that your floss has six strands. Cut your floss into 18" pieces. Separate the strands so that you have 2 - 3 strand pieces. Beginning at the side of the head, stitch around the gingerbread person and stop (don't tie off) at the other side of the head. You will need to leave the top open for stuffing. I like to use a blanket stitch but you can use any stitch you are comfortable with. Small stitches look much nicer. Stuff very lightly and then stitch the top of the head closed. A pencil with the eraser end is a great tool for pushing your stuffing into the gingerbread person.

    Refer to last page for an illustration of a blanket stitch.

    4. Apply the buttons to the front of the gingerbread guys (2 for the boy, 3 for the girl). Instead of sewing them on like you would a button, I like to run the thread down into the first hole, all the way through, then back up through the second hole. Tie a knot pulling slightly to form an indentation. Cut about 1/2" away from button then "scruff" up the floss by separating after the knot. This is a cute effect.

    5. Thread your hanging thread through the top of the head and tie off leaving about 3" for hanging. Trim thread about ½" from knot.

    6. Using the 3-Dimensional black paint, make two little eyes and a smile. Make the wavy icing on the head, hands, feet, and bottom of the girl's dress using the white 3-Dimensional paint. I love the way this paint looks like frosting! Refer to one of the pattern pages for my tips for using 3-dimensional paints.

    7. Make bows from the 2 pieces of red ribbon, glue to neck and let ornaments dry.

    Page 3©SherHastingsDesigns

  • Page 4©SherHastingsDesigns

    This line should measure 3” if you want your pattern to print out at original size

    boy cut 2

  • Page 5©SherHastingsDesigns

    girl cut 2

    This line should measure 3” if you want your pattern to print out at original size

    3-Dimensional paints can take practice if you aren’t use to them. Here are a few tips:

    1. With the bottle upside down, shake very well.

    2. Before you use the paint, tap the tip on the work surface (protected by paper or napkin) to remove any air bubbles that may lingering.

    3. Test your stream on a piece of paper first to make sure it’s working properly.

    4. It helps to start with a fresh new bottle if you aren’t sure how old an open bottle is.

    5. I always keep a napkin in hand and keep my tip clean. I also tap the tip several times during use to keep the paint at the tip area.

    6. Take your time! Rushing along can create problems when using this paint.

  • Thank you for choosing a pattern from Sher Hastings Designs!

    All my patterns are brought to you in good faith and I did my best to make them as easy to understand as I could. If you feel that you see an error or a missing part of the instructions, please contact me right away and I will attend to this issue. I can’t be held responsible for errors due to mis-measuring or by the creator using different style techniques. I consider my patterns “beginner to intermediate” so general knowledge and experience of sewing and quilting is helpful to create my items.

    All patterns, appliques, images, photos, and illustrations were created and/or designed by me. I own all rights to this pattern and the images with it. You may use this pattern to create items for your personal use and to sell from your website, online shops, and craft shows. You can not claim the finished item as your design or redistribute the pattern or its images in any way.



    Email: shdesigns11@gmail.com

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    Blanket Stitch Edge of fabric

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