Final Examination and Rizal exile in Dapitan

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Final Examination and Rizal exile in Dapitan



Question Excerpt1.On his last night in Manila, Rizal rode about the city and its suburbs. He was accompanied by ___________.

A.Uncle Antonio Rivera



D.Both Uncle Antonio Rivera and Paciano

E.None of the above

2.When did Rizal left for Spain to complete his university studies and improved his knowledge of arts & sciences and his God-given talents?

A.May 3, 1880

B.May 3, 1881

C.May 3, 1882

D.May 3, 1883

E.May 3, 1884

3.Rizal's departure for Spain was kept secret to avoid detection by the colonial officers and friars, but the following below knew that Jose was leaving EXCEPT

A.His parents

B.His sisters

C.Uncle Antonio Rivera

D.Some close friends


4.In Singapore, Rizal boarded this French steamer named __________, which was sailing to Europe.




D.City of Rome


5. In the steamer bound to Europe, Jose tried to speak French with some passengers but to his surprise the bookish French which he learned from Ateneo couldn't be understood. Jose tried to do the following EXCEPT

A.Speak it with Latin and Spanish words

B.Aid it with much gesticulation

C.Aid it with frequent sketching on paper

D.Speak it with German and Greek

E.All of the above

6.Where did Rizal Rizal hear mass at the sunrise of his embarkation date to Madrid, Spain?

A.Sto. Domingo Church

B.San Agustin church

C.Manila Cathedral

D.San Francisco Church

E.Recoletos Church

7.On June 2, 1882, Rizal arrived at the city of ___________ ( Red Sea terminal of the Suez Canal), whose beautiful moonlight of this picturesque city reminded him of his family and Calamba.






8.Rizal landed this place to see the interesting spots of ____________, the Mediterranean terminal of Suez Canal, where he heard the multi-racial residents speaking a babel of tongues - Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Egyptian, etc.

A.Point de Galle

B.Port Said




9.In his two-day sojourn in the English colony of Singapore, what did Rizal particularly admire?

A.Their languages and culture they spoke

B.Their customs and traditions that were somewhat alike to the Filipinos

C.The confidence which natives of Singapore seemed to have in their government

D.Their discipline and strict compliance of imposed laws

E.All of the above

10.The editor of Diariong Tagalog who congratulated Rizal for the article and requested him for some articles

A.Marcelo H. del Pilar

B.Juan Luna

C.Francisco Calvo

D.Antonio Luna

E.Manuel T. Hidalgo

11.The article that Rizal wrote in Diariong Tagalog urging his compatriots to love their fatherland just like his prize-winning A La Juventud Filipina

A.Los Viajes


C.Un Recuerdo a Mi Pueblo

D.Revista de Madrid

E.Amor Patrio

12.The articlethat Rizal wrote in Madrid on November 29, 1882 which was returned to him because the Diariong Tagalog ceasedpublication.

A.Los Viajes


C.Amor Patrio

D.Revista de Madrid

E.None of the above

13.Rizal visited ___________ (in Marseilles) where Dantes (hero of the Count of Monte Cristo) was imprisoned.

A.Tower of babel

B.Chateau d' If

C.Hanging Garden of Babylon

D.Point de Galle

E.Pyramid of Pharaoh in Greece

14.Naples: Italy; Marseilles: France; Port-Bou:__________






15.Filipinos in Barcelona, some of whom were Rizal's school mate in Ateneo gave him party at their favorite cafe in __________.

A.Hotel de Paz

B.Plaza de Cataluna

C.Las Ramblas


E.None of the above

16.While sojourning in Barcelona, Rizal received asad newsabout the ___________ that was ravaging Manila and provinces causing Calamba folks to have afternoon novenas to San Roque and nocturnal processions and prayers to stop dreadful epidemic, which Spanish authorities were impotent to check. What was the disease?



C.Typhoid fever



17.On November 3, 1882, Rizal enrolled in Universidad Central de Madrid (Central University of Madrid) in two courses aside from his studies in painting and sculpture in Academy of San Carlos, lessons in French, German and and English under a private instructor, and practice in fencing and shooting in the Hall of Arms of Sanz y Carbonell. What was the2 coursesthat he matriculated in Universidad Central de Madrid?

A.Philosophy and Letters & Medicine

B.Philosophy and Latin & Medicine

C.Philosophy and Latin & Diploma in Surveying

D.Ophthalmology and Philosophy

E.None of the above

18.Rizal invested his three pesetas (peseta isthe currencyof Spainbetween 1869 and 2002) on __________.

A.A lottery ticket





19.The historic waterway Suez Canal, which was traversed by Rizal for 5 days, was constructed by the famous Frenchman named __________.

A.Ferdinand Magellan

B.Ferdinand de Lesseps

C.Miguel Lopez de Legazpi

D.Juan de Salcedo

E.Cristopher Colombus

20.Aliberal-minded SpaniardandCivil Governorof Manila (during General Carlos Ma. de la Torre's administration) whom Rizal used to visit the home of every Saturday evening because the hero was far away and lonely in Madrid. He and other Filipino students played parlor games with his 2 daughters.

A.Guillermo Puatu

B.Francisco Calvo Muoz

C.Ramon Blanco

D.Don Pablo Ortega y Rey

E.None of the above

21.On August 22, 1883, Rizal wrote a lovely poem entitledA la Senorita C.O. y R.Who was he dedicating the poem to?

A.Leonor Rivera




E.None of the above

22.Shortly after Rizal's arrival in Madrid, he joined the Society of Spaniards and Filipinos, in which the members of the society requested him so he wrote a poem entitledMe Piden Versos(They Asked Me for Verses).What's the name of the organization?

A.Circulo Hispano-Filipino

B.El Consuejo de los Dioses

C.Liceo Artistico-Literario

D.Marian Congregation

E.None of the above

23.Rizal as lover of books was able to build up a fair-sized private library. His collection of books, to name a few, wereThe Bible, Hebrew Grammar, Lives of Presidents of the United States from Washington to Johnson, History of the French Revolution, Ancient Poetry, The Byzantine Empire, The Characters of La Bruyere, The Renaissance, Uncle Tom's Cabby Harriet Beecher Stowe,Works of Alexander Dumas,and so on. Whos is the owner of the second-hand book store where Rizal purchased books from?

A.Guillermo Puatu

B.Francisco Calvo Muoz

C.Juan de Salcedo

D.Jose M. Cecicilio

E.Seor Roses

24.In 1883, Rizal joined the Masonic LodgeAcaciaand his Masonic name is Dimasalang. His reasons why he became a Mason: (1) the abusive bad friars in the Philippines and he needed the help of the Masons as shield to use in his fight against evil forces of tyranny. On November 15, 1890, he became a Master Mason in _________.

A.La Liga Filipina

B.Liceo Artistico-Literario

C.Circulo Hispano-Filipino

D.Propaganda Movement

E.Lodge Solidaridad

25.At the National Exposition of Fine Arts in Madrid in 1884, joined by many painters in Europe in that art competition, Luna won first prize (gold medal) for his __________.

A.Christian Virgins Exposed to the Populace



D.Uncle Tom's Cabin

E.The Wandering Jew

26.Rizal graduated a degree of Licentiate in Medicine in June 1884 at Universidad Central de Madrid as well as a degree of Licentiate in Philosophy and Letters in such school with the rating of __________.

A.Aprobado (passing grade)

B.Bueno (good)

C.Notable (very good)

D.Sobrasaliente (excellent)


27.After Rizal completed his studies in Madrid, Rizal went to Paris and Germany in order to specialize in ___________.


B.Philosophy and Letters


D.Philosophy and Latin

E.Doctorate in Medicine

28.After completing his studies at Universidad Central de Madrid, on his way to Paris for further study in Ophthalmology, he stopped at Barcelona to visit his friend named ___________, a medical student and a member of a rich family of San Miguel, Bulacan.

A.Don Miguel Morayta

B.Seor Eusebio Corominas

C.Paz Pardo de Tavera

D.Trinidad Pardo de Tavera

E.Maximo Viola

29.During his week-stay in Paris, Rizal befriended _________ the editor ofLa Publicidad.

A.Don Miguel Morayta

B.Trinidad Pardo de Tavera

C.Paz Pardo de Tavera

D.Seor Eusebio Corominas

E.Maximo Viola

30.Owner ofLa Publicidadand statesman whom Rizal made a crayon sketch when Rizal went to Paris visiting Maximo Viola.

A.Don Miguel Morayta

B.Trinidad Pardo de Tavera

C.Dr. Louis de Weckert

D.Seor Eusebio Corominas

E.Maximo Viola

31.In October 1885, Rizal living in Paris, where he sojourn