Fourth Form End of Year Exams, Summer 2017 Revision Topics ??2017-05-26Fourth Form End of Year Exams, Summer 2017 . Revision Topics by Subject with Links to Firefly Resources . Art . No end of year exam . Biology

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<ul><li><p>Fourth Form End of Year Exams, Summer 2017 </p><p>Revision Topics by Subject with Links to Firefly Resources </p><p>Art </p><p>No end of year exam </p><p>Biology </p><p>Revision links to the following exam topics: </p><p> Organisms in the Environment Co-ordination and Response Cell Structure and Movement into and out of cells Gas Exchange Respiration Classification Biological Molecules and Diet Digestion Enzymes Photosynthesis </p><p> Definitions Fourth Form Scheme of Work </p><p>Boys have also been directly emailed with information by Mr Beale. </p><p>Chemistry </p><p>Revision links to: </p><p> Matters and Atoms Atomic Structure Acids and Bases Oxygen and Hydrogen Periodic Table Bonding Chemical Analysis Reactivity Series Mole Calculations Organic Chemistry 1 - Alkanes and Alkenes Organic Chemistry 2 Alcohols Rates Energy Changes Equilibrium Electrochemistry </p><p></p></li><li><p>DT </p><p> Computer-Aided-Design Visual Communication Workshop Skills </p><p>Drama </p><p>Assessment via Practical Performance in lessons </p><p>English </p><p>Revision links to: </p><p> Section A: Studied Literature o One analytical essay about a text you have studied. o Closed text exam o Summer 2017 texts are as follows: </p><p> Miss Betterton's Classes: Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti Mrs Di Niro's Class: The Woman in Black by Susan Hill Mr Grimshaw's Class: Shane by Jack Schafer Mr Hopton's Class: Poetry of Place Mrs Smith's Class: The Woman in Black by Susan Hill Miss Van Heerden's Class: Journey's End by R.C. Sherriff </p><p> Section B: Writing o Write a story or atmospheric description based upon a given title. </p><p>French </p><p>Summary link to: </p><p> Ask and give opinion about the internet/someone, and justify it Describe a visit to a friend Name parts of the body Talk about your sporting routine/healthy habits Talk about jobs and qualities needed for specific jobs Talk about what I used to do Talk about future plans Talk about holiday: where you went, what you did Include opinions Ideal holiday Grammar </p><p>o Present tense o Direct object pronouns o Adjective agreements o Near future o Perfect tense </p><p></p></li><li><p>o Il faut + infinitive o Irregular verbs o Modal verbs o Reflexive verbs </p><p>Geography </p><p>Overall summary with links to: </p><p> Hostile Environments o Hot Deserts o Tropical Rainforests o Cold Environments </p><p> UK Physical Landscapes and Rivers </p><p>German </p><p>Revision links to: </p><p> Personal description (looks, personality), family relationships, chores daily routine, describing past activities, times and dates, celebrations &amp; festivals, making </p><p>excuses media (TV, music, cinema, literature), Sports and hobbies, weather, talking about future </p><p>plans Grammar (for all of the units): </p><p>o tenses: present tense (including strong and irregular verbs as covered), perfect tense, future tense, modal verbs. Some verbs in the imperfect would be good (war, hatte, gab) </p><p>o structures: inversion, use of weil, linking sentences together o cases: nominative and accusative </p><p>History </p><p>Revision links to: </p><p> US leisure boom of the 1920s: o jazz, cinema, radio, sport. </p><p> Changes for women in the 1920s (optional question) </p><p>Latin </p><p>Revision links to: </p><p> For GCSE Latinists: o Short Translation o Comprehension o Sentences </p><p> For non-GCSE Latinists o Translation o Comprehension o Ancient History questions </p><p></p></li><li><p>Maths </p><p>Links and Revision materials to: </p><p> Multiples, factors, primes, roots, square numbers Mean, mode, median, range Simplifying algebraic expressions including algebraic fractions Decimals addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, money problems Probability, probability spaces, and tree diagrams Angle facts including triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons Scatter graphs and correlation including lines of best fit Standard form including calculations Substitution into a formula Change the subject of a formula Exact Trigonometric Values Simultaneous equations Conversions between units Solving linear equations Place value Fractions and Mixed Numbers equivalent, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, </p><p>fraction of a quantity Equations of straight lines plotting, gradient and y intercept, parallel lines Product of prime Factors, LCM, HCF using Venn Diagram method Area and perimeter Indices Inequalities solving and number lines Pythagoras Trigonometry Percentages, reverse percentages, compound depreciation Factorising including quadratic equations </p><p>Music </p><p>Revision links to: </p><p> Music of the Baroque period Music of the Classical period Folk/fusion (Skye Waulking Song and Indian music) Rock and Pop music 20th Century music (Shostakovich 5th Symphony) </p><p>Physics </p><p>Revision links to: </p><p> Experimental Physics Energy Forces </p><p></p></li><li><p>RE </p><p>Revision links to: </p><p> Christian Theology Ethics </p><p>o Sports Ethics o Business Ethics </p><p> Philosophy of Religion </p><p>Spanish </p><p>Revision links to: </p><p> Describing yourself and others Food and drink Clothes Holidays Going out School and identity Where youre from School Where you live Going places </p><p> Grammar: </p><p>o Present o Preterite o Imperfect o Future o Radical changers and reflexives o Key verbs, including irregulars o Adjectival agreement o Masculine and feminine nouns o Reflexive </p></li></ul>


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