C hicago chef and restaurateur Charlie Trotter once compared cooking to improvisational jazz — a skill rooted in knowledge, but guided by inspiration. Indeed, any chef worth his or her salt considers cooking a creative enterprise. While many of us are content to let the food do the talking, most chefs also have plenty to say on the subject — why we eat what we eat, for instance, or how our eating habits both reflect and shape our lives. So, in our annual Bite By Bite by Cuisine, we decided to let the chefs do the talking. In a series of interviews with some local culinary expert — some well-known, some not — we ask about their personal histories, philosophies on food preparation, and passion for making and sharing food. We also present a comprehensive list of Northeast Florida restaurants by cuisine, making it easy to find exactly what you want, be it barbecue or vegetarian, Thai or home cookin’. So grab a copy, flip to your favorite flavor, and let the improvisation begin. Barbecue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Brazilian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 British & Irish . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Cafés, Delis & Sandwich Spots . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Caribbean & Cuban . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Casual Spots . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Chinese . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Coffeehouses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Diners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Eclectic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 French . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 German . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Global . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Greek & Mediterranean . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Home Cookin’ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Hot Dogs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Indian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Italian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Japanese . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 Mexican & Southwestern . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 Middle Eastern . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Neighborhood Hangouts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Peruvian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Pizzerias . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Regional . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 Seafood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Spanish . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 Specialty Restaurants & Markets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 Sports Bars, Wings & Oysters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 Steakhouses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67 Sweet Spots . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Thai . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 Vegetarian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71 Wine & Martini Bars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71 BitebyBite by cuisine photos by Walter Coker JOSH HOYE 18 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

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Chicago chef and restaurateur Charlie Trotter

once compared cooking to improvisational jazz

— a skill rooted in knowledge, but guided by

inspiration. Indeed, any chef worth his or her salt

considers cooking a creative enterprise.

While many of us are content to let the food do

the talking, most chefs also have plenty to say on the

subject — why we eat what we eat, for instance, or

how our eating habits both reflect and shape our lives.

So, in our annual Bite By Bite by Cuisine, we

decided to let the chefs do the talking. In a series of

interviews with some local culinary expert — some

well-known, some not — we ask about their personal

histories, philosophies on food preparation, and

passion for making and sharing food.

We also present a comprehensive list of Northeast

Florida restaurants by cuisine, making it easy to find

exactly what you want, be it barbecue or vegetarian,

Thai or home cookin’. So grab a copy, flip to your

favorite flavor, and let the improvisation begin.

Barbecue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20Brazilian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22British & Irish . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22Cafés, Delis & Sandwich Spots . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23Caribbean & Cuban . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28Casual Spots . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30Chinese . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32Coffeehouses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34Diners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35Eclectic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36French . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38German . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38Global . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38Greek & Mediterranean . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42Home Cookin’ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42Hot Dogs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43Indian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43Italian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45Japanese . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47Mexican & Southwestern . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52Middle Eastern . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54Neighborhood Hangouts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55Peruvian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58Pizzerias . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58Regional . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60Seafood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62Spanish . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64Specialty Restaurants & Markets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64Sports Bars, Wings & Oysters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66Steakhouses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67Sweet Spots . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68Thai . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70Vegetarian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71Wine & Martini Bars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71

BitebyBiteby cuisinephotos by

Walter Coker





18 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Page 2: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

BARBECUEBLACKJACK’S BBQ4610 San Juan Ave., Westside,387-3900A family-owned-and-operated bar-becue restaurant that never reheatsanything, Blackjacks serves ribs, sal-ads and chicken falling off the bone.Blackjacks also offers four uniqueCole Pepper Blackjack barbecuesauces. A kids’ menu is available,and carry out is available.Open Tue.-Sat.

BONO’S PIT BAR-B-Q12620 Bartram Park Blvd.,Mandarin, 652-29892420 U.S. 1 S., St. Augustine, 794-94244907 Beach Blvd., San Marco, 398-424810065 Skinner Lake Drive,JTB & Gate Parkway, 998-19979820 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 268-26663303 San Pablo Road S.,Intracoastal, 223-13918011 Merrill Road, Ste. 23,Arlington, 743-37275229 Jammes Road, Westside, 772-00501036 Dunn Ave., Ste. 2, Northside, 696-69681266 S. Third St., Jacksonville Beach, 249-87045711 Bowden Road, Southpoint, 448-5395705 S. Lane Ave., Westside, 783-140410645 Philips Highway,Southside, 886-2801100 Bartram Oaks Walk,Julington Creek, 287-77105903 Norwood Ave., Northside, 765-18171765 Town Center Blvd.,Eagle Harbor, 269-8870For more than 50 years, Bono’s hasoffered slow-cooked and tendermeats served with tangy sauces.There’s also the baby back ribs orbarbecue salad, smoked sausage orchicken breast sandwich. FolioWeekly readers have repeatedlypicked Bono’s as their favorite bar-becue joint in our annual Best of Jaxpoll. A kids’ menu is available.Open daily.

BROWN BROTHERS BBQ1522 King St., Riverside, 388-9227Brown Brothers serves authenticNorth Florida barbecue, includingribs, chicken, pork and sausage, withdown-home fixins like okra and fresh

greens. Fresh ingredients are used inevery dish. Open for lunch and dinnerMon.-Sat.

BULL’S BAR B Q8602 Baymeadows Road,Baymeadows, 739-3874Bull’s serves pork, ribs, beef, chickenand baby back ribs, as well as sal-ads and sides. Open Mon.-Fri.

JACK’S BBQ691 A1A Beach Blvd., St.Augustine Beach, 460-8100This low-slung building has luredregulars and locals for more than sixdecades. Part of Jack’s appeal is theold-fashioned pit barbecue, but theplace has been updated with a Tikibar, a large wooden deck, even aswimming pool. Lunch and dinnerare served daily. Live entertainmentis featured Fri., Sat. and Sun.

JENKINS QUALITYBARBECUE2025 Emerson St., Lakewood, 346-3770830 N. Pearl St., Jacksonville, 353-63881791 Kings Road, Northside, 358-99155945 New Kings Road, Northside, 765-8515For more than 52 years, JenkinsQuality Barbecue has served some ofthe best down-home barbecuearound. Slather sauce on a wholesmoky chicken or a basket of crin-kle-cut French fries. Most locationsopen for lunch and dinner daily.

JOHNSON PIT BAR-B-QUE4530 Brentwood Ave., Northside, 768-4409This is basic barbecue — chicken,wings, ribs, pork, beef — and thesides you’d expect, but with someunusual items (like fried rice dishesand fish sandwiches) thrown in. Thecasual atmosphere is retro, relaxedand friendly. Open Mon.-Fri.

MOJO BAR-B-QUE1607 University Blvd. W.,Southside, 732-7200

MOJO KITCHEN BBQ PIT& BLUES BAR1500 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville Beach, 247-6636

MOJO SMOKEHOUSE1810 Town Center Blvd., Fleming Island, 264-0636This Southern blues kitchen offerspulled pork and Carolina-style barbe-

cue along with chicken-fried steakand Delta-fried catfish. A kids’ menuand carry-out are available, alongwith a full bottled beer selection.Open daily. A Best of Jax 2008 winnerfor Best Barbecue. The Beaches loca-tion features live music and a full bar.

SONNY’S REAL PIT BAR-B-Q12485 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 288-79284434 Blanding Blvd., Westside, 777-07301923 S. Lane Ave., Westside, 786-00812742 S. Eighth St., Fernandina Beach, 261-66321976 Kingsley Ave., Orange Park, 272-460612719 Atlantic Blvd., Intracoastal, 220-949910840 Harts Road, Northside, 751-42255097 University Blvd. W.,Southside, 737-49061720 U.S. 1 S., St. Augustine, 824-32202720 S.R. 16, St. Augustine, 824-3315For more than 30 years, Sonny’s hasbeen a Northeast Florida favorite,voted the Best Barbecue in FolioWeekly’s Best of Jax readers poll.The beef, pork, chicken and ribs arecooked in a wood-fired pit, and sidesinclude Vidalia onion rings, cornnuggets, potato salad, barbecuebeans and coleslaw. All-you-can-eatspecials daily. Take-out is available.Beer is served. Open for lunch anddinner daily.

STICKY FINGERS363 Atlantic Blvd., Beaches Town Center, Atlantic Beach, 241-RIBS (7427)8129 Point Meadows Way,Baymeadows, 493-742713150 City Station Drive, River City Marketplace, 309-RIBSA true Memphis-style rib house,Sticky Fingers’ ribs, chicken and bar-becue are slow-smoked over agedhickory wood. The menu alsoincludes chicken wings and rotis-serie-smoked chicken. Dine indoorsor out on the screened patio. Happyhour is featured weekdays. Opendaily. Live music on weekends.

TOMBO’S BACKPORCHBARBECUE8929 Philips Highway, Southside,363-0990Tombo’s bright yellow awningscreams “BBQ!” and the menu

Locally ownedAncient City Subs serves substoasted, pressed or cold from its St. Augustine-themed location in Mandarin.See listing page 23.

20 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Page 3: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

Bite By Bite

Art Jennette never went to cooking school tolearn how to fry a shrimp or flavor a pot ofcollard greens. The Jacksonville native sayshis training in Southern cooking came fromhis Aunt Pennie, his Aunt Agnes, his AuntFlorabelle and his mother, Bernice. Daughtersof Georgia sharecroppers, the women schooledJennette as he grew up in Springfield in the 1950s.

After his stepfather died in a plane crashwhen Jennette was 8 and his mother returnedto work to support her seven children,Jennette says he appointed himself kitchenhelper. In the afternoon, Jennette’s motherwould talk him through, step-by-step, preppingfood for the family dinner. Though it was hisAunt Florabelle who showed him how to cutcorn, then scrape it twice to get the juice outfor creamed corn, his mother taught him thebasic methods that he still employs today:how to make cornbread in a skillet withoutleavening, how to flour shrimp when frying,how to douse fish in cornmeal.

“Oh, yeah, I’m still making a dollar off mymother’s cooking,” says Jennette, now owner,chef and bossman of Checker BBQ & Seafood,which is located on St. Augustine Road inJacksonville. As he speaks, a plate of friedgreen tomatoes, fried shrimp, pulled pork andcollard greens, known on the menu as, “TheTrailer Trash Special,” leaves the kitchen.

It was natural for Jennette to gravitate tothe restaurant business after high school, buthe really learned his trade while working withcaterers Ruby Dell Williams and MildredGilliam, two African-American women whocatered for prominent Jacksonville families. “Ilearned to put a little more seasoning than Igrew up with in the collard greens,” says

Jennette. “And to use smoked neck bone forflavoring rather than bacon grease.” He alsosays that Williams taught him elegant presen-tation. “I was inspired.”

In 1979, Jennette’s mother married JackNorton and the couple re-opened Palms FishCamp, serving hamburgers and some seafood.Jennette later joined them and Jack wentback to his tire shop. Jennette and his motherredesigned the menu around family recipesand the Southern cooking Jennette learnedfrom Williams and Gilliam. When the city ofJacksonville bought the waterfront propertywhere the fish camp was located, then-MayorJohn Delaney cut a deal with Jennette.Jennette would operate the restaurant, andthe city would get a portion of the income.

That agreement fell apart under MayorJohn Peyton, but Jennette regrouped andopened Checker in 2006 — with the help of abenevolent Palms Fish Camp fan. He resur-rected his Friday and Saturday night all-you-can-eat buffets, which begin with the ringingof a bell. Jennette roams the kitchen with skil-lets of fried or spicy shrimp, the contents ofwhich he heaps, still steaming, onto plates.

The chef counts former Mayor JohnDelaney, Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver, for-mer Jacksonville Sheriff Nat Glover, formerTimes-Union publisher Carl Cannon and U.S.Rep. Corrine Brown among his fans. Jennettecalls his food “the art of Cracker cooking” andbelieves his recipes define Jacksonville-areacooking better than any other out there. Inpart, he says, that’s because he isn’t just amere chef. He calls himself “a North Floridafood icon.”

Who’s going to argue with that? �Susan Cooper Eastman

THE ART OF CRACKER COOKINGART JENNETTEOwner and chef, Checker BBQ & SeafoodSan Marco

ChefProfi le


THE ITALIAN HOAGIEThe most authentic Italian

Hoagie south of Pittsburgh.It’s a lot of sandwich, for a lot

of tastebuds.

7 days a week7am-2:30pmBreakfast served all day long!

Four time “Best of Jax” Winner

August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 21

Page 4: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

doesn’t disappoint. Tombo’s offerslow-fat dishes, like barbecue salad,and a full breakfast menu, but therestaurant will also smoke your hogs,hams, deer and turkeys. Open forbreakfast and lunch Mon.-Sat.

WOODY’S BAR-B-Q14985 Old St. Augustine Road,Mandarin, 880-74275930 Powers Ave., Lakewood, 739-74274291 Roosevelt Blvd., Westside, 384-34428206 Philips Highway, Ste. 25,Southside, 265-00661638 University Blvd. S.,Southside, 721-883610771 Beach Blvd., Ste. 301,Southside, 642-37749825 San Jose Blvd., Ste. 46,Mandarin, 262-39551482 S. Sixth St., Macclenny, 259-5800950 Blanding Blvd., Ste. 1, Orange Park, 272-1419226 Solana Road, Ste. 1, Ponte Vedra Beach, 280-8999135 Jenkins St., Ste. 106, St. Augustine, 819-8880474323 S.R. 200, Fernandina, 206-4046Woody’s Bar-B-Q features barbecueplates, barbecue salads and the pop-ular pulled pork sandwiches. Alongwith lunch and dinner specials, thereare several all-you-can-eat specials. Akids’ menu is available, and a seniors’discount is offered at some locations.Beer and wine are served. Open daily.

BRAZILIANESPETO BRAZILIAN STEAK HOUSE4000 St. Johns Ave., Ste. 40,Avondale, 388-4884Called a churrascaria (Portuguese forsteakhouse), this Brazilian steakhousefeatures gauchos who carve the meatonto your plate from their servingtables. A full bar is served. Open fordinner Tue.-Sat.; closed Mon.

TENTO CHURRASCARIA528 N. First St., Jacksonville Beach, 246-1580Located across from the JacksonvilleBeach Pier, this Brazilian steakhousefeatures more than 14 cuts of meatcarved tableside, as well as an

ample salad bar and an extensivewine list, including the traditionalCaipirinha. A full bar is served. Openfor dinner Tue.-Sun.; closed Mon.

BRITISH & IRISHANN O’MALLEY’S23 Orange St., St. Augustine, 825-4040Located across from the Old CityGates, Ann O’Malley’s serves a casu-al menu of soups, salads and sand-wiches with familiar, friendly service.Dine indoors or out on the porch.Beer and wine are served, with Irishbeers on tap. Open daily.

THE BRITISH PUB213 Anastasia Blvd., St. Augustine, 810-5111This traditional British pub offersdarts and serves ale, beer and wine,as well as traditional meat pies,Cornish pasties and sausage rolls.Varieties of authentic British foodand candies are sold at the littleshop within. Open nightly.

CULHANE’S IRISH PUB967 Atlantic Blvd., AtlanticVillage, Atlantic Beach, 249-9595An upscale Irish pub and restaurantowned and managed by four sistersfrom County Limerick, Ireland,Culhane’s menu includes fish andchips, shepherd’s pie, and cornedbeef and cabbage — dishes to besampled with the requisite pint ofGuinness. Open daily; an Irish brunchis served Sat. and Sun.

DONOVAN’S IRISH PUB7440 U.S. 1 N., Ste. 108, Palencia, 829-0000This pub features a mix of classicIrish entrées and traditionalAmerican dinners, as well as appe-tizers and “pub grub.” Irish beersand whiskeys are served along witha full bar. A children’s menu is avail-able. Six HDTVs and Wii are avail-able. Open daily.

FIONN MACCOOL’S IRISHPUB & RESTAURANT333 N. First St., Jacksonville Beach, 242-9499This pub offers casual dining with

an uptown Irish atmosphere, servingfish and chips, Guinness beef stew,Rueben egg rolls and black-and-tanbrownies. Live music is presenteddaily. A full bar is served. A kids’menu and take-out are available.Open daily.

FLY’S TIE IRISH PUB177 Sailfish Drive E., Atlantic Beach, 246-4293If Rachael Allen and Johnny Cashhad a baby and he grew up to be achef, this would be his menu: varia-tions on corned beef hash, black andwhite puddings, bangers and mash.A full bar is served and take-out isavailable. Kitchen is open Mon.-Sat.for dinner, Sun. for brunch.

KING’S HEAD BRITISH PUB6460 U.S. 1 N., St. Augustine, 823-9787Owner Ann Dyke and her staffserve British draught beers andcider in 20-ounce Imperial pints inan authentic pub setting. A repeatwinner of Best Neighborhood Barin St. Augustine in Folio Weekly’sBest of Jax readers poll, King’sHead serves Cornish pasties, andfish and chips. Open for lunch anddinner Wed.-Sun. A kids’ menu isavailable. Located north of the St. Augustine airport on U.S. 1.Look for the red double-deckerbus out front.

THE LONDON BRIDGEENGLISH PUB ANDEATERY100 E. Adams St., Jacksonville, 359-0001This downtown mainstay is popularwith urban core denizens, andserves traditional British pub cuisine,including fish and chips, as well asbig hamburgers. A large selection ofdraft and bottle beer, ales, ciders andwines are available. Live music isfeatured. Open for lunch Mon.-Fri.,for dinner Mon.-Sat.

LYNCH’S IRISH PUB514 N. First St., Jacksonville Beach,249-5181Folio Weekly readers have repeat-edly named Lynch’s Jacksonville’s

Located across from the Old City Gates to St. Augustine, Ann O’Malley’s serves a casual menuand Irish beers with familiar, friendly service. See listing this page.

The HottestRestaurant

In The Coolest Neighborhood


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Mossfire Margaritas

$350 Microdrafts


3-7 Every Day

22 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Page 5: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

Best Pub in the annual Best of Jaxreaders poll. Lynch’s fresh “green”menu includes corned beef andcabbage, shepherd’s pie, and fishand chips. There’s also a full bar,and 50 imported and domesticdraft beers on tap. Live entertain-ment is featured every evening.Open daily.

O’BROTHERS IRISH PUB1521 Margaret St., Riverside, 854-9300The new restaurant features tradi-tional Irish fare like shepherd’s piewith Stilton crust, Murphy’smac’n’cheese and, of course, fish-n-chips. A full bar — and plenty ofbeers and ales — are served.Outdoor patio dining, a kids’ menuand take-out are available. Open forlunch and dinner Mon.-Sat.

O’KANE’S IRISH PUB318 Centre St., Fernandina Beach, 261-1000A frequent winner of Folio Weekly’sBest of Jax award for BestNeighborhood Bar, O’Kane’s offersa large selection of draft andimported beers. Located in the rearof a historic 19th century building,the eatery offers fish and chips andcertified Angus beef. Corned beefand cabbage is served every Sun.Open daily.

THE PRINCE OF WALES54 Cuna St., St. Augustine, 810-5725In the heart of St. Augustine’s historicdistrict, Prince of Wales serves beer-battered cod and chips, bangers andmash — created by Chef Tony. Wineand more than 39 beers, ales andciders are served. Open for lunchand dinner Thur.-Sun.

SHANNON’S IRISH PUB111 Bartram Oaks Walk,Julington Creek, 230-9670Tried-and-true dishes from theEmerald Isle — bangers and mash,corned beef and cabbage — aswell as pork and beef entrees. Akids’ menu and take-out are avail-able. A full bar is served, with ahappy hour Mon.-Sat. Live music ispresented Thur.-Sat. and trivia’s onWed. Open for lunch Wed.-Sun., fordinner nightly.

CAFÉS, DELIS& SANDWICHSPOTSTHE AMERICAN CAFÉThe Jacksonville Landing, 2 Independent Drive, Ste. 201, 353-4503The café’s specialties include ribsand fresh fish, but the chicken pot-pie is a customer favorite. Frenchbread comes with every entrée. Afull bar is offered — including an18-ounce margarita served all day,every day. Open for lunch and din-ner daily.

ANCIENT CITY SUBS10950 San Jose Blvd., Ste. 13,Mandarin, 446-9988Locally owned-and-operated byAndy and Rhonna Rockwell, this St.Augustine-themed sandwich shopserves gourmet subs — toasted,pressed or cold — and salads.Ancient City offers a kids’ menu andtakeout. Open daily.

ARDEN’S KAFÉ & KATERING1650 Hamilton St., Ste. 4, Ortega, 384-4144From gourmet to Cajun, Chef ArdendeSaussure can create it, using freshingredients, including local seafood,veggies and meats. Arden’s is openfor lunch Mon.-Fri.

THE ATRIUM CAFÉ1 Independent Drive, Ste. 100,Jacksonville, 634-1811Located in the Modis Building,Atrium Café offers a variety of items,featuring hot entrées and traditionalsandwiches, including a buffalochicken sandwich. Dine outside,inside or take it with you. OpenMon.-Fri. for breakfast and lunch.

BAGEL WORLD2202 S. Third St., Jacksonville Beach, 246-9988Home of the Best Bagel, according toFolio Weekly’s Best of Jax readers,this cozy little place offers a break-fast special (eggs, ham and cheese)and a variety of coffees and juices.Bagel sandwiches are made withfresh ingredients. Open for breakfastand lunch daily.

BEACH BUDS CHICKEN1289 Penman Road, Jacksonville Beach, 247-2828This new, family-owned Beachesaddition serves fried chicken justabout any way you’d want: in boxlunches, family meals, giant tenders,wings and Mini-Me sandwiches.More than a dozen sauces at variouslevels of hotness, gizzards and livers,and 15 side dishes are also avail-able. Beer and wine are served.Open for lunch and dinner daily;takeout available.

BEETHOVEN’S BISTRO5917 Roosevelt Blvd., Ortega, 771-6606This bistro’s breakfast menu includesFrench toast and bagels. Lunch fea-tures deli fare, wraps, Reubens andpaninis. A children’s menu and take-out are available. Bring your ownbottle, ‘cause there’s no corking fee.Open for breakfast, lunch and dinnerWed.-Sun., For dinner Wed.-Fri.

BISTRO 41°3563 Philips Highway, Ste. 104,San Marco, 446-9738The owners of downtown’s ZodiacGrill have brought their casual diningexperience to the South Metro area.Located at the corner of PhilipsHighway and Emerson Street, Bistro41° offers fresh, homemade break-fast and lunch dishes in a relaxingatmosphere. Take-out is available.Open Mon.-Fri.

BLUE BOY SANDWICH SHOP5535 Ft. Caroline Road, Arlington, 743-3515421 N. Laura St., Downtown, 355-67676514 Norwood Ave., Northside, 768-9791Blue Boy has been serving up break-fast, and hot and cold sandwichessince 1972. Breads are made onsite, as well as subs, camels, saladsand desserts. Most locations areopen Mon.-Sat. Take-out available.

BONGIORNO’S PHILLYSTEAK SHOP2294 Mayport Road, Atlantic Beach, 246-3278Jeff and Deanna Bongiorno, late ofSouth Philly, have brought the

Atomic Flying Fish Seafood Taco Grill in Neptune Beach, owned by Obake Cataflo, servesCalifornia-style fish, blackened gator tacos, and a Low Country Boil. See listing page 62.

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August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 23

Page 6: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

Northeast to Jax — the Amorosorolls are flown in from Philly and thechipped ribeye comes from Southjersey. Sandwich choices include theOriginal Gobbler and Mayport BigBoy, as well as clubs, wraps, burgersand dogs. Beer and wine are served,and a kids’ menu is offered. Open forlunch and dinner daily.

BRIGHT MORNINGS105 S. Third St., FernandinaBeach, 491-1771This small café is hidden behindAmelia SanJon Gallery. With indoorand outdoor dining, the café isopen for breakfast and lunch daily;closed Wed.

BUFFALO’SSOUTHWESTERN CAFÉ6055 Youngerman Circle,Westside, 778-1101Southwestern-American cuisine isBuffalo’s niche, from wings and faji-tas to sirloin steak and wraps. A fullbar with a daily happy hour isoffered. Dine indoors or out on thepatio, where there’s a smoker-friend-ly patio bar. Open for lunch and din-ner daily. Kids eat free on Sun.

CAFÉ DU MARCHÉ11700 San Jose Blvd., Ste. 18,Mandarin, 886-6999Café Du Marché offers a sophisticat-ed menu of original recipes, includ-ing homemade-style breads anddesserts. A kids’ menu and take-outare available. Open for breakfast andlunch daily.

CAFÉ ELEVEN501 A1A Beach Blvd., St. Augustine, 460-9311The renovated convenience storeserves vegetarian meals and meatySouthern comfort dishes and drawsindie acts from around the countryfor live performances. Casual andhip, just a block from the beach,Café Eleven serves breakfast (brunchon weekends), lunch and dinnerdaily, later if there’s a show.

CAFÉ KARIBO27 N. Third St., Fernandina Beach, 277-5269Housed in a charming old building inhistoric downtown Fernandina, CaféKaribo serves eclectic cuisine,

including sandwiches, big salads andhomemade desserts. Costa Ricancoffee, beer, wine and sake areavailable. Dine inside or out on thegarden patio, shaded by oak trees.Open for lunch Mon., lunch and din-ner Tue.-Sat. and Sunday brunch.

CAFÉ NOLA AT MOCAJAX333 N. Laura St., Downtown, 366-6911Located in Museum of ContemporaryArt Jacksonville, Nola serves shrimpand grits, gourmet sandwiches, freshfish tacos and homemade desserts.A full bar is served. Open for lunchMon.-Fri., for dinner Thur.

CAFÉ ST. GEORGECOFFEEHOUSE & BAKERY114 St. George St., St. Augustine, 823-1229This lunch venue serves sandwiches,ciabatta and a wide selection ofwraps made with fresh ingredients.Café St. George also featuresMartin’s Coffee, bagels, smoothies,salads and desserts, includingchocolate-dipped cheesecake on astick. Open daily.

CAMILLE’S SIDEWALK CAFÉ2750 Race Track Road, St. Johns, 230-7771Fast, casual dining in St. Johns,Camille’s serves an array of paninis,wraps, sandwiches, salads andsmoothies. Beer and wine areserved, and a kids menu, take-outand delivery are available. Open forbreakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

DIANE’S NEW DAWNMARKET110 Anastasia Blvd., St. Augustine, 824-1337

DIANE’S NATURAL FOOD MARKET240 S.R. 312, St. Augustine808-9978The lunch counter inside both ofthese health food stores serve every-thing made-to-order using organicingredients. Sandwich choicesinclude avocado, peanut butter withhoney, falafel, hummus, tofu saladand a veggie burger. Open for lunchMon.-Sat. The Natural Food Markethas a juice bar only.

ELIZABETH’S CAFÉ1500 Sawgrass Village Drive,Ponte Vedra, 543-7677Serving a full breakfast menu andlunch items, Elizabeth’s Café inSawgrass Village specializes inscrambled eggs with Nova Scotiasalmon and onions, deli-style sand-wiches and espresso drinks.Outside dining is available.Open daily.

ELIZABETH’S TEA ROOM568 Atlantic Blvd., Atlantic Beach, 270-1980Elizabeth’s Tea Room is simply that: a tea room offering lunchesand teas. Children’s tea parties and private teas are featured.Take-out is available. Open forlunch Tue.-Sat.

EVERGREEN CAFÉ3837 Baymeadows Road,Baymeadows, 636-9040This upscale café serves savory andsweet crepes made with fresh ingre-dients, as well as subs, paninis, sal-ads and European-style cakes. Beerand wine are served and take-out isavailable. Open for lunch and dinnerMon.-Sat.

FERNANDELI17B S. Eighth St., Fernandina Beach, 261-0008New to historic Fernandina Beach,FernanDeli offers deli classics with atouch of the South. Popular itemsinclude the 1/3-pound devil dog andCarolina-style pulled pork.Sandwiches and wraps are built toorder from fresh cold cuts, tuna, eggand turkey salads, and a variety oftoppings. Open Mon.-Sat.

FLY BY CAFÉ4900 U.S. 1 N., St. Augustine, 824-3494Located at St. Johns County airport,Fly By features signature soups, spe-cialty burgers and chicken sand-wiches. A kids’ menu, and beer andwine are available. Open daily.

HEALTHY BAGEL1500 University Blvd. W.,Lakewood, 730-3322Healthy Bagel serves 20 varieties offresh-baked bagels and 13 varietiesof bagel sandwiches including

Located in a historic Fernandina Beach home, The Beech Street Grill has an extensive winelist, daily blackboard specials and live piano music Thursday through Saturday evenings. Seelisting page 38.

24 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Page 7: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

cashew chicken, cranberry turkey andReubens. Smoothies, espresso andcappuccino are served. Open daily.

HEALTHYWAY CAFÉ10281 Midtown Parkway,St. Johns Town Center, 642-295113500 Beach Blvd., Ste. 39,Intracoastal, 253-3360The name pretty much says it all —natural, fresh and organic fast food.Appetizers, soups, wrap and smooth-ies are served. A kids’ menu is avail-able. Open daily.

JASON’S DELI2230 S. Third St., Jacksonville Beach, 246-75854375 Southside Blvd., Ste. 15,Southside, 620-0707Jason’s Deli serves fresh, thick delisandwiches along with soups, saladsand super spuds. The signaturesandwich is a New Orleans-stylemuffulatta sandwich. There’s also asalad bar with more than 33 choicesand free ice cream. Open for break-fast, lunch and dinner daily.

KARLENE’S DELI11701 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 880-8696713820 Old St. Augustine Road,Bartram Park, 880-3412626 Marsh Landing Parkway,Jacksonville Beach, 285-6595The Jacksonville Landing, Ste. 175, 2Independent Drive, 683-0150Locally owned and operated by theGanson brothers, Karlene’s serveshome-cooked-style dishes, includingwraps, quiche and omelets, specialtysoups, salads and sandwiches, burgersand desserts. A kids’ menu is available.Open for breakfast and lunch daily.

KITCHEN KETTLE DELI4251 Lenox Ave., Ste. 7, Westside, 387-8400Relocated and now sportingWestern-themed décor, KitchenKettle Deli is a small, family-ownedbusiness serving homemadefavorites. Chef Kim Wright servesdaily specials including chicken,burgers and potato salad. Take-out isavailable. Open Mon.-Fri. for break-fast and lunch.

LATITUDE CAFÉ1024 Park St., Five Points, 379-6836Located in Five Points, Latitudeoffers a variety of cuisines createdwith global influences includingLatin, Thai, French and Cuban fla-vors. Real fruit smoothies, ice creamand coffee and tea are served.Hookahs are also available, as wellas free WiFi. Open Tue.-Sun.

LET’S NOSH9850 San Jose Blvd.,Mandarin, 683-8346This authentic Jewish deli offers afull breakfast, lunch and brunch aswell as a full-service deli counter.Real New York water bagels, breadbaked on site and desserts are fea-tured. A kids’ menu and take-out areavailable. Open daily.

LITTLE JOE’S CAFÉ245 Riverside Ave., Ste. 195,Riverside, 791-3336This bright riverview café locatedinside the St. Joe Building offersbreakfast and lunch in a casualatmosphere. Fresh soups, salads andsignature salad dressings round outthe New York-style deli experience.Open Mon.-Fri.

MARCHÉ BURETTE6800 First Coast Highway, Amelia Island, 491-4834This old-fashioned gourmet foodmarket and deli, located at TheSpa & Shops at Amelia IslandPlantation, offers a continentalbreakfast and a lunch that fea-tures wood-oven fired gourmetpizzas, deli sandwiches and sal-ads. A children’s menu is avail-able. Beer and wine are served.Open daily.

McALISTER’S DELI1615 C.R. 220, Ste. 180,Fleming Island, 278-60559700 Deer Lake Court, Ste. 5,Southside, 564-2377McAlister’s offers fresh food fast,including sandwiches, spuds, soups,salads and specially made sweettea. A kids’ menu and takeout areavailable. Open daily.

ONE HOT COOKIE! & CREAMERY930 Sawgrass Village, Ponte Vedra Beach, 273-2606217 N. Third St., Neptune Beach, 270-2127One Hot Cookie serves up customdesserts in a Pop Art gallery. Amongthe sweet temptations are soft-dough cookies, smoothies and icecream with mix-ins. Made-to-orderbreakfast items are also available.The Ponte Vedra location featuresoutdoor seating overlooking the lake.A kids’ menu is available. Open daily.

OVER THE DITCH CAFÉ13799 Beach Blvd., Ste. 3,Intracoastal, 992-2237This new casual, locally ownedrestaurant prides itself on offering a“hippie-style” breakfast and lunch.A kids’ menu and take-out are available. Open daily.

PANERA BREAD9810 Baymeadows Road,Southside, 645-57474720 Town Crossing Drive,Jacksonville, 807-910313820 Old St. Augustine Road,Mandarin, 262-173213740 Beach Blvd., Southside, 821-821111111 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 268-33669301 Atlantic Blvd., Arlington, 722-272512959 Atlantic Blvd., Intracoastal, 221-13002104 S. Third St., Jacksonville Beach, 246-66881615 Hendricks Ave., San Marco, 306-96004403 Roosevelt Blvd., Ste. 3,Jacksonville, 387-17278635 Blanding Blvd., Westside, 778-414113271 City Station Drive,Northside, 714-6488Voted Best Bakery and Best Bagelsby Folio Weekly readers, Panera’sfeatures a variety of fresh-bakedgoods. Artisan breads, panini sand-wiches, espresso drinks and thickiced coffees are also on the menu.Lunch and dinner are served sevendays a week.

Located in the new River City Marketplace on Jacksonville’s Northside, Boston’s Restaurant &Sportsbar melds casual dining with favorites like pizzas, nachos and wings. See listing page 66.

Bite By Bite

August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 25

All locations open at 10 am Mon. - Sat.Sunday locations

Emerson St. • Pearl St. • New Kings Rd.Open at 12 noon

2025 Emerson Street, Southside 346-3770

830 N. Pearl Street, Downtown 353-6388

1791 Kings Road, Northside 358-9915

5945 New Kings Road, Northside 765-8515

Page 8: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

PAWNEE’S CAFÉ ANDFINE WINES165 Vilano Road, Vilano Beach, 824-2455Pawnee’s offers wines by the bottleand glass, and the retail shop fea-tures small-production and hard-to-get wines. The café’s menu includeshearty sandwiches. Open for lunchand dinner Wed.-Sat., for cham-pagne brunch on Sun.

THE PICKLED PEAR CAFÉ1143 S. Edgewood Ave., Murray Hill, 389-2811Pickled Pear offers baked goods,sandwiches, salads and meals to go.Everything is made by hand on thepremises. Open Mon.-Sat.

PINEGROVE MEATMARKET & DELI1511 Pine Grove Ave., Avondale, 389-8655Pinegrove offers Cuban sandwichesand homemade chicken salad withinthe meat market, which also sellsUSDA choice prime aged beef cut toorder. Breakfast, lunch and dinnerare served Mon.-Sat.

THE PITA PIT1810 Town Center Blvd., Ste. 5,Fleming Island, 579-4930This upbeat concept restaurantserves breakfast, lunch and dinnerall day. All of the fresh ingredientsare available in a pita or a salad. All-natural smoothies are also served,and free delivery is available onFleming Island. Open daily.

PLAYER’S CAFÉ262 Solana Road, Ponte Vedra Beach, 273-5595Owners Don and Terri Stanton run afamily-friendly restaurant with a golftheme and a “wall of fame.” (AskDon how to get your portrait on thewall.) The menu includes a freshgrouper sub, Cuban sandwiches andPhilly cheesesteaks. Open daily forbreakfast (served all day) and lunch.

RIVER CITY DELI315 W. Forsyth St., Downtown, 354-7330This New York-style deli — adornedwith some terrific photos of down-town Jacksonville — offers creativesandwiches made with specialtybreads, as well as wraps, paninis

and salads. Take-out and deliveryare available. Open for breakfast andlunch Mon.-Fri.

RUSS-DOE’S SANDWICH SHOP1745 E. Church St., Downtown, 353-9065This popular Talleyrand sandwichshop offers breakfast items to go oreat-in, as well as classic Americanlunch fare, including PB&J, eggsalad, and pimento cheese sand-wiches. Dine outside at picnic tableson the decks. Open for breakfast andlunch Mon.-Fri.

THE SANDWICHCOMPANY2011 Emerson St., San Marco, 396-3666The Sandwich Co. offers sandwichesas well as a full breakfast menu,with platters and pitas in this diner-style restaurant. Lunch features wingtenders, camel riders, steak pitasand subs. WiFi is available. OpenMon.-Sat.

SCHMAGEL’S BAGELS69 Hypolita St., St. Augustine, 824-4444Fast and affordable breakfast andlunch in the heart of St. Augustine,all meals are prepared with Boar’sHead meats, local produce, kosherNorwegian lox and panini. Outdoordining available. Open daily.

THE SECRET GARDEN CAFÉ10095 Beach Blvd., Ste. 600,Southside, 645-0859This café serves breakfast andlunch in a gothic garden setting.Menu items include eggs Benedict,fried green tomatoes, Alabamameatloaf and made-from scratchdesserts. Local art is displayed.Open Tue.-Sun.

THE SHEIK SANDWICH DELI9720 Atlantic Blvd., Regency,721-26602708 N. Main St., Jacksonville, 353-81817361 103rd St., Westside, 778-48055172 Normandy Blvd., Westside, 786-76412953 Philips Highway, Southside, 396-7040

1994 Kingsley Ave., Orange Park, 276-2677Family owned and operated, TheSheik has served Jacksonville formore than 40 years, serving a fullbreakfast — from pitas to countryplates — and an extensive lunchmenu, ranging from burgers to pitasand subs. Open for breakfast, lunchand dinner Mon.-Sat.

SPANISH GALLEON CAFÉ210 St. George St., Ste. C3, St. Augustine, 824-1610This casual restaurant, locatedsouth of the city’s Plaza de laConstitucion, serves a full espressobar, Nathan’s hot dogs, filet mignonsandwich, tuna melts, and break-fast. Open daily.

TIDBITS RESTAURANT1076 Hendricks Ave., San Marco, 396-0528For more than 25 years, Clara’sTidbits has specialized in good foodserved in a friendly atmosphere,including popular lunch items likechicken salad and unique avocadosandwiches. Take-out and deliveryare available. Open Mon.-Fri.

TORY’S CAFÉ9842 Old Baymeadows Road,Deerwood, 641-4890Customer favorites include chickenwith artichoke hearts, French-onionchicken and New Orleans crêpes.Tory’s torte and carrot cake arepopular desserts. Open for lunchMon.-Sat.

TREY’S DELI & GRILL2044 Rogero Road, Arlington, 744-3690Trey is a Jacksonville native who’sbeen serving Northeast Florida fortwo decades. His menu itemsinclude Trey’s Reuben, deli sand-wiches, pork, seafood and home-made soups. Prime rib specials areoffered every Fri. evening. Beer andwine are served, and a children’smenu is available. Open Mon.-Sat.

WHITEWAYDELICATESSEN1237 King St., Jacksonville, 389-0355Now at a new location, Whitewayfeatures an extensive sandwichselection and specials, including

A family-owned-and-operated restaurant on North Main Street, in Oceanway, Casa Mariaoffers authentic Mexican food, seafood dishes and a variety of hot sauces. See listing page 52.

Bite By Bite

26 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Page 9: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

some old-timey items you’d be hard-pressed to find any-where else. Burgers, sides and breakfast items are alsoavailable. Open for breakfast and lunch Mon.-Fri.


BEIGNET’S CARIBBEAN CAFÉ4770 Barnes Road, Ste. 1, Southside, 737-6789A taste of the Caribbean permeates this restaurant, withmenu items like jerk chicken, curry chicken, oxtail, goat,mahi sandwiches, and Caribbean beignets with coffeefrom New Orleans’ Café Du Monde. Open Mon.-Fri.

CARIBBEE KEY100 First St., Beaches Town Center, Neptune Beach, 270-8940With outdoor seating and a popular upper deck, CaribbeeKey features fresh local seafood, lunch wraps, big saladsand the de rigueur Key lime pie, served in a tropical set-ting. A full bar is served, and live music keeps things jam-ming every evening. Open daily till late. Best of Jax 2008winner for Best Waitress.

CUBAN SANDWICH CAFÉ91 Blanding Blvd., Ste. E, Orange Park, 541-1369This home-style, Cuban-themed restaurant’s populardishes include ropa vieja (shredded beef in seasonedtomato sauce) and lechon asado (shredded roasted pork).There are also Cuban sandwiches and unique milkshakes(like the guanabana). Sangria, and imported and domesticbeers are available. Open Mon.-Sat.

DE REAL TING CAFÉ128 W. Adams St., Downtown, 633-97386850 Arlington Expressway, Arlington, 446-9777This Caribbean restaurant — a Best of Jax winner —features jerk or curried chicken, conch fritters and curriedgoat and oxtail. A full bar is served. Open Tue.-Sun.

GREEN TURTLE TAVERN14 S. Third St., Fernandina Beach, 321-2324Housed in a historic shotgun shack, this local hangoutoffers Chicago-style Vienna beef hot dogs and pub-stylefare, a vast cold beer selection and a chill atmosphere.The tavern earned the Best Neighborhood Bar on AmeliaIsland in Folio Weekly’s Best of Jax readers poll. Livemusic is featured weekends. Open daily.

HABANA VILLAGE CAFÉ1 King St., St. Augustine, 827-1700Homestyle Cuban and American cuisine, featuring home-made sangria, authentic Cuban bread and roast pork.Habana Village offers St. Augustine’s only Latin dinnerclub with Latin music Thur.-Sun. A children’s menu isavailable. Reservations are recommended. A full bar isserved. Open daily.

HAVANA-JAX CAFÉ/CUBA LIBRE BAR2578 Atlantic Blvd., St. Nicholas, 399-0609The Cuban sandwiches served in this clean, bright caféare the real thing: big, thick and flattened. Other favoritesinclude seafood enchilada, and beans and plantains, allprepared without chemical enhancement. A full bar,Spanish wine and Cuban drink specials, including Mojitosand Cuba Libres, are served. Open Mon.-Sat.

MANGO MANGO’S BEACHSIDE BAR & GRILL700 A1A Beach Blvd., St. Augustine Beach, 461-1077Just steps from the A Street beach access, this Caribbeankitchen offers comfort food with a tropical twist. Specialtiesinclude coconut shrimp and fried plantains. Beer and wineare served, and a kids’ menu is available. Open daily.

MANGROVE ISLAND GRILLE3546 St. Johns Bluff Road S., Southside, 997-8565This casual restaurant serves healthful menu items madewith Key West flair, including sandwiches served on Cubanrolls, flatbread or wraps. Specialties include Mangrovegrouper Cuban, Gaucho steak flatbread and blue crabbisque. Open Mon.-Sat.

28 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Page 10: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

Lek Clayton might be diminutive in stature, butshe’s big on attitude — and know-how. The 56-year-old owner of Jacksonville’s first(according to Lek) Thai restaurant, Pattaya ThaiGrille, is a matriarch in more ways than one.She runs the family — and the family business.

Named after her home town of Pattaya,Thailand, Pattaya Thai Grille has been aJacksonville mainstay for 20 years. Afteropening a series of Jacksonville-based busi-nesses — a grocery store, a beauty shop —Lek and her husband, retired servicemanRudy, established Pattaya Thai in 1989 inRegency. “The first day we opened,” says Lekin her thick Thai accent, “we had no money inthe bank — like $109.”

The restaurant quickly became a hot ticket,drawing customers from the farthest reachesof Northeast Florida. The Claytons even helpedopen a quick Thai joint in The JacksonvilleLanding, though Lek distances herself fromthat project, stating the quality just wasn’tthere. Lek left the Regency location due toescalating rent and a desire for somethingnew, and in 2006, the Claytons found their current home on Baymeadows Road onJacksonville’s Southside.

Rudy, a tall prankster with a deep voice,often serves as wise-cracking host, andyounger son, Robert, waits tables, but olderbrother Russell and Momma Lek run thekitchen. In fact, the place isn’t open unless oneof them is on duty.

Lek insists on authenticity. It’s one of thekeys to the restaurant’s success, she says.“This is not Americanized,” says Lek. “Whatyou order here is 99 percent [prepared] thesame way as in Thailand.” Everything is madeto order, mostly by chefs Russell or Lek,

according to their exacting standards and onlyfrom memory.

Now 30, Russell has been cooking Thai foodsince he was 14. “I was hungry, and [Lek] said,‘Make it yourself.’” In other words, if he want-ed to eat, he had to learn how to cook.

Watching Russell work is telling. Chef Soh(his Thai name) is soft-spoken and deliberate,and his calm demeanor is in full effect in theopen kitchen behind the bar at Pattaya Thai.(Sometimes, his performance is broadcast onthe closed-circuit big-screen television abovethe bar.) He’s fast and nimble, and never getsuptight. That’s self-defeating, he says. Tension inthe kitchen gums up the works, creates animosi-ty among staff and, ultimately, costs customers.

When conjuring new ideas for PattayaThai’s menu, Lek and Russell experiment.Truth be told, they are partial to meals theypersonally enjoy. If they don’t like it, it doesn’tget served. It’s Lek’s philosophy made mani-fest. “Never use somebody else’s nose tobreathe,” she says. “If you don’t know how todo it yourself, do not go into business — anykind of business.”

This fierce independence has held theClaytons in good stead. While a discouragingpercentage of startup restaurants shut downwithin the first few years, Pattaya Thai is cele-brating two decades in business. And thoughLek is well aware of how the current recessionis affecting the restaurant industry, she is morethan confident Pattaya Thai will survive. It’s allabout working within their means, serving aquality product and maintaining a friendly rela-tionship with customers.

“We made it through the ’90s recession,”says Lek with a sly grin. “We’ll make it now.” �

John E. Citrone

THAI ME UPLEK AND RUSSELL CLAYTONHead Chefs, Pattaya Thai GrilleJacksonville’s Southside

ChefProfi le

Bite By Bite

August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 29

Page 11: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

NEW MADRIDRESTAURANT11233 Beach Blvd., Ste. 4, Southside, 642-3741New Madrid features Spanish-Caribbean cuisine from Cuba andSouth America. The Cuban sandwichis a big seller, along with paella andarroz con pollo (chicken and rice).Beer, wine and homemade sangriaare served. Open daily.

PUSSER’S BAR & GRILLE816 A1A N., Ste. 100, Ponte Vedra Beach, 280-7766This Best of Jax 2008 winner forBest New Restaurant serves innova-tive Caribbean cuisine and regionalfavorites, like Jamaican grilled porkribs and Trinidad smoked duck.Tropical rum drinks, including thePusser’s Painkiller, are popular house“remedies.” A children’s menu andtake-out are available. Live enter-tainment is featured on the UpperDeck. Open daily.

CASUAL SPOTSCAFÉ 331331 W. Forsyth St., Downtown, 354-1999American and Mediterranean-stylechar-grilled dishes are served atCafé 331, where everything’s pre-pared to order. There’s no minimumorder for delivery, and the service isfast (businesspeople, take note). Afull bar is served, with a happy hourheld daily. Carry-out is available.Bands and/or DJs perform mostnights. Open Mon.-Sat.

CHOW DOWN ALLEY14775 Old St. Augustine Road, Ste. 3, Mandarin, 880-7900Family-operated Chow Down servesbreakfast sandwiches, burgers, sal-ads and specialty sandwiches. Openfor breakfast and lunch Mon.-Fri.

CRUISER’S GRILL319 S. 23rd Ave. (Pablo Plaza),Jacksonville Beach, 270-0356832 A1A N., Ste. 2, Ponte Vedra Beach, 273-54463 St. George St., St. Augustine, 824-6993Locally owned and operated formore than 13 years, this Tex-Mex/American restaurant serveshalf-pound burgers, fish sandwich-es, big salads and award-winningcheddar fries. There’s booth diningindoors or out on the deck. Cruisershas been voted Best Burger by FolioWeekly readers often. Beer, wineand sangria are served. Open daily.

DAVE & BUSTER’S7025 Salisbury Road S. (I-95 and JTB), Southside, 296-1525This 40,000-square-footrestaurant/entertainment complexincludes a dining room for a quietmeal away from the games. Butwhat fun is that? D&B’s has the lat-est electronic interactive games andsimulators as well as traditionalfavorites in the Million DollarMidway. Open daily.

FA CAFÉ303 A1A Beach Blvd., St. Augustine, 471-2006Short for “First Access,” this beachycafé is located north of the CountyPier and directly across from thefirst beach access to St. AugustineBeach — “Yankee Beach” to locals.The tiny kitchen cranks out greatdaily specials and the service issuper-friendly.

FIREHOUSE SUBS357 Marsh Landing Parkway,Ponte Vedra, 280-94041855 Cassat Ave., Westside, 695-10556352 103rd St., Ste. 5, Westside, 854-0224

6752 Normandy Blvd., Ste. 3,Northside, 338-9000200 CBL Drive, Ste. 106, St. Johns, 819-18081978 S. Eighth St., Fernandina Beach, 491-80956331 Roosevelt Blvd., Ste. 6,Westside, 854-00571038 Dunn Ave., Ste. 1, Northside, 338-00981014 Margaret St., Ste. 5,Downtown, 791-97878380 Baymeadows Road, Ste. 8,Baymeadows, 737-34731234 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville Beach, 339-03121949 San Marco Blvd., Ste. 1, San Marco, 396-0001233 Third St., Neptune Beach, 249-601313245 Atlantic Blvd., Ste. 9,Regency, 220-714010131 San Jose Blvd., Ste. 8,Mandarin, 886-21794268 Oldfield Crossing Drive,Jacksonville, 338-01428221 Southside Blvd., Ste. 4,Southside, 996-089410261 River Marsh Drive, Ste. 131,St. Johns Town Center, 674-05369734 Deer Lake Court, Ste. 4,Southside, 425-49804347 University Blvd., Ste. 1,Arlington, 731-18882245 C.R. 210 W., Ste. 11, St. Johns, 823-9914465 S.R. 13, Ste. 5, St. Johns, 287-34951581 C.R. 220, Ste. 115, EagleHarbor, 215-73022285-B Kingsley Ave., Orange Park, 276-15371540 Wells Road, Orange Park, 278-67272640 Blanding Blvd., Ste. 210,Middleburg, 291-4411This Jacksonville-based sub chainfounded by firefighters has beenvoted Best Subs in Folio Weekly’sBest of Jax readers poll seven times.Firehouse serves large portions ofpremium meats and cheeses,steamed hot and placed atop atoasted sub roll. Kids’ meals comewith a free fire hat. Delivery is avail-able. Open daily.

FIVE GUYS FAMOUSBURGERS & FRIES4413 Town Center Parkway, St. Johns Town Center, 996-69009039 Southside Blvd., Southside, 538-910013249 City Square Drive, RiverCity Marketplace, 751-9711Five Guys offers burgers made withfresh ground beef and finished froma wide selection of toppings, includ-ing fried onions, jalapeños orsautéed mushrooms. The fries areserved up Five Guys style or spicyCajun. Kosher hot dogs and softdrinks round out the simple, basicmenu. Open daily.

FLAVORS EATERY125-C King St., St. Augustine, 824-4221A favorite among college studentsand locals, this casual restaurantserves quesadillas, pizza, smoothies,and beer and wine. Local musiciansplay Thur.-Sat. Indoor and outdoorseating. Open Mon.-Sat.

GRINDER’S CAFE10230 Atlantic Blvd., Arlington, 725-2712For more than 20 years, Grinder’shas been serving home-style meals,featuring fresh veggies, burgers,meatloaf, pork chops and seafood. A

Owned by four sisters from County Limerick, Ireland, Culhane’sIrish Pub in Atlantic Beach serves favorites like fish and chips,and shepherd’s pie, along with the requisite pint of Guinness.See listing page 22.









Buy One Entrée & Get the Second of Equal

or Lesser Value


THE BEECH STREET GRILL801 Beech Street • Amelia Island

277-3662 • www.beechstreetgrill.comReservations Recommended

Valid 7 nights per week except banquets and groupfunctions. 20% Gratuity will be added before discount.

Folio Weekly Coupon Expires 10/1/09

Sushiis our passion

Food,our obsession.

Clearly a matter of taste.STEAK • CHICKEN • SEAFOOD

Celebrating18 years offine dining.


1147 Amelia PlazaFernandina Beach

Amelia Plaza between Walmart & Winn-Dixie904.277.8782

Dinner Tues.-Sun. Open 5:30

30 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

OYSTERS & CLAMS$5.99 Dozen

2-7pm ThroughoutRestaraunt


2-7pm HAPPY HOUR$2 Bud Lite

& Yuengling Drafts$2.50 Well Drinks$3 Wine by GlassEEVVEERRYY DDAAYY!!

All day happy hour on Sunday!

Enjoy Saturday & Sunday BrunchCrabcake Benedict - Grilled Grouper & Eggs

Page 12: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

kids’ menu and take-out are avail-able. Open for breakfast, lunch anddinner daily.

HARPOON LOUIE’S4070 Herschel St., Riverside, 389-5631A locally-owned-and-operatedAmerican pub, Harpoon Louie’s hasbeen a fixture in the Avondale areafor 18 years. The menu includeshalf-pound burgers, fish sandwichesand pasta dishes. Open daily. Happyhour is held during the week.

HERO’S 19TH HOLE605 S. Penman Road,Jacksonville Beach, 249-0761Tucked inside the clubhouse at theJax Beach Golf Course, this casualeatery offers basic breakfast fareas well as lunch and drink specials.Burgers, hot dogs, club sandwichesand $1 drafts are featured.Open daily.

ISAAC’S BISTRO3020 Hartley Road, Mandarin, 880-3111Isaac’s Bistro offers breakfast andlunch favorites, featuring Boar’sHead meats and cheeses served onfresh bread. Daily specials are avail-able. Open Mon.-Fri.

JAX CITY CAFE100 E. Forsyth St., Jacksonville, 633-9028This downtown mainstay offers anample selection of subs, sandwichesand coffees. Beer is served, andtake-out and free local delivery areavailable. Open for breakfast andlunch Mon.-Fri.

JOHNNY’S DELI474 Riverside Ave., Riverside, 356-8055Johnny’s experienced staff cooksup made-to-order lunch fare,including grilled wraps, gyros andgrilled chicken salad — more than60 menu items are available fortake-out only. Open for lunchMon.-Fri.

LARRY’S GIANT SUBS7001 Merrill Road, Arlington, 743-56641301 Monument Road, Arlington, 724-580210750 Atlantic Blvd., Intracoastal, 642-69804479 Deerwood Lake, Southside, 425-4060

10920 Baymeadows Road, Ste. 29,Baymeadows, 519-98013928 Baymeadows Road,Baymeadows, 737-77408616 Baymeadows Road,Baymeadows, 739-24989041 Southside Blvd., Southside, 363-00123611 St. Johns Bluff Road S.,Southside, 641-6499701 Mayport Crossing, Atlantic Beach, 246-1613830 A1A N., Ste. 6, Ponte Vedra, 273-3993657 N. Third St., Jacksonville Beach, 247-962011018 Old St. Augustine Road,Mandarin, 262-787911362 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 674-294512001 Lem Turner Road,Northside, 764-99992620 Blanding Blvd., Middleburg, 291-06631509 Margaret St., Riverside, 674-27945733 Roosevelt Blvd., Westside, 446-95008102 Blanding Blvd., Westside, 779-1933700 Blanding Blvd., Ste. 15,Orange Park, 272-35531545 C.R. 220, Orange Park, 278-28271404 S. Orange Ave., Green Cove Springs, 284-77891330 Blanding Blvd., Orange Park, 276-73702758 Racetrack Road, Ste. 408,Fruit Cove, 230-16903501 N. Ponce De Leon Blvd., St. Augustine, 808-0663With more than 50 locationsthroughout Northeast Florida, Larry’sGiant Subs is known for piling subshigh and serving them fast. In addi-tion to a broad selection of hot andcold subs, the menu features soups,salads and other items. Kids eat freeon Mon. and Wed. The Tinseltownlocation has an extensive beerselection, with a daily happy hour.Open daily.

MERCURY MOON GRILLE& BAR2015 C.R. 220, Fleming Island, 215-8999Mercury Moon serves a variety ofwings, signature sandwiches(including Philly cheesesteak), friedfish sandwich and the half-poundMoon burger. Live music is featuredMon., Wed., Fri. and Sat., and a fullbar is available. Open daily.

MONGO’S FLAT HOT GRILL1560 Business Center Drive,Fleming Island, 269-7877Mongo’s allows patrons to pick theiringredients, then have it all prepared byMongo’s grillers on a 72-inch flat hotgrill. A beach atmosphere on FlemingIsland, Mongo’s offers Saturday NightBeach Party and is open Tue.-Sun.

NALU’S TROPICAL TAKE-OUT1020 Anastasia Blvd. (in the park-ing lot at the Surf Station), St. Augustine Beach, 501-9592This funky taco stand serves freshisland-style beef, chicken, fish andvegetarian tacos and burritos. Pickup to-go or dine outside on picnictables. Open daily.

PHILLY’S FINESTCHEESESTEAKS & PIZZA1527 N. Third St., Jacksonville Beach, 241-7188This casual restaurant servesauthentic Philly cheesesteaks madewith Amoroso’s bread and steaksflown in direct from Philadelphia. Thebeer and wine bar features 55 differ-ent kinds of beer. Open Mon.-Sat.

RAGLAND’S1023 Park St., Riverside, 598-5271Located in Five Points, Ragland’sserves lunch and dinner in a casualenvironment, offering burgers, paniniand po’boy sandwiches along withvegetarian fare. More than 30 draftbeer selections are on tap — and sois the sweet tea. Bottled beer andwine are also served. Open daily.

SANDY BOTTOMS BEACHBAR & GRILL2910 Atlantic Ave., Fernandina Beach, 310-6904Owner Claude Hartley offers a menufeaturing seafood, sandwiches andpizzas. Dine indoors or out on thedeck overlooking the ocean. A fullbar is served. A children’s menu andtake-out are available. Open daily.

SLIDERS SEASIDE GRILL1998 S. Fletcher Ave., Fernandina Beach, 277-6652Oceanfront, Caribbean-themedSliders offers handmade crab cakes,fresh seafood and fried pickles.Outdoor dining is featured, and chil-dren get their own beachfront play-ground. A full bar is served. Livemusic is presented every Fri., Sat.and Sun. Open daily.

Fu Hao Bistro in Five Pointsserves Asianfusion in anupscale setting.See listing page 70.

Bite By Bite

August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 31

Page 13: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

STAN’S SANDWICH & GRILL1562 Hendricks Ave., San Marco, 398-6642Marking more than 30 years in thesame location, Stan’s serves upbreakfast pita sandwiches, omeletsand pancakes, as well as hand-pat-tied burgers, dogs, subs — andfresh cherry limeade. Take-out isavailable. Open Mon.-Sat.

STARLITE CAFÉ1044 Park St., Riverside, 329-3374Located in the center of Five Points,Starlite Café serves fresh Chicago-style fare daily and holds a weekendbarbecue out on the porch. A full baris served. Open till 2 a.m. Mon.-Fri.

STONEWOOD TAVERN & GRILL3832 Baymeadows Road, Ste. 3,Mandarin, 739-7206950 Marsh Landing Parkway,Jacksonville Beach, 285-2311The casual, upscale Stonewood Grilloffers a flavorful dining experiencewith a classic American menu. Thefull bar offers a large wine list and adaily happy hour. Open for lunch anddinner daily.

SWEET TOMATOES1625 Wells Road, Orange Park, 269-61161115 Mary Susan Drive (offAtlantic Boulevard), Regency, 722-9889The 60-foot salad bar features fourtypes of tossed salads, 17 freshlycut vegetables and deli items, fivepasta salads and a dozen dressings.The bakery offers muffins andfocaccia to complement the threesautéed pastas featured every day.Takeout is available. Open for lunchand dinner daily.

T.G.I.FRIDAY’S4409 Southside Blvd.,Jacksonville, 997-87009400 Atlantic Blvd., Regency, 721-22001301 Wells Road, Orange Park, 215-7030318 S.R. 312, St. Augustine, 808-8443T.G.I.Friday’s offers pasta, burgers,sandwiches, steaks and seafood. A

full bar is served and a kid-friendlymenu is available. Open for lunchand dinner daily.

TIMES GRILL5149 Normandy Blvd., Ste. 1, Westside, 854-750110915 Baymeadows Road,Baymeadows, 674-260613500 Beach Blvd., Ste. 25,Intracoastal, 992-7288This Louisiana-based restaurantchain serves big burgers, seafoodand old-fashioned malts. If you eatthe one-and-a-half-pound Wall ofFame burger, you get your picture onthe — that’s right — Wall of Fame.Open daily.

TOOTIE GREEN’SRESTAURANT3210 Roosevelt Blvd., Murray Hill, 384-6714The menu at this casual spotincludes wings, rings, burgers, sand-wiches — notably the Philly CheeseSteak — as well as oysters andflounder. Dine indoors or out on thedeck. A kids’ menu is available. Beerand wine are served. Open daily.

ZOËS KITCHEN240 A1A, Merchant’s Plaza, Ponte Vedra Beach, 273-11001661 Margaret St., Riverside, 355-9637Original recipes, with Greek andMediterranean influences, includehomemade-style, made-to-ordersandwiches, grilled feta sandwich-es and whole dinners, all availableto go. Desserts include homemadeya-yas (a chocolate sheet cake),and a kids’ menu and delivery areavailable. Open daily.

CHINESECHINA CORAL830 A1A, Ste. 12, Ponte Vedra Beach, 273-8776Located in the Tournament Plaza,China Coral serves Shanghai,Mandarin and Szechwan dishes. Inaddition to the menu, daily spe-cials are offered, including thecrispy fish, crispy duck and stir-fried string beans. Beer and wineare served.

CHINA KING’S SUPER BUFFET14333 Beach Blvd., Ste. 41,Intracoastal, 223-8889Popular dishes include Cantoneseroasted hog, Peking duck, snowcrab, blue crab and oysters.Customers may order from themenu, the sushi bar, the hibachi orthe buffet. A children’s menu is avail-able. Open daily.

CHUN KING2771 Monument Road, Ste. 33,Arlington, 646-1393From sushi to soup to fried bananasfor dessert, Chun King offers dailychef specials and all-you-can-eatMongolian barbecue. A full menu,including Thai and Japanese dishes,is also served. Chun King doesn’tuse MSG. Take-out is available. Beer,sake and wine are served. Open forlunch Mon.-Fri., for dinner Mon.-Sat.

GOLDEN CHINA CHINESE RESTAURANT11112 San Jose Blvd., Ste. 23,Mandarin, 260-8836Mandarin, Szechwan and Cantonesedishes are served at Golden China.There are also daily lunch and dinnerbuffets featuring 26 items on the hotbar and eight items on the cold bar.Golden China also offers beer andwine. Dine in or take out. Open daily.

GREAT WALL CHINESERESTAURANT12200 San Jose Blvd., Ste. 4,Mandarin, 262-9107Located in the Mandarin PointeShopping Center, and family ownedand operated, Great Wall’s menu fea-tures Szechwan, Hunan andCantonese dishes. Choose frommore than 150 menu items, includ-ing several steamed dishes preparedwithout oil, cornstarch or salt for thehealth-conscious. Dine-in or take-outis available. Open daily.

HONG KONG BISTRO9825 San Jose Blvd., Ste. 29,Mandarin, 292-5286Hong Kong Bistro serves authenticChinese cuisine, featuring steamedfish, black pepper short ribs andprawns in cream sauce. The chef isa native of Hong Kong, with morethan 20 years’ experience in New

Gators Dockside has been serving wings, ribs and sandwiches to sports fans in Jacksonvillefor 17 years, and now has three locations: two on the Westside and one on Baymeadows Road.See listing page 67.

Bite By Bite

Celebrating 10 years as Best Indian Cuisine

and now Best Quick Lunch in Jacksonville!

9 8 0 2 - 8 B a y m e a d o w s R d . • 6 2 0 - 0 7 7 7 • v i s i t i n d i a j a x . c o m


Fresh Lunch Buffet11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. • Only $6.95

Exotic Dinner Menu Nightly5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.

32 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Page 14: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

York City’s Chinatown restaurants.Take out, and beer and wine areavailable. Open daily; closed Tue.

JACKIE LEE’S CHINA BISTRO10915 Baymeadows Road, Ste. 101, Southside, 425-6988Upscale Chinese cuisine, featuringshrimp dumplings and chef’s spe-cials, is served. A full bar is avail-able. Open for lunch Mon.-Fri., fordinner nightly.

JADE’S BISTRO1484 Sadler Road, Fernandina Beach, 321-277711362 San Jose Blvd., Ste. 8,Mandarin, 288-7999The menu at Jade’s Bistro combinestraditional and alternative Thai,Chinese and Asian dishes. Beer andwine are served. Open daily.

MAMA FU’S ASIANHOUSE11105 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 260-1727MSG-free pan-Asian cuisine is pre-pared to order in woks using freshingredients. Authentic Chinese,Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese andThai dishes are served. A children’smenu is available, and beer andwine are served. Open daily. Take-out is available up to 15 minutesbefore closing.

PAGODA CHINESERESTAURANT8617 Baymeadows Road,Baymeadows, 731-0880Mr. Tam, owner and chef, has beenserving customers since 1975.Popular dishes include the seafoodcombination (lobster, shrimp, scal-lops and Chinese vegetables) andspicy General Tso chicken. Pagodahas a full-service bar. Open for lunchand dinner Mon.-Sat.

SUNRISE ASIAN CUISINE3055 C.R. 210 W., Ste. 109, St. Johns, 287-8898Asian fare is served in a relaxed,

contemporary atmosphere, featuringVietnamese, Chinese and Thaicuisines. Take-out is available. Openfor lunch and dinner daily.

WASABI BUFFET1014 Margaret St., Ste. 1, Five Points, 301-1199More than 150 fresh items, includ-ing sushi and sashimi, are availabledaily on the buffet, and a dessertbuffet is also served. Beer and wineare served and take-out is available.Open daily.

WOK N’ ROLL3791 Palm Valley Road, Ste. 203,Ponte Vedra, 543-7666This spot in the valley servesauthentic Chinese cuisine made withfresh ingredients. Take-out and deliv-ery are available. Open for lunch anddinner daily.

COFFEEHOUSESAMELIA ISLAND COFFEE & ICE CREAM207 Centre St., Fernandina Beach, 321-2111This coffeehouse offers fresh roastedcoffees — by the cup or the pound —as well as cappuccinos, frozen drinks,deli sandwiches and soups and 16 fla-vors of ice cream. Open daily.

THE BAD ASS COFFEECOMPANY11925 Beach Blvd., Ste. 201,Southside, 620-0000This locally-owned Hawaiian-themedcoffee shop offers 100 percent Konacoffees, but owner Tony Leon makessure that all the coffees contain atleast 10 percent of the superlativeHawaiian beans. Bad Ass also servescinnamon rolls, pastries and maika’icheese Danish. Open daily.

COFFEE BISTRO525 N. Third St., Ste. 105,Jacksonville Beach, 853-6500This bistro offers fresh, locally roastedcoffee, loose-leaf teas, baked goods,

sandwiches, smoothies, beer and wine.Open for breakfast and lunch daily.

THE COFFEE GRINDER9834 Baymeadows Road,Deerwood Village Mall, 642-7600Owner Slavisa Micukic runs this cof-fee gallery, which features the workof local artists. Seating is availableindoors and out, and a full coffee/espresso menu includes four dailyvarieties of regular coffee, severalfrozen mochas and frozen jet teas.Beer is served after 7 p.m. DJs Thur.,Fri. and Sat. Open daily.

COFFEE ROASTERS9965 San Jose Blvd., Ste. 48,Mandarin, 260-08101402 San Marco Blvd., San Marco, 683-4902Coffee Roasters is an independentlyowned coffee shop where the beansare roasted on site. Coffee drinks,frozen lattes, baked goods andbagged coffees are also available.Open daily.

COOL MOOSE COFFEECOMPANY & BISTRO2708 Park St., Riverside, 381-4242Located at Park and King streets,this New England-style café offersan eclectic breakfast menu, classicsandwiches, wraps and soups. Beeris available. Open daily.

5 POINTS COFFEE820 Lomax St., Riverside, 791-3427The new owners of this little coffeeshop in historic Five Points offer cof-fees and pastries daily, as well assubs, nightly dinner specials and anarray of desserts. Open daily.

KÔFÉ HÔUS822 Sadler Road,Fernandina Beach, 277-7663The coffee beans are roasted onsiteat Kôfé Hôus, which also offers hotpressed sandwiches, soup, bagels,pastries and more. Cheesecakes areavailable whole or by the slice. Andthe Hôus serves a wide variety ofspecialty beers and wine. Open daily.

Whether it’s brunch, dinner or an indie-rock buffet you crave, Café Eleven serves it all from itshipster digs in St. Augustine Beach. See listing page 24.

Welcome To Southern Hospitality!Delicious Southern Cuisine, Steaks, Seafood & More!

• Newly Renovated and Better then Ever

• Dinner Nightly from 4:30p.m.

• Happy Hour Daily in the Copper Top Bar 4p.m - 7p.m.

• Sunday Brunch - Menu or Buffet 11a.m.-2:30p.m.

• Outdoor Patio Dining under the Oak Trees

• Live Music Thurs - Sat. in the Copper Top Bar

• Private Rooms Available for Special Events at affordable prices

• Tuesday Karaoke Night

• Thursday Oyster Night

1712 Beach Blvd. • Jacksonville Beach. 904-247-6820 Fax: 904-246-8743

Next to Adventure Landing • www.homesteadrestaurant.us

3199 S. Fletcher Ave.Fernandina Beach904.261.5711

Visit thesurfonline.com

R E S T A U R A N T & B A R

at The Surf !Life is Still Good

Open 11am Daily

The Island’s #1 spot forgood food, music & fun!

• Open Every Day • Live Entertainment Daily • Sports on 29 TV’s • Wednesday Night Wing-It • $9.99 Week Night

Dinner Specials • Beer & Wine Specials Daily • Happy Hour Mon-Fri


Sunday NFL Direct TicketESPN Game Plan

TVs Indoors and Out

34 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Award winning restaurant featuring

extraordinary casual cuisine.

29 South Third St.Downtown Fernandina Beach


A chic, new neighborhood bistro ideal for dates,a quick bite or a casual dinner with friends.

Local Favorites Include:

• Lobster Corn

Dogs with Spicy


Ketchup Spiked

with Ketel One


• Sweet Tea-Brined

Delkat Farm

Pork Chop on

Macaroni Gratin

with Warm



• Coffee and


Glazed Doughnut

Bread Pudding

With Mocha Ice

Cream and


Page 15: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

MANHATTAN COFFEE8358 Point Meadows Drive, Ste. 9,Baymeadows, 322-7061This coffee shop offers a breakfastmenu, including pastries and bagelsfrom New York. Smoothies, espres-so, lattes, organic coffees and teasare also available. Free WiFi, too.Open daily.

SHELBY’S COFFEE SHOPPE200 First St., Beaches TownCenter, Neptune Beach, 249-2922A Beaches landmark, Shelby’s car-ries coffee from around the world.The breakfast menu includes eggs,bagels and fresh fruit. The lunchmenu includes daily specials, soupsand sandwiches. Dine indoors or out,with patio and courtyard seating.Live entertainment is featured. Opendaily at 7 a.m.

THREE LAYERSCOFFEEHOUSE1602 Walnut St., Springfield, 355-9791This new coffeehouse offers exqui-site homemade desserts and pas-tries, along with light lunches andready-to-go bistro salads in a funkyrenovated Springfield space. Beer(featuring Bold City Brewery beers)and wine are served. Indoors andcourtyard dining. Local artists’ worksdecorate the walls. Free WiFi. Openfor breakfast, lunch and dinner, Tue.-Sun. Live music is presented Wed.-Sun. and The Cellar is an adjacentwine bar.

WHERE YA BEAN?235 S. Eighth Ave., Jacksonville Beach, 247-6869This cozy, locally owned coffee shopand bakery offers a wide variety offresh baked goods, and coffees andespresso drinks. It also houses localart in its gallery, featuring differentlocal artists in rotation. Open daily.

DINERSAMERICAN GRAFFITIRESTAURANT & BAR410 Anastasia Blvd.,Anastasia Island, 825-0900Classic diner favorites are servedincluding burgers, hot and cold sand-wiches, roast pork, country-fried

steak and meatloaf. A kids’ menu isavailable. Dine indoors or outside.Open for lunch and dinner daily andSunday brunch.

AVENUE’S DINER10140 Philips Highway,Southside, 821-6767This casual diner serves up tried-and-true dishes like pancakes,breakfast burritos and a variety ofburgers. Indoor and outdoor seating,a kids’ menu and take-out are avail-able and beer and wine are served.Open daily.

BEACH DINER501 Atlantic Blvd., Atlantic Beach, 249-6500880 A1A N., Ponte Vedra, 273-654511362 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 683-0079This locally owned diner offers acasual beach atmosphere withindoor and outdoor seating. TheSouthern comfort items include freshseafood, sandwiches and hot lunchspecials. For you late-sleeping beachbums, cooked-to-order breakfast isavailable all day. Open daily forbreakfast and lunch.

THE BUNNERY BAKERY & CAFÉ121 St. George St., St. Augustine, 829-6166Located in the heart of St.Augustine’s historic district, theBunnery offers homemade cakes,cheesecakes and pastries in additionto serving up full Southern break-fasts, sandwiches, and espressos.Take-out is available. Open forbreakfast and lunch daily.

DEERWOOD DELI & DINER9934 Baymeadows Road,Southside, 641-4877This 1950s-style diner features pink-and-chrome furnishings and photo-graphs of the heartthrobs of yester-year. The menu includes burgers,Reubens, shakes and Coke floats.Breakfast, a kids’ menu and take-outare available. Open daily.

THE FOX RESTAURANT3580 St. Johns Ave., Avondale, 387-2669Owners Ian (a musician and visualartist) and Mary Chase offer fresh,

diner-style fare and homemadedesserts. Breakfast is served all day,along with Hot Plate Specials andsignature items such as burgers,meatloaf and fried green tomatoes. AJacksonville landmark for 50 years,The Fox is open daily.

GEORGIE’S DINER100 Malaga St., St. Augustine, 819-9006Georgie’s Diner serves up homestylefare including Greek specialties fromowner George Chryssaidis, who alsoowns the nearby Athena Restaurant.Georgie’s is open daily. Outdoor seat-ing available.

JACK & DIANE’S708 Centre St., Fernandina Beach, 321-1444Housed in a cozy, renovated 1887shotgun home, this new cafe servesan innovative menu of hearty dishes,including quiches, pancakes andseafood dinners. Dine indoors or outon the huge porch overlooking his-toric downtown Fernandina. Beerand wine are served. A children’smenu is available. Open daily.

JOHNNY ANGELS3546 St. Johns Bluff Road S., Ste. 120, Southside, 997-9850This new diner, located nearUniversity of North Florida, servesdishes that reflect its ’50s-styledécor, including Blueberry Hill pan-cakes, Fats Domino omelet and Elvisspecial combo platter. Beer and wineare served, along with a kids’ menu.Open daily.

MAYPORT DINER1487 Mayport Road, Ste. 9,Atlantic Beach, 247-1723This new cozy neighborhood dineroffers comfort food, homemade-style, at a reasonable price. Dailyspecials are featured and largegroups are welcome. Open forbreakfast and lunch daily.

METRO DINER3302 Hendricks Ave., San Marco, 398-3701Located in a historic 1930s-erabuilding amid San Marco’s residen-tial district, the diner serves meat-loaf, chicken pot pie and homemadesoups. Open for breakfast and lunch

Locally-owned-and-operated, Hightide Burrito Company in San Marco prepares traditionalnopales and agua frescas, along with popular items like tacos, burritos and torta. See listingpage 53.

Bite By Bite

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Mon.-Thurs. 11am-10pmFri.& Sat. 11am-11pmSun. Noon-9pm

August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 35


of equal or lesser value(with Ad, Exp 8/31/09)

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daily. Metro Diner is a repeat Best of Jaxwinner for Best Key Lime Pie and BestBreakfast.

SAN MARCO DELI1965 San Marco Blvd., San Marco, 399-1306A Best of Jax winner for Best QuickLunch, San Marco Deli serves grilled fish,turkey burgers and lunch meats roasteddaily in-house. Vegetarian options (includ-ing Tempeh) are available. Independentlyowned and operated, this classic diner hasa wide selection. Call-ahead ordering andpick-up are available. Open Mon.-Sat.

SUN DOG STEAK AND SEAFOOD207 Atlantic Blvd., Beaches TownCenter, Neptune Beach, 241-8221This art-deco, family-owned restauranthas been around for 21 years and fea-tures booth dining and a ’50s-diner-stylecounter. Entrées include shrimp dinnersand seven styles of hamburger. A full baris served and a children’s menu is avail-able. Sunday brunch is served, live musicand dinner specials are featured nightly,trivia’s on Tues. and a late-night menu’savailable till 1 a.m. Open daily.

THE VILLAGE INNRESTAURANT200 Third St.,Neptune Beach, 241-762610140 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 262-1718900 N. Ponce de Leon Blvd.,St. Augustine, 824-4377A Best of Jax winner for its Key lime pie and breakfast, Village Inn also servessandwiches, dinners, and late-nightdesserts. Some locations are open 24 hours.

ECLECTICAQUA GRILL950 Sawgrass Village Drive, Ponte Vedra Beach, 285-3017Since 1988, this American-eclecticrestaurant has served fresh local seafood,aged Angus steaks and vegetarianentrées. Climate-controlled lakeside patioseating is available. A children’s menu isavailable, and a full bar is served.Reservations accepted. Open daily.

BACK 40 URBAN CAFÉ40 S. Dixie Highway, St. Augustine, 824-0227Owner Jeff Sapp serves lunch and dinneritems — wraps, upside-down chickenpotpie, shrimp Thai bowl. Beer and wineare served. A kids’ menu and WiFi areavailable, and local art adorns the walls.Open Mon.-Sat.

b.b.’s1019 Hendricks Ave., San Marco, 306-0100Opened by the same people as Avondalefave Biscotti’s, b.b.’s has sophisticationto spare, from the ever-changing selec-tion of fine cheeses down to the coffeebean carefully placed in each espressomartini. A favorite lunch spot for thedowntown set. Open for lunch and din-ner Mon.-Sat.

BISCOTTI’S3556 St. Johns Ave., Avondale, 387-2060In a way, Biscotti’s is a microcosm of theAvondale neighborhood it calls home.From upscale dinner entrees to innovativepizzas (their Duck Confit Pizza is leg-endary) to their massive selection ofalmost-too-pretty-to-eat desserts,Biscotti’s has something for anyone in themood for a good meal. Open daily.

BLUE BAMBOO3820 Southside Blvd.,Southside, 646-1478Located one mile north of JTB next toHong Kong Trading, Blue Bamboo offership, Asian comfort food — owner andchef Dennis Chan has published a cook-book titled just that. Favorites includeseared ahi tuna and pad Thai. A full bar— including saketinis — and an exten-sive wine list are served. Open for lunchMon.-Fri.; for dinner nightly.

BRICK RESTAURANT3585 St. Johns Ave., Avondale, 387-0606This casual eatery’s exposed-brick façadeand interior are modern and hip, but stillclassic Avondale. Despite the expensivefixtures, you can still grab a burger andwatch a game or get the best lamb chopsin town. And their veggie burger? Killer.Open daily.

COPELAND’S OF NEW ORLEANS4310 Southside Blvd.,Jacksonville, 998-4414Copeland’s 80-item New Orleans-themedmenu has a wide variety of authenticCreole, Cajun and New Orleans cuisine,including seafood, pasta and steak.Copeland’s has a full bar and a happyhour every Mon.-Sat. A children’s menu,take-out and delivery are available. Opendaily, brunch on Sun.

CLUB FUSION BAR & GRILL3009 N. Ponce de Leon Blvd.,St. Augustine, 829-8333Club Fusion’s theme is modern Japaneseanimation. The place features pool tablesand a game room, and the menu includesburgers, finger foods and fried shrimp.Various national and local rock bands per-form, and the Club becomes a dance hallon Mon. and Thur. Club Fusion beginsbreakfast and lunch service in August.

DECO980 Santa Maria Blvd., St. Augustine, 797-5505Chef and owner Sandy Krebs serves acontemporary fine dining menu that

includes grilled pork tenderloin andseared jumbo sea scallops. Reservationsare accepted, take-out is available, andbeer and wine are served. Located southof downtown off U.S. 1, Deco is open forlunch and dinner Mon.-Sat.

GYPSY CAB COMPANY828 Anastasia Blvd., St. Augustine, 824-8244A mainstay for a quarter-century, GypsyCab’s menu changes daily. The signaturedish is the Gypsy chicken, but the variedmenu includes seafood, duck and vege-tarian dishes. The Sunday brunch drawseveryone from churchgoers to bikers. Afull bar is offered. The Gypsy ComedyClub features national headliners. A multi-ple Best of Jax winner for Best Restaurantin St. Augustine.

LINQE GOLF GROTTO GRILLE14185 Beach Blvd., Intracoastal, 223-0335This newly renovated café offers freshpaninis, flatbreads and specialty saladsin a casual, sleek atmosphere. A broadbeer selection is offered as well as cock-tails, wine and cigars. Open Mon.-Sat.;closed Sun.

MARE’S SWEET KABOB1520 Hendricks Ave., San Marco, 399-4060More than just kabobs, Mare’s offersdishes created from an innovative fusionof culinary cultures, includingMediterranean, Italian, Caribbean,American and Asian. Desserts are madefresh daily. Hookahs are available, and afull bar is served. Inside or patio diningand belly dancing four nights a week arefeatured. Open for lunch Mon.-Fri., fordinner Mon.-Sat.

NINETEEN AT TPC SAWGRASS110 Championship Way,Ponte Vedra Beach, 273-3235Located in the Tournament Players Club,Sawgrass’ new clubhouse, Nineteen fea-tures more than 230 varieties of wines.The restaurant features an array of freshlyprepared American and Continental cui-sine, including local seafood, served in an

inviting interior or al fresco on the veran-dah. Open daily.

OPUS 39 RESTAURANT &FOOD GALLERY39 Cordova St., St. Augustine, 824-0402Owned by the same folks who run TheTasting Room, Opus offers contemporaryAmerican fare in an elegant eclectic set-ting. The menus are 5-course, 7-coursetasting and à la carte and change daily.The back of the restaurant features anextensive retail wine shop. Open for lunchTue.-Sat. and dinner Mon.-Sat.

PLAE80 Amelia Village Circle,Amelia Island, 277-2132Located in the Spa & Shops at Amelia IslandPlantation, this bistro-style venue offers aninnovative menu, full bar, artistic décor andlive entertainment Thur.-Sat. PLAE servesup such crowd pleasers as asiago-encrust-ed snapper and bison short ribs. Open dailyfor dinner. Best of Jax 2008 winner for BestRestaurant on Amelia Island.

SEVEN BRIDGES GRILLE & BREWERY9735 Gate Parkway N., Tinseltown, 997-1999This grill and brewery features localseafood, steaks, pizzas and award-win-ning freshly brewed ales and lagers. Dineindoors or outdoors. A full bar is served,and use of the pool tables is free until 4p.m. Live entertainment is featured Wed.-Sat., weather permitting. Open daily.

THE TASTING ROOMRESTAURANT25 Cuna St., St. Augustine, 810-2400This upscale contemporary Spanishrestaurant fuses foodie passions with anextensive wine list. Owned by MichaelLugo and Michael and Christine McMillan,The Tasting Room is open for lunch Wed.-Sun., for dinner nightly. Live music is per-formed nightly.

URBAN FLATS330 A1A N., Ste. 208, Ponte Vedra Beach, 280-5515Urban Flats offers a casual bistro-stylemenu, featuring Old World flatbread paired

An authentic Jewish deli located on San Jose Boulevard in Mandarin, Let’s Nosh serves New York waterbagels and bread baked onsite and features a deli counter. See listing page 25.

Bite By Bite

36 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Page 17: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

with seasonal ingredients in wraps,flatwiches, entrées and salads. A fullbar and a selection of wines by theglass or the bottle is served. A chil-dren’s menu and take-out are avail-able. Live entertainment is featuredWed.-Sat. evenings. Open daily.

ZHÄNRAS108 Anastasia Blvd., Anastasia Island, 823-3367Artists make art at this tapas-stylerestaurant, Zhänras (pronounced“genres”), which serves more than60 small-plate, world-cuisine selec-tions in a hip, contemporary space. Achildren’s menu and take-out areavailable, and a full bar is served.Open for dinner nightly, with livemusic six nights a week and abrunch on Sun.

FRENCHBISTRO AIX1440 San Marco Blvd., San Marco, 398-1949Executive Chef Tom Gray servesFrench and Mediterranean inspiredfare in an urban-chic atmosphere.The menu changes seasonally, andthe wine list includes more than 250choices. Open daily. Happy hour isheld Mon.-Fri. at the Onyx Bar. Bestof Jax 2008 winner for BestRestaurant to Impress a Date.

BISTRO DE LEON12 Cathedral Place, St. Augustine, 810-2100Jean-Stephane Poinard is a fifthgeneration French chef who cre-ates dishes with fresh Americanproduce, herbs and seafood. Thebread is freshly baked on thepremises. Beer and wine areserved, and a children’s menu isavailable. Open daily.

JJ’S LIBERTY BISTRO330 A1A N., Ste. 209, Ponte Vedra Beach, 273-7980They may have substituted “Liberty”for “French” a few years back, butJJ’s still serves authentic French cui-

sine, including escargot, foie gras,caviar and smoked seafood. A chil-dren’s menu is available. An exten-sive wine selection and beer areoffered. Open for lunch and dinnerMon.-Sat.

LE CLOS CAFÉRESTAURANT PROVENCAL20 S. Second St., Fernandina Beach, 261-8100Located in Fernandina’s historic dis-trict, Le Clos Café features fresh fish,braised lamb shank and seafoodentrées by candlelight in an intimate,turn-of-the-century cottage. Chef-owner Katherine Ewing earneddegrees in pastry and cuisine fromLe Cordon Bleu, Paris, and trained atParis’ Ritz Hotel. Beer and an exten-sive wine list are available.Reservations are recommended.Open Mon.-Sat.

THE MAGNIFICAT CAFÉ231 N. Laura St., Jacksonville, 353-3588Located in the heart of downtownJacksonville on Hemming Plaza, thisFrench-style café serves Frenchonion soup, quiche Lorraine andfresh fruit salad. Dine indoors or outon the covered patio. Take-out anddelivery are available. Open for dinner Mon.-Fri.

O’DANNY BOYS BISTRO25 N. Orange Ave.,Green Cove Springs, 284-1800It sounds Irish, but this place servesFrench-influenced cuisine, includingtapas (the poutine is fries with gravyand cheese), and a variety of spe-cialty sandwiches and pizzas. Livemusic is presented every Sat. A fullbar is served. Open for lunch anddinner Mon.-Sat.

ORSAY3630 Park St., Riverside, 381-0909Opened by Chew owner Jon Insetta,this French/American bistro servessteak frites, mussels and Alsatianpork chops in an elegant setting. Afull bar is served. Open for dinnerTue.-Sat., for brunch on Sun.

GERMANSCHNITZELHOUSEGERMAN RESTAURANT5711 Bowden Road, Ste. 7,Southpoint, 730-3657This café serves traditional Germancuisine like veal, Jagerschnitzel,wienerschnitzel and potato pan-cakes. Beer and wine are served,with an extensive selection ofGerman varieties of both. Open forlunch and dinner Mon.-Sat.

GLOBALTHE AUGUSTINE GRILLE1000 PGA Tour Blvd., Sawgrass Marriott, Ponte Vedra, 285-7777Chef Brett Smith’s menu of globalcuisine is seasonal, and steaks areprime. Grill selections include NewYork strip, lamb and cowboy steak— the 22-ounce bone-in rib chop ispopular. A full bar with an extensivewine list is served. Open for dinnerMon.-Sat.

AVILÉS RESTAURANT & LOUNGE32 Avenida Menendez, St. Augustine, 829-9727Located inside the Hilton BayfrontHotel, Avilés offers progressiveglobal cuisine. Popular dishesinclude marinated filet mignon withwhipped crab potato, crispy onionsand baby spinach. A children’smenu is available, a full bar isserved, and complimentary valetservice is featured. Open daily forbreakfast, lunch and dinner.

THE BEECH STREET GRILL801 Beech St., Fernandina Beach, 277-3662Located in a home built by CaptainBell in 1889, this restaurant isknown for its extensive wine list.Beech Street has won multiple Bestof Jax awards from Folio Weeklyreaders. Daily blackboard specials

A sports bar with family appeal, Lillian’s Sports Bar & Grill on Roosevelt Boulevard serveswings, salads and burgers alongside a daily happy hour. See listing page 67.


You Deserve The Royal Treatment

MONDAY – MIX ‘N MUSICLive Jam Session Music with Cocktails 5 to 8pm

TUESDAY – TWILIGHT SCRAMBLECall the Pro Shop for play in the mixed-foursome with one freedraft or wine per player 5 to 7pm

WEDNESDAY – ROYAL SINGLES NIGHTWith live music and Cocktails 5 to 8pm

THURSDAY – Games Galore with Louise

FRIDAY – Happy Hour – Drink Specials 5 to 8pm

One free draft & unlimited play for $25 after 11am

301 Royal St Augustine Pkwy., Just Off Route 16. 904. 824 GOLF visit royalstaugustine.com

38 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Page 18: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

“One of my favorite things to do is eat.”Seated in a sunlit corner of her organic,

vegan, raw-food restaurant, Yvette Schindlertalks food like some people eat it: with pas-sion, focus and gusto. She regards food asboth spiritual and medicinal, and takes pleas-ure in exploring all of its symbolic and socie-tal permutations — from the lessons a littlegirl takes from watching her mother preparefood to the wrenching environmental impactsof the modern-day industrial food complex.

But, despite a gift for interpreting and talk-ing about food, Schindler’s passion is eating —and sharing — it. The fact that her St.Augustine restaurant serves cuisine most peo-ple have never eaten, and some willfully mis-understand, doesn’t discourage her. Her goalis not to convince people of the benefits ofeating raw, but to seduce them with the idea.

“I didn’t just want to open a restaurant. I’ddone that,” says Schindler, who ran a macro-biotic restaurant in Santa Fe, N.M., for fouryears, among other culinary endeavors. “Ithad to be really good. It had to be delicious.”

The concept behind the raw food move-ment is that the enzymes contained in wholefoods are physically, even psychologicallytransformative. Those enzymes are destroyedwhen food is cooked or even heated above130 degrees. In order to preserve the so-called “life force” of the food, raw food devo-tees eat only meals prepared with uncookedfruits and vegetables.

The diet can seem extreme, especially to aculture raised on processed foods. EvenSchindler admits she initially found the raw-food mantra somewhat radical. But after“going raw” for a three-month trial, Schindlersays, she was a believer. For one, her longtimearthritis disappeared. And she was suffused with

a feeling of joy and empathy that she describesas “a high — an altered consciousness.”

Schindler and her son Nathan were sotransformed by the diet, they decided toopen a restaurant to share what they’dlearned. Before doing so, Schindler visitedevery raw-food restaurant she could find onboth coasts. She also trained alongsidegourmet raw-food gourmet chef Chad Sarno,who’s been featured in magazines from GQto Cosmo.

The café’s menu reflects Schindler’s inter-national palate, as well as her passion for gour-met preparation. Among her favorites items arethe Sunlight Burger ($12, made from walnuts,sunflower seeds, almonds, carrots and zucchi-ni, and topped with vegan “provolone” andcaramelized onions) and the Creamy WhiteTruffle Pesto Pasta ($11, made from zucchinipasta, sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts.) Themenu also features Pad Thai, tacos, even aBrownie Sunday (prepared with a coconut baseand cashew vanilla “ice cream”).

“I don’t want people to feel like, ‘I gottago eat this food because it’s healthy,” shesays. “I want them to come because it makesthem feel good to eat it.”

Though Schindler is a dedicated rawfoodie, she’s not rigid. Her diet is about “95percent raw,” and she reserves that remain-ing 5 percent for those situations when shecan’t avoid conventional food. If her auntoffers her a homemade chocolate chip cook-ie, she says, or if someone prepares her ameal in their home, she won’t refuse. Food is,above all, an expression of love, she says.For Northeast Florida, Schindler’s love of eat-ing — and feeding — is everyone’s gain. �

Anne Schindler(No relation)

RAW DEALYVETTE SCHINDLERExecutive Chef, Present Moment CaféSt. Augustine

ChefProfi le

Bite By Bite

August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 39

Page 19: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

feature regional dishes, a full bar isserved and a Sun. brunch is offered.John Springer plays piano Thur.-Sat.evenings. Dress is resort-casual.Open daily.

BENNY’S STEAK & SEAFOODThe Jacksonville Landing, Ste.175, 2 Independent Drive, 301-1014This steak-and-seafood house servesContinental cuisine with such signa-ture dishes as the Filet Christian.Open daily. A full bar is served and achildren’s menu is available.

BONITO GRILL & SUSHI614 Centre St., Fernandina Beach, 261-0508Located in downtown FernandinaBeach, Bonito Grill serves fusioncuisine — American with an Asianinfluence — in a contemporaryatmosphere. A full bar is available,and there’s an extensive winelist and separate sushi area.Open daily.

CASA MARINA INN & RESTAURANT691 N. First St., Jacksonville Beach, 270-0025The 1924 Casa Marina Restaurantis the oldest structure in JaxBeach and offers dining indoors,out on the verandah or in therestored courtyard by the ocean.The New Beach menu featuresCasa crab cakes, salmonWellington and goat cheese salad,as well as homemade breads.Open Tue.-Fri.; for brunch on Sun.The Penthouse Lounge, overlook-ing the Atlantic Ocean, offers tapasand a martini bar daily.

LA COLLAGE60 Hypolita St., St. Augustine, 829-0055Locate in an intimate space on his-toric Hypolita Street, Collage offers

high-end dining with a global menu.Everything is made from scratch. Aspecialty dessert, The Bougainvillea,commemorates the Brazilian tree.An extensive and economical winelist is offered, as is beer. Open fordinner nightly.

CURRENTS RIVERVIEWBISTRO841 Prudential Drive, Southbank, 306-9512Located in the Aetna building,Currents offers Indian, Thai, Latinand European inspired dishes, aswell as Southern fried chicken.Outside dining is featured, a full baris available and the river views areterrific. Open for breakfast and lunchMon.-Fri.

DWIGHT’SMEDITERRANEAN STYLEBISTRO1527 Penman Road,Jacksonville Beach, 241-4496This small, cozy bistro next toCinotti’s Bakery specializes inhand-rolled pasta and grilled veg-etables. Owner and Chef DwightDeLude prepares meals in his exhi-bition kitchen and all dishes,including fresh fish, sea scallopsand the popular crab cakes, comewith pasta and veggies. Beer andwine are served. With limited seat-ing, reservations are suggested.Open for dinner Tue.-Sat.

ELEVEN SOUTH216 S. 11th Ave., Jacksonville Beach, 241-1112An elegant addition to the Jax Beachdining scene, Eleven South servesNew American eclectic cuisine withinfluences from around the world. Inaddition to a mesquite grill andcourtyard dining, Eleven Southserves a full bar and a selection offine wines. Open for lunch Tue.-Fri.,for dinner nightly.

GIOVANNI’S1161 Beach Blvd.,Jacksonville Beach, 249-7787A Beaches tradition for more than 30years, Giovanni’s features a menu ofContinental cuisine with modernItalian flair. Favorite entrées includeveal, seafood and a variety of pastadishes. A full bar is served, and apiano bar is featured upstairs Fri.-Sat. Open for dinner Mon.-Sat.

THE HILLTOP2030 Wells Road, Orange Park, 272-5959Nestled in the woods, The Hilltopserves in formal, Southern-inflecteddining spaces. Specialties includeNew Orleans shrimp, certified BlackAngus prime rib and she-crab soup.Homemade desserts are featured,along with a piano lounge (Wed.-Sat.evenings), a large collection ofantiques and a garden setting. TheHilltop is a frequent staging groundfor weddings. A full bar is available.Open for dinner Tue.-Sat.

HORIZONS RESTAURANT4828 First Coast Highway,Amelia Island, 321-2430Chef Courtney Thompson specializesin continental cuisine served in acasual atmosphere. Homemadebread and pastas are made freshdaily and served alongside seafood,rack of lamb and pasta entrées, witha menu that changes daily. Dineindoors or out. Reservations are rec-ommended. Open for lunch Mon.-Fri., for dinner Thur.-Sat.

JOE’S OLD CITY GRILLE1968 U.S. 1 S., St. Augustine, 826-3636This neighborhood eatery servesdishes from around the globe, includ-ing a variety of homemade entrées,fresh seafood, wraps and sandwich-es. Beer and wine are served. Openfor lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat.

A Jacksonville mainstay, Metro Diner serves freshly prepared comfort food in a 1930s-erabuilding on Hendricks Avenue in San Marco. See listing page 35.

40 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Page 20: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

JOE’S 2ND STREETBISTRO14 S. Second St.,Fernandina Beach, 321-2558Chef Joe Robucci offers upscaleNew American fine dining featur-ing local seafood, steaks and pas-tas, with Italian, French, Creole,Asian and South of the Borderinfluences, as well as fresh-bakedbread and homemade ice creamand sorbets. Nightly fresh fish spe-cials are offered. Dine indoors orout in the courtyard. Beer and anextensive wine list are served.Open for dinner nightly.

JULIETTE’S AND THE J-BAR245 W. Water St., Jacksonville, 355-6664Located in the lobby of the OmniHotel, Juliette’s serves dinner priorto (or dessert after) a downtownshow. In the morning, there’s abreakfast buffet. The full-servicebar carries beers of the world, andthe J-Bar serves small plates ofbistro-inspired cuisine. Open daily.

LE PAVILLON45 San Marco Ave., St. Augustine, 824-6202One of the oldest restaurants inNortheast Florida, Le Pavillon isfamily owned and operated. Claudeand Gisele Sinatsch recommendthe rack of lamb and the bouilla-baisse. Norwegian salmon is apopular item, as are the duck andthe Dover sole. A full bar is served.Open for lunch and dinner daily.

MATTHEW’S2107 Hendricks Ave.,San Marco, 396-9922This is Chef Matthew Medure’s flag-ship restaurant, offering fine diningin a refined, European-style atmos-phere. Artfully presented cuisine hasmade Matthew’s one of NortheastFlorida’s most awarded and popularrestaurants for more than a decade.Matthew’s lounge offers smallplates, an extensive martini andwine list and a happy hour Mon.-Fri.Reservations are recommended.Open for dinner Mon.-Sat.

MEYER’S LATIN FLAIR9041 Southside Blvd., Ste. 181,Jacksonville, 240-4806Chef Meyer Pinchassow bringsLatin American passion toJacksonville’s dining scene, offer-ing a unique fusion of internationalcuisines. Beer and wine areserved. A children’s menu andtake-out are available. Open daily.

MEZZA LUNA PIZZERIARISTORANTE110 N. First St., Neptune Beach, 249-5573This near-the-ocean eatery (inBeaches Town Center) has beenaround more than 20 years, serv-ing casual bistro fare ranging fromgourmet wood-fired pizza to night-ly specials like herb-crusted mahimahi. Dine indoors or out on thepatio. A kids’ menu is available.Musical happy hour is held Tue.and Thur. Open for dinner nightly.

95 CORDOVA95 Cordova St., St. Augustine, 810-6810Located in the restored CasaMonica Hotel, this restaurantexudes elegance. Executive ChefDeJuan Roy blends Moroccan,

Asian, Mediterranean, Caribbeanand European influences. Theadjacent Cobalt Lounge features afull bar and a variety of fine wines.Open daily for breakfast, lunch anddinner; Sun. brunch.

OCEAN GRILL AT AMELIA INN6800 First Coast Highway,Amelia Island Plantation,Amelia Island, 261-6161This elegant Amelia IslandPlantation restaurant featuressteaks, chops, chef’s specials, abountiful wine list and desserts,accompanied by a view of theAtlantic. Open to resort guests fordinner Tue. through Sat.

OCEAN 60 RESTAURANT,WINE BAR & MARTINI ROOM60 Ocean Blvd., Atlantic Beach, 247-0060Ocean 60 offers Continental cuisine,featuring fresh seafood, nightly din-ner specials and a regular menuthat changes with the seasons. Dinein the formal dining room or themore casual Martini Room, whichfeatures weekend live jazz. Localartists exhibit their work. Open forlunch and dinner Mon.-Sat.

OLD CITY HOUSE INN115 Cordova St., St. Augustine, 826-0184Mediterranean, Asian, SouthAfrican and Southern influencesare evident in everything from theseafood Toscana to the chickenThai curry. Recipient of severalTaste of St. Augustine (T.O.St.A.)awards, Old City House Inn is St.Augustine’s only Historic Inn fea-turing a full-service restaurant andbar. Serving breakfast, lunch anddinner daily, and Sun. brunch.

PURPLE OLIVEINTERNATIONAL BISTRO4255 A1A S., Ste. 6,St. Augustine Beach, 461-1250Fun and not too formal, this fami-ly-owned-and-operated restaurantoffers a creative dinner menu,expertly chosen wines, a selectionof nightly specials and fresh arti-san breads. Homemade soups,sauces, salad dressings anddesserts are made from scratch.Open for dinner Tues.-Sat.

RAINTREE RESTAURANT102 San Marco Ave., St. Augustine, 824-7211Celebrating 30 years in St.Augustine, The Raintree, situatedin an 1879 Victorian home, spe-cializes in fine-dining favorites likeroast duck and lobster, but with nojacket required. A full-service baris featured. Reservations are sug-gested. Outdoor patio dining isavailable. Open daily for dinner.

RESTAURANT MEDURE818 A1A N., Ponte Vedra Beach, 543-3797Chef David Medure creates with awide range of flavors from aroundthe world. The newly renovatedlounge offers small plates, creativedrinks and entertainment, includ-ing happy hour twice daily, from 4-6 p.m. and from 10 p.m.-mid.

THE ROW RESTAURANT1521 Riverside Ave., Riverside, 354-5080Located in an elegant turn-of-the-

century B&B, The Row featuresblackened ahi tuna with watermel-on chutney and grilled filet mignonwith lump crab, béarnaise andasparagus. A full bar is served.Serving dinner 5 p.m. to the lastreservation, Tue.-Sat., as well asafternoon tea Fri. and Sat.

ROY’S HAWAIIANFUSION CUISINE2400 S. Third St., Ste. 101,Jacksonville Beach, 241-7697Fine dining with friendly “aloha”service, Roy’s serves Hawaiianfusion with Asian aromatics usingfresh local ingredients, Europeansauces and bold Asian spices. Thefull bar is open at 5 p.m. daily anda children’s menu is offered. Opennightly.

STERLING’S OFAVONDALE 3551 St. Johns Ave.,Avondale, 387-0700Located a few minutes fromdowntown Jacksonville, this five-star restaurant features steaks,veal, baby rack of lamb and atleast three fresh fish selectionseach day. Indoor and courtyarddining are available. Dress is busi-ness-casual. An extensive wine listand beer are served. Reservationsare suggested. Open daily.

TRA VINI GRILLE216 Ponte Vedra Park Drive,Ponte Vedra, 273-2442Owned by Gianni Recupito, who’salso the proprietor of CafféAndiamo, Tra Vini serves anItalian-inspired menu that includesseafood, veal and pasta dishes.Indoor and outdoor dining areavailable, and a full bar is served.Open daily. (Tra Vini is hard to seefrom A1A. Look for the sign justsouth of Marsh Landing Parkway.)

29 SOUTH EATS29 S. Third St., Fernandina Beach, 277-7919Located in Fernandina Beach’shistoric downtown, this popularbistro’s Chef Scotty Schwartz —voted Best Chef in Folio Weekly’s2008 Best of Jax readers poll —serves traditional world cuisinewith a modern twist. Open forlunch, dinner and Sunday brunch.

THE TWISTED MARTINIThe Jacksonville Landing, 2 Independent Drive, 353-TINI (8464)This drinking, dancing and diningvenue features a tapas-style menuincluding grilled chicken nachos,coconut shrimp and marinatedsteak skewers. A full bar — wheremartinis are the specialty — isserved, and happy hour is heldWed.-Sun. Open Wed.-Sun. A Bestof Jax winner in several cate-gories.

WILDFLOWER CAFÉ4320 A1A S., St. Augustine Beach,471-2691Located one block from the beach,this Provençal-style cafe’s signa-ture dishes include the Wildflowergrouper — sautéed, with bluecrab meat and toasted almonds.Beer and wine are available, as isa kids’ menu. Breakfast, lunch anddinner Mon.-Sat.; brunch Sun.

Bite By Bite






(folk rock)

8/15Even Still




August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 41

Page 21: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

WINE CELLAR1314 Prudential Drive,Southbank, 398-8989This Jacksonville landmark offersclassic Continental and New Worldcuisine in an Old World setting. Dineoutdoors under majestic oaks orindoors in intimate dining rooms. Anextensive wine selection and a fullbar are available. Open for lunchMon.-Fri., for dinner Mon.-Sat.


ATHENA RESTAURANT14 Cathedral Place, St. Augustine, 823-9076Located on the city’s historic down-town Plaza, Athena has an extensivemenu of Greek and American dishes,including moussaka, lamb kabobsand spinach pie. Beer and wine areserved. Dine inside at a booth ortable, or order to go. Open daily forbreakfast, lunch and dinner.

ATHENS CAFÉ6271 St. Augustine Road, Ste. 7,Mandarin, 733-1199From the dolmades (stuffed grapeleaves) to the baby shoes (stuffedeggplant), Athens offers all thefavorites. The café serves beer andwine, including Greek brands. Openfor lunch Mon.-Fri., dinner Mon.-Sat.

HOVAN MEDITERRANEANGOURMET2005 Park St., Ste. 1,Five Points, 381-9394Hovan offers traditionalMediterranean cuisine, includingfreshly made hummus and chips,baba ghannoush and gyros, servedin a setting that attracts indie rock-ers and businesspeople alike. Patiodining offered. Beer and wine areserved and hookahs are also avail-able. Open for lunch and dinnerMon.-Sat. Closed Sun.

THE ITALIANO GREEK CAFÉ119 W. Adams St.,Jacksonville, 355-8181The Italiano specializes in Greekdishes, including grape leaves and

moussaka. The Greek pizza, cov-ered in olives, artichoke hearts andfeta cheese, is a customer favorite.Dine-in or take-out. Open for lunchMon.-Fri.

MEDITERRANIARESTAURANT3877 Baymeadows Road,Baymeadows, 731-2898With an Old World atmosphere, thisfamily-owned-and-operated Greekand Italian restaurant has been alocal favorite for more than 22years. Fresh seafood, veal chopsand rack of lamb are among thespecialties. Beer and wine are avail-able. Open for lunch Mon.-Fri., fordinner Mon.-Sat.

THE MEDITERRANEAN242 Solana Road,Ponte Vedra Beach, 285-4900Owned and operated by Tony andPaula Saayfan, this restaurant fea-tures authentic Middle Eastern cui-sine and hookahs. Beer and wineare served, and a children’s menuand take-out are available. OpenMon.-Sat.

THEO’S RESTAURANT169 King St., St. Augustine, 824-5022Located on the banks of SanSebastian River, Theo’s is just farenough away from the heart ofdowntown that it’s a popular hauntfor locals and tourists alike.Favorites include seafood and Greekdishes, but the hearty breakfast isalso popular. Open for breakfast andlunch daily.

13 GYPSIES887 Stockton St., Jacksonville, 389-0330This intimate neighborhood bistroserves authentic Mediterraneanpeasant cuisine, specializing intapas, blackened octopus, risotto ofthe day and coconut mango currychicken. Beer and wine are served.Open for lunch and dinner Tue.-Sat.,and Sun. brunch.

ZAHARIAS RESTAURANT3945 A1A S.,St. Augustine Beach, 471-4799This family-owned restaurant hasbeen serving Greek and Italian dish-es for more than 22 years. Zaharias

has a full bar and lounge andaccommodates large parties. A chil-dren’s menu is available. Open forbreakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

ZAITOONMEDITERRANEAN GRILL13475 Atlantic Blvd., Ste. 40,Harbour Village, 221-7066Zaitoon combines traditionalMediterranean recipes with contem-porary culinary innovation, offeringdishes inspired by Spanish, French,Italian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Afull bar and an extensive wine listare served. Happy hour is held Tue.-Sat. Patio seating and WiFi are avail-able. Open Tue.-Sun.

ZODIAC GRILL130 W. Adams St.,Jacksonville, 354-8283Located on the corner of Adams and Hogan streets, Zodiac servesMediterranean cuisine and Americanfavorites in a casual atmosphere.Zodiac Grill also makes panini andvegetarian dishes. Beer and wine areavailable, as are espressos andhookahs. Open for breakfast and lunchMon.-Fri.

HOME COOKIN’CELEBRATIONS DINER7035 Philips Highway,Jacksonville, 683-7926Southern-style cooking including bis-cuits and gravy, loaded omelets,meatloaf, country-fried steak and adeep-fried turkey sandwich. Beerand wine are served. A kids’ menuand takeout are available. Open forbreakfast and lunch Mon.-Fri.

CHICKEN KOOP WINGS & THINGS1338 Dunn Ave., Northside, 757-10702083 Edgewood Ave. W.,Riverside, 768-88995821 Beach Blvd.,Southside, 393-9060Wholesome homestyle food isserved at Chicken Koop, which spe-cializes in wings and accompanyingsauces, sandwiches, fried corn-on-the-cob and fried yams. Most Koopsare open daily.

With five locations around Jacksonville (including this one on the Southside) Miller’s Ale House &Raw Bar serves up generous portions of seafood and 32 beers on tap. See listing page 61.

For 8 Years Voted St. Augustine’s Best Pizza

Dough & SauceMade Daily

88 San Marco Ave.St. Augustine

904-829-11332 Blocks North of Ripley’s, next to Economy Inn


Small Town Atmosphere





904-321-255814 South 2nd Street • Fernandina Beach


Jacksonville Magazine Top 25 Restaurant

Dinner Nightly 6 to 9:30 Reservations Recommended

Enjoy dinner by the fountain inthe New Orleans-inspired

courtyard or in the restored1900’s home. Watch the sunsetfrom the covered front porch

overlooking the scenic intracoastalharbor that boasts the legends and

secrets of 400 years of history.

42 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009




Page 22: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

The menu at Mitchell’s Fish Market at St. Johns Town Center changes twice daily, but alwaysfeatures more than 180 items, like cedar-roasted Atlantic salmon and kung pao calamari. Seelisting page 63.

COL. MUSTARD’SPHABULOUS PHATBURGERS27 Seminole Road,Atlantic Beach, 247-5747The Colonel serves up some of theregion’s best hamburgers, but beprepared to get the treatment: TheCol. is famous for insulting and chid-ing his patrons. Breakfast is alsoserved, featuring five-egg omeletsand French toast. A kids’ menu isavailable. Open daily.

ELLEN’S KITCHEN1824 S. Third St., Pablo Plaza,Jacksonville Beach, 246-1572Serving the Beaches since 1962, thisbusy kitchen offers a full breakfastall day, one famous for its home-made sausage gravy and hashbrowns. For lunch, there’s a sand-wiches, BLTs and patty melts.There’s usually a line for breakfaston weekends. Take-out is available.AAA approved. Open daily for break-fast and lunch.

THE HOMESTEAD1712 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville Beach, 247-6820With its warm pine floors and mas-sive lime rock fireplace, this renovat-ed log cabin has been serving home-cookin’ under shady live oaks sincethe late 1940s. Owners Abbas andJudy Bagheri carry on the Southerncuisine tradition of fried chicken,fried green tomatoes, Cajun shrimp-and-grits and blackened tilapia. A fullbar is served in The Copper Top.Open for dinner daily and for brunch on Sunday.

MARTI’S CAFÉ3031 Monument Road,Arlington, 379-8363Family owned and operated, Marti’soffers home-style breakfast, lunchand dinner at a reasonable price.Traditional favorites include meatloaf,fried shrimp and Reuben sandwich-es. A kids’ menu and take-out areavailable. Open for breakfast, lunchand dinner Tue.-Sat.; Sun. for break-fast only; closed Mon.

POTTER’S HOUSE SOUL FOOD5301 Lenox Ave., Westside, 394-0860Owned by the Potter’s House Christian

Fellowship, this cafeteria style restau-rant serves traditional Southern food:Fried chicken, greens, mac’n’cheese,cornbread and other regional favorites.

RITESPOT1534 N. Third St., Jacksonville Beach, 247-0699For more than 50 years, Ritespot,located on A1A in the North BeachPlaza, has served home-style cook-ing, including fresh seafood, liver andonions and pot roast. Among thedozens of side dishes are mashedpotatoes and gravy or collard greens,and corn muffins come with everymeal. A full bar is served. Open forbreakfast, lunch and dinner daily. TheSpot Bar, open nightly, offers happyhours and a late-night menu.

SUZY Q’S BAR & GRILL8560 Beach Blvd.,Southside, 353-0002Brand new Suzy Q’s serves home-style entrees, sandwiches, wraps,homemade-style soups and salads.Beer and wine are served, andhappy hour is Tue.-Fri. Thursday fea-tures 35¢ wings all day, Steak Nightsare Tue. and Fri. Live bands performWed., Fri. and Sat. Dine indoors orout. Open Tue.-Sun.; closed Mon.

HOT DOGSALL AMERICAN HOT DOG10365 Beach Blvd.,Southside, 641-5794This casual spot has been aroundsince 1969, offering hot dogs servedin toasted buns, topped off with avariety of garnishments, as well assubs. Open Mon.-Sat.

HAZEL’S HOT DOGS2400 N. Ponce de Leon Blvd., St. Augustine, 824-8484Named for a Chihuahua belonging tothe owners, Hazel’s offers a varietyof wieners and all the embellish-ments from its modest digs west ofdowntown. Open daily.

HOT DOG HUT1439 S. Third St.,Jacksonville Beach, 247-8886The Hot Dog Hut boasts a vast selec-tion of dogs and sausages, servedwith a variety of toppings, as well as

roast beef, hamburgers, beer-bat-tered onion rings and seasonedFrench fries. Beer is served, andtake-out is available. Open Mon.-Sat., on Sun. in summer. Best of Jax2008 winner for Best Hot Dog.

THE HOT DOG SPOT & MORE2771 Monument Road, Ste. 32,Arlington, 646-0050Located in Cobblestone Crossing, HotDog Spot offers a variety of sausages— Italian, smoked and spicy — aswell as all-beef hot dogs, with theusual toppers. Additional menu itemsinclude wings, Philly cheesesteaksandwiches and burgers. A children’smenu and take-out are available.Open for lunch daily.

ORANGE TREE HOT DOGS4347 University Blvd. S., Ste. 2,Southside, 730-81189823 Tapestry Park Circle,Southside, 329-12739508 Crosshill Blvd., Ste. 102,Argyle, 772-78008380 Baymeadows Road, Ste. 4,Baymeadows, 733-05881910 Wells Road, Orange ParkMall, Ste. H-06, 269-11641720 Third St. N., Holiday Plaza,Jax Beach, 246-020410991 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin Corners, 260-86309501 Arlington Expressway,Regency Square Mall, Ste. 175,722-3443 (food court)840 Nautica Drive, River CityMarketplace, Ste. 125, 714-081313500 Beach Blvd., Ste. 3, Hodges Pointe, 223-5300The Jacksonville Landing,2 Independent Drive, Ste. 212,598-0006Known since 1968 for their OrangeFrost drink, Orange Tree serves hotdogs — top with slaw, chili, cheese,onion sauce or sauerkraut — as wellas personal-size pizzas.


APNA RESTAURANT10769 Beach Blvd., Ste. 14,Southside, 645-3334Apna serves Indian cuisine, special-izing in haleem, nihari and paya. Alunch buffet is featured. Open forlunch and dinner daily.

Bite By Bite

August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 43

Page 23: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

Roberto Pestana and his wife, Marina,planned to stop in Charleston for a couple ofdays a few years back on their way to a familyreunion in Hilton Head, S.C. As they motorednorth from Pompano Beach on I-95, darkbegan to settle and they weren’t even out ofFlorida yet. With three young children in tow,the Pestanas decided to pull off the interstateand find a place for the night. That’s how theowners of España, a Spanish restaurant withPortuguese, Brazilian and Costa Rican influ-ences (the latter courtesy of Marina’s mother)fell in love with Fernandina Beach.

By the time the Pestana clan took to theroad again a day later, they’d been completelycharmed by the historic town cradledbetween the Amelia River and the AtlanticOcean. So when they sold their PompanoBeach restaurant, the Brazilian Tropicana, afew years later, that stopover came to mind.“South Florida was too crowded, there wastoo much traffic,” says Roberto Pestana. “Wedecided we wanted to raise our childrensomewhere else, and we returned to theweekend we had so enjoyed here.” Five yearsago, the family moved to Fernandina Beachopened España on Fourth Street.

The restaurant features classic Spanish cuisine peppered with Brazilian and Portugueseinfluences — the gambas Mozambique(sautéed shrimp soused in spicy coconut milksauce and fresh cilantro) and the solomillo conMadeira (grilled beef tenderloin topped withmushrooms and Madeira wine sauce). Andtheir tapas menu is critically acclaimed.

Pestana learned the restaurant businessfrom his mother and father, who left the

Portuguese town of Madeira to work as profes-sional chefs in Brazil, then moved to Newark,N.J., to open their own restaurant whenRoberto was still a child. The food they servedwas traditional, simple and well-prepared,Pestana remembers, and the experiencetaught him an aesthetic that guides his cookingtoday, even though he never thought he wouldenter the restaurant business himself.

When Roberto’s parents retired to PompanoBeach, they said they were finished withrestaurants. He says it wasn’t long, though,before they opened Brazilian Tropicana. At thetime, Roberto was studying to become anaccountant at Rutgers University. One day, hegot a call from his mother; his father had had aheart attack. Pestana says he dropped out col-lege and moved to Pompano to help out. Andhe stayed.

While in South Florida, Pestana earned aculinary degree at Atlantic Technical Center inMargate. “Just to see if I’d missed anything,”he says.

From his folks, Pestana says he learnedrespect for simple ingredients and classicdishes. “What I took from my parents is sim-plicity,” says Pestana. “I put my energy intothe ingredients.”

Pestana buys his seafood fresh, on thedocks in Fernandina Beach or in Mayport.When he buys fish, he looks for clarity in theeyes. As a chef, Pastana says, he isn’t strivingfor innovation. He prides himself on knowingwhen good enough is just right. Putting it succinctly, Pastana says, “I try to be a chefwho is more about the simple classics.”�

Susan Cooper Eastman

SIMPLE Y DELICIOSOROBERTO PESTANAHead Chef and Owner, EspañaFernandina Beach

ChefProfi le

44 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Page 24: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

COURTYARD CAFÉ75 King St., St. Augustine, 826-1938Located inside the historic LightnerMuseum building, this café featurescontemporary cuisine, including aspecial curry chicken on Thur. Achildren’s menu is available, andtake-out is offered. Open for break-fast and lunch Mon.-Sat.

FLAVORS ESSENCE OF INDIA9550 Baymeadows Road,Baymeadows, 733-1525Master chefs create contemporaryand traditional dishes from all overIndia, including chicken, lamb, fishand prawn entrées. Clay ovenkabobs and breads, vegetariandishes and a variety of desserts arealso served. A lunch buffet specialincludes vegetarian items. Opendaily for lunch and dinner.

INDIA’S RESTAURANT9802 Baymeadows Road, Ste. 8,Baymeadows, 620-0777Located in shopping center at inter-section of Baymeadows andSouthside, India’s has claimed sev-eral Best of Jax awards for authen-tic Indian cuisine, and serves a pop-ular lunch buffet. Curry and veg-etable dishes are offered, alongwith lamb, chicken, shrimp and fishtandoori (marinated in yogurt, thenroasted in a clay oven). Beer andwine are served. Open for lunchMon.-Sat., dinner daily.

MAYURI INDIAN CUISINE9551 Baymeadows Road, Ste. 10,Baymeadows, 448-5999This new Indian restaurant offers tra-ditional Indian items, including tan-doori specials, South Indian, Indo-Chinese and vegetarian dishes, aswell as cuisine in Biryani and Thalistyles. Beer and wine are served.Open for lunch and dinner daily.

ITALIANAMICI1915B A1A S., St. Augustine Beach, 461-0102This family-owned-and-operatedItalian restaurant located at thebusy intersection of S.R. 312 andA1A offers a variety of traditionalpasta, veal, steak and seafooddishes. Children enjoy their ownselections. A full bar is servedalong with a daily happy hour. Livejazz is presented on Thur. Opendaily for lunch and dinner.

BENITO’S RISTORANTEITALIANO180 Vilano Road, Vilano Beach, 827-1000155 Hampton Point Drive, St. Augustine, 230-8292 Benito’s serves authentic Italian cui-sine, including veal and seafoodentrées, gourmet pasta and specialtypizzas. Open daily.

BLU GROTTO TRATTORIAAND PIZZERIA 1811 Town Center Blvd.,Orange Park, 278-7250This Italian/Mediterranean fusionrestaurant uses organic local andimported ingredients. The menu fea-tures gourmet pizzas, paninis anddaily specials. Vegetarian dishes areavailable. A full bar is served, and

take-out and an extensive kids’ menuare also offered. Open daily for lunch,for lunch and dinner Sat. and Sun.

BROADWAY RISTORANTE& PIZZERIA10920 Baymeadows Road, Ste. 3,Baymeadows, 519-8000This family-owned-and-operatedItalian pizzeria serves calzones,stromboli and brick-oven-bakedpizza, all made with fresh veggiesand meats. Wings, subs and dessertsare also featured. Dine-in, take-outor have it delivered. Open daily.

BUCA DI BEPPO10334 Southside Blvd., Southside, 363-9090This popular family-style chainrestaurant gets to the heart of freshItalian cooking with recipes likelasagna and garlic mashed pota-toes. Dishes are available in threegenerous portion sizes and servedin whimsical, old-Italian setting. Afull bar and take-out are available.Open daily.

CAFÉ ATLANTICO647 A1A Beach Blvd., St. Augustine Beach, 471-7332This white tablecloth restaurantserves traditional and new Italiandishes in an intimate space. Entréesinclude the risotto alla pescatora,with shrimp, scallops and seasonalshellfish served in a parmesancheese basket. An extensive wine listis offered. Café Atlantico has beenawarded three diamonds for finedining by AAA and is a Florida TrendTop 500 Restaurant. Reservationsare suggested. Open for dinnerMon.-Sat.

CAFFÉ ANDIAMO500 Sawgrass Village,Ponte Vedra, 280-2299The Recupito family’s Caffé Andiamooffers fresh seafood, veal, steak andpizza prepared in a copper wood-burning oven. Customer favoritesinclude fracosta loco and cappesantidi mare. Dine on the outdoor patio orinside. Open daily.

CASA DORA108 E. Forsyth St.,Downtown, 356-8282Owner/chef Sam Hamidi has beenserving genuine Italian fare toJacksonville for 35 years — he’sbeen downtown for 10 — with dish-es like veal, seafood and pizza. Thehomemade salad dressing is a spe-cialty. Open for lunch and dinnerMon.-Sat.

ENZA’S ITALIANRESTAURANT10601 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin Landing, 268-4458This family-owned restaurant offerscasual fine dining, specializing inItalian cuisine, veal and seafood dish-es like seafood lasagna. In addition toa full menu and a children’s selec-tion, Enza’s offers daily specials. A fullbar is served, and take-out is avail-able. Open for dinner Tue.-Sun.

FONTANA ITALIANRESTAURANT &CATERERS7605 Beach Blvd., Southside, 805-9755Fontana serves authentic Italianhome cooking from Southern andNorthern Italy. A full bar is served.Take-out and a kids’ menu are avail-able. A wine tasting is held monthly.

Open for lunch and dinner Mon.-Fri.,for dinner Sat. and Sun.

FRATELLI’S ITALIAN-AMERICAN CUISINE415 Anastasia Blvd., Anastasia Island, 819-1760Newly reopened Fratelli’s, a neigh-borhood Italian restaurant with acozy atmosphere, offers Italian-American specialties, including meatlasagna, chicken or veal parmigianaand shrimp scampi. House special-ties are almond-crusted salmon,steak marsala and chicken Verona.Beer and wine are served. Open fordinner nightly.

GENNARO’S RISTORANTEITALIANO5 S. Second St., Fernandina Beach, 261-9400Gennaro’s offers Southern Italiancuisine, including baked andsautéed pasta dishes, gourmet ravi-oli and hand-tossed pizzas.Specialties include a shrimp feastand margherita pizza. The bread isbaked on-site. A children’s menu isavailable and beer and wine areserved. Open daily.

LEO’S PIZZA ITALIANO5627 San Jose Blvd., Lakewood, 730-3830The vibe at Leo’s is both Greek andItalian: Half of the restaurant featuresGreek décor, the other half Italian.Beer and a variety of Greek, Italianand California wines are served. Dinein or take out. Open for lunch Mon.-Fri., for dinner Mon.-Sat.

MAMMA LUCIA11380 Beach Blvd., Southside, 645-0081Located near University of NorthFlorida and owned by real Italians,Mamma Lucia serves authenticNorthern Italian cuisine, like risotto,osso bucco and their specialtydessert, bomba al cioccolato. Beer,wine and espresso are served andtake-out is available. Open forlunch and dinner Tue.-Sat., dinneronly Sun.

MAMA MIA’S ITALIANRESTAURANT & PIZZERIA12220 Atlantic Blvd., Regency, 221-1122At lunchtime, Mama Mia’s is a reg-ular pizzeria, and in the evening therestaurant turns to casual dining.The menu includes veal, seafooddishes, and New York-style andbig-crust Sicilian-style pizzas.Delivery is available, and beer andwine are served. Open daily forlunch and dinner.

MARIO’S AT THE BEACH1830 S. Third St., Jacksonville Beach, 246-0005This casual, family-friendly restaurantserves New York-style pizzas, strom-boli and hot pasta dishes as well ashomemade sauces, veal, shrimp andvegetarian dishes. Dine indoors or outon the patio. Open Mon.-Sat.

MATT’S ITALIAN CUISINE2771 Monument Road, Ste. 8,Arlington, 646-44112467 Faye Road, Ste. 1, Northside, 647-8625Chef and owner Matt Gulacar isproud of all of his pizzas, calzonesand stromboli, but he’s also fond ofhis chicken and seafood pastas.The menu also includes seafood


Bite By Bite

August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 45

Page 25: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

and veal, cooked-to-order. Dessertsand breads are homemade, anddelivery is available. Beer and wineare served. Open for lunch and din-ner daily.

MICHELANGELO’S10950 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 880-3757This family-owned restaurant, locat-ed in Fresh Market Plaza, features arelaxed atmosphere and a menu oftraditional Italian dishes like veal pic-cata and shrimp scampi. Beer andmore than 70 wines are served.Open Mon.-Fri. for lunch, Mon.-Sat.for dinner.

MILANO’S12620 Beach Blvd., Ste. 4,Intracoastal, 646-9119325 Ninth Ave. N., Jacksonville Beach, 339-0909These casual, family-owned restau-rants and pizzerias serve fresh,homemade-style Italian fare, includ-ing thin-crust New York-style pizzas,veal and baked dishes. Kids’ portionsare available. Beer and wine areserved. Daily delivery service isavailable. Open daily.

NERO’S CAFÉ3607 University Blvd. N.,Arlington, 743-3141Nero’s has been serving traditionalItalian-style food for 27 years. Alongwith nightly dinner specials —Wednesday is all-you-can-eatspaghetti — Nero’s features veal,seafood pasta dishes and New York-style pizzas. Nero’s lounge features afull-service bar. Take-out is available.Open for dinner daily.

PADRINO’S PIZZERIA &ITALIAN RESTAURANT9680 Argyle Forest Blvd., Orange Park, 317-8282Padrino’s offers made-from-scratchdishes and a menu that includesthree-cheese lasagna, subs, meat-balls and pasta penne, but Padrino’sspecialty is alfredo sauce. A chil-dren’s menu is available, and beerand wine are served. Open Tue.-Sun.

PERARD’S PIZZA &ITALIAN CUISINE11043 Crystal Springs Road, Ste. 2, Westside, 378-8131Family-owned Perard’s specializes in

homemade sauces, dough madefrom scratch, lasagna and desserts.Traditional Italian fare includes alarge selection of gourmet pizza top-pings. A kids’ menu is offered, andbeer and wine are served. Take-outis available. Open daily.

PIZZA BELLA9210 San Jose Blvd., Ste. 1,Mandarin, 731-4373This family-owned-and-operatedrestaurant serves New York-stylepizza, homemade Italian dinnersincluding lasagna, and sandwiches,calzones, stromboli and desserts.Open Mon.-Sat.

PIZZA GARDEN &PASTABILITIES1824 Old A1A S., St. Augustine Beach, 471-9455Voted Best Pizza in Folio Weekly’sBest of Jax readers poll, family-owned-and-operated Pizza Gardenoffers pizzas, calzones and traditionalbaked pasta dinners, as well asItalian specialties. Dine indoors orout. Live music on the deck on week-ends. A kids’ menu is available. Beerand wine are served. Open daily.

PRIMI PIATTI2722 Park St., Jacksonville, 389-5545This Northern Italian-style restaurant(the name means “first plate” inItalian) offers a menu made fromfresh ingredients, including dailyspecials, pastas and she-crab soup.A broad wine selection and beer areserved. A children’s menu is avail-able. Open for lunch Mon.-Fri. anddinner Tue.-Sat.

RISTORANTE SARNELLI2023 Park Ave., Orange Park, 269-1331An Orange Park landmark for morethan 27 years, Sarnelli servesupscale Old World cuisine fromNorthern and Southern Italy. Twice aSilver Spoon winner, RistoranteSarnelli offers an extensive wine listand beer. Open for dinner Mon.-Sat.

RUSSO’S ITALIANRESTAURANT2750 Race Track Road, Ste. 106,Plantation Plaza, 287-4111Featuring a menu of traditionalItalian cuisine with a refined flair,

Russo’s offers veal marsala, lasagna,eggplant rollatini and cavatelli allaumbria. A kids’ menu is available.Beer and wine are served. ClosedMon.; open Tue.-Sun.

SANTIONI’S ATSAWGRASS832 A1A, Ste. 1, TournamentPlaza, Ponte Vedra Beach, 273-7272Santioni’s serves fresh gourmetItalian dishes along with customers’familiar favorites. Dine in, carry outor drive-through. Beer and wine areavailable. Open nightly.

SANTIONI’S CUCINAITALIANA RESTAURANT11531 San Jose Blvd., Ste. 8,Mandarin, 262-5190Bruno and Silvana Santioni havebeen in the business of Italian diningsince 1987. Their menu features rackof lamb and veal saltim bocca withhomemade bread. Beer and wine areavailable. Open for dinner nightly.

SANTIONI’S LA CUCINA3535 U.S. 17, Ste. 15, Eagle Harbor, 264-1331Owner George Trefrey is a formerchef, and it shows in his innovativeapproach to cuisine, desserts and hisextensive wine list. Live entertain-ment Fri. and Sat. Wine tastings areheld twice a month. Open for lunchand dinner daily.

SORRENTO ITALIANRESTAURANT6943 St. Augustine Road,Mandarin, 636-9196Luciano Russo and his family openedSorrento more than 20 years ago.The extensive menu includes fishFrançese and lamb Torinese, andentrées are served with salad, breadand a side of spaghetti. Beer andwine are served. Open Tue.-Sun.

TONINO’S TRATTORIA7001 Merrill Road, Ste. 45,Arlington, 743-3848Specializing in veal, seafood, pastaand New York-style pizza, Tonino’sserves Roman style Italian. Dineinside or out on the piazza. A fullbar is served — Tonino’s special-izes in martinis — and a happyhour is held Mon.-Thur. Take-out isavailable. Open for dinner Mon.-Sat.

Northern-style pizzas, with more than 20 available toppings, are the focus of the funky FernandinaBeach enterprise known as Moon River Pizza, now open in Murray Hill, too. See listing page 59.

SanMarcoDeli1965 san marco boulevard

(on the square)

phone 399.1306 • fax 399.32967:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Visit SanMarcoDeli.com

Also try our egg white omelets, lox and bagels,

breakfast sandwiches, and so much more!

Breakfast Ends 10:45 a.m.

THE SAN MARCO SPECIALBoar’s Head bacon, eggs,made from scratch pancakesand great hot coffee! expires 8/31/09


san marco deli

46 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Page 26: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

VINO’S PIZZA & ITALIAN CUISINE9910 Old Baymeadows Road, Ste. 1, Baymeadows, 641-7171605 S.R. 13, Ste. 103, St. Johns, 230-6966Vino’s has hand-tossed New York-style, thin-crust pizzas, as well as Sicilian-style, thick-crust pizzas. Bigsalads, baked dishes, subs, stromboli and wrapsround out the menu. A kids’ menu is available.Open daily.

VITO’S PIZZA & ITALIAN RESTAURANT3825 Baymeadows Road, Baymeadows, 737-9236Vito’s is family-owned and in its 25th year, servinggrouper Francesco, New York and Chicago-style piz-zas, surf-and-turf and rack of lamb. For dessert,homemade tiramisu and cannolis. A full bar is served.Open Tue.-Sun.

VITO’S ITALIAN CAFÉThe Jacksonville Landing, 2 Independent Drive,355-3002The menu at Vito’s Italian Café includes pasta dishes,steak and seafood entrées. Desserts are homemade,featuring tiramisu and cannoli. This café also featuresa full-service bar in the lounge, serving a two-for-onedaily happy hour. Open daily.

JAPANESECHIZU JAPANESE STEAKHOUSE1227 S. Third St., Jacksonville Beach, 241-8455Owners Bobby Nakajima and Cindy Ramalho servesushi from a 28-foot bar, featuring fresh sashimi, spe-cialty rolls and teppanyaki entrées. There’s also a tra-ditional menu of tempura and teriyaki dishes, and achildren’s menu. Chizu was voted Best JapaneseRestaurant for 11 consecutive years in Folio Weekly’sBest of Jax readers poll. A full bar is served.Open nightly.

CRAZY SUSHI4320 Deerwood Lake Parkway, Ste. 202, Southside, 998-9797This cozy getaway serves a full sushi bar as well ashibachi, sashimi, katsu and tempura dishes. Favoritesare the Dynamite roll, cold roll and spicy Manhattanroll. Beer and wine are served. Open daily. Best of Jax2008 winner for Best Sushi.

FUJI SUSHI660 Commerce Center Drive, Ste. 155, Regency, 722-9988A respite from the busy Regency-area bustle, this casu-al, modern restaurant serves sushi and sashimi, tempu-ra, soups and entrées. Open for lunch and dinner daily.

FUJI SUSHI & GRILL731 Duval Station Road, Ste. 9, 696-8599

FUJI SUSHI JAPANESE RESTAURANT10920 Baymeadows Road, Ste. 30, Baymeadows, 363-8888Fuji Sushi offers fresh sushi, steak, chicken, tempura,teriyaki and seafood. Beer and wine are served. Achildren’s menu is available. Open daily.

FUSION POINT237 San Marco Ave., St. Augustine, 823-1444The theme is Japanese, but the menu is fusion cuisine— a blend of Far East favorites, vegetarian, Japanese,Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean and Thai. The menuincludes sushi and is constantly changing. FusionPoint serves beer and wine. Open daily.

ICHIBAN JAPANESE STEAKHOUSE675 N. Third St., Jacksonville Beach, 247-8228Ichiban provides three distinct dining areas: the tep-pan or hibachi tables, where you can watch the chefprepare your food; the sushi bar where fresh sushi isserved; and tables where the menu of tempura andteriyaki dishes is offered. Ichiban also has a full-serv-ice bar with selected fine wines, including Japaneseplum wine. Open for dinner daily.

ICHIRO JAPANESE STEAKHOUSE& SUSHI1780 Wells Road, Orange Park, 269-8886Ichiro serves traditional Japanese cuisine as well assushi, hibachi, sashimi and tempura. A full bar, including

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August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 47

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sake, is served. A children’s menu isoffered. Open daily.

KABUKI JAPANESESTEAKHOUSE AND SUSHI BAR1147 Amelia Plaza, Fernandina Beach, 277-8782Kabuki serves certified Angus steaks,chicken and fresh seafood entrées— all MSG-free. Owner Steve Wongoffers authentic Japanese dishes andan unlimited sushi bar, custom-madeto suit any taste. Watch the teppanart of cooking as the chef preparesyour meal in front of you. Beer andwine are served, and sushi take-outis offered. Open Tue.-Sun.

KAN-KI JAPANESESTEAKHOUSE & SUSHI BAR4483 Southside Blvd., Tinseltown, 642-262611148 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 292-24002009 East-West Parkway, Fleming Island, 269-3003Kan-Ki is a Japanese steakhouse andsushi bar with teppanyaki tables, 10sushi tables, a sushi bar and a fullliquor bar. The menu includes steaksand seafood. A children’s menu isavailable, as well as sushi take-out.Tinseltown location is open for lunchand dinner daily, for dinner only inMandarin and Fleming Island.

KOJA SUSHIThe Jacksonville Landing,2 Independent Drive, Ste. 222, 350-9911

KOJA SUSHI II9866 Baymeadows Road, Ste. 8,Baymeadows, 232-4400Owners John and Tony — in thesushi game for more than 10 years— offer sushi, sashimi, andJapanese, Asian and Korean cuisine.Hard-to-find items like jellyfish saladand baby octopus salad are avail-able. Indoor and outdoor dining, anda full bar is available. Open daily.

MATSU JAPANESESTEAKHOUSE1515 N. Third St., Jacksonville Beach, 249-4290Matsu Japanese Steakhouse has alarge sushi and sashimi bar, teppanyaki

tables and a traditional menu ofseafood, steaks, tempura, sukiyaki,yakitori and teriyaki dishes. For specialoccasions, the staff sings Japanesesongs. A full bar is served. Open fordinner daily, Sun. for lunch.

MIZU SUSHI & GRILL14965 Old St. Augustine Road,Bayard, 880-0889Located where Philips Highway (U.S.1) and Old St. Augustine Road meet,Mizu offers fresh sushi and entréesmade to order and presented as culi-nary art. Beer and wine are served,and take-out is available. Open daily.

OSAKA GRILL SUSHI BUFFET11701 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 886-7778More than 150 items are offered atthis Chinese and Japanese buffet,including soups, spareribs, a sushi bar,roast duck and ice cream. A dine-inmenu is offered, and children youngerthan 12 dine at a discount. Carry-outfrom the buffet is available. Open daily.

OSAKA JAPANESESTEAKHOUSE9651 Crosshill Blvd., Ste. 102,Argyle, 317-0224Located in Oakleaf Town Center,Osaka features a sushi bar andhibachi tables. A full bar is served. Akids’ menu and take-out are avail-able. Open daily.

OTAKI JAPANESESTEAKHOUSE7860 Gate Parkway, Stes. 119-122,Southside, 854-0485Otaki features a sushi bar, hibachigrill tables and an open kitchen.A full bar is served, and a kids’menu and take-out are also avail-able. Open for lunch Mon.-Fri., fordinner nightly.

QIU SUSHI ROCK CAFÉ1950 San Marco Blvd., San Marco, 399-3305Located on San Marco Square, QiuSushi Rock Café is under new man-agement with an all-new sushimenu. A kids’ menu is available, andbeer and wine are served. A sushilunch is special is offered daily. Openfor lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat., din-ner only on Sun.

SAKE HOUSE824 Lomax St., Five Points, 301-11881478 Riverplace Blvd., SanMarco, 306-2188Traditional Japanese cuisine, and awide variety of fresh sushi, sashimi,kiatsu, teriyaki and hibachi areserved in an authentic Asian atmos-phere. Sake House — in Riversideon the corner of Lomax andMargaret streets (with entrances onboth) and in San Marco Place condobuilding — serves beer, wine andsake. Open for lunch and dinner. Anauthentic tatami room, with outsideseating, is open.

SEKISUI LAKEWOOD1550 University Blvd. W.,Lakewood, 733-6777Sekisui offers authentic Japanesecuisine including sushi, robata, grill,kushiyaki, teriyaki and tempura. Beerand 20 varieties of sake are featured.Open for lunch and dinner daily.

SUSHI CAFÉ2025 Riverside Ave., Riverside, 384-2888Best of Jax 2008 winner for BestSushi, Sushi Café near Five Pointsfeatures a variety of sushi, includingthe popular Rocky Mountain Roll andthe Jimmy Smith Roll, along withfaves like Rock-n-Roll and DynamiteRoll. Sushi Café also offers entréeslike king salmon, katsu and teriyaki.Beer and wine are served. Dineindoors or on the patio. Open forlunch and dinner daily.

SUSHI HOUSE9810 Baymeadows Road, Ste. 12,Baymeadows, 997-0966With an assortment of specialty rolls,sushi and sashimi, this quaintrestaurant is a winner for Best Sushiin Folio Weekly’s Best of Jax readerspoll. Sushi House offers tempura,katsu, teriyaki and hibachi entrées.Beer and wine are served. Take outand delivery are available. Open forlunch and dinner daily.

SUSHI & SUBS5800 Beach Blvd., St. Nicholas, 858-7032 Sushi & Subs serves, that’s right …sushi and subs. Take-out is available.Open Mon.-Sat.

Located in downtown Jacksonville, on the ground floor of the Museum of Contemporary ArtJacksonville, Café Nola serves a mix of classic and modern favorites, like shrimp and grits,and fresh fish tacos. See listing page 24.

48 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

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Perhaps no ethnicity is more closely tied tofood than the Italians. Ask a full-bloodedItalian, and you’ll find he or she views eatingas an adventure. It brings the family together,neighbors join in over a bottle of wine, andmeals last for hours. Stories are divulged anddigested along with the antipasti, and lifelongconnections are made or revived. Sadly, how-ever, sitting down with family and friends for along meal is becoming a thing of the past.

“Italian food should be an experience,” saysBlu Grotto Trattoria and Pizzeria’s executivechef Manny Sarnelli. “Most people take eatingfor granted, but they are depriving themselvesof the experience by eating in 20 minutes. Agood, enjoyable Italian meal should take any-where from an hour to an hour and a half.”

Sarnelli has been running around kitchenssince he was a pre-teen, so if the man tellsyou the correct way to eat your meal, youshould listen. “All the food, the ingredients,they all play their role,” he says. “They don’tsimply soothe, they create chemical reactions,they elicit different responses. Don’t fill up onsalad and bread. … Take your time, digest.”

Sarnelli is better prepared than most chefsto speak about chemical reactions. He spenttime in med school before being pulled back byhis love of cooking. “Since I was 3, I wanted to

be a doctor,” he explains. “But I have alwayshad a passion for food, for eating. I love to eat.When everyone else would go off on vacation,I would stay home with Grandma and learnher secrets.”

Blu Grotto has its share of staple Italiandishes, but Sarnelli is trying to move therestaurant and its customers in a slightly dif-ferent direction. He wants to change people’snotions of the typical Italian meal. “We try toilluminate the finer points of Italian cuisine,”he says. “We fuse our dishes a lot with Asianand French cuisine. I would like to offer peo-ple a nice stuffed filet as well as lasagna.”

Though Sarnelli is pushing the culinaryenvelope a bit, he is grounded in the roots ofItalian cooking. The basic ingredients remainclose to what he learned as a boy: virgin oliveoil from Italy, fresh herbs and fresh garlic, nottoo many spices. “I want my dishes to reflectthe true flavors,” says Sarnelli, “regardless ofif it’s complex or basic.”

And for you aspiring kitchen-rats? Sarnelliadvises: “Find a good cooking school, if youcan. But more importantly, practice. Playaround with your dishes. Find a place, and rollyour sleeves up and get in there. Education isgreat, but nothing replaces experience.”�

Danny Kelly

MY BLU HEAVENMANNY SARNELLIExecutive Chef, Blu Grotto Trattoria and PizzeriaOrange Park 4

ChefProfi le

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August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 49

Happy Hour Mon-Fri 4-8Patio Dining • Private Party Room Available

12373 San Jose Blvd. • Call 268-8722For full menu visit donjuansjax.com

Delicious new burrito entrees!New tequila & cocktail menu featuring over 40 tequila labels!

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TAMA’S SUSHIRESTAURANT106 First St., Beaches TownCenter, Neptune Beach, 241-0099This casual beach restaurant fea-tures a full sushi bar, and tempura,teriyaki and katsu dishes. Beer,wine and sake are served. Sushiand takeout available. Open for dinner nightly.

TOKYO JAPANESESTEAKHOUSE & SUSHI BAR12740 Atlantic Blvd., Ste. 103,Queen’s Harbor, 220-7665Appetizers include edamame, gyozaor beef tataki. The dinner menuincludes teriyaki steak and a Tokyocombination entrée with shrimp,scallops and salmon. Chefs prepareyour meal at the teppanyaki grill, andthe sushi bar offers 25 traditionalseafood items and 35 sushi rolls. Achildren’s menu is available, andbeer and wine are served. Open forlunch and dinner daily.

WASABI BUFFET1014 Margaret St., Ste. 1, Five Points, 301-1199More than 150 fresh items, includingsushi and sashimi, are available dailyon the buffet. Beer and wine areserved, and take-out is available.Open for lunch and dinner daily.

WASABI JAPANESEBUFFET9041 Southside Blvd., Ste. 138C,Southside, 363-9888Included in the buffet price is all-you-can-eat sushi and choice of twoitems from the teppanyaki grill.Customer favorites include theJaguar, dynamite, lobster and soft-shell crab rolls. A kids’ menu is avail-able. The restaurant’s non-smoking,but you can light up at the full bar.Open for lunch and dinner daily.

WASABI JAPANESESTEAKHOUSE & SUSHI BAR10206 River Coast Drive, St. Johns Town Center, 997-6528

Wasabi serves up authenticJapanese cuisine and features tep-panyaki shows. A children’s menu isavailable. Open nightly for dinner.

YO SUSHI! JAPANESERESTAURANT4375 Southside Blvd., Ste. 4,Tinseltown, 998-3868Yo Sushi! strikes a balance of fun,freshness and flavor with sushi,hibachi, katsu, teriyaki and tempu-ra cuisine. Open for lunch and din-ner daily.

YUMMY SUSHI4372 Southside Blvd., Tinseltown, 998-8806Tinseltown’s newest sushi hot spot,Yummy’s menu has everything fromteriyaki, tempura and hibachi-styledinners to sushi and sashimi.Specialty rolls include The Yummyand The Godzilla. Beer, wine andsake are served. Open for lunch anddinner daily.


ACAPULCO MEXICANRESTAURANT12 Avenida Menendez, St. Augustine, 808-99331835 U.S. 1, Stes. 133-135, St. Augustine, 826-0191This sprawling Mexican restaurantoverlooks Castillo de San Marcosand serves all of the favorites as wellas weekly specials. Beer, includingMexican brands, wine and margari-tas are served from the full bar. Dinein or take out. Open for lunch anddinner daily.

BURRITO GALLERY & BAR21 E. Adams St., Jacksonville, 598-2922Owned by urban core bloggerTony Allegretti, popular BurritoGallery serves Southwestern cui-

sine with an emphasis on innova-tive burritos — including gingerteriyaki tofu and the incomparableblackened mahi. Local art isalways on display, and live musicor DJs are featured on the backdeck during Art Walk and otherspecial events. A full bar isoffered. Open for lunch Mon., forlunch and dinner Tue.-Sat. Best ofJax 2008 winner for Best Burrito.

CAMPECHE BAYCANTINA127 N. First Ave., Jacksonville Beach, 249-3322Campeche Bay has repeatedly wonFolio Weekly’s Best of Jax awardsin the Best Mexican Restaurant,Best Fajitas and Best Margaritascategories. Customers favor thechili rellenos, the homemadetamales and the homemade mar-garitas. There are two happy hoursa day. Open for dinner nightly.

CANTINA LAREDO10282 Bistro Drive, St. JohnsTown Center, Jacksonville, 997-6110Cantina Laredo serves authenticMexican dishes and daily fish spe-cials, complimented by signaturesauces like chipotle-wine withportobello mushrooms or sautéedartichoke hearts and roasted redbell peppers. Open daily.

CASA MARIA12961 N. Main St., Ste. 104,Jacksonville, 757-6411This family-owned-and-operatedrestaurant offers authentic Mexicanfood, including fajitas and seafooddishes, as well as a variety of hotsauces — one’s made in-house.The specialty is tacos de asada. Akids’ menu is available and a fullbar is served. Open daily.

CASA MAYA17 Hypolita St., St. Augustine, 217-3039Owner Marco Barrera serves authen-tic upscale Mayan cuisine which ismostly organic, including a juice bar

In addition to oceanfront dining, The Surf in Fernandina Beach offers a menu of fresh fish, liveentertainment and a Sunday lobster special. See listing page 64.





Mon.-Sat. 5:00 p.m.-Close110 1st St. Neptune Beach • 249-5573

(in the middle of Beaches Town Center)www.mezzalunaneptunebeach.com

52 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

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and daily specials. Located in theheart of the historic district, CasaMaya offers a hearty selection ofdishes, both vegetarian and meat.Beer and wine are available. Openfor breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

CASTILLO DE MEXICO12620 Beach Blvd., Ste. 19,Southside, 998-7006Castillo de Mexico offers an exten-sive menu and authentic Mexicandécor. There is also a weekdaylunch buffet. A full bar is served.Open daily.

CHA-CHA’S MEXICANRESTAURANT9551 Baymeadows Road, Ste. 21,Baymeadows, 737-9903Owner Celso Alvarado and his familyrun this authentic Mexican restau-rant. The menu includes 26 combi-nation dinners and a wide variety ofspecialty dishes including chalupas,enchiladas and burritos. A full bar isserved, and margaritas are thehouse specialty. Open Mon.-Sat.

COLUMBIA RESTAURANT98 St. George St., St. Augustine, 824-3341Located in the historic district, this pop-ular chain restaurant serves authenticSpanish dishes from original recipesbrought from Ybor City, Spain, in 1905.For dinner, the specialty is paella, butthe filet mignon is a favorite. Full bar,open for lunch and dinner daily.

DON JUAN’SRESTAURANT12373 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 268-8722Don Juan’s offers authentic Mexicandishes in a casual atmosphere. Witha focus on friendly, family-orientedservice, Don Juan’s has added anice touch of Old Mexico: patio din-ing. A full bar — with new tequilaselections — is served, and happyhour is held Mon.-Fri. A children’smenu and take-out are available.Open for lunch and dinner daily.

EL POTRO5871 University Blvd. W.,Jacksonville, 733-084411380 Beach Blvd., Southside, 564-99777200 Normandy Blvd., Northside, 378-9822

11565 N. Main St., Northside, 757-34371553 N. Third St., Jacksonville Beach, 241-6910226 San Marco Ave., St. Augustine, 819-0390Authentic Mexican cuisine is servedby a friendly staff in a casual setting.Daily specials and a buffet are fea-tured at most locations. Open forlunch and dinner daily.

EL RODEO644 Park Ave., Jacksonville, 215-3393El Rodeo serves authentic Mexicancuisine just up the road from theOrange Park Kennel Club. A chil-dren’s menu is available. Open forlunch and dinner daily.

HIGHTIDE BURRITOCOMPANY1538 Hendricks Ave., San Marco, 683-7396Locally-owned-and-operated byAlejandro Juarez, this casualMexican restaurant offers tradition-al as well as innovative cuisinemade with house-made salsas,marinades and tortillas. Beef,chicken, pork, fish or cactus areserved in burritos, tacos, salads ortortas. A kids’ menu, and beer andwine are available. Open for lunchand dinner Mon.-Sat.

HOLA MEXICANRESTAURANT1001 N. Main St., Downtown, 356-3100Located at the gateway toSpringfield on North Main Street,Hola serves authentic Mexican dish-es, like fajitas, chile rellanos andquesadillas. Dine indoors or out onthe covered porch overlookingConfederate Park. Beer and wine areserved. A kids’ menu and take-outare available. Open Mon.-Fri.

LA COCINA530 A1A Beach Blvd., St. Augustine Beach, 461-8288Located in Castillo Real Hotel, LaCocina serves global cuisine withLatin flair. Owner Juan Solano bringsinflections of his native Mexico tointernational specialties includingPaella Valenciana and nightly spe-cials. Beer and wine are served.Open daily.

LA COCINA MEXICANRESTAURANT3290 U.S. 1 S., St. Augustine, 794-1610Sister restaurant to the La Cocina atthe beach, this La Cocina offersgourmet Mexican cuisine in a fine-dining atmosphere. Beer and wineare served. Patio dining available.Open for lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat.

LA NOPALERA MEXICANRESTAURANT14333 Beach Blvd., Intracoastal, 992-16662024 Kingsley Ave., Orange Park, 276-2776 1571 C.R. 220, Ste. 100, Fleming Island, 215-2223No. 2, 1629 Hendricks Ave., San Marco, 399-176811700 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 288-01758818 Atlantic Blvd., Arlington, 720-01068206 Philips Highway, Southside, 732-9433Don’t be alarmed to see the server’sarms filled with dinner plates —five or more at a time. The balanc-ing act is something to behold.Tamales, fajitas and pork tacos arecustomer favorites. Beer, wine andmargaritas are served; some loca-tions offer a full bar. Open for lunchand dinner daily. Best of Jax 2008winner for Best Mexican Cuisineand Best Margarita.

LOS TOROS MEXICANRESTAURANT5210 Baymeadows Road,Baymeadows, 367-86331222 Third St. S., Jacksonville Beach, 246-0081Los Toros serves authentic Mexicanfare, including fajitas and a selectionof vegetarian dishes. A children’smenu is available. The full bar fea-tures margaritas. Open for lunch anddinner daily.

MADRE’S BAJA TACOS8 Aviles St., St. Augustine, 823-1371This restaurant, tucked away onAviles Street in the historic district,offers classic Baja-style fish tacos,as well as burritos and quesadillas.Pies for dessert include home-made-style Key lime and peanutbutter. Beer and wine are served,

Culinary convenience is at the heart of Take Away Gourmet in San Marco, which offers home-cooked dishes, a fresh salad bar and grab-and-go lunch items. See listing page 66.

Bite By Bite

August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 53

1521 Riverside Ave • Jacksonville • 354-5080visit riverdaleinn.com





(available in pub only)

Enjoy the best The Row has to offer without breaking you bank or belt.

Tasty portions great for before a show or party.

Offers cannot be combined w/other promotions.

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and a kids’ menu is available. Livemusic is presented Thur.-Sat. Openfor lunch Mon.-Wed.; for dinnerThur.-Sat.

THE MOSSFIRE GRILL1537 Margaret St., Riverside, 355-4434Mossfire Grill serves Southwesterndishes like tempeh burger and porkenchiladas, as well as grilled salmonand crab cakes. A children’s menu isavailable. A full bar is served, andhappy hour runs Mon.-Sat. in theupstairs lounge. Open for lunch anddinner daily; Sunday is happy hourall day.

OLÉ! MEXICANRESTAURANT9921 Atlantic Blvd., Regency, 721-2131Olé! serves authentic Mexican fare,including enchiladas rancheros,fajitas and ensaladas. A full bar,beer and margaritas are featured,and there’s a happy hour. A kids’menu and take-out are available.Open daily.

PABLO’S GRILL & CANTINA12 N. Second St., Fernandina Beach, 261-0049Pablo’s is located in FernandinaBeach’s historic district and servesan authentic Mexican menu featur-ing chimichangas, fajitas and vege-tarian dishes. A kids’ menu is avail-able. Dine inside or out on the brickpatio. Open daily.

PACO’S MEXICAN GRILL333 First St. N., Jacksonville Beach, 208-5097Baja-style Mexican cuisine isserved at casual Paco’s, featuringburritos, fish tacos and shrimp bur-ritos. Surfing videos and reggaemusic complete the laid-back feel.Local rock bands perform everyweekend. A kids’ menu and take-out are available, and a full bar isserved. Open daily. A late-night barmenu is offered.

PEPE’S HACIENDA YRESTAURANT3615 DuPont Ave., Ste. 900,Lakewood, 636-8131This restaurant includes an ethnicgrocery store. Pepe’s offers authenticburritos, tortillas, seafood, soups andfresh-baked in-house breads. A kids’menu is available. Open daily.

PEPPER’S MEXICAN GRILL& CANTINA2128 Sadler Road, Fernandina Beach, 277-201113475 Atlantic Blvd., Intracoastal, 221-2300This casual, family-friendly restau-rant features authentic flavors ofMexico. Daily specials are featured,and happy hour runs all daySaturday. Beer and wine are served,take out is available and a children’smenu is offered. Open daily.

PUERTO PLATARESTAURANT2045 Bayview Road, Westside, 388-5888This restaurant located off BlandingBoulevard offers authentic Latin cui-sine served in a relaxed atmos-phere. Specialties include roastpork, chuletas and pollo guisado.Beer and wine are served, and akids’ menu is available. Open forlunch and dinner daily.

SALSARITA’S FRESHCANTINA840 Nautica Drive, Ste. 131,Northside, 696-4001Located in the new River CityMarketplace on the Northside,Salsarita’s offers cuisine with aSouthwest flavor made from scratchdaily and served in a family atmos-phere. Deliver available. Beer and wineare served. A kids’ menu is available.Open for lunch and dinner daily.

TACOLU BAJA MEXICANA1183 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville Beach,249-TACO (8226)A newcomer to the Jax Beach scene,TacoLu offers fresh, Baja-styleMexican fare with a focus on fishtacos and … tequila. Other menuitems include bangin’ shrimp, andbrisket and verde chicken tacos. Andthe fried cheese isn’t fried. Open forlunch and dinner Tue.-Sun.

TIJUANA FLATS9942 Old Baymeadows Road,Baymeadows, 641-1090725 Atlantic Blvd., Ste. 1, Atlantic Beach, 242-02345907 Roosevelt Blvd., Ste. 100,Westside, 908-434313529 Beach Blvd., Intracoastal, 223-00415635 San Jose Blvd., Lakewood, 737-9938The Tex-Mex menu features a hot barwith rotating sauces to supply anydegree of heat. There’s no microwaveor freezer in sight — everything is pre-pared from fresh ingredients. Open forlunch and dinner daily.

WEST INN CANTINA3644 St. Johns Ave., Avondale, 389-1131This casual spot has expanded itsauthentic Mexican menu to includesome American favorites, like crab-cake sandwiches and ahi tuna wrap.Dine inside, on the covered patio orcall ahead and pick it up from thedrive-through. West Inn has a largebeer and wine selection, along withthe longest-running jam night inJacksonville every Wednesday. Openfor lunch and dinner daily.

YUCATAN TACO STAND2429 Third St. S., Jacksonville Beach, 246-0002This brand new beach restaurant,featuring a salsa bar, has an exhibi-tion kitchen and tortilla press —customers see Mexican, Europeanand French influenced dishes beingcreated, including tacos. A full bar isserved, specializing in margaritas.Dine inside or in the courtyard. Opendaily for lunch and dinner.


AMSTERDAM LOUNGE11380 Beach Blvd., Ste. 2,Jacksonville, 997-6062This restaurant and hookah loungefeatures American andMediterranean cuisine, including theJax cheese steak and shawarmawrap and salmon. Beer and wine areserved, and take-out is available.Open for lunch and dinner daily.

BASHA MEDITERRANEANCUISINE13799 Beach Blvd., Ste. 1,Intracoastal, 821-4747

Authentic Lebanese cuisine is servedat family-owned-and-operatedBasha, including chicken shawarma,hummus, tabbouleh, baba ghan-noush and grape leaves made freshdaily. Beer and wine are served.Open for lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat.

THE CASBAH CAFÉ3628 St. Johns Ave., Avondale, 981-9966The Casbah serves Middle Easternand Mediterranean cuisine on thepatio or inside the hookah lounge,where customers sit on ottomansand eat at low tables. The caféserves Turkish coffees, importedbeer and wine. Exotic art covers thewalls, and WiFi is available. Bellydancers perform some nights, andhookah pipes are available for smok-ing flavored tobacco. Live jazz is per-formed on select evenings. Open forlunch and dinner daily.

FARAH’S PITA STOP CAFÉ3980 Southside Blvd., Ste. 201,Southside, 928-4322Farah’s specializes in Middle Easterncuisine and caters to the lunchcrowd in busy Southside. Freshsandwiches, soups, entrées anddesserts, as well as pastries andmazas (appetizers) are available.Open Mon.-Sat.

HALA CAFÉ & BAKERY4323 University Blvd. S.,Southside, 733-51419735 Old St. Augustine Road,Mandarin, 288-8890This Jacksonville institution — since1975 — serves house-baked pitabread, kabobs, falafel, tabouli and adaily lunch buffet. Best of Jax 2008winner for Best Middle EasternCuisine. Beer and wine are available.The adjacent store carries delicaciesfrom all over the world. Take-out isavailable. Open for lunch and dinnerMon.-Sat.

HALA SANDWICH SHOP & BAKERY1451 Atlantic Blvd., Neptune Beach, 249-2212Hala specializes in authentic MiddleEastern favorites, including gyros,falafel, grape leaves and Hala’s ownpita bread, made daily onsite. Beerand wine are served. Open for lunchand dinner Mon.-Sat. Best of Jax2008 winner for Best MiddleEastern Cuisine.

LAYLA’S OF SAN MARCO2016 Hendricks Ave., San Marco, 398-4610A winner of the San MarcoPreservation award, Layla’s offerstraditional Mediterranean cuisine aswell as American favorites, bellydancing and a covered patio forcigar smoking, and an expandedhookah lounge. A full bar is served,and happy hour is held Mon.-Fri.Open for dinner Sun.-Wed., for lunchand dinner Thur.-Sat.

MANDALOUNMEDITERRANEANCUISINE9862 Old Baymeadows Road,Baymeadows, 646-1881With restaurants in London, Parisand the Middle East, owner PierreBarak brings authentic Lebanesecuisine to Jacksonville, includingcharcoal-grilled kebab of mincedbeef on hot, spicy tomato sauce andbaked filet of red snapper. Bellydancing is featured every Fri. and

54 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Page 32: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

Sat. A full bar is served. Open forlunch and dinner daily.

SAHARA CAFÉ & BAR10771 Beach Blvd., Ste. 110,Jacksonville, 338-9049From the tiled floors to the pillowedlounge area, this family-owned-and-operated restaurant exudesMediterranean style. Beer and wine,flavored hookahs and hot tea arefeatured in the lounge. Belly dancersperform every weekend. Open fordinner nightly.


A1A ALE WORKS1 King St., St. Augustine, 829-2977In the heart of downtown overlook-ing the historic Bridge of Lions, thistwo-story brew pub makes six vari-eties of beer and serves New Worldcuisine, indoors or out on the bal-cony. There’s a full-service bar andlive entertainment Thur., Fri. andSat. evenings. Open for lunch anddinner daily.

ADDISON ON AMELIA614 Ash St., Fernandina Beach, 277-1604This island bed-and-breakfast innoffers casually elegant dinners, fea-turing ahi tuna, filet mignon andAtlantic salmon. Chef GrantHeaslewood prepares a small menu,served in the dining room or outsidein the courtyard verandah. Beer andwine are served. Open for dinner Fri.and Sat.

AJ’S BAR & GRILL10244 Atlantic Blvd., Regency, 805-9060AJ’s menu includes burgers, saladsand wings, and the grill is open dailytill midnight. A full bar is served.There are video games and pooltables, Karaoke on Thur. with DJSara, and live music most weekends.DJ Mike is in Tue., Wed., Fri. and Sat.

ANGIE’S SUBS1436 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville Beach, 246-2519Home of the original baked sub, Angie’s

has been serving Italian-style subs formore than 25 years. In addition to hot,oven-baked or cold subs, Angie’s offershuge salads and blue-ribbon iced tea.Angie’s is a Best of Jax 2008 readerspoll winner for Best Sub. Beer and wineare served. Open Mon.-Sat.

BEACHCOMBERRESTAURANT2 A St., St. Augustine Beach, 471-3744One of the few spots in St. Augustinewhere you actually eat on the beach,this casual restaurant was voted ashaving the Best Burgers in FolioWeekly’s Best of Jax readers poll. Afull breakfast menu is served (withhuge pancakes) inside or out at thepicnic tables. There are fresh localoysters, seafood and Beachcomber’saward-winning chowder. Beer andwine are served. Open daily for lunchand dinner, for breakfast everymorning except Tuesday.

BEACH GARDENRESTAURANT860 A1A Beach Blvd., St. Augustine, 471-2555Located inside the Holiday Inn, thistropical restaurant serves freshseafood, steaks and sandwiches. Achildren’s menu is available. A fullbreakfast is served, and a weekendbreakfast buffet is featured. Opennightly for dinner.

BEACH HUT CAFÉ1281 S. Third St., Jacksonville Beach, 249-3516Celebrating more than 20 years ofservice, Beach Hut Café consistentlywins the Best Breakfast category inFolio Weekly’s Best of Jax readerspoll. The full breakfast menu isserved all day (featuring some darngood grits), but expect a wait onweekends — this place packs out.Open daily for breakfast and lunch.

BENNY’S SANDWICHSHOP121 W. Forsyth St. (Atlantic Placebuilding), Downtown, 634-1525For 25 years, Benny’s — located inan old bank vault — has been partof the downtown breakfast andlunch scene. Everything is madefrom scratch. Customer favoritesinclude the taco salad and thecreamy potato soup. Open for break-fast and lunch Mon.-Fri.

BIG T’S GRILL & TAVERN13500 Beach Blvd., Ste. 46,Intracoastal, 223-1744Big T’s offers hand-cut USDA certifiedAngus steaks, burgers, ribs, seafood— including Mayport shrimp — andappetizers, served in high-backedbooths. Fresh-cut steaks are availableto go. Dine indoors or outside. A fullbar is served. Cigars, WiFi and a kids’menu are available, and the surround-sound TVs feature sports. Live musicis offered on weekends. Open daily.

BILLY’S BOAT HOUSE GRILL2321 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville Beach, 241-9771Located at Beach Marine, Billy’sBoat House Grill has a view of theIntracoastal Waterway and focuseson fresh local seafood, hand-trimmed steaks and offers a fullbar. There’s trivia every Mon.,open-mic every Wed., and oysterand wing specials every Thur. Liveentertainment is featured Thur., Fri.and Sat. nights and Sun. morningsand nights (on the deck, weatherpermitting). All menu items areavailable for take-out. Open dailyfor lunch and dinner.

BOX SEATS ON BLANDING4329 Blanding Blvd., Westside, 908-7328This sports bar features Americancuisine, including wings, burgers anda variety of appetizers. There aresports events on TV, and darts andKaraoke on Tue. nights. A full bar isserved. Open daily. Live music is fea-tured Thur. and Fri. nights.

THE BUBBLE ROOMRESTAURANT100 St. George St., Ste. B, St. Augustine, 829-3220This family-focused restaurant is sis-ter to the popular Captiva IslandBubble Room. Located on historic St.George Street, its menu of comfortfood favorites is served in an atmos-phere of 1930s-’50s Hollywoodmemorabilia. Open for lunch anddinner daily.

CAFÉ ALCAZAR25 Granada St. (in LightnerAntique Mall), St. Augustine, 824-7813Dine in what was once the world’slargest indoor swimming pool, sur-rounded by Tiffany windows and lit

Juliette’s at the Omni Hotel in downtown Jacksonville offers a full menu at breakfast, lunch anddinner, while the adjacent J-Bar serves small plates of bistro-inspired cuisine. See listing page 41.

Bite By Bite

August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 55

Page 33: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

by the original streetlights from theBridge of Lions (circa 1920). Themenu features crêpes, burritos,vegetarian dishes and daily spe-cials. Beer and wine are served. Aguitarist plays Wed.-Sat. Open forlunch daily.

CAFÉ ON THE GREEN1000 PGA Tour Blvd., SawgrassMarriott, Ponte Vedra, 285-7777Café on the Green is a casual diningvenue serving traditional favorites forbreakfast and lunch daily.

CHRISTY’S WINGS AND THINGS5907 Merrill Road, Arlington, 744-0329With daily all-you-can-eat specials,Christy’s caters to the whole family.(No alcohol is served.) The wings areserved with 12 different sauces. Themenu also includes chicken stripsand sub sandwiches with home-made breads. A kids’ menu is avail-able. Open Mon.-Sat.

CLIFF’S ROCKIN’ BAR-N-GRILL3033 Monument Road, Ste. 2,Cobblestone Plaza, 645-5162Cliff’s features 8-ounce burgers,wings, seafood, homemade pizzaand other daily specials. A full bar isserved, with a weekday happy hour.There’s Karaoke with DJ Jack Tue.,Thur. and Sun., and live music is fea-tured Wed., Fri. and Sat. Open daily.Smoking permitted. Best of Jax 2008winner for Best Bartender.

EUROPEAN STREETRESTAURANT1704 San Marco Blvd., San Marco, 398-95002753 Park St., Riverside, 384-99995500 Beach Blvd., Southside, 398-1717992 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville Beach, 249-3001With more than 130 imported beers,and 20 on tap, European Street haswon for Best Beer Selection in Folio

Weekly’s Best of Jax readers poll. Thesandwich menu includes the classicReuben and overstuffed sandwiches.The Listening Room features localand national Americana artists. Opendaily. Outside seating is available atsome locations.

FALCON’S NEST6800 First Coast Highway, Amelia Island, 491-4242Located at Amelia Island Plantation,Falcon’s Nest offers the specialtyFalcon Burger, B-52 burrito andDagwood Dismantled (pulled pig riband slaw), grilled chicken and anAngus cheddar burger. Martinis, beerand wine. Airplane memorabilia dec-orates this island nightspot. 21 orolder after 9 p.m. Open Wed.-Sun.

GIGI’S RESTAURANT3130 Hartley Road (in the RamadaInn), Mandarin, 268-8080GiGi’s serves a prime rib and crableg buffet on Fri. and Sat., blue jeanbrunch on Sun. and a daily lunchbuffet. The Ramada Inn is home toThe Comedy Zone, featuring nationalcomedians Tue.-Sat. GiGi’s serves afull breakfast buffet every morning.Open daily.

KARIBREW BREW PUB & GRUB27 N. Third St., Amelia Island, 277-5269The area’s first microbrewery,Karibrew is located right next door toits sister restaurant, Café Karibo.Karibrew offers a variety of beers,ales and wine, and pub food, andSunday brunch. Take-out is avail-able. Open daily.

LANDSHARK CAFÉ1728 Third St. N., Jacksonville Beach, 246-6024This casual beach café has a rock-and-roll atmosphere and serves awide range of dishes — from wings,burgers and fish tacos to entrees likefish and crab cakes. Live music isfeatured weekends, and a full bar isserved. A kids’ menu and take-out

are available. Open for lunch anddinner daily.

THE MILL TOP TAVERN &LISTENING ROOM19 1/2 St. George St., St. Augustine, 829-2329A St. Augustine institution locatedin a historic 1884 building acrossfrom the Castillo de San Marcos,The Mill Top’s Macho Nachos arethe signature dish. The menuincludes homemade soups andsandwiches along with daily spe-cials. There’s a full-service bar andlive entertainment daily. Dineindoors or outside under the trees.Open for lunch and dinner daily —365 days a year.

MONKEY’S UNCLETAVERN1850 S. Third St., Jacksonville Beach, 246-1070For 25 years, Monkey’s Uncle hasserved pub grub, including burgers,sandwiches, seafood and wings.Dine inside or out on the patio. A fullbar is served and take-out is avail-able. Open for lunch and dinner daily.Best of Jax 2008 winner for BestKaraoke, which is held every Tue.,Wed., Sat. and Sun.

MURRAY BROS.CADDYSHACK455 S. Legacy Trail, Ste. E106,World Golf Village, 940-3673Decorated in a “Caddyshack” themewith actor Bill Murray’s golf andfamily memorabilia, this restaurantoffers a water view and an All-American menu. Choose from freshseafood, steaks, barbecue — andkeep an eye out for Bill, who’s beenknown to stop by for a cold one. Afull bar’s served, and there’s aweekday happy hour. Open daily forlunch and dinner.

MURRAY’S GRILLE463852 E. S.R. 200/A1A, Yulee, 261-2727Situated west of Amelia Island onS.R. 200, Murray’s serves steaks,

Located behind the Palace Saloon, Philly Boyz’ Traditional Cheese Steaks in Fernandina Beachserves a variety of cheese steaks, along with hoagies, fries and dogs. See listing page 57.



Pizza By The Slice • Whole PizzasCalzones • Strombolis • Dinners

Salads • Subs • Desserts

880-002013820 St. Augustine Rd.Dine in or take outAt Bartram Park

322-70518358 Point Meadows Dr.Dine in or take outBaymeadows & 9A

Have a pizza party and taste why we

are Jacksonville’s favorite pizza!

Dine in or take out • lunch or dinner

288-921111406-3 San Jose Blvd. • At Mandarin Oaks

1 mile south of I-295

56 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Page 34: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

original seafood dishes, pastas andbarbecue. The hand-cut steaks,shrimp pasta, grouper Elizabeth andhomemade Key lime pie are amongthe most requested dinner items. Afull bar is served. Open daily.

NORTH BEACH BISTRO725 Atlantic Blvd., Ste. 6, Atlantic Beach, 372-4105This casual neighborhood eateryserves Old World favorites with amodern twist. Popular items includecrispy mozzarella risotto croquets,diver scallops with prosciutto sauceand the loaded kobe burger. A fullbar and an extensive wine list areavailable, and a children’s menu isoffered. Open for dinner Tue.-Sun.,for brunch on Sun.

NORTHSTAR SUBSTATION119 E. Bay St., Jacksonville, 860-5451This new addition to downtownfeatures brick-oven-baked pizzas,grinders, wings, Philly cheeses-teaks, custom sandwiches and friesserved in a laid-back setting. Beerand wine are served. Open forlunch and dinner Mon.-Sat., openlate Fri. and Sat.

OASIS RESTAURANT & DECK4000 A1A and Ocean Trace Road,St. Augustine Beach, 471-3424Just one block from the ocean, TheOasis is a favorite among bikersand tourists along this scenicstretch of A1A. The menu includessteamed oysters, burgers and dailyspecials. A kids’ menu is available.The full bar has 24 draft beers, anda happy hour Mon.-Fri. There’s livemusic nightly and 43 TVs for view-ing sports. Open for breakfast,lunch and dinner daily. Best of Jax2008 winner for Best Burger in St. Augustine.

OLDE BRIDGE ICE CREAM& DELI CO.2 Fairfield Blvd., Ste. 2, Ponte Vedra Beach, 273-0111This home-grown ice cream shop

and deli offers breakfast, an array ofsandwiches and, of course, icecream. Breakfast and lunch areserved till 3 p.m. daily. The 16 hand-crafted ice creams are served allday. Finish the Guana Monster sun-dae and get your picture on the Wallof Fame. Take-out, a kids’ menu andfree WiFi are offered. Open forbreakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

O’STEEN’S205 Anastasia Blvd., St. Augustine, 829-6974You can expect a wait — O’Steen’shas been packing a crowd for morethan 44 years. Seafood and steakare on the menu, but the meal mosteveryone orders is the famous friedshrimp. At O’Steen’s, it’s no alcohol,no smoking, no reservations and noplastic — cash only. Open Tue.-Sat.for lunch and dinner.

PANAMA HATTIE’S361 A1A Beach Blvd., St. Augustine Beach, 471-2192Located across A1A from the countypier, this restaurant serves casualbeach fare in a Key West-styleatmosphere. Live bands are featured.Dine inside or out on the ocean-viewdeck upstairs. Open daily and the baris open till 1 a.m. nightly.

PARKWAY GRILLE5517 S. Fletcher Ave., Fernandina Beach, 277-6614Owners Mike and Bobbe Malcolmprepare breakfast and lunch withfresh ingredients, including a selec-tion of Boar’s Head deli meats. Theatmosphere is bright, airy and casu-al. Open daily.

PHILLY BOYZ’ TRADITIONALCHEESE STEAKS117 Centre St., Fernandina Beach, 624-5678Located behind the Palace Saloon,this new eatery offers — what else?— a variety of authentic Phillycheese steaks, along with hoagies,fries and dogs. Breakfast sandwich-es, too. Open for breakfast, lunchand dinner daily.

RENDEZVOUS RESTAURANT106 St. George St., St. Augustine, 824-1090Beer is the specialty at this German-style beer house, with more than180 varieties from around the world.Pair one with a hot or cold deli sand-wich. Takeout orders may be phonedahead for fast service, and you mayorder beer to go. The kitchen’s openfor lunch and late lunch during theweek, till mid. Fri. and Sat.

SAN MARCO GRILLE1523 San Marco Blvd.,Jacksonville, 399-0444This local grill starts from scratchevery day, creating fresh entrée sal-ads, innovative wraps, new grill items— and familiar ones, too, like burg-ers, tuna melts and Philly cheeses-teaks. Open for lunch Mon.-Fri.

SCARLETT O’HARA’S70 Hypolita St., St. Augustine, 824-6535Popular among college students andthe city’s many visitors, the restau-rant in a historic 1861 house fea-tures seafood, burgers, barbecue,wings and appetizers. A full bar isserved. Live music is featured night-ly. Open daily. Celebrating 30-plusyears in the biz, Scarlett’s is a Bestof Jax 2008 winner for St.Augustine’s Best Neighborhood Bar.

STEAMWORKS822 Lomax St., Riverside, 329-4724New in Riverside, Steamworks offersfresh sandwiches prepared daily. Afull bar is served and pool tables andlive music are featured. Open till 2a.m. Mon.-Fri.

SUNSET GRILLE421 A1A Beach Blvd., St. Augustine Beach, 471-5555This Key West-style restaurant servesfresh local seafood, steaks and sand-wiches inside or at open-air counters.Sunset Grille offers a full menu forkids, take-out and a new deck. Liveentertainment is featured Sun. after-noons. A full bar is served. Open dailyfor lunch, dinner and late-night dining.

Puerto Plata Restaurant onJacksonville’s Westsideserves authentic Latin cuisine, like black beans,roast pork, and fried plan-tains. See listing page 54.

Bite By Bite

August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 57

Page 35: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

TAP’S BAR & GRILL2220 C.R. 210 W., St. Johns, 819-1554This local pub offers a vast selectionof beer on tap, a menu of bar food,lots of TVs and a children’s menu.Open daily.

T-RAY’S BURGER STATION202 S. Eighth St., Fernandina Beach, 261-6310Located inside a former service sta-tion, T-Ray’s recently won BestBurger on Amelia Island in FolioWeekly’s Best of Jax readers poll.T-Ray’s also serves a grilled porto-bello mushroom burger, grilled andfried chicken, daily specials and agrouper sandwich. Open Mon.-Sat.for breakfast and lunch.

TOM & BETTY’S4409 Roosevelt Blvd., Avondale, 387-3311With 30-plus years in business, Tom& Betty’s has become a Jacksonvilleinstitution. The car-themed menufeatures big sandwiches, burgersand home-style favorites like potroast. The full bar offers a dailyhappy hour featuring dollar drafts.Live bands perform every Fri. andKaraoke is held every Sat. Open forlunch Mon. and for dinner Tue.-Sat.

TWOCAN TERRY’S80 Vilano Road, Vilano Beach, 819-9101Family-friendly and within walkingdistance of the beach, TwoCanTerry’s serves steaks, Mexican cui-sine, fish tacos, wraps and seafoodspecialties, including crab cakes andfried shrimp. A kids’ menu and take-out are available. Beer and wine areserved. Open for lunch and dinnerTue.-Sun.

PERUVIANPISCO’S RESTAURANT4131 Southside Blvd., Ste. 101,Southside, 646-3888This Peruvian restaurant offersceviche, jalea, lomo and pollo salta-do, arroz con marisco, Inca Cola andPeruvian wines. A children’s menu isavailable, and beer and wine areserved. Open for lunch and dinnerTue.-Sun.

PIZZERIASABE’S PIZZA & ITALIANRESTAURANT10750 Atlantic Blvd., Ste. 6,Arlington, 425-39834372 Southside Blvd., Ste. 201,Southside, 645-046012192 Beach Blvd., Southside, 996-8858Abe’s offers traditional Italian dishes,including lasagna, parmigiana andpizza, as well as hot and cold subs,pasta and wings. A kids’ menu, andtake-out and delivery are available.Beer and wine are served. Open forlunch and dinner daily.

AL’S PIZZA303 Atlantic Blvd., Beaches TownCenter, Atlantic Beach, 249-000211190 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 260-4115635 A1A, Ponte Vedra Beach, 543-149414286 Beach Blvd., Ste. 31,Intracoastal, 223-09911620 Margaret St., Ste. 201,Riverside, 388-83848060 Philips Highway,Baymeadows Junction, 731-4300For the 14th year in a row, FolioWeekly readers have named Al’s as having the Best Pizza inour Best of Jax readers poll.Celebrating more than 20 years,Al’s offers a selection of New York-style and gourmet pizzas. Wineand beer are served. Al’s is opendaily for lunch and dinner.

ARON’S PIZZA650 Park Ave., Orange Park, 269-1007The menu at this family-owned restau-rant includes eggplant dishes andmanicotti as well as New York-stylepizza. A kids’ menu and take-out areavailable. Beer and wine are served.Open for lunch and dinner daily.

BIG PETE’S OLD STYLEPIZZERIA118 N. Julia St., Downtown, 356-2680Big Pete’s makes everything fromscratch, including pizza, calzones,baked ziti and wraps. Big Pete’s alsoserves barbecue and wings. Deliveryis available. Open for lunch and din-ner Mon.-Fri.

BORRILLO’S PIZZA & SUBS88 San Marco Ave., St. Augustine, 829-1133John Zappas’ pizzeria is often votedBest Pizza in St. Augustine in FolioWeekly’s Best of Jax readers poll.This New York-style restaurantserves an assortment of hot and coldsubs, pasta dishes, pizzas by the pieor slice. Take-out is available, andbeer and wine are served. Open forlunch and dinner daily.

BROOKLYN PIZZA11406 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 288-921113820 St. Augustine Road,Bartram Park, 880-00208358 Point Meadows Drive,Baymeadows, 322-7051The owners are from Brooklyn, N.Y.,so it makes sense that the BrooklynSpecial is a customer favorite. Themenu features calzones, white pizzaand home-style lasagna. The restau-rant’s smoke-free and alcohol-free.Open daily for lunch and dinner.

BRUCCI’S PIZZA, PASTA, PANINIS880 A1A, Ste. 8, Ponte Vedra Beach, 280-7677540 S.R. 13, Ste. 10, Fruit Cove, 287-831713500 Beach Blvd., Ste. 36,Intracoastal, 223-6913With three locations in NortheastFlorida, Brucci’s offers authentic NewYork-style pizza, Italian pastas anddesserts in a family atmosphere. Akids’ menu is available, and for theadults, there’s beer and wine. Happyhour is held Mon.-Wed. Open forlunch and dinner daily.

CHICAGO PIZZA BAKERY107 Nature Walk Parkway, Ste.101, St. Johns, 230-9700Chicago Pizza Bakery transformsfrom a comfy family restaurant earlyin the evening to a rockin’ pub serv-ing beer and wine, all the whilecranking out great appetizers andChicago-style deep-dish pizza. Openfor lunch and dinner.

CHICAGO PIZZA & SPORTS GRILL8206 Philips Highway, Southside, 731-9797320 N. First St.,

Located on Beach Boulevard in the Intracoastal area, Time Out Sports Grill serves hand-tossedpizzas, wings and specialty wraps in a clean, sporty atmosphere. See listing page 67.







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58 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Page 36: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

Jacksonville Beach, 270-8565Chicago-style deep-dish pizzas, hotdogs and Italian beef dishes areoffered by the Comastro family fromChicago, who’ve been serving upWindy City favorites for 25-plusyears. They “import” ingredients allthe way from exotic, far-away Illinois— talk about authentic. A full bar isserved, and a kids’ menu is avail-able. Open for lunch and dinner daily.

CICI’S PIZZA9980 Baymeadows Road,Jacksonville, 564-2225CiCi’s offers all-you-can-eat pizza,pasta, soup, salad and dessert forone price. A kids’ menu is avail-able, and there’s a game room.Open daily for lunch and dinner.

DAVINCI’S PIZZA469 Atlantic Blvd., Atlantic Beach, 241-2001DaVinci’s customers are loyal tothis family-owned-and-operatedpizzeria that uses fresh, qualityingredients for its pies.

FOX’S PIZZA DEN4360 Palm Valley Road, Ponte Vedra, 285-1292In the heart of Palm Valley, thisfamily-owned-and-operated restau-rant serves The Wedgie, a tradition-al sandwich served on a pizzacrust, and sandwiches, pizzas andstromboli made to order. Delivery isavailable. Beer and wine areserved. Open for lunch and dinnerMon.-Sat.

HAPPY STEFANO’SPIZZERIA205 First St. N., Jacksonville Beach, 246-9222Located in the heart of downtownJacksonville Beach, near the SeaWalk Pavilion, Happy Stefano’soffers dinners, wraps, salads andpizzas. Beer and wine are served.Take-out is available. Open forlunch and dinner Mon.-Sat.

JENK’S PIZZERIA &ITALIAN CUISINE2245 C.R. 210 W., Ste. 112,Jacksonville, 826-1555Family-owned-and-operatedJenk’s offers subs, New York-stylepizzas, calzones and a variety ofItalian dishes. Take-out and deliv-ery are available. Beer and wineare served. Open for lunch anddinner daily.

JOSEPH’S PIZZA ANDITALIAN RESTAURANT30 Ocean Blvd., Beaches TownCenter, Atlantic Beach, 270-11227316 N. Main St., Northside, 765-0335For 53 years, Joseph’s has beenfamily-owned-and-operated servinghot pasta dishes, gourmet pizzasand veal entrées. An extensive beerand wine selection is served. OpenTue.-Sun. for lunch and dinner,open Mon. from Memorial Day toLabor Day at the beach.

LA PIZZARIA2158 Mayport Road, Ste. 5,Atlantic Beach, 246-9926Brick-oven pizzas, handmade withfresh ingredients, along with calzones,pasta dishes and seafood are offeredat La Pizzaria. Delivery is available,and there’s a discount for members ofthe military. Beer and wine are served,and a kids’ menu is available. Openfor lunch and dinner daily.

MELLOW MUSHROOMPIZZA BAKERS1018 Third St. N., Jacksonville Beach, 241-56009734 Deer Lake Court, Ste. 1,Tinseltown, 997-19551800 Town Center Blvd., Fleming Island, 541-1999This upbeat restaurant serves gour-met pizzas, hoagies and salads. Thedécor is psychedelic-chic, with piz-zas to match. Pies range from theMighty Meaty to vegetarian pizzaslike the Kosmic Karma. MellowMushroom offers 35 beers on tapand a full bar. Happy hour’s held allday, every day. On the Southside, livemusic is featured on the patio;indoors at the beach, nightly. Openfor lunch and dinner daily.

MIKEY’S PIZZA & ITALIANRESTAURANT7544 Beach Blvd., Southside, 721-7333Family-owned for 35 years, Mikey’sserves Old New York-style thin-crustpizzas, pasta, chicken and seafooddishes. An Italian lunch buffet isoffered. Take-out and delivery (withinthree miles) are available. Open forlunch and dinner Mon.-Sat.

MOON RIVER PIZZA925 S. 14th St., Fernandina Beach, 321-34001176 Edgewood Ave. S., Murray Hill, 389-4442At this edgy little pizzeria, work bylocal artists hangs on the walls androck music is pumped into the diningroom. Northern-style pizzas, withmore than 20 toppings offered, areserved by the pie or the slice. MoonRiver was voted Best Pizza onAmelia Island in Folio Weekly’s Bestof Jax readers poll. Beer and wineare served. Dine in or take out. OpenMon.-Sat.

NEW YORK BRICK OVEN PIZZA2225-B C.R. 220, Middleburg, 278-1770Owner Dan Dehart offers pizza bythe slice, along with stromboli andhomemade baked dinners. The piz-zas are hand-tossed and cooked ina brick oven. Homemade dessertsare also the menu, and lunch spe-cials are featured. Open for lunchand dinner daily.

NYPD PIZZERIA163 Palencia Village Drive, St. Augustine, 825-4545All of the authentic New York-stylepizzas are hand-tossed, made withNYPD Pizza’s own dough and spe-cially spiced tomato sauce, andbaked in a brick oven. Other itemsinclude salads, cheesy calzones,strombolis, hot hero sandwichesand desserts.

PEPPE’S PIZZA3787 Palm Valley Road, Ponte Vedra, 273-0006525 S.R. 16, Ste. 103, St. Augustine, 824-9411Peppe’s features a variety of tradi-tional Italian dishes including veal,pasta and traditional hand-tossedand specialty pizzas. A kids’ menu,take-out and delivery are available.Beer and wine are served. Open forlunch and dinner daily.

PICASSO’S PIZZERIA10601 San Jose Blvd., Ste. 207,Mandarin, 880-0811Picasso’s specializes in hand-tossed

New York-style pizza served by theslice along with calzones, homemadeNew York-style cheesecake and freshhandmade pasta. Beer and wine areserved. Open for lunch and dinner daily.

PIZZALLEY’S117 St. George St., St. Augustine, 825-2627This downtown St. Auggie eateryoffers wings, salads and, of course,pizza — including free samples topassersby. There’s the Garbage Canpizza: a supreme with everything.Beer and wine are served. Outdoorpatio seating is available. Open dailyfor lunch and dinner.

PIZZALLEY’S CHIANTI ROOM60 Charlotte St., St. Augustine, 825-4100Sister restaurant to the St. GeorgeStreet location, Pizzalley’s ChiantiRoom serves homemade Italian ris-torante fare in a warm Tuscany set-ting. A full bar is available. Livemusic is presented Mon.-Fri. Openfor lunch and dinner daily.

PIZZA PALACE1526 King St., Riverside, 384-87223928 Baymeadows Road,Baymeadows, 527-86491959 San Marco Blvd., San Marco, 399-8815920 Margaret St., Five Points, 598-1212116 Bartram Oaks Walk,Julington Creek, 230-2171This relaxed, family-owned restaurantserves only home-style cuisine. Localfaves include spinach pizza andchicken-spinach calzones. Saladsinclude antipasto, Greek and Caesar.Calzones, ravioli, lasagna and parmi-giana are also offered. Dine in or takeout. Beer and wine are served, andoutside dining areas are at all loca-tions. Open for lunch and dinner daily.

THE PIZZA SPOT3546 St. Johns Bluff Road S., Ste. 106, UNF, 683-2271This casual pizza place serves NewYork-style stone slab pizza, originalpazzinis (a pizza sandwich) usingBoar’s Head meats, premiumcheeses and locally grown produce.Eight cold draft beers are on tap,along with bottled beers and wineselections. A kids’ menu and take-out are available. Open Mon.-Sat.

POMPEII COAL-FIREDPIZZA2134 Park Ave., Orange Park, 264-6116Family-owned-and-operated Pompeiiis one of the few pizza places offer-ing pizzas made in coal-fired ovens.The distinctive, flavorful pies areserved alongside coal-fired wings. Abreakfast sampler pie is also avail-able. Beer, wine, espresso and cap-puccino are served. Take-out is avail-able. Open for lunch and dinner daily.

THE RED ELEPHANT PIZZA GRILL110131 San Jose Blvd., Ste. 12,Mandarin, 683-3773Red Elephant has pizzas, as well assome unexpected items, including abucket of boiled peanuts, hummusdip, a variety of salads, and grill spe-cials with a choice of toppings.Pizzas include margherita chicken,meat lovers and barbecue chicken. Afull bar is served. Open daily forlunch and dinner.

In a recent phone interview, David head chef at North Beach Bistro, isfew words. Asked how long food hahis passion, he explains, “Yeah, [I] much” always wanted to be a chefclarifying, “But, not always.” Askedof food was responsible for his sortto become a chef, Seavey offers, “Yalways liked food.”

Regardless of his willingness to elively conversation about his chosenfood speaks for itself. Seavey has bechef at the Atlantic Beach-based bisopened in June 2008. Before that, Seworked as a sous chef at Sawgrass Ponte Vedra Beach and as executivethe Cabana Club (also in Ponte Vedra

Born and bred in Jacksonville BeFletcher High School grad says contwork as a chef locally is vital. “I hav

CHEF TELDAVID SEAVEYChef de cuisine, North Beach BiAtlantic Beach

5Bite By Bite

August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 59

Page 37: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

RENNA’S PIZZA8642 Baymeadows Road,Baymeadows, 730-931311111 San Jose Blvd., Ste. 12,Mandarin, 292-23004624 Town Crossing Drive, Ste.125, St. Johns Town Center, 565-12996001 Argyle Forest Blvd., Ste. 16,Orange Park, 771-7677840 Nautica Drive, Ste. 117, RiverCity Marketplace, 714-9210This New York-style pizzeria alsoserves calzones, antipasto, parmi-giana and homemade breads. Beerand wine are served, and a kids’menu is available. Buy by the slice— they’re humongous — or full pie.Take-out and delivery are available.Open for lunch and dinner daily.

ROYAL PIZZA PLUS3547 University Blvd. N.,Arlington, 744-1555Homemade Italian fare includessubs, New York-style pizzas andlunch specials, as well as ravioliand lasagna at dinner. Take-out isavailable, and deliveries may bemade within a five-mile radius.Open daily.

ST. JOHNS PIZZA GRILL &SPORTS BAR445 S.R. 13, Ste. 11 (at Race TrackRoad), St. Johns, 287-99001402 San Marco Blvd., San Marco, 346-4222In addition to brick-baked pizzas, St.Johns serves up deli sandwiches,hot Italian entrées, wings and spe-cialty subs. Everything is homemade,from the soups to the pizza dough. Akids’ menu is available, and a fullbar is served. Open for lunch anddinner daily.

SALERNO’S RISTORANTE& PIZZERIA4765 Hodges Blvd., Ste. 7,Intracoastal, 821-4350Tricia and Giovanni, of the Recupitofamily (Café Andiamo and Tra ViniGrille), run this casual family restau-rant. For lunch, there are sandwichesand sliced pizza. The dinner menuoffers pasta, veal and chickenentrées. A full bar is served, and kidseat free on Tuesdays. Open daily forlunch and dinner.

SAM’S PIZZA & ITALIAN CAFE9551 Baymeadows Road, Ste. 24,Baymeadows, 731-0360Sam’s serves made-to-order wings,stromboli, calzones and hand-tossed,thin-crust specialty pizzas. A kids’menu is available. Dine in or takeout, and delivery is available. Opendaily for lunch and dinner.

TOMMY’S BRICK OVEN PIZZA4160 Southside Blvd., Ste. 2,Southside, 565-1999Tommy’s in the Tinseltown area cre-ates New York-style thin crust, brick-oven-cooked pizzas — gluten-free— as well as calzones, baked goodsand sandwiches made fresh to orderon premises, using Thumann’s no-MSG meats and Grande cheeses.Beer and wine are served. Curbsidepick-up and take-out are offered.Open for lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat.

REGIONALBARBARA JEAN’S15 S. Roscoe Blvd., Ponte Vedra Beach, 280-7522960030 Gateway Blvd., Amelia Island, 277-3700Barbara Jean’s offers easy Southerndining, including crab cakes (thehouse specialty), seafood, meatloaf,chicken-fried steak and 15 freshvegetables. During the winter, regu-lars watch snowbirds pilot theirboats on the Intracoastal Waterway.Children’s selections are available.Dine indoors or out. A full bar isserved. Open for lunch and dinnerdaily, Sat. and Sun. for breakfast.

BRETT’S WATERWAY CAFÉ1 S. Front St., Fernandina Beach, 261-2660Brett’s is located on the water at thefoot of historic Centre Street andspecializes in traditional Southernhospitality in an upscale atmosphere.The menu features daily specials,fresh Florida seafood, aged beef anda full bar. Open daily.


Palm Valley, 285-1154Located beside the Palm ValleyBridge on the Intracoastal Waterway,The Bridge offers casual fine diningwith an emphasis on local seafood,including pan-seared grouper NewOrleans with lump crab meat. A fullbar is served. Open for lunch Tue.-Sun., for dinner nightly.

CAFÉ 4750The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island,4750 Amelia Island Parkway,Amelia Island, 277-1100This seaside bistro serves threemeals daily in a comfortable, casualatmosphere with ocean views andSouthern charm. Dine indoors or outon the poolside veranda. Open daily.Reservations are recommended.

THE CAPITAL GRILLE5197 Big Island Drive, Southside, 997-9233Located in St. Johns Town Center, TheCapital Grille serves dry-aged, hand-carved steaks and fresh seafood, witha menu made from local, seasonalingredients. The extensive, award-winning wine list has 350 Old andNew World selections, and 25 winesby the glass. Open for lunch Mon.-Fri., for dinner nightly.

CHANNEL MARKER 71RESTAURANTBarrier Island Inn, 7601 A1A S.,Crescent Beach, 461-4288With a panoramic view of theIntracoastal Waterway, ChannelMarker 71 serves local seafood,certified Black Angus beef, Florida-style crab cakes and pasta dishes.Beer and wine are available. Openfor breakfast, lunch and dinnerThur.-Sun.

CHECKER BBQ & SEAFOOD3566 St. Augustine Road, San Marco, 398-9206Chef Art Jennette runs the showhere, serving up all manner of bar-becue, seafood and down-homecomfort food. Ask for the TrailerTrash Special, which features apulled-pork sandwich, 15 of Art’sfried white shrimp, hand-cut friesand fresh fried green tomatoes.Open Mon.-Sat. for lunch, Mon.-Sat.for dinner.

Wild Wing Café in the Tinseltown area features 33 flavors of wings, along with a full dinnermenu and live music. See listing page 67.


Enjoy a Wonderfully Prepared




7 - 4 Mon - Fri

446.97383563 Philips Hwy #104

In the Metro Square

commercial Plaza

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

828 Anastasia Blvd., St. Augustine990044--882244--88224444 Visit Gypsycab.com

Lunch ■ Dinner ■ Sunday Brunch Full Bar ■Catering ■ Banquet Facilities ■ Comedy Club

The Gypsy Cab Company’s style is known the world over. It is called “Urban Cuisine.”

We are continually influenced by many typesof cooking. Our menus change every day,

offering the freshest ingredients, with something to please everyone. Serving lunch

and dinner 7 days a week

Award-WinningUrban Cuisine!


60 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Page 38: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

CORTESSÉS BISTRO &FLAMINGO ROOM172 San Marco Ave., St. Augustine, 825-6775This bistro serves a large selection ofgourmet salads and signature disheswith a Mediterranean influence,including Minorcan fish stew andchicken Cortessés. The FlamingoRoom offers martinis and an extensivewine list, as well as live music Thur.-Sat. Open for lunch and dinner daily.

THE CRAB CAKE FACTORYSEAFOOD BAR & GRILLE1396 Beach Blvd., Beach Plaza,Jacksonville Beach, 249-4776This Beaches restaurant offersContinental-fusion cuisine, specializ-ing in fresh seafood and Angussteaks. A children’s menu is avail-able. A full bar is served, with a dailyhappy hour. Open for lunch and din-ner daily.

THE DUNES CRACKER HOUSE641 A1A Beach Blvd., St. Augustine Beach, 461-5725This rustic Florida-style spot is popu-lar among college students fordrinks, dinner, dancing and dailyspecials. The Dunes also offers achildren’s menu. Jazz is featured onMonday nights, and there’s a DJWed. and Fri.-Sun. Late-night dancemusic is featured nightly. Open fordinner nightly.

HOOTERSThe Jacksonville Landing, 2 Independent Drive, Ste. 103,356-54004521 Southside Blvd., Southside, 807-95418938 San Jose Blvd., Ste. 2,Mandarin, 636-98001749 Wells Road, Orange Park, 215-5858The casual restaurants are popularfor their waitresses and featurewings, steamed shrimp and clams,oysters, burgers, seafood and sand-wiches. A full bar is served. TheLanding location features MilitaryMondays, offering a 20 percent dis-count to those with military IDs.

J ALEXANDER’SRESTAURANT10296 Bistro Drive, St. Johns Town Center, 996-7147This upscale contemporary Americanrestaurant is known for its wood-fired cuisine. The fresh seafood isflown in daily. The steaks are hand-cut, and the produce is fresh. Thefull-service bar features a wideselection of wine by the glass orbottle. Open daily.

MARKER 3214549 Beach Blvd., Intracoastal, 223-1534Located right on the IntracoastalWaterway, Marker 32 serves regionalNew American cuisine with anemphasis on local seafood. Chef BenGroshell’s entrées include pan-seared, wild-caught salmon androsemary-seared beef tenderloin.Pastas, breads and desserts aremade on-premises, and the full barfeatures an extensive wine list.Reservations recommended. Openfor dinner Mon.-Sat.

MILLER’S ALE HOUSE &RAW BAR11112 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 292-00031756 Wells Road, Ste. A, Orange Park, 278-46009541 Regency Square Blvd. S., Regency, 720-05519711 Deer Lake Court, Southside, 565-288213560 Beach Blvd., IntracoastalThe Ale Houses specialize in generousportions and friendly service in a nau-tical atmosphere. Customer favoritesinclude fresh fish, specialty pastas,and fresh oysters and clams. Thereare 32 draft beer varieties, along withTVs, pool tables and video games.Open daily for lunch and dinner.

MONIQUE’S CAFÉ1540 Wells Road, Ste. 13, Orange Park, 215-0199Soul food is prepared the old-fash-ioned Southern way at Monique’s.Open for breakfast, lunch anddinner daily.

RIVER CITY BREWINGCOMPANY835 Museum Circle, Southbank, 398-2299Situated on the Southbank Riverwalkoverlooking the St. Johns River andpopular with the downtown businessset, River City Brewing offers freshseafood, steaks and daily chef’s cre-ations. Nosh in the enclosed diningroom or out on the marina diningdeck. A full bar is served. Open forlunch and dinner Mon.-Sat., brunchbuffet on Sun.

SALT, THE GRILLThe Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island,4750 Amelia Island Parkway,Amelia Island, 491-6746The menu at Salt features cuisinemade with simple elements from theearth and sea, properly seasoned andserved in a contemporary coastalsetting. The wine list boasts morethan 500 wines. Cocktails are alsoavailable. Open Tue.-Sat. for dinner.

SLYCERS12220 Atlantic Blvd., Ste. 120,Regency, 220-6900The motto here is “Good Food forHungry Folks.” Breakfast offers plat-ters, and biscuits and gravy.Sandwiches (called “Slycers”), madewith fresh meats and cheeses,include the country club, Cuban andpatty melt. Open for breakfast, lunchand dinner Mon.-Fri., breakfast andlunch Sat. and Sun.

THE SOUTHERN GRILL800 Flagler Ave., Southbank, 858-9800Popular with the business crowd, TheSouthern Grill offers a large menu ofsalads, veggie platters, sandwiches,melts and wraps. The breakfast selec-tion includes omelets, wraps, sand-wiches and sit-down favorites likepancakes and a variety of egg combi-nations. Open for breakfast and lunchMon.-Fri., breakfast only on Sat.

TRELLISES RESTAURANT225 E. Coastline Drive, Northbank, 634-4540Located in Hyatt Regency Jacksonville

Named after the winningest coach in the NFL, Shula’s 347 Grille in the Sheraton JacksonvilleHotel serves premium steaks, gourmet salads and offers a two-for-one daily happy hour. Seelisting page 68.

Bite By Bite

ZZooddiiaacc GGrriillll335544--88228833



Catering Private PartiesLuncheons

Corporate FunctionsServing Breakfast & Lunch

Daily LunchBuffet


130 West

Adams St.



August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 61

Page 39: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

Riverfront, this new fine-dining restau-rant offers casual à la carte dining fea-turing original fresh seafood creationsand regional specialties, along with adaily buffet breakfast. Open daily.

THE VERANDAHRESTAURANT6800 First Coast Highway, Amelia Island Plantation, Amelia Island, 321-5050Set among the moss-draped oaks ofRacquet Park, this restaurant featuresan extensive menu of fresh localseafood and steaks, but the Verandah’ssignature entrée is Fernandina shrimp.A children’s menu is available. A fullbar is served. Open nightly.

SEAFOODATOMIC FLYING FISHSEAFOOD TACO GRILL309 Atlantic Blvd., Neptune Beach, 372-0882This new beach-casual restaurant,just a short hop from the ocean, fea-tures California-style fish, steak,chicken and blackened gator tacos,served with all manner of sides, madefresh to order. There’s also a LowCountry Boil of shrimp, potatoes andcorn. Open for lunch and dinner daily.

BARNACLE BILL’SBEACHSIDE451 A1A Beach Blvd., St. Augustine Beach, 471-2434

BARNACLE BILL’SDOWNTOWN14 Castillo Drive, St. Augustine, 824-3663For 28 years, these family restau-rants have been serving up St.Augustine favorites — shrimp,seafood, oysters, steak and home-made-style desserts. Owner ChrisWay created the popular Dat’l Do Ithot sauce products. A children’smenu and take-out are available,and a full bar is served. Both loca-tions are open daily.

BEACHSIDE SEAFOOD &SANDWICH CO.120 S. Third St., Jacksonville Beach, 444-886211048 Baymeadows Road, Ste. 7,Baymeadows, 527-8123A full fresh seafood market,Beachside also serves a lunch anddinner menu of seafood baskets, fishtacos, oyster baskets and Phillycheesesteaks. There are tablesindoors and out on the open-air deck.Live music is featured on weekends.Beer and wine are served, and take-out and beaches area delivery areavailable. Open daily.

THE BLUE CRABCRABHOUSE3057 Julington Creek Road,Julington Creek, 260-2722Fresh Maryland-style steamed bluecrabs are a big deal at this seafoodrestaurant, as are crab legs, crawfishand steamed or fried oysters. Dineindoors or on the covered deck. Akids’ menu, an early bird menu anddaily specials are available. A full baris served. Open for dinner Tue.-Sat.,lunch and dinner Sun.

BUKKETS OCEANFRONTGRILLE & BAHA BEACH CLUB222 N. Oceanfront at First Avenue,Jacksonville Beach, 246-7701Known for drawing a partying crowd,

Bukkets serves wings, shrimp, oys-ters and ice-cold beer, along withseafood, burgers and lots of appetiz-ers. There’s open-air casual dining— right on the boardwalk — andpool tables and arcade games. Livemusic is on the deck (weather per-mitting) every weekend. A happyhour is held Mon.-Fri., whichincludes 50-cent oysters, wings andshrimp. Open daily.

CHART HOUSE1501 River Place Blvd.,Southbank, 398-3353Located on the Southbank of the St.Johns River since 1982, this restau-rant serves fresh fish, seafood andprime rib along with a full bar.Reservations are suggested. Openfor dinner nightly.

CLARK’S FISH CAMP12903 Hood Landing Road,Mandarin, 268-3474Often voted Best Fish Camp andBest Gator Tail in Folio Weekly’sBest of Jax readers poll, Clark’smenu also features steak, ribs,daily all-you-can-eat catfish din-ners and a three-pound prime rib.Dine indoors, outdoors or in aglass-enclosed room with a view ofthe creek. A full bar is served. Openfor dinner Mon.-Fri., for lunch anddinner Sat. and Sun.

CONCH HOUSERESTAURANT57 Comares Ave., St. Augustine, 829-8646This restaurant offers indoor seating aswell as Tiki huts built out over Salt Run.Signature dishes include the Crackercombo platter and St. Augustine friedshrimp. The full-service bar specializesin tropical drinks. Live entertainment,including Reggae Sunday, is featuredweekends. Open daily.

CRAB CREEK CAFÉ7404 Atlantic Blvd., Arlington, 724-8050A seafood shack with a yacht clubattitude, Crab Creek Café offersshrimp, oysters, gator tail, frog legsand seafood — plus pasta — servedin a family-friendly atmosphere. Akids’ menu and takeout are available.Open lunch and dinner daily.

CRAB TRAP31 N. Second St., Fernandina Beach, 261-4749For 30 years, family-owned-and-operated Crab Trap has been servingfresh local seafood and steaks. Foodand drink specials are featured, a fullbar is served, and cold beer and wineare available. Open daily for dinner.

CRAZY FISH2510 Second Ave. N.,Jacksonville Beach, 334-8408This new seafood place is locatedbehind Beach Marine off BeachBoulevard. Ultra-casual waterfrontdining on the Intracoastal featuresshrimp, Maine lobster and mahi mahi,as well as burgers, dogs and sand-wiches. Charter fishing and kayakingare also offered. Open for lunch anddinner daily. Boater friendly.

CREEKSIDE DINERY160 Nix Boatyard Road, St. Augustine, 829-6113Tucked behind a commercialstretch of U.S. 1, Creekside is anold Florida respite, featuring anoutdoor deck with a fire pit.Overlooking Gonzales Creek,

Creekside serves a variety of beef,chicken and seafood dishes, withan emphasis on low-country cook-ing. Live entertainment Wed.-Sun.and a full bar are featured. Openfor dinner nightly.

THE FISH COMPANYRESTAURANT & SEAFOOD MARKET725 Atlantic Blvd., Ste. 12,Atlantic Beach, 246-0123This restaurant, oyster bar andseafood market in North BeachCenter serves fresh local seafood —including Mayport shrimp — andoysters, crab and lobster. The full barfeatures a daily happy hour. Dineindoors or out on the patio. Opendaily, with a brunch on Sat. andSun., featuring crab cakes andgrilled grouper.

FLORIDA CRACKER CAFÉ81 St. George St., St. Augustine, 829-0397Florida Cracker features a contem-porary dining room and outdoorgarden dining in the heart of St.Augustine’s busy St. George Street.Customer favorites include black-ened scallops, crab cake-stuffedshrimp and Florida gator tail.Children’s selections are available,and beer and wine are served.Open daily.

GENE’S SEAFOODRESTAURANT11702 Beach Blvd., Southside, 997-97381249 Penman Road, Jacksonville Beach, 241-93336132 Merrill Road, Arlington, 744-23331571 University Blvd. W.,Lakewood, 448-9888A frequent winner of the BestSeafood category in Folio Weekly’sBest of Jax readers poll, Gene’smenu includes gator tail, calamari,Cajun shrimp and lobster pasta. TheArlington location serves beer andwine, and a full bar is available at allother Gene’s Seafood locations.Take-out is available. Open for lunchand dinner daily.

HARRY’S SEAFOOD BARAND GRILLE46 Avenida Menendez, St. Augustine, 824-7765Located in a historic, two-storyhouse, this New Orleans-style eateryfeatures fresh seafood, steaks andauthentic dishes like jambalaya,etouffée and popular shrimp. The full-service bar has a daily happy hour.Open for lunch and dinner daily.

HURRICANE PATTY’S ATOYSTER CREEK69 Lewis Blvd., St. Augustine, 827-1822Located at Oyster Creek Marinaeast of U.S. 1, Hurricane Patty’soffers lunch specials and all-you-can-eat dinners. Dine indoors or outon the deck. A full bar is featured.Open daily. Dock space is availablefor boaters, and live music is pre-sented nightly.

JACKIE’S WATER’S EDGESALOON & GRILL8132 Trout River Drive, Northside, 764-0120This Jacksonville institution isexperiencing a complete overhaul— but will still feature localseafood. Jackie’s is scheduled toopen this month.

62 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Page 40: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

KINGFISH GRILL252 Yacht Club Drive, St. Augustine, 824-2111Located at the west end of the VilanoBridge, Kingfish Grill offers casualwaterside dining indoors and out onthe deck. The menu features freshdaily catch, house specialties andsushi, and a kids’ menu is available.A full bar is served, and weekly liveentertainment is featured. Open forlunch and dinner daily.

LULU’S WATERFRONTGRILLE301 N. Roscoe Blvd., Ponte Vedra Beach, 285-0139Located on the IntracoastalWaterway, LuLu’s can be reached byland or water. The menu offers freshseafood, hand-cut steaks, burgersand specialty salads. A full bar isserved. Dine indoors or out on thescreened waterfront porch. A kids’menu and take-out are available.Open daily for lunch and dinner.

MITCHELL’S FISH MARKET5205 Big Island Drive, St. Johns Town Center, 645-3474The ever-changing menu (it’s printedtwice daily) has more than 180 itemsfeatures cedar-roasted Atlanticsalmon, kung pao calamari andseared rare salt-and-pepper tuna. Afull bar is served, and a children’smenu and take-out are available.Open daily for lunch and dinner.

O.C. WHITE’S118 Avenida Menendez, St. Augustine, 824-0808The spirits here aren’t just the bottledkind. O.C. White’s, built in 1791, isreputed to be haunted. Overlookingthe city marina and located in a his-toric, two-story home, O.C. White’sserves fresh local seafood, steak andsautéed specialties. Live music isfeatured nightly. Outdoor dining isfeatured on the patio. Open for dinnerMon. and Tue., for lunch and dinnerWed.-Sun.

PARSONS’ SEAFOODRESTAURANT904 Sixth Ave. S., Jacksonville Beach, 249-0608The Parsons folks are known for theirseafood restaurants, which originatedin Mayport. Shrimp sandwiches arepopular lunch items, and the comboseafood platter is the choice for din-ner. A children’s menu is available,and the full bar offers daily happyhour specials. Open daily.

RAGTIME TAVERN &SEAFOOD GRILL207 Atlantic Blvd., Beaches TownCenter, Atlantic Beach, 241-7877Open more than 25 years, this seafoodrestaurant has received numerousawards in Folio Weekly’s Best of Jaxreaders poll, including Best Brew Pub.Menu items include blackened snapper,sesame tuna and the Ragtime shrimp.There is a full-service bar with a dailyhappy hour and live entertainmentWed.-Sun. Open daily.

THE REEF4100 Coastal Highway, Vilano Beach, 824-8008At this casual oceanfront restaurant,there’s an ocean view from everytable as well as outdoor dining. Themenu features fresh local seafood,steak and daily chef specials. A fullbar is served. Live entertainment isfeatured weekends. Open daily forlunch and dinner, and on Sun. for abuffet champagne brunch.

SAFE HARBOR SEAFOODMARKET & RESTAURANT4378 Ocean St., Mayport Village, 246-4911There’s no doubt the seafood’s fresh— you can see the boats unloadingright from the dock. Whatever SafeHarbor sells in the market — shrimp,oysters, clams and scallops — they’llcook to order. There are tables insideand out on the dock overlooking theconfluence of the St. Johns River andthe Atlantic Ocean. Open Mon.-Sat.

ST. JOHNS SEAFOOD &STEAKS9825 San Jose Blvd., Ste. 1,Mandarin, 338-934914444 Beach Blvd., Ste. 2,Intracoastal, 992-45431403 Dunn Ave., Ste. 21, Northside, 696-10231161 S. Lane Ave., Murray Hill, 378-50507546 Beach Blvd., Regency, 721-48887001 Merrill Road, Ste. 42,Arlington, 745-0304These casual, family-oriented restau-rants specialize in seafood and certi-fied Angus steaks. The shrimpentrées are popular, as are the all-you-can-eat specials. Seniors andchildren select from special menus.Beer and wine are served. Open forlunch and dinner daily.

SALT WATER COWBOYS299 Dondanville Road, St. Augustine Beach, 471-2332Expect a wait at this 46-year-oldrestaurant, which serves tourists andlocals in a turn-of-the-century fishcamp surrounded by saltwatermarshes. Local seafood, ribs andchicken. Open for dinner nightly.

THE SANDOLLARRESTAURANT AND MARINA9716 Heckscher Drive, Ft. George Island, 251-2449Chef/owner Harry Mangini offers aseasonal menu and daily specials,and customers love the snow crablegs and the fresh fish dishes. Eatinside or out on the deck. The full-service bar has a daily happy hour,and there’s live entertainment week-ends, weather permitting. Open dailyfor lunch and dinner.

SANTA MARIA135 Avenida Menendez, St. Augustine, 829-6578Seafood combinations and surf-and-turf are on the menu at this

The brand-new Yucatan Taco Stand in Jacksonville Beach features a salsa bar, an exhibitionkitchen with a tortilla press and a full bar. See listing page 54.

Bite By Bite







Food with Attitude

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Entrée’s$5 – $19

The Local’s Favorite Hangout!Nicknamed “Tastiest spot on Centre”A unique menu with something for everyone.

Steak & Eggs • World Famous Pancakes • Ty’s Country Biscuit Stack • Huevos Rancheros • Diane’s Hollandaise Stack • Curry ChickenPizza• Gourmet Salads • Fish Tacos • Quesadillas • Lasagna • Vegan Black BeanCakes • Cajun Scampi • Shrimp & Grits • Etoufee • Caribbean Tilapia •Jambalaya • Asian Ahi • Hand-Carved Steak • Greek Chicken

Come For Breakfast, Stay For Dinner.You’ll Love Every Single Bite!

House Band is Matt & Ali, you gotta hear it tobelieve it

708 Centre Street Fernandina Beach904-321-1444Open Daily 8 a.m. — 9 p.m.

August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 63

Page 41: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

St. Augustine institution, which hasbeen serving customers at thisbuilt-over-the-bayfront restaurantsince 1954. A full-service bar isoffered, along with an open-airporch. A children’s menu is avail-able. Open for lunch and dinnerdaily, for dinner only Wed.

SEA FAIR1 Anastasia Blvd., St. Augustine, 824-2316Located across the Bridge of Lionsfrom the historic district, the Sea Fairis the oldest family-owned-and-operated restaurant in St. Augustine.Menu items include seafood, primerib and daily specials. Dine indoorsor out. A full bar is served. Open fordinner daily.

SEAFOOD KITCHEN31 Royal Palm Drive (off Atlantic Boulevard), Atlantic Beach, 241-8470Serving up seafood for more than 20years in Atlantic Beach, SeafoodKitchen offers reasonable meals in ano-frills atmosphere. The emphasisis on fresh local seafood prepared toorder, with a wide variety of dishesavailable. Open daily.

SHARKY’S SHRIMP SHACK2450 U.S. 1, St. Augustine, 794-2088This casual eatery offers 19 types ofgrilled and fried shrimp, freshseafood platters, clam rolls andchowders. Dine indoors or outside(where smoking is allowed). Beer andwine are served. Open for breakfast,lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat.

SINGLETON’S SEAFOODSHACK4728 Ocean St., Mayport, 246-4442Just steps from the Mayport ferry,this family-style restaurant has beenserving seafood since the ’60s. Theirchowder has won a Best Chowderaward in Folio Weekly’s Best of Jaxreaders poll. Other customerfavorites include the fried shrimpdinner and the blackened or grilledfish. Dine inside or on the enclosedporch right on the St. Johns River. Afull bar is served. Open for lunch anddinner daily.

SLIDERS SEAFOOD GRILLE218 First St., Beaches TownCenter, Neptune Beach, 246-0881Sliders offers a beach-casual atmos-phere for lovers of fresh fish.Customer favorites include fish tacosand the gumbo dinner. The dessertmenu features Key lime pie and icecream sandwiches. Beer and wineare served. Open nightly.

SNAPPERS SEAFOOD & SPIRITS314 First St. N., Jacksonville Beach, 242-2430This brand new casual seafoodplace serves fresh seafood, includ-ing sesame-seared tuna and pan-seared mahi, as well as burgers,ribeyes and po’boys, crab cakesand wings. A kids’ menu is avail-able. A full bar is served. Dineindoors or out on the deck shrimp,oysters, clams and scallops thepeople-watching is great this timeof year. Open daily.

SOUTH BEACH GRILL45 Cubbedge Road, Crescent Beach, 471-8700Located off A1A, one block south of

the S.R. 206 bridge, this two-storybeachy destination offers casualoceanfront dining and fresh localseafood. Dine indoors or out on thebeachfront deck. A full bar is served,and there’s a weekday happy hour.Open daily.

THE SURF3199 S. Fletcher Ave., Fernandina Beach, 261-5711Oceanfront dining is still possible atThe Surf, inside or out on the deck.The menu features steaks, fresh fish,oysters, shrimp and nightly specials.And there’s a Sunday lobster special.Open daily. Entertainment nightly andweekend afternoons.

WHITEY’S FISH CAMP2032 C.R. 220, Orange Park, 269-4198This authentic fish camp servesgator tail, frog legs and fresh waterriver catfish, as well as traditionalmeals and daily specials on thebanks of Swimming Pen Creek. Arepeat winner for Best Catfish inFolio Weekly’s Best of Jax readerspoll, Whitey’s features a full-serv-ice bar and an outdoor Tiki bar.Live music is presented. Open forlunch Tue.-Sun., dinner daily.

SPANISHCAFÉ SPAIN193 San Marco Ave., St.Augustine, 823-8585Located in a renovated former con-venience store, Café Spain offersauthentic tapas and paella, alongwith a fruit-filled sangria, made-to-order by the pitcher. Flamenco danc-ing is featured Sat. Indoor and out-door dining are available. Open daily,closed Wed.

ESPAÑA RESTAURANT & TAPAS22 S. Fourth St., Fernandina Beach, 261-7700Owners Marina and RobertoPestana serve Old World Spanishand Portuguese cuisine, includingcaracoles (Andalusia-style escargot)and gambas al jerez (shrimp, mush-rooms, onions and garlic sautéedwith sherry and cream). The tapasmenu comprises ceviche andhomemade sangria. Beer and wineare served, and a kids’ menu isavailable. Open daily.

RAMIREZ RESTAURANT1237 Park Ave., Orange Park, 278-9040Ramirez offers a new menu ofCuban/Mexican cuisine, with a vari-ety of Spanish and Mexican dishes,including roast pork, garlic shrimp,fajitas Texanas and bisteksrancheros. Dine indoors or out on thepatio. The full-service bar features adaily happy hour. Open for lunch anddinner daily.

SPECIALTYRESTAURANTS& MARKETSALHAMBRA DINNERTHEATRE12000 Beach Blvd., Southside, 641-1212For 42 years, Alhambra has featuredbuffet dining followed by musicaland comedy productions produced

by Tod Booth. The classic musical“Forever Plaid” runs through August,followed by “The Odd Couple.”Reservations are suggested to guar-antee seating. The dress code iscoat-requested. A full bar is served.Closed Mon.

COZY TEA1029 Park St., Five Points, 329-3964This quaint, cozy tearoom is full ofEnglish charm. Lunch and afternoontea feature scones, soups and a vari-ety of teas. A homemade-style din-ner is served on the first Fri. of eachmonth. Open Tue.-Sun.

GRASSROOTS NATURALMARKET2007 Park St., Riverside, 384-44741915 East-West Parkway, Fleming Island, 541-0009The juice and smoothie bar — locat-ed in the full Grassroots Market —also offers a large selection of 30gourmet cheeses, over 230 beersand 40 organic wines, and naturaland organic items, as well as ready-made grab-n-go meals. Open daily.

JACKSONVILLE SPORTS PUB234 Randolph Blvd., Downtown, 356-6750It’s a sports pub — it’s a party facili-ty — it’s whatever the lessee-for-the-night wants it to be. This spa-cious brick building, located at theSports Complex, houses a full bar.It’s open during most sportingevents, and may be rented for anyoccasion.

THE MELTING POT7860 Gate Parkway, Ste. 101,Southside, 642-4900Participatory dining is the philosophyat The Melting Pot, which offers avariety of fondues — from cheese tochocolate — and entrees rangingfrom filet mignon to ahi tuna. A fullbar is served, and a children’s menuis available. Open nightly.

MINDFUL MENU210-4360, (866) 286-0755, mindfulmenu.comMindFul Menu offers food counseling,cooking instruction, personal chefservices and catering at the Beaches.

NATIVE SUN NATURALFOODS MARKET & DELI10000 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 260-695011030 Baymeadows Road,Baymeadows, 269-2791Fresh, organic ingredients are usedfor healthy lunch and dinner items togo, including wraps, burritos andcold salads. Many vegan and vege-tarian options are available. Indoorand outdoor seating, a kids’ menu, ajuice, smoothie and coffee bar areoffered, and all-natural and organicbeers and wine are available. TheBaymeadows location features a hotbar and free WiFi; the Mandarin storefeatures a chopped salad bar. Best ofJax 2008 winner for Best HealthFood Store. Open Mon.-Sat.

SAN MARCO THEATRE1996 San Marco Blvd., San Marco, 396-4845This historic movie house, offerspizza, nachos, quesadillas, sand-wiches, and beer and wine to adven-turous moviegoers. The theatershows first-run films and offers amidnight movie series

64 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Mandarin’s Best Kept Secret

Page 42: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

Jeff Wright’s decision to open a place to sell hisbaked goods was less a conscious businessmove than capitulation. He’d been baking foryears, never seriously, when he made a red vel-vet cake for a coworker at the Atlanta hospitalwhere he worked at the time. To say it was a hitwould be an understatement. Suddenly,Wright’s cakes were in demand for weddingsand other events. His partner in life and busi-ness Shawn McGuire saw the icing on the wall.

“I’d been saying to him for 10 years, ‘Youneed to open something,’” says McGuire. “’I’mbusting my ass selling real estate, you could bemaking some money selling cakes.’”

Not one to deprive the world of sinfully deli-cious cakes and cookies — or to pass up agreat business opportunity — Wright andMcGuire opened Three Layers, their cozy cof-feehouse-slash-bakery, in Jacksonville’sSpringfield neighborhood.

Sitting in Three Layers’ renovated special-events room — in recent months they’veexpanded to add a wine bar, called The Cellarat Three Layers, as well as an outdoor court-yard — Wright and McGuire are obviouslyproud of the space they’ve created. It’s a hipoasis in one of Jacksonville’s more urbanareas. The couple wants Three Layers to main-tain a homey feel. In fact, up until a couple ofmonths ago, it was their home. They show offwhat used to be the master bath, now open towine bar patrons. The bar area itself used to betheir master bedroom.

Wright and McGuire continue to treat thebusiness like they’re inviting people into theirliving room. Says Wright, “People consider ittheir place because they’re that comfortablehere. People kick off their shoes and crosstheir legs sitting on the leather sofa watching amovie on Saturday.”

Wright’s desserts reflect his coffeehouse’satmosphere — comforting, simple and elegant.

His cakes are unpretentious (no “Ace ofCakes”-style bombast here), frosted, for themost part, in plain white with simple piping.Typically, cakes for sale by the slice include theorange-sicle cake (orange flavored with buttercream icing and vanilla mousse), the lemondream cake (lemon cake with layers of tangylemon curd and butter cream icing), classic redvelvet cake and others.

“The proof is in the taste,” says McGuire.“Jeff’s cakes don’t have to be pretty.” Wrightchimes in, “They are pretty. They’re just simple.”

Besides the cakes, there’s Wright’s now-famous Jeff Squares, his take on Southernfavorite chess pie. Naming desserts aftertheir creators is another Three Layers tradi-tion. “We give credit where credit is due,”says Wright. “There’s my mom’s [chocolatechip] cookies, my dad’s English muffin breadrecipe. Different people have actually donat-ed stuff so we’ve named [them accordingly].My mom’s friend, she has a beach house outon Hutchison Island right above West Palm,she always made these cookies for theladies’ group and stuff, and they’re calledBonnie’s Beach Cookies. Everybody likes thatkind of personalized stuff.”

When the coffeehouse’s business started toslow last summer, Wright and McGuire addedsoups and salads to the restaurant’s lunchrepertoire, and have managed to attract a shareof the downtown lunch crowd. They like thattheir business brings people to Springfield, aneighborhood they’ve loved since they laid eyeson it. In a way, they’re doing their part to changepeople’s perceptions about the neighborhood —which, incidentally, had the lowest crime rate inZone One last year — one cup of coffee, bowlof soup or slice of cake at a time. “Th[at nega-tive] perception of Springfield is so old-school,”says McGuire. “We love it here.” �

Gwynedd Stuart

LET ‘EM EAT CAKEJEFF WRIGHTBaker/owner, Three Layers CoffeehouseSpringfield

ChefProfi le

Bite By Bite

August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 65

A Unique Experience In Old Florida Dining.

Featuring seafood specialites – fried, boiled or steamed “Call Of TheWild Apps” including gator,ostrich, kangaroo, andpython. Raw and steamedoysters on the half shell.Famous 3lb prime rib.

�� On beautiful Julington Creek ��

12909 Hood Landing Rd. 268-fish(3474) full menu at clarksfishcamp.com

Page 43: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

Whether you eat on the patio or at one of the low-slung ottomans inside, The Casbah Café inAvondale exudes Middle Eastern charm, complete with Turkish coffees, belly dancers andhookahs. See listing page 54.

STEAK-OUT8380 Baymeadows Road, Ste. 5,Baymeadows, 733-5343Dine-in quality cuisine delivered toyou — what could be easier? A kids’menu and pick-up are available.Open daily.

TAKE AWAY GOURMET2103 San Marco Blvd.,Jacksonville, 398-6676TAG offers home-cooked prepareddishes and desserts, a fresh saladbar, a selection of wines, beveragesand cheese, grab-and-go lunchitems, homemade frozen meals,frozen yogurt, gourmet grab mealsnightly and two meal specials. Openfor lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat. andfor Sunday brunch.

TURTLE ISLAND NATURALFOODS MARKET363 Atlantic Blvd., Stes. 7 & 8,Atlantic Beach, 246-6400Chef Sean Sigmon and his staffcreate healthful, organic dishesand deli items, made in-house fortake-away. The full-service marketoffers organic produce and fea-tures a bakery with gluten-freeand vegan options. Outdoor seat-ing is available. Open daily.

WHOLE FOODS MARKET10601 San Jose Blvd., Ste. 22,Mandarin, 288-1100Whole Foods offers an expansiveprepared-food department with morethan 100 items at a full-service andself-service hot bar, salad bar, soupbar and dessert bar. Open daily.


BOGEY GRILLE150 Valley Circle, Ponte Vedra, 285-5524

This family-friendly sports bar offerscasual fare, including wings, que-sadillas, chicken and burgers. A fullbar and a kids’ menu are available.Open for lunch and dinner daily.

BOSTON’S RESTAURANT& SPORTSBAR13070 City Station Drive,Northside, 751-7499Located in River City Marketplace,Boston’s serves up a full menu ofsportsbar favorites, including pizzas,till 2 a.m. There are 28 TVs and livemusic every weekend. Dine inside orout on the patio. A full bar is served,and take-out is available. Open daily.

BOX SEATS @ FLEMINGISLAND1605 C.R. 220, Ste. 145, Fleming Island, 637-0152This family-owned-and-operated,kid-friendly sports bar and grillserves daily lunch specials likechicken and dumplings and potroast. A full bar with 14 beers on tapis offered. Take-out is available.There’s a game room, too. Open forlunch and dinner daily.

BUFFALO WILD WINGSGRILL & BAR9550 Baymeadows Road, Ste. 10,Baymeadows, 448-1293311 Blanding Blvd., Ste. 10,Orange Park, 213-0293Along with Buffalo, N.Y.-style wingsfixed up with 14 sauces rangingfrom mild to better-be-ready blazin’,BWW serves up wraps, burgers andribs. A kids’ menu and take-out areavailable, and a full bar is served.Sports are always on the big-screenTVs. Open for lunch and dinner daily.

CHEERS SPORTS BAR & GRILL11475 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 262-43371580 Wells Road, Ste. 1, Orange Park, 269-4855This sports bar serves sandwiches,

grilled chicken wings, steaks andsizzle platters. The full bar offers adaily happy hour. In addition to pooltables and video games, Cheers hasplenty of TVs for viewing games andplaying NTNTrivia. Open for lunchand dinner daily.

DICK’S WINGS9119 Merrill Road, Ste. 19,Arlington, 745-93001004 Dunn Ave., Northside, 757-77277749 Normandy Blvd., Westside, 781-14661540 Wells Road, Orange Park, 269-21223540 U.S. 17 S., Green Cove Springs, 284-77721610 University Blvd. W.,Lakewood, 448-211010391 Old St. Augustine Road,Mandarin, 880-7087100 Gateway Circle, Ste. 103, NWSt. Johns, 824-3793474313 E. S.R. 200, Fernandina Beach, 491-34695545 A1A S., St. Augustine, 461-3305525 S.R. 16, Ste. 101, St. Johns, 825-45402434 Mayport Road, Atlantic Beach, 270-8988410 N. Third St., Jacksonville Beach, 247-373014286 Beach Blvd., Intracoastal, 223-01155972 San Juan Ave., Westside, 693-9258Sporting a NASCAR atmosphere,Dick’s claims 365 varieties and fla-vors of wings. The menu also fea-tures half-pound burgers, ribs andsalads. Beer and wine are served.Takeout is available. Open daily. Bestof Jax 2008 winner for Best Wings.

EIGHT SPORTS LOUNGEThe Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island,4750 Amelia Island Parkway,Amelia Island, 277-1100This contemporary sports loungeoffers billiard tables and multiple







66 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Page 44: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

flatscreen TVs. The menu featuresclassic sports-bar fare, includingburgers, wings and nachos. Extensivebeer and wine lists, along with cock-tails, are available. Open Mon.-Fri. fordinner, for lunch Sat. and Sun.

GATORS DOCKSIDE9680 Argyle Forest Blvd.,Westside, 425-64666677 103rd St., Westside, 777-61358650 Baymeadows Road,Baymeadows, 448-0500For more than 17 years, this sports-themed family restaurant has beenserving a varied menu of grilledwings, ribs, sandwiches and salads.A full bar and take-out are available.Sports are aired on multiple TVs, andTuesday is Kids Night. Open daily.

HURRICANE GRILL& WINGS3055 C.R. 210, Ste. 101, Johns Creek, 230-64455907 Roosevelt Blvd., Ste. 700,Ortega, 573-88384255 S. A1A, St. Augustine Beach, 471-7120This island-themed restaurantoffers more than 35 flavors ofwings, garlic and parmesan fries,firecracker shrimp and burgers. Afull bar is served at the JohnsCreek location; beer and wine atthe Ortega and St. Augustine loca-tions. The beverage cups are madefrom corn and are environmentallysustainable. Open daily.

JERRY’S SPORTS GRILLE13170 Atlantic Blvd., Ste. 22,Intracoastal, 220-6766This family sports grill’s menuincludes hand-cut steaks, wings andhamburgers. A full breakfast isserved Sat. and Sun., featuring bot-tomless mimosas and Bloody Marys.Texas Hold ’Em is featured everyMon., trivia every Tue., and there’smusic outside for Bike Night on Thur.Kids get their own menu and gameroom. A full bar is available. Dineindoors or outside. Open daily.

KICKBACKS910 King St., Riverside, 388-9551This neighborhood hot spot servesbreakfast, lunch and dinner 20 hoursa day, with more than 410 bottledbeers or 60 beers on tap. There’s livemusic five nights a week, and flat-screen TVs dot the interior. A full bar’savailable, happy hour is held Mon.-Fri. A kids’ menu is offered and out-door seating’s available. Open daily.

LILLIAN’S SPORTS BAR & GRILL5393 Roosevelt Blvd., Venetia Plaza, 388-4220This family sports bar serves wings,burgers, salads and sandwiches. TheTVs air sporting events. Open forlunch and dinner daily. Happy hour isheld daily.

THE MUDVILLE GRILLE3105 Beach Blvd., St. Nicholas, 398-43261301 Monument Road, Ste. 1,Arlington, 722-0008The original St. Nicholas location is afamily-oriented sports restaurant serv-ing steaks, wings, oysters and crablegs. Trivia is featured every Thur. withKaraoke every Fri., There are big-screen TVs and three satellite dishesfor sports fans. A full bar is served.Open for lunch and dinner daily.

MVP’S SPORTS GRILLE12777 Atlantic Blvd., Ste. 5,Intracoastal, 221-1090MVP’s offers wings, burgers and sal-ads in a sporty atmosphere. A kids’menu is available, and a full bar isserved. Free pool is featured on Mon.,Texas Hold ’Em is on Sun. and Tue.,Karaoke is held every Thur. and livemusic is featured Fri. and Sat. Sportsare shown on 22 TVs. Open daily.

PARK AVENUE BILLIARDS1580 Park Ave., Orange Park, 215-1557Park Avenue Billiards has 27 billiardtables, a snooker table, dartboards,video games and two coin tables.The grill menu includes burgers,sandwiches and fries. A full bar isserved. Open daily.

PERFECT RACK BILLIARDS1186 Edgewood Ave. S., Murray Hill, 738-7645This family-friendly, non-smoking bil-liards hall offers burgers, deli sand-wiches and chicken wing specials.Take-out and a kids’ menu are avail-able. Free pool is available withlunch 11:30-2 p.m., and kidsyounger than 14 play free (with par-ents) on weekends. Eleven O’Hausenbilliards tables are featured. Beerand wine are served. Happy hour’sheld Mon.-Fri. Open for lunch anddinner Mon.-Sat.

PLAYER’S GRILLE4456 Hendricks Ave., San Marco, 448-6670This sports bar and grill serves burgersand wings, teriyaki stir fry and home-made soups. A full bar is available. Akids’ game room is open (TV moni-tored, so parents can watch), and TVsare situated in all the booths. Opendaily and for brunch Sat. and Sun.

RACK ’EM UP BILLIARDS4268 Oldfield Crossing Drive, Ste.205, Mandarin, 262-40301825 University Blvd. N.,Arlington, 745-0335 This cigar and hookah lounge offers10 billiards tables in Mandarin, 16 inArlington (plus a full kitchen), as wellas shuffleboard and a variety of subsfor the late-night crowd. More than200 imported and domestic beersare featured. Open for dinner nightly.

RACK ’EM UP BILLIARDS III10696 Lem Turner Road, Northside, 765-7945This large sportsbar serves burgers,wings, subs, Philly steak sandwich-es. Beer and wine are served, a kids’game room is available. Rack ’EmUp has 22 pool tables, 14 TVs, two8-foot HDTVs and a hookah lounge.

RED ZONE GRILL3333 Beach Blvd., St. Nicholas, 396-7866This sports bar offers countrycookin’ at lunch, and pizza, wingsand a full menu for dinner. A fullbar is served. Live blues is present-ed every Wed. night. And there’strivia and Karaoke, too.

THE ROADHOUSE231 Blanding Blvd., Orange Park, 264-0611The Roadhouse has been servingdeli sandwiches, wings, burgers andquesadillas for 33 years. Along withsix pool tables, dartboards and TVs(two are big screens), there’s liveentertainment Thur.-Sat. nights. Afull-service bar is served with more

than 75 imported beers. Live musicis featured on the weekends. Openfor lunch and dinner daily.

RONNIE’S WINGS,OYSTERS AND MORE232 Walnut St., Green CoveSprings, 284-4728150 Park Ave., Orange Park, 541-0708Serving a variety of seafood, steaksand wings in a family atmosphere,Ronnie’s offers daily specials, friend-ly service and house specialties.Boat access is available. Open forlunch and dinner daily.

SHARKEY’S WINGS &GRILL12400 Yellow Bluff Road,Northside, 714-0995This family-friendly sports grill fea-tures specials during the week: Mon.night Kids Eat Free, there’s 35-centwings and $1 draft on Tue. night,Texas Hold ‘Em on Wed., family triviaand Karaoke on Thur. and a fish fryon Fri. HDTVs and pool tournamentsare also featured. Open daily.

SNEAKERS SPORTSGRILLE111 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville Beach, 482-10008133 Point Meadows Drive,Baymeadows, 519-0509Sneaker’s offers a full bar (with morethan 20 beers on tap), TV screenscovering entire walls and “cheer-leaders” serving the food. Happyhour is held Mon.-Fri. Open for lunchand dinner daily. Best of Jax 2008winner for Best Sportsbar.

TIME OUT SPORTS GRILL13799 Beach Blvd., Ste. 5,Intracoastal, 223-6999This locally-owned-and-operated grillserves hand-tossed pizzas, wings andspecialty wraps in a clean, sportyatmosphere. A full bar is available,with daily drink specials. A late-nightmenu is offered. Open for lunch anddinner Tue.-Sun., dinner only Mon.

TURN 4 WINGS2245 C.R. 210, Ste. 109, Julington Creek, 829-8181A family-friendly restaurant with aracing theme, Turn 4 Wings offersnumerous flavors of wings, plus sand-wiches. Big-screen TVs show sportingevents. Beer and wine are served.Open daily for lunch and dinner.

WILD WING CAFÉ4555 Southside Blvd., Tinseltown, 998-9464This hoppin’ Tinseltown spot serves33 flavors of wings, as well assoups, sandwiches, wraps, ribs, plat-ters and burgers. A full bar is served.Live music is also featured. Open forlunch and dinner daily.

WINGHOUSE BAR & GRILL9750 Deer Lake Court, Tinseltown, 493-9464WingHouse serves sports bar-stylealong with oversized entrées, burg-ers, giant salads and the unique skin-less baked WingHouse naked wings.A full bar is available. Open daily.

STEAKHOUSESCROSS CREEK850 S. Lane Ave., Westside, 783-957912123 Lem Turner Road, 765-7420This steakhouse offers signature

Bite By Bite

New ManagementNew Hours �� New Menu

Much Lower PricesDaily Lunch, Dinner & Bar Specials

Theme Nights! Every Night a New Deal Concept

Eat or drink your way toward free movie tickets!

1811 Town Center Blvd. �� Fleming Island

visit BluGrotto.com or call 278-7250 for reservations

August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 67

Page 45: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

dishes like cheesy Creek chicken,Ocala sirloin and baby back ribs, aswell as hand-cut steaks andseafood. A kids’ menu and take-outare available, and a full bar isserved. The Lem Tuner locationoffers a daily country buffet. BikeNight is held every Sat. Open daily.

JD’S CHOPHOUSE96098 Lofton Square Court, Yulee, 277-4243Located just off Amelia Island, JD’soffers steaks, chops, seafood and pastain a casual setting. JD’s also serves afull bar, featuring a happy hour. A chil-dren’s menu is available. Open daily.

MILLHOUSE STEAKHOUSE1341 Airport Road,Northside, 741-8722This locally-owned-and-operatedsteakhouse is a favorite amongNorthsiders, serving choice steaksfrom the signature broiler. The menuincludes seafood, chicken, pastadishes and Millhouse gorgonzola,plus homemade desserts. A full barand a children’s menu are available.Live acoustic music is presented onFri. Open for dinner nightly.

MORTON’S, THESTEAKHOUSE1510 Riverplace Blvd.,Jacksonville, 399-3933Morton’s, The Steakhouse specializesin generous portions of USDA primeaged beef as well as fresh fish and lob-ster. The tableside menu presentationfeatures every item described by theserver. A full bar, including an extensivewine list, is served, and take-out isavailable. Open for dinner nightly.

OMAHA STEAKHOUSE9300 Baymeadows Road,Baymeadows, 739-6633With an English tavern atmosphere,this Embassy Suites Hotel’s restau-rant offers private reserve premiumbeef, fresh seafood and sandwiches.The signature 16-ounce bone-in rib-eye is popular, and desserts includecrème brûlée. A full bar is served.Open for lunch and dinner daily.

RUTH’S CHRIS STEAK HOUSE1201 Riverplace Blvd.,Jacksonville Crowne Plaza,Southbank, 396-6200814 A1A, Ste. 103, Ponte Vedra Beach, 285-0014A consistent Best of Jax winner forBest Steaks, Ruth’s Chris servesMidwestern custom-aged U.S.prime beef, cooked in 1,800-degree broilers. Fresh seafood andlive Maine lobster are also on themenu. A full bar is served with anextensive selection of wines.Reservations suggested. Opennightly for dinner.

SHULA’S 347 GRILL10605 Deerwood Park Blvd.,Deerwood, 642-0063Located inside the SheratonJacksonville Hotel, Shula’s 347serves seafood, gourmet saladsand premium Black Angus beef —the same cuts popular at CoachDon Shula’s Steakhouses — in acasual, energetic atmosphere. Achildren’s menu and take-out areavailable. A full bar is served. Openfor dinner nightly.

TEXAS ROADHOUSE550 Blanding Blvd., Orange Park, 213-1000Texas Roadhouse specializes insteaks and ribs, seafood and chops.The atmosphere’s casual and family-friendly. Kids order from their ownmenu. Daily specials are featured,and the full-service bar offers a dailyhappy hour, ice-cold beer and leg-endary margaritas. Open for dinnerMon.-Wed., for lunch and dinnerThur.-Sun.

TREE STEAK HOUSE11362 San Jose Blvd., Ste. 1,Mandarin, 262-0006Named for the iconic oak tree out-side, Tree Steak House lets cus-tomers select cuts of beef tableside,and the menu includes prime rib,filet mignon and fresh catch of theday. The full-service bar has anextensive wine list, and there’s also a

salad bar. Reservations are accept-ed. Open for dinner nightly.

SWEET SPOTSCHEZ LEZAN BAKERYCOMPANY1014 Atlantic Ave., Fernandina Beach, 491-4663European-style breads and pastries,including croissants, muffins andpies are baked daily. Most breadsmade at Chez Lezan are made with-out fat or sugar. Open daily.

CITY KIDZ ICE CREAM CAFÉ1303 N. Main St., Jacksonville, 598-5115This restaurant is dedicated to fos-tering financial literacy in inner-citycommunities. City Kidz does morethan just ice cream, offering sand-wiches (called “tankers”), crabcakes, fruit smoothies and a specialkids’ menu. Open for lunch and din-ner daily.

EDGEWOOD BAKERY1012 S. Edgewood Ave., Murray Hill, 389-8054For more than 61 years, EdgewoodBakery has been serving fresh break-fast pastries, petit fours and pies. Theline is long on Saturday mornings,but the wait pays off. An espressoand pastry café serves sandwiches,crepes, smoothies and soups. Openfor breakfast and lunch Mon.-Sat.

FUNARI’S ITALIANCREAMERY1232 Beach Blvd., Beach Plaza,Jacksonville Beach, 247-7787Gelato is Italian for ice cream, andFunari’s Italian Creamery has the realthing. Made-fresh-daily gelato andsorbetto are featured. Open daily.

LEE’S ICE CREAM299 Atlantic Blvd., Ste. 2, Atlantic Beach, 339-04421620 Margaret St., Ste. 205,Riverside, 674-2763Lee’s offers more than 25 ice

Located on cobbled Aviles Street in St. Augustine, Cellar 6 Art Gallery & Wine Bar exhibitslocal art and an international array of fine wines and light bistro-style fare. See listing page 71.

Bite By Bite

68 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Page 46: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

RIVERSIDE • 1526 King St. • 384-8722JULINGTON CREEK • 116 Bartram Oaks Walk • 230-2171

SAN MARCO • 1959 San Marco Blvd. • 399.8815BAYMEADOWS • 3928 Baymeadows Rd. • 527.8649

5 POINTS • 920 Margaret St. • 598.1212

MONDAY NIGHT SPECIALFamily Night, 16” 2-topping pizza, largesalad (Greek/Antipasto/ Caesar) and anorder of chicken wings.Dine-In only. No substitutions.

Pasta Night, your choice of (Spaghetti/Baked Ziti/Ravioli/Tortellini/Stuffed Shells/Manicotti) served with salad & GarlicBread. Dine-In only. No substiutions.





Not valid with Monday and Tuesday specials. With this coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior purchases.

Offer expires. 8/31/09

Pizza Palace



Not valid with Monday or Tuesday specials. Must order from the entréeselection on menu with this coupon.

Not valid with other offers or prior purchases. Offer expires 8/31/09.

Pizza Palace

August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 69

Page 47: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

cream flavors — Mom’s Apple Pie,toasted coconut and caramel truffleswirl — along with malts, sundaesand waffle cones. And get this:Lee’s is the originator of Oreo icecream. Open daily.

LET THEM EAT CAKE!3604 St. Johns Ave., Ste. 2,Avondale, 389-2122This artisan bakery serves coffee,croissants and muffins in the earlymorning, then cupcakes, pastriesand individual desserts throughoutthe day. Whole cakes are made-to-order. Open Tue.-Sat.

LULI’S CUPCAKES35 San Marco Ave., Ste. 2, St.Augustine, 824-5280The cupcakes, baked fresh daily,include Grandma’s Coconut, FireEngine Red Velvet, What’s Up Doc(carrot cake) and Funky Monkey,banana and chocolate chip cakewith milk chocolate frosting. Mini-cupcakes are also available. OpenMon.-Sat.

SMOOTHIE KING363 Atlantic Blvd., Atlantic Beach, 242-29931230 Third St. S., Jacksonville Beach, 246-633613457 Atlantic Blvd., Ste. 1,Intracoastal, 221-129913770 Beach Blvd., Intracoastal, 821-168810400 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 886-19911601 Riverside Ave., Riverside, 389-00111835 U.S. 1 S., Ste. 113, St. Augustine, 825-67704624 Town Crossing Drive, Ste. 119, UNF, 996-28899810 Baymeadows Road, Ste. 4,642-1777Smoothie King offers nutritional,tasty meal replacements and snack-ing alternatives — in other words, avariety of smoothies as well as sup-plements, vitamins and fat-freegoods. Best of Jax 2008 winner forBest Smoothie. Open daily.

3 SISTERS’ CHOCOLATEBAR & BAKERY9965 San Jose Blvd., Mandarin, 262-9122A destination for chocolate lovers, 3Sisters features handmade chocolateconfections. The family-owned shopoffers original creations including 5-inch high cupcakes and chocolatedrinks. Open Mon.-Sat.

YOGABERRY10275 Buckhead Branch Drive, St.Johns Town Center, 641-2883544 Marsh Landing Parkway, Ste. 1,Ponte Vedra, 280-9652These popular frozen yogurt shopsoffer fat-free frozen yogurt (madewith organic milk) with a choice oftoppings — including fruit cut freshdaily — at 25 calories a serving.

THAIASIAN PARADISE302 S.R. 312, Riverside Center, St. Augustine, 824-6461Asian Paradise serves SoutheastAsian cuisine — Thai, Cambodianand vegetarian — in a comfy, casualatmosphere. Dishes may be made toorder, spicy or mild. Open Mon.-Sat.

ASIAN THAI PALACE4010 U.S. 1, St. Augustine, 797-1622Authentic Thai dishes include sizzlingmussels, toam kha gai (chicken andveggies with coconut milk), mussa-mum curry duck and several vege-tarian choices. Take-out and a kids’menu are available. Open for lunchand dinner daily.

BASIL THAI & SUSHI1004 Hendricks Ave., San Marco, 674-0190Basil Thai serves fresh sushi andauthentic Thai cuisine, including gin-ger-infused salad, classic Pad Thai,all curry dishes, ebi roll, sashimi anddaily specials. Beer and wine areserved. Open for lunch Mon.-Fri., fordinner Mon.-Sat.

FU HAO BISTRO1001 Park St., Five Points, 798-8686A new taste of Asian fusion, Fu Haofocuses on serving delicate blends ofThai, Chinese and other regionalinfluences in an upscale setting.Beer, wine and sake are served, withmeals or at the large bar. Take-out isavailable. Open for lunch and dinnerMon.-Fri., for dinner Sat. and Sun.

GALANGAL RESTAURANT145 Hilden Road, Nocatee, 827-1150Located along U.S. 1 in growingnorthern St. Johns County, Galangaloffers upscale, modern Thai cuisineinfused with Hawaiian flavors amidsophisticated decor. Specialtiesinclude lemongrass-rubbed filetmignon with lump blue crab andfried rice. A full bar is served. Openfor dinner Mon.-Sat.

GREEN PAPAYA13141 City Station Drive,Northside, 696-8886Located in River City Marketplace,this restaurant features a Pan-Asianmenu, specializing in Thai cuisineserved in a contemporary atmos-phere. Dine in or take out. Beer andwine are served. Dress is casual-upscale. Open daily.

LEMONGRASS9846 Old Baymeadows Road,Baymeadows, 645-9911Lemongrass offers innovative Thaicuisine in a hip, metropolitanatmosphere. Chef Aphayasane’screations include crispy wholesnapper with pineapple curryreduction, but the customerfavorite is “The Amazing.”Reservations are recommended. Anextensive beer and wine selectionis served. Open for lunch Mon.-Fri.,for dinner Mon.-Sat.

LIME LEAF9822 Tapestry Park Circle, Stes. 108 & 109, Southside, 645-8568

Located in downtown Jacksonville, Zodiac Grill serves Mediterranean cuisine and Americanfavorites, along with panini, vegetarian dishes and hookahs. See listing page 42.


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70 FOLIO WEEKLY August 11-17, 2009

Page 48: Folio Byte by Byte 2009

Lime Leaf offers authentic Thai cui-sine, from fresh papaya salad topad Thai. Desserts include mangosweet rice. Beer and wine areserved, and limited delivery is avail-able. Open Mon.-Fri. for lunch; fordinner Mon.-Sat.

PATTAYA THAI GRILLE9551 Baymeadows Road, Ste. 1,Baymeadows, 646-9506A multiple winner of Best ThaiRestaurant in Folio Weekly’s Best ofJax readers poll, Pattaya Thai offersa variety of new menu items,including curries, seafood, noodlesand soups. A video screen displaysthe open Thai kitchen, so you canwatch your order being prepared.An extensive menu of traditionalThai, vegetarian and new-Thai isavailable. Open for lunch Mon.-Fri.,for dinner Mon.-Sat. Closed Sunday.

SALA PHAD THAI1716 Third St. N., Jacksonville Beach, 246-7490This new casual Thai restaurantfeatures extensive lunch and dinnermenus, including spring rolls,seafood clay pot, fried squid, beefwith oyster sauce, prig pow and avariety of curried dishes. It’s vegan-friendly, too, offering bean curddelight, and Thai noodles and veg-gies. Open daily.

TASTE OF THAI4317 S. University Blvd.,Jacksonville, 737-9009This unassuming storefront servesup some of the city’s most authenticThai food with quick, affordablelunches and intimate, satisfying din-ners. Open daily for lunch, Mon.-Sat. for dinner.

THAI GARDEN10 Blanding Blvd., Ste. B, Orange Park, 272-8434Thai Garden offers traditional Thaimenu items, including pad krawpowh with roasted duck and kaengkari (yellow curry with potatoes anda choice of meat). Fine wines, andimported and domestic beers areavailable. Open for lunch Mon.-Fri.;for dinner nightly.

THAI PALACE9965 San Jose Blvd., Ste. 35,Mandarin, 880-5363This family-owned restaurant is afavorite for business lunches anddate dinners alike, featuring spe-cialties like shrimp himapan andmany curry dishes. A customerfavorite is sweet Thai tea. Beer andwine are served. Dine-in or take-out. Open Mon.-Fri. for lunch, dailyfor dinner.

THAI ROOM1286 S. Third St., Jacksonville Beach, 249-8444Popular with the locals, Thai Room

serves traditional Thai food. ChefVenith Yatajao prepares crispy duck,snapper ladna and drunken noodleswith shrimp. The wine list featuresmore than 30 wines by the glass,and beer is served. Dine in, takeout. Open for lunch Mon.-Fri., fordinner Mon.-Sat. Best of Jax 2008winner for Best Thai Cuisine.

VEGETARIANMANATEE CAFÉ525 S.R. 16, Ste. 106, Westgate Plaza, St. Augustine, 826-0210Manatee Café serves organic, vege-tarian meals. Owner/chef CherylCrosley prepares veggie omelets,tofu Reubens, miso and hummusand tabouli. The Health Food Marketoffers the same ingredients used inthe cafe’s dishes. Open daily. Bestof Jax 2008 winner for BestVegetarian Cuisine.

THE PRESENT MOMENT CAFÉ224 W. King St., St. Augustine, 827-4499The Present Moment Café servesorganic, vegan and vegetariandishes, pizza, pastas, hummus andmilkshakes — all prepared with-out meat, dairy or an oven.Organic beer and wine are avail-able. Takeout’s available, andthere’s an organic deli next door.Open for breakfast, lunch and din-ner Mon.-Sat.

SHAKTI LIFE KITCHEN51 Pine St., Atlantic Beach,247-7116This organic vegan café featuresfresh juices and smoothies, falafel,pizza and vegan ice cream — allprepared without cooking or heatinganything above 118 degrees. Grab-n-go snacks are available, and theyoga studio upstairs adds toShakti’s healthful, holistic approach.Open Mon.-Sat.

WINE & MARTINIBARSCELLAR 6 ART GALLERY & WINE BAR6 Aviles St., St. Augustine, 827-9055A new addition to St. Augustine’snightspots, Cellar 6 exhibits local artand an international array of finewines, Wolfgang Puck coffees,hand-made desserts and lightbistro-style fare. Open Mon.-Sat.

THE GRAPE10281 Midtown Parkway, Ste.119, St. Johns Town Center,

642-7111The Grape offers more than 145wines, along with a tapas menu ofgourmet fare to pair with the winelist. Open daily.

THE GROTTO2012 San Marco Blvd., San Marco, 398-0726Serving a varied tapas menu, thisupscale wine bar features a list withmore than 75 wines by the glass.Open Tue.-Sun. Wine tastings everyThur. Eight-time Best of Jax winnerfor Best Wine Selection.

ISLAND GIRL WINE &CIGAR BAR7860 Gate Parkway, Ste. 115,Southside, 854-6060108 First St., Neptune Beach, 372-0943Both of these smoking establish-ments features a walk-in humidor.The Southside location pairs appe-tizers with more than 25 wines andports by the glass, and a full bar isserved. More than 220 wines by thebottle, as well as 28 draft beers andbottled beer, and wine flights, arefeatured. Open daily.

POPPY LOVE SMOKE 112 E. Adams St., 355-0891A cigar humidor and a wide selectionof wines draw a chill downtown crowdto this new hangout, just a few doorsfrom London Bridge. Open daily.

SANGRIAS TAPAS &PIANO BAR35 Hypolita St., St. Augustine, 827-1947Spanish-style cuisine and eight dis-tinct varieties of homemade sangriaare served in this hip, historicspace. The balcony overlooks busySt. George Street. Open daily.

WALKERS2692 Post St., Riverside, 894-7465Riverside’s newest wine bar, locat-ed at the corner of Post and Kingstreets, has an urban lounge feeland a laid-back vibe. The uniquearchitectural ambiance echoes thehistoric neighborhood environs,and a light tapas menu is served,along with an extensive wine listand beer selections. Open Tue.-Sat.for dinner.

THE WINE BAR320 N. First St., Jacksonville Beach, 372-0211This casual neighborhood wine barfeatures a tapas style menu, fire-baked flatbreads and a wide selec-tion of wines. Live music is present-ed Wed.-Sat. and board games areoffered. Open Tue.-Sun.�

Compiled by Marlene Dryden

Bite By Bite

August 11-17, 2009 FOLIO WEEKLY 71