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    2015April - M


  • Tel: +66 (0) 2274 3444Email: School Accredited

    With the power of imagination, characters can actually y o the pageJun, Grade 11.

    At KIS International School in Bangkok, Thailand, all students can shine. The midsize, caring community allows KIS students to be condent and to be appreciated as an individual, with unique dreams and strengths. The school is a full IB school, oering the International Baccalaureate Programmes for all age groups (IB Primary Years Programme, IB Middle Years Programme and IB Diploma), ensuring an academically rigorous curriculum that not only prepares students to be successful at university, but also teaches important life skills. KIS, its all about Knowledge, Inspiration and Spirit.

    Check out the students videos to learn more about their passion

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    Presidents Report


    ANZWG Committee 2015/16

    New Members

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    24 THEP Trip

    Welcome to the Australian-New Zealand Womens Group Bangkok, In Touch magazine.For more than 50 years ANZWG has played a major part in the lives of many expatriate women who have been lucky enough to reside in this fascinating yet

    sometimes challenging city.

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    INTOUCH April/May 2015


    As the AGM was held just a couple of weeks ago I would like to take the opportunity to say welcome to a big group of new ladies to the ANZWG Committee! This significant turnover was due to so many of the previous committee members either leaving Bangkok in the middle or at the end of this year, or simply deciding it is time for someone else to have the opportunity. Amazingly all except for six ladies are new (myself, Lisa, Heather, Jo, Sarah and Alicia). However due to the diligent work of the sub-committees over the last year there is plenty of assistance on offer via handover notes, meetings and offers of help for a month or two, so I expect that the transition will be fairly smooth.

    To the outgoing committee members I would like to say a heartfelt thank you for being a wonderful, communicative and enthusiastic bunch of women. So much progress has been made putting together informal guidelines for the different sub-committees, planning a fabulous mix of social activities, reaching out to new members, preparing for our big project this year with the 20th Edition of the Bangkok Guide due in early 2016, administration of the Facebook group and pulling the InTouch magazine together.

    The year seems to be marching forward with the Mothers Day lunch being organised by the Kiwalas ladies with help from Activities; before long it will be time to start forming a Melbourne Cup committee, and the Friendship lunch is September and all the while the important Bangkok Guide 20th Edition project is running along in the background. Yes, sometimes I do have moments of panic over all that we need to do but it always seems to fall into place.

    I hope you enjoy reading this issue of the magazine. It took some time to find an affordable printer to enable us to once again deliver to you a lovely hardcopy of the InTouch magazine. Advertisers are essential to covering our costs, so if you have contacts for a potential advertiser please send in the details or ask them to contact Kate via our advertising email: advertising

    I would like to acknowledge Heather and the work she has done over the last two years transforming our magazine into a very slick publication. Siobhan is taking over this role, and is so excited and enthusiastic that I am sure we will see further enhancements made to a great publication that reflects so well what we are about as a group first and foremost helping each other in a social and friendship context, and then working to contribute to improving the welfare of women and children in Thailand via our time and fundraising.

    With Songkran almost upon us I hope you have a chance to experience the slight madness that comes with it; try and dodge a complete drenching. I didnt last year - my family thought it was hilarious when I had a bucket tipped over my head.

    TO O





    SPresidents Report

  • www.anzwg-bangkok.orgINTOUCH April/May 2015






    IPANZWG Committee 2015 - 2016


    President, Marylou

    Vice President, Alison

    Treasurer, Katrina

    Assistant Treasurer, Ann

    Secretary, Sarah-Jane Farnham

    Assistant Secretary, Stephanie


    Alison Howe

    Chona Boardman

    Felicity Fox

    Diedre Larkin

    Welfare Team, Community

    Heather Clarke

    Gillian Watson

    Megan Peel


    Sarah Dobbs

    Courtney Black

    Jessica Tseng

    Lia Siebert

    Jenny Nicholls

    Jo Gadsden


    Alicia Doogue

    Becs Bellingham

    Lisa Coxhell


    Siobhan Bland


    Kate Ganner

    Bangkok Guide

    Lisa Coxhell

    Bangkok Guide Sales


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    INTOUCH April/May







    Bronwyn Skerritt

    I am a practising psychotherapist, with two university-aged daughters living and studying in Australia. I have lived abroad a couple of times.

    Carni (Carolyn) Johnston

    I have two gorgeous children, Max 9 and Daisy 7. My husband works in Australia in the mining sector and is away approx. one month at a time (with five days home). We are living in Thailand to experience another culture!

    Emma Vandermeer

    I just moved to Bangkok with my husband and 15-month-old son, from bonny Scotland. Weve been living in the UK for six years, but after the arrival of our son we decided we wanted to be a bit closer to New Zealand, and as luck would have it my husband was offered a job in renewable energy here in Bangkok. Before having my son I was working in recruitment and HR for Heathrow Airport. I love cooking vegetarian food, travel and lapping up the sun after so many years without it!

    Jessica Tseng

    I have moved to Bangkok from Perth since 2013 and started working as a freelance makeup artist. I like to travel, meet new friends and learn new things. I also enjoy volunteering in charitable activities whenever I have the time.

    Johanna Selth

    I am delighted to be in Bangkok after eight years in Beijing (which was great for many years, but boy did we need a change!) and to be a part of ANZWG. I am here with my husband who

    works at the World Bank, and my two primary-aged children, who are attending NIST. Apart from enjoying the weather, the shopping and the many interesting things to do here in Bangkok, I am also volunteering two days a week at an NGO that provides legal services to urban refugees. I enjoy reading, running and pilates, and am interested in learning to cook Thai food.

    Lauri Barrett

    Our family moved to Bangkok early this year after three-and-a-half exciting and interesting years in Shanghai. We have two adopted daughters from Taiwan (9yrs & 8yrs) who are attending the American School of Bangkok. I am a former corporate marketing manager but have been living the Tai Tai life since our positing to Shanghai. I enjoy exploring local markets and getting involved in the community. Im an avid tennis player and Im looking forward to joining the ladies on Thursday mornings.

    Melina Gin

    I am a New Zealand born Chinese, and immigrated to Australia when I was 10, living 30 years in Sydney and the last four in Adelaide due to my husbands work commitments.

    We relocated to Bangkok in January with our two boys aged eight and six. This is our first overseas posting with my husbands employer. I am having a break from my career for the time being to ensure our boys are settled and make their transition as smooth as possible. Prior to moving abroad I worked for 25 years as an insurance property specialist, and may

    look at work opportunities down the track.

    Our children are very much involved with outdoor activities like soccer, AFL, cricket, swimming and bike riding. They both go to NIST and are in Years 2 and 3.

    Robyn Hill

    We moved to Bangkok in November and are having a great time. We have three kids at NIST, so we are busy with all their activities! I love sport, especially swimming and can be found in our pool a lot. Back home our family is involved with the surf club, so going to beach locations is important to us during holiday times. I love craft, reading and seeing the sights.

    Tammy Schneider

    I love to serve and support others to achieve their goals, dreams and outcomes. A great organiser and project manager, I have excellent liaison and communication skills and work well with people of all ages and background. I have worked and supported many charities in Australia, Cambodia and Vanuatu and was also the Vice President of the Womens International Group in Phnom Penh in 2010.

    Toni Brendish

    We are an Aussie/Kiwi couple who are both working. We have teenage children and have been expats for the past six years. We are both passionate about rugby and enjoying the country we live in.

    Wendy Buckingham

    My husband and I have an online business building and

    New Members

    If youd like to know more about ANZWG, go to love to see you at the monthly ANZWG Morning Tea (see Dates on pp16 & 17).

  • www.anzwg-bangkok.orgINTOUCH April/May 2015


    New Members Continued...

    managing websites and video hosting for clients. Im officially retired, but still assist with developing my information website To Be A Life Coach and other writing needs of my husbands company. My background is as a feature writer, life coach and author. We are most likely only in Thailand for a few months having an Asian experience/adventure and a shortly moving to Chiang Mai for a spell.

    My interests: Classical music, getting out into the countryside, personal development, the media, old movies, English history. Also fascinated by politics worldwide.

    We will introduce our other new members, Ann York, Ingrid Richardson, Tiffany Shield, in a future InTouch Issue.

    Chocolate Hiccup Peppermint Cake


    2 bottles of Champagne 6 whole double eggs 1 1/2 cups oil 3 tubs of yoghurt 2 cups flour 1 teaspoon cocoa (Columbian is always best!)1 tablespoon baking powder


    12 fresh mint leaves (must be picked fresh that morning and covered with dew) 2 cups icing sugar 1lb butter (salt free) 2 tablespoons milk (fresh from the cow is best - can be substituted for camel) 1 king-sized New Zealand Cadbury Milk Chocolate (available from Marylou Rainsford at a discount!)


    Pour a large flute of Champagne. Drink Champagne. Refill. Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Drink Champagne.Refill.

    Grease 2 x 20cm baking tins and dust with icing sugar. Pour cake mix into tins. Drink Champagne. Refill. Place tins in preheated oven for 40 minutes at 120 degrees - set timer.

    Eat king-sized New Zealand Cadbury Milk Chocolate bar, ensuring you leave a few crumbs as you go - these will be used as garnish later. Drink Champagne. Refill. Drink Champagne. Refill. Drink Champagne. Refill.

    If you can be bothered to check on the cake when the timer goes off, ensure to wear oven gloves. Use a skewer to see if the cake is cooked the whole way through. If extra cooking time is required, just shut the oven door, and pour a further glass of Champagne. If the cakes are cooked, toss them onto a cooling rack.

    To make the icing mix, caress the dewy mint leaves, then pound in mortar and pestle. Transfer to a large mixing bowl, add icing sugar, softened butter and milk. Drink Champagne. Refill. Mix well.

    If after waking on the kitchen floor and finding the cat eating the mixture, ice the cakes - being careful to remove any cat hair, and the cakes from tins. Using your fingers to ice at this stage is acceptable. Sprinkle with your chocolate crumb garnish. Place in the fridge to cool.

    Proudly present to spouse after dinner and enjoy with a refreshing glass of bubbles. Be sure to double check for any cat hairs you may have missed earlier.

    A tried and tested recipe from Bridget Hiccup McBean





    IPMonthly Morning Tea

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    AprilSophie Berger 2 AprilSharyne Lazaroo 10 AprilLeanne Whittingham 11 AprilKate Ganner 15 AprilRosemary Lindsay 16 AprilIngrid Richardson 18 AprilJodie Holdsworth 19 AprilToni Brendish 22 AprilMae Hurley 25 April

    MayTanya Wenczel 1 MayDebbie Nederkoorn 4 MayJessica Tseng 4 MayMaribel Magnaye 5 MayHani Damjanovic 7 MayJacki Byrne 7 MayChona Boardman 17 MayDaniela Everest 20 MayTrudy McKenzie 21 MayCarni Johnson 25 MayKate Newberry 25 MayKatie Michel 25 MayJenni Boyce 31 May





    IPMembers Birthdays

    Chiropractic and Physical TherapyThe best of both worlds under one roof

    Get relief fromLower Back Pain

    Chiropractic Treatment

    Physical Therapy Performed by Licensed Physical Therapists

    Gentle Techniques for Delicate Patients

    Traditional Adjusting Techniques

    Therapeutic Massage Techniques

    Medical Referrals Available When Necessary

    Care for Sports Injuries

    Custom Made Orthotic Arch Supports

    Diet Modification for Pain Control

    Fitness Consulting

    Neck Pain

    By appointment only.

    Holistic Health Systems Ltd.438/13 Sukhumvit Soi 63 (Soi Ekkamai) Bangkok 10110Tel: (02) 711-5102 Mobile: (081) 627-0312, (089) 455-3915Email:,


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