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This gives info on the new Obama Series painted by Nepali signboard painters in honor of our new president, Barack Obama.

Text of Folk Art Obamas

created enamel on aluminum paintings in the style of hand-painted billboards (signboards)

Danger Dogs from Nepal Folk Art from the Himalayas

For Immediate Release: January 8, 2009 Danger Dogs from NepalMichelle Page of Santa Monica is pleased to announce the Obama Series 23 folk art portraits of Barack Obama painted on metal by 10 Nepali artists in the style of hand-painted signboards.

The captions include Enlightened President, Green President and Gobama. Given a choice of photos from which to paint -- from Shephard Faireys iconic images to Obamas official Senate photo -- the artists chose which images they would paint, and were given free rein to interpret their signboards with their own palette.

The Nepali artists have a long tradition of portrait painting of political figures. Literally every shop in Nepal had a hand-painted portrait of the Nepali King up until the recent deposition of King Gyendra in April, 2008.

The Obama series is an expansion of Pages Danger Dogs project helping Nepali signboard artists survive the onslaught of digital technology. Until very recently, all signs in Nepal were hand-painted on metal, but computer imagery has replaced this tradition. Over 1000 signboards have been commissioned to date.

The Obama Series is currently available at the Santa Monica Museum of Art. They are also on view at

Contact: Michelle Page 310-828-7745

You can read more about the Danger Dogs Project at

Contact Michelle at: 310-828-7745