Fun with English YuanCaihong from Putou Middle School

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  • Fun with EnglishYuanCaihong from Putou Middle School

  • A a E e I i O o U u

  • CONTENTS2. E e 3. I i 1. A a 4. O o 5. U u PracticePracticePracticePracticePracticeLearnLearnLearnLearnLearn

  • Group these words cake face nameapplebagmap

  • [ei] name cake face apple map bag[]

  • A a[ei][][ei]

  • Group these words bed mependeskweshe

  • [i:] we she me bed pen desk[ e ]

  • Ee[i:][ e ][i:]

  • Group these words hi kitebigbikethisit

  • [ai] hi bike kiteit big this[ i ]

  • Ii[ai][ i ][ai]

  • Group these words boxlockerorangenosehomephoto

  • [u] home nose photoorange box lockerc[ ]

  • Oo[u][ ][u]c

  • Group these words busunderstudentcupcutemusic

  • cute music student bus cup under[ju:][ ]v

  • Uu[ju:][ ][ju:]v

  • PracticeFollow me[ei][]Follow mecakehavecanplacebabymaketakeblackmanymapcake take baby make placemany map black have can

  • PracticeCan you find out the different wordsheepseventreedeskbedChinesethreegetChineseseven

  • PracticePlease find your friends.

  • Practice ( ) 1hope Coke clock( ) 2so go box( ) 3those socks teapot( ) 4hold lock cold( ) 5on OK oldC A B CCABA

  • PracticePlease think of the words with the letter u that pronounce or [ju:][ ]v

  • Read loudlyA a [ei] []E e [ i:] [ e ]I i [ai] [ i ]O o [u] [ ]U u [ju:] [ ]v c

  • Lets enjoy the time.

  • Listen and find me hug bed kite take coke milk cute orange fat doctor umbrella

  • [i:]The lady takes a bag in her hand.

    She gets a pet from Ted.

    This is a big kite. Its behind the bike.

    A photo of Dodo is on the box.

    The cute student puts a duck on the bus.[ei][][ e ][ai][ i ][u]c[ ][ ]v [ju:]