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  • 30 J. S. N. International, December 2014

    Organized by the Taiwan TextileFederation (TTF) and under the aus-pices of the Bureau of Foreign Trade,Ministry of Economic Affairs, the18th Taipei Innovative Textile Appli-cation Show (TITAS) was held fromOctober 15 to 17, 2014 at the TaipeiWorld Trade Center Nangang Exhi-bition Hall. A total of 367 exhibitors,coming from 11 countries and re-gions including Taiwan, Japan, SouthKorea, United States, the Nether-lands, Singapore, Switzerland, Swe-den, Vietnam, China and Hong Kong,presented their latest products at theShow. The largest ever show scaleplus a steadily recovering interna-tional economy already promises abusy and vibrant business atmo-sphere ahead.

    Fervent participation fromdomestic and internationalvendors

    In addition to major players inTaiwans textile industry, such asFormosa Plastic (Formosa Chemicals& Fibre, Nan Ya Plastics, FormosaTaffeta, Formosa Plastic), Far East-ern New Century, Eclat Textile, TriOcean Textile, Tex-Ray Industrial,Singtex Industrial, Fabric King andKingwhale Industrial, renowned ma-chine maker Paul Long Machineryand digital printer brand Epson Tai-wan, as well as the members fromtotal 18 textile and apparel relatedorganizations representing up todown-stream sectors in the textileproduction chain are all in the localexhibitors list.

    On the oversea part, a large propor-tion of vendors are from Japan, SouthKorea, and China. TITAS this yearwelcomed visiting delegations fromThai Garment Manufacturers Asso-ciation, Istanbul Textile and ApparelExporter Association, All NipponNonwovens Association, Japan Tex-tile Machinery Association, and Na-tional Council of Private RomanianSMEs (CNIPMMR), among others. World-class innovative textiles

    Functional, Eco-friendly and Fashion

    Topnotch Textiles Featured at TITAS 2014

    from TaiwanTITAS has well established itself

    as the ideal platform for innovativetextiles. The Show this year featurescomfortable, lightweight, breathable,

    The scenes of TITAS 2014

  • J. S. N. International, December 2014===31

    dust-proof, stain-resistant, odor-free,and temperature-regulating includingheat-proof and cooling textiles. Onthe eco front, non-toxic, sustainable,biodegradable, safely processed andPFOS-free materials will be accen-tuated. In addition, fashion fabricsincorporating performance as well asfinishing technologies for function-ality are two focal points not to bemissed.

    Some of the latest products andtechnologies featured at TITAS 2014from Taiwans exhibitors include:- Formosa Plastics Group presented

    its exhibits around the themeGreen Technologies for Innova-tive Fashion to show the groupscommitment to a greener life.

    - Far Eastern New Century dis-played its advanced sustainablepolyester materials.

    - Eclat showcased its premium qual-ity functional knitted fabrics.

    - A leader in the R&D of eco tex-tiles, Texray presented textiles ful-filling the functional needs in mod-ern life.

    - Singtex demonstrated more newapplications of its famous bio-friendly S.Caf yarn.

    - Tri Ocean highlighted its quickmoisture-transferring polypropy-lene filament yarn DreamFel.

    - Fabric King presented its 3D-struc-ture fabric, 2.5-layered print fab-ric, and the new thermal change &photoreceptor technology appliedon textile.

    - Kingwhale introduced advancedmoisture-wicking fabric, tempera-ture- controlling yarn, and light-ab-sorbing and heat-emitting yarn.

    - Everlight Chemical recommendedits high performance PU functionaladhesives Evereco.

    - Sheico Group illustrated its corecompetence in neoprene technol-ogy.

    - Solis displayed a variety of fabricsfor outdoor and functional wear.

    - Sunny Lace exhibited colorful andquality laces made with exquisitecraftsmanship.

    Business meetings with high

    TITAS 2014 (Taipei InnovativeTextile Application Show) was heldat the Taipei World Trade CenterNankang Exhibition Hall for 3 daysfrom October 15.

    The exhibition space is 15,120 m2and 367 companies joined the exhi-bition. About 32,000 visitors gath-ered from 47 countries. The contractsm a d e a t t h e s i t e r e a c h e dUS$2,400,000 and the prospectivecontracts within 1 year of the showwere US$66,000,000. Notice that theTITAS 2015 will be held in Taipei,Taiwan for 3 days from September30 to October 2.

    On the highlights of the latestTITAS and the present situation ofTaiwanese textile industry, TTF (Tai-wan Textile Federation) secretary

    TITAS 2014

    Collective Exhibition of Leading-Edge

    Technology Based New Items

    added benefits

    In the nearly one thousand businessmeetings organized for TITAS 2014,more than 80 international brandsand retailers, including the first tim-ers Burberry and Coach, will haveface-to-face business talks with ex-hibitors. Representatives of otherfashion brands from Victorias Secretand Jones New York from the U.S.,Hope from Brazil, Lily from Chinaalso was present.

    TITAS is an especially importantsourcing occasion for sports, outdoorand casual apparel brands. This yearwe saw buyers from Speedo PVH,the North Face and Tommy Bahamafrom the U.S., Roots from Canada,Adidas and Alpargatas from Brazil,Peak Performance from Sweden,Helly Hansen from Norway, Salewafrom Italy, Scott from Switzerland,O'neill from the Netherlands, Milletfrom France, Mountain Equipmentfrom the U.K., Globetrotter andVaude from Germany, Red Fox fromRussia, Mont-Bell from Japan, K2,LS Networks and Youngone fromSouth Korea, Kathmandu from New

    Zealand, and Ozark Gear from China.

    Seminars and presentations15 seminars and product & technol-

    ogy presentations are arranged thisyear. Topics cover new textiles, de-velopment in functional fashion tex-tiles, trends in digital prints, energy/resources management in textile in-dustry, etc.

    Committed to help lead the indus-try towards zero discharge of hazard-ous chemicals, ZDHC will be hold-ing the TITAS-ZDHC Taipei Fo-rum at TITAS for the first time. Theforum provides a rare opportunity tobe involved in discussions on suchan important issue and should not bemissed out.

    TITAS 2015 in TaipeiEarlier than the usual dates, TITAS

    2015 will be held from September 30to October 2 at the Taipei WorldTrade Center Nangang ExhibitionHall. Many new trends are nowemerging in the global textile indus-try and market, and we can alreadyexpect to see more innovations nextyear!

    TTF (Taiwan Textile Federation) secretarygeneral Mr. Justin Huang

    general Mr. Justin Huang commentedas follows.

  • 32 J. S. N. International, December 2014

    As a joint project with Nike, 3 Tai-wanese companies (Far Eastern NewCentury, Formosa Taffeta and EclatTextile) are moving toward mass pro-duction in the water-free dyeing fac-tory based on the leading-edge tech-nology. In this water-free dyeing, awater-free feature has been realizedby substituting supercritical carbondioxide for water. Due to this fea-ture, eco-friendly textile productionhas been made possible. This is theworlds first attempt and has drawnindustrys attention as an epoch-mak-ing manufacturing process.

    Also the visitors attention atTITAS was drawn by the worldsmost lightweight fabric. Its filamentwas developed by FCFC (FormosaChemicals and Fiber Corporation)and the woven fabric was developedby Formosa Taffeta. Both companiesbelong to Formosa Plastic Group.The filament is of 5 denier and thefabric weighs 25 g/SQM, meaning anultra-light weight.

    On the other hand, there was anitem developed by combination ofLED and textile about which manyvisitors talked. This item was in-vented by Taiwanese fabric mill, Fab-ric King. The item was demonstratedthrough its application to a rescuejacket. The rescue jacket automati-cally turns on LED light when soakedin water. Light emitting power de-rives from water. And, New WideGroup in Taiwan made Germanteams uniform for World Cup ofFIFA 2014, and the team won thechampionship.

    During TITAS session, worldsleading sportswear brands and retail-ers, 20 companies in total organizeda forum for ZDHC (Zero Dischargeof Hazardous Chemicals) and de-clared the implementation of zerodischarge of hazardous chemicals inall-textile manufactured by 2020.Also on October 14 during the showsession, Mr. Sung from the SouthKoreas biggest-scale apparel com-pany Youngone opened a new liaisonoffice in Taipei in order to build up amore effective sourcing business inTaiwan and their offshore facility. Al-most all leading textile mills in Tai-

    wan were invited to be present at theopening.

    Sporting goods manufacturer Nikeuses Taiwanese-made fabrics by 40%in all the fabrics of its apparel prod-ucts. For Nike, Taiwan is the coun-try of the number 1 fabric supplier inthe world. Charm of Taiwanese tex-tile lies in that this country releasesnew products based on leading-edgetechnology such as functional textileevery season. Therefore, Taiwan hasgiven benefits to retailers and con-sumers alike. Taiwanese textile isadvantageous due to integrated tech-nology for fiber, filament, fabric andapparel. For Taiwanese textile indus-try, approach to sportswear and out-door wear is now very important, butapproach to functional fashion wearhaving a higher value-added will be-come important in the future.

    Introduced below are highlights atTITAS 2014 and new products ofTaiwanese leading textile companiesthere.

    Formosa Plastics GroupIn 2014, TITAS, Formosa Plastics

    Groups exhibition theme is GreenTech. Lead Fashion that emphasizeson exceptional technology, high-value delicate textile and fabric prod-ucts as well as the determination ofgreen energy life.

    In 2014, TITAS, Formosa PlasticGroup Hall is the joint efforts ofFormosa Chemicals and Fibre Cor-poration, Formosa Petrochemical,Nan Ya, and Formosa Taffeta. TheHall consists of eight theme areas:Airy Chic, Eco Life, FunctionalOutdoor, Trendy Sports, Techni-cal Textiles, Beauty Fashion,Vitailty, and Rhythm, that presenta full range of main products in fash-ion, sports, outdoors, and industrialmaterial applications. At the sametime, the newest yarn and materialdevelopment has also been exhibited.The Formosa Plastics Group pro-duces eight fabrics for textile produc-tion: Cotton Spinning Fiber,Rayon Fiber, Polyamide Fiber,Polyacrylonitrile Fiber, PolyesterFiber, Acrylic Fiber, Carbon Fi-ber, and Elastic Fiber. Formosa

    Taffeta incorporates eight majortypes of fibers for its Formosa Taf-feta Finished Fabric. The visit toFormosa Plastics Group Hall, youcan be updated with the innovativefashion textiles made of seven typesof fibers as well as the image ofFormosa Plastics Group series prod-ucts that are made of integrated greentechnology, environmental concept,and exceptional quality.

    Exhibition features of FormosaPlastics Group in 2014 TITAS:

    Formosa Chemicals and FibreCorporation

    Formosa Chemicals and FibreCorporations PP is manufacturedwith newest Japanese CHISSOmanufacturing method that enablesfiber class PP to have the features ofhigh crystallization and narrow dis-tribution of molecular weight. It isgood for the application to PP fineDenier multifilament, PP/PE com-posite cotton, and non-woven fabric,the mainstream of industrial materialwith high quality recognized by bothdomestic and international custom-ers.

    Formosa Chemicals and Fibre Cor-poration has successfully developedRayon Cotton Formotex with highmoisture transition coefficient and isnow the worlds second stable massproducer that fits the quality require-ment of ISO 2076 Moda standardwith high strength and moisture tran-sition coefficient to give textile goodstability and dying feature to ensuresoftness, comfort, colorfulness, andsuspension, the best selection forfashion apparels and high class lei-sure wear.

    Formosa Chemicals and FibreCorporations permanent flame retar-dant rayon fiber uses environmentallyfriendly natural trees as the ingredi-ent. The adoption of Formotex ModalFiber Manufacturing Process ensuresthe high strength and flame resistanceof fiber after adding fire retardants.Fire retardants in the fiber will notdisappear due to washing or abrasion.With the high absorptivity, fire retar-dant wear maintains comfort and per-meability. At the burning temperature

  • J. S. N. International, December 2014===33

    of fiber >450C, the fiber does notcontract or deform and carburizationzone will form on the surface of fi-ber as the barrier for continuous re-action with combustibles.

    Leading its counterparts, FormosaChemicals and Fibre Corporationlaunched nylon ultrafine fiber withsingle Denier filament less than 0.5D/f and the strength7.0g/D at the dimen-sion of 66/136 - 20/48(dpf 0.5) thatbrings nylon fabric into another newera. With high textile density, the fab-ric is made to be soft, permeable, andlightweight, suitable for the excep-tional touching feeling, lightweight,and fashion requirement of downjackets.

    Formosa Chemicals and Fibre Cor-poration is in the lead to develop 7-20 Denier bright nylon, the additionof nano minerals to the nylon poly-mer manufacturing procedure. Withvarious particle angles and refraction,glare is presented. After general cir-cular spinning, the fashionable pearlluster can be made. At the same time,the small fraction coefficient ensuresthe manufacturing efficiency and fab-ric quality that reduces damages dur-ing processing.

    With the launch of nylon deeplydyed FDY, Formosa Chemicals andFibre Corporation provides the indus-trial application to incorporate withgeneral nylon fiber production thatrequires only one-time dying to reachthe effect of double different coloredlayers to present colorfulness and thefeasibility of single manufacturing.It saves 20% time and 15% use of

    dying material for the purpose of en-ergy saving, carbon reduction, andcost reduction.

    Formosa Chemicals and Fibre Cor-poration released three healthy func-tional nylon fibers: nano enegy fiber,heating fiber, and cooling fiber madeof high-tech manufacturing technol-ogy with long effective functionality.Formosa Chemicals and FibreCorporations recycled nylon fiberhas been certified with national greenlabel as well as by the internationalaccreditation organization, ControlUnion GRS (Global Recycle Stan-dard). Additionally, it has been ac-credited by various apparel brandsand gradually becomes the leadingproduct in the market.

    Formosa Chemicals and Fibre Cor-poration has good achievements inthe development and application ofmaterials and industrial fibers and atthe venue, it exhibits the various ap-plications to fire retardant and flameproof garment, rescue garment,geotextile, tire curtain, box mesh, fishnet, and weaving brands.

    Nan Ya Plastics CorporationWARMPLUS is Nan Yas newly

    introduced temperature retaining fi-ber that can absorb external energyand t r ans fo rm i t i n to hea t .WARMPLUS has special ceramicparticles with high absorption rate ofinfrared radiation. The fiber can ef-fectively absorb outdoor infrared ra-diation from the sun ray and indoorone released by human bodies andconvert it into heat to retain the tem-

    perature. When users are staying in-doors, they are still able to keep warmin the cold winter. The original colorof the fiber is white, and it can beeasily dyed into different colors fordiversified designs.

    SUNSHIELD is cooling and heatretardant silk developed newly byNan Ya, different from traditional in-stant cooling enable technology withQ-max indices. SUNSHIELD caneffectively reflect back sun rays toreach real cooling and heat retardanteffect. As proved by experiments,textile made with SUNSHIELD,after the exposure to the halogenlamp, reduces the microclimatebetween the fabric and skin by 1.3_.Meanwhile, SUNSHIELD hasgood UV-CUT effect that providescooling and prevents those engagedin outdoor exercises from the harmof ultraviolet.

    BIOPET is the new biomass en-vironmental fiber developed by NanYa. Rather than polyester fiber tradi-tionally made of glycolethylene,BIOPET uses the ingredient ex-tracted from petrochemical material,New BIO-EG. During sugar makingprocess, the by-product, mash, can beconverted into glycolethylene in thefermentation process as the materialof polyester fiber. BIOPET notonly preserves the good properties oftraditional polyester fiber but alsoreduces 15% of carbon dioxide emis-sion.

    SPANFIT is elastic long fiber de-veloped by Nan Ya and has been de-veloped with special composite spin-

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  • 34 J. S. N. International, December 2014

    ning technology that gives polyesterfiber the outstanding elastic effect. Inaddition to 50, 75, and 150 DenierFDY specification, Nan Ya now in-troduces 40 and 30 Denier FDY. Atthe same time, more specificationsare now under development to givebetter elasticity and soft touchingfeelings.

    MICROFIL is profiled long fiberdeveloped by Nan Ya. With the ob-servation of temperature holdingprinciple by polar bears, Nan Ya op-timize the effect. In addition to tem-perature holding effect, the technol-ogy reduce the weight of heavy au-tumn and winter wear by 20% to35%, reaching the double effect oflightweight and temperature holding.This year, Nan Ya developed new pro-filed fiber to reduce weight and holdtemperature as well as reach the dryeffect by absorbing body humidity.

    Formosa Plastics Corporation Tairyfil Carbon Fiber is the car-bon fiber that has original filamentdeveloped and produced and carbon-ized by Formosa Petrochemical. Thismaterial has the strength of steel andis light than aluminum; it is also re-sistant to acid-alkali and has goodconductivity. With the above proper-ties, it has been widely applied tosports equipment, wind turbine fans,automobiles, airplanes, vessels, andhigh-pressure tanks, cable cores, andcivil engineering. At present, the an-nual production capacity reaches8,750 tons. Tairyfil Carbon Fiber hasa full range production specificationsand the world class quality. Flame Retardant Acrylic Fiber isdeveloped and researched solely byFormosa Petrochemical. In additionto good properties to keep the tem-perature, softness, good touch feel-ings, and dying function, it helps toimprove flame proof feature andavoid droplet impact that causes se-rious skin burns. When the materialis applied to garment, furniture, andinterior decoration of aviators, it canprevent the occurrence and expansionof fire disasters for better protectionof life and property safety. At present,the relevant developed products in-

    clude regular flame retardant fibersand high flame retardant fibers withlimited oxygen index at the rangebetween 23-33%. With good blend-ing properties, it can also be usedwith other fibers (wool and cotton)to reach the comfort offered by natu-ral fibers and the endurance of syn-thesized fibers. In addition, it canmaintain the good function of flameretardant features. Now, flame retar-dant flat fiber of artificial fur has beendeveloped to keep warm with fash-ionable elements. Due to the risinganimal conservation consciousness,there have been increasing demandsfor flat fiber of artificial fur.

    Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd.- Ultra Light 4-7 Denier- FTCs

    newly launched 4~7D ultra-light-weight fabric series boasts an av-erage fabric weight of 25g/m2

    - A windbreaker made of these fab-rics can even be lighter than achocolate bar. FTCs innovativecombination of high-tenacity ny-lon materials, sophisticated weav-ing & dyeing techniques andtopnotch finishing treatments hasallowed these amazingly ultra-light fabrics to not only deliverwater-repelling, water-proofing,wind-breaking and down-proofingfunctions but also have a look asgauzy as cicadas wings and atouch as fluid as silk. Furthermore,products made of these fabrics arecompact and packable. These ver-satile, multi-functional fabrics canbe designed and made into a broadrange of products with diversestyles, including outdoor wear,leisurewear and sportswear. De-pending on styles and applications,they can highlight either fashion-able function or functional fashion.

    - Zero Weight-10-15 Denier-Polyes-ter or Nylon fiber based ultra-lightfabrics that are made by incorpo-rating with the leading textile mak-ing and dying processing technolo-gies. It can have single or multiplefunctions including water proof,ultra water repellent, and moisturepermeable properties. It can beapplied to lightweight wind jack-

    ets, down jackets, and sleepingbags.

    - Waterless Eco-dyed - To achievegreen eco production, FTC alwayshas offered our customers eco-friendly energy-saving & carbon-reducing finishing and products.FTC now introduces supercriticalCO2 waterless dyeing technology.Development and construction ofproduction equipment is under-way, and we expect to enter massproduction of these eco productsfor the second quarter of 2014.

    The benefits of supercritical CO2waterless dyeing are summarizedbelow:- No water resource consumption.- No waste water discharge.- Reduced CO2. discharge.- No dyeing auxiliary is used.- Saves energy (e.g. Less energy is

    consumed during the heating phaseof dyeing process. No drying isneeded after dyeing.)

    Permacool - As global warmingand the greenhouse effect are becom-ing more severe in recent years,people are experiencing extremeweather, including extreme hot andcold . Therefore, energy-saving cool-ing fabrics delivering cool and drycomfort have been highly promotednowadays to cope with this environ-mental issue.

    FTCs cool-feeing fabrics are madeof special cool-feeling fiber with in-genious weave design and high-levelfinishing technology. The feelingof coolness (Q-max) triggered bythis series of fabrics upon contactinghuman skin can be up to 0.17W/m2.In addition, they can absorb moisturerapidly and dry quickly. They caninstantly transfer sweat away fromthe skin to the exterior surface of thefabric through wicking and diffusing,resulting in the utmost cool comfort, allowing consumers to bid farewellto extremely hot weather.

    Permawarm Thermal InsulationFabric -To cope with the coming eraof functional thermal insulation, theew-generation quick thermal heat-in-sulation fabric converts environmen-tal energy and body temperature into

  • J. S. N. International, December 2014===35

    thermal energy that genuinelyachieves the function and effect ofthermal-insulation. It is a new high-tech lightweight material ideal forthermal insulation in the winter.

    e-decayTM Durable Anti-static Fab-ric - Using a hydrophilic surface highperformance anti- static fiber, with-out adding antistatic chemicals dur-ing the dyeing process, our antistaticfabric can achieve an excellent anti-static effect.

    In addition, the Special Cross-Sec-tion Design and the use of hydro-philic surface active medium resultsin a permanent antistatic property.Because our process uses white yarnrather than the traditional carbon, fab-ric color and design are not limitedas are other anti-static fabrics andthereby can be used in various styl-ing clothing and precision industrygarments.

    Four-in-One multifunctional bacte-ria resistant cooling and permeablefabric- Formosa Taffeta introducesthe newest four-in-one functionalfabric that can be quickly driedthrough moisture absorption to pro-vide cooling feelings, easiness to re-move dirt, and the resistance to bac-teria. The comfortable touch feelingsallow the fabric to be used for lei-sure wear. The powerful function, atthe same time, also meets the de-mands for outdoor sports wear. It istruly 4 in 1 and one for all for ev-eryone in any occasion.

    Trans-Uno (One-way MoistureTransfer) - Utilizing special dyedyarn and processing treatment to in-

    corporate textile material design, themoisture transmission function canbe diverted to a single direction thatallows quick permeability of mois-ture from the skins of human bodiesto the surface of garments. Trans-Uno fabric is suitable to wear insummer for sports and leisure wearsat every age.

    ECOSHIELD- Eco-friendlyCoating - FTCs water-based PU &Acryl coated Fabrics are manufac-tured without the use of environmen-tally-harmful organic solvents. TheC6 water-repellent applied to thesefabrics does not contain PFOA orPFOS either. They embody eco con-cepts and are the choice fabrics forumbrellas, downproof apparel,leisurewear and snow suits.

    BOOMETEX, recycled and re-used cation dyeable nylon and poly-ester fabric- due to the threat of glo-bal warming and resource depletion,humans are awakened to care for theenvironment. Based on the environ-mental concept of renewable re-sources and global environmentalresponsibilities, the Company hasbeen devoted to the development ofvarious environmental fabrics. Byusing recycled PE bottles or polyes-ter and nylon products as materials,we are able to reduce the use of re-sources, energy consumption, andCO2 emission. Combined with deli-cate textile design as well as FormosaTaffetas special processing technolo-gies, including PFOA/PFOS Free, weproduce a series of high-tech andhigh value added fabrics.

    Special woven processing technol-ogy coldblack- It can effectivelyreflect sun radiation to reduce heataccumulation and to reach coolingeffect for the provision of reliableultraviolet protection. It can alsowork with Formosa TaffetasPERMADRY for moisture absorp-tion and permeability for the multi-functional temperature adjustmentand comfort.

    Temperature retaining and waterproof fabric- It is made of the com-bination with the Companys famousmulti-functional fabric brandsabletex and SNUGGTEX as wellas advanced manufacturing technol-ogy. The fabric product contains ofproperties that can naturally retaintemperature and remove odors. Withcharcoal powder, the high infraredradiation rate can achieve the heatretention effect for blood circulation.In addition to the exceptional odorremoving properties on larger surfacearea and porous structure, it cantransmit moisture and is resistant towater and wind, maintaining comforteven in bad weather.

    Yarn dyed Fabric- Formosa Taf-feta launched long-fiber yarn dyedtextile material with fashionableand colorful design, soft touches,and multiple functions. In additionto the properties of cotton that al-low quick dry and absorption,down-proof and wind retardant op-tions are also available. It can beused to make shirts, coats, and lei-sure and sports wear.

    Caladans - Caladans fabrics

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  • 36 J. S. N. International, December 2014

    are produced via a special tech-nique resulting in shadowy printssimulating a cloud-dye effect.They can be treated with a crinklefinish to enrich the layering effectand handle, resulting in a texturerivaling that of Hi-end fabrics. Airy,soft, lightweight and stylish,

    Caladans fabrics can be de-signed into clothing of diversestyles. Using

    Caladans not only can perfectlyinterpret the end products but alsoadd a nice touch to them whetherthey be high-end fashion wear orfashion sportswear.

    Special textiles- DuPonts fire re-tardant material NOMEX can beapplied to industrial safety, fire-fighting, and military and policeuniforms. In corporation with rear-end processing, the fabric has thewater repellent and absorptionproperties. In order to respond tosafe textile concept, the newmethod containing low methane isintroduced. Continuously, theCompany uses this for bullet prooffabric. KEVLAR with highstrength and abrasion resistance isgood for bullet proof helmets andarmors. By incorporating with De-pot patent technology, pre-soakedand attachment are adopted for thenext generation stab-bullet proofmultifunctional vests. To respond tocompetition and the developmentof bacteria proof processing andcamouflage color print, antistaticfabric is also used for the develop-ment of high class fabrics.

    Carbon fiber fabric- Carbon fab-ric composite companies have suc-cessfully developed various carbonfiber fabrics, UD fabric, and mul-tiple-ply fabric with extensive usein sports equipment, bicycles, re-inforcement of civil engineering,and 3C products. The factories co-operate with domestic 3C protec-tive cover, producing for applica-tions on the protective covers ofnotebook computers, mobilephones, and Tablet PC. Electricalvehicles in response to energy-con-servation and carbon reduction arealso the future trends of automobile


    As a leading pioneer and innovatorof polyester industry, Far EasternNew Century (FENC) is committedto actively addressing environmentaland ecological concerns. FENC notonly practices and promotes the con-cept of energy conservation and wa-ter/carbon reduction, but proactivelydevelops green products to meet bothcustomer concerns and corporate so-cial responsibility.

    FENCs recycled polyes ter(TopGreen) products are widelyused in downstream industries. Itsfood-grade recycled polyester pelletfor bottle use is adopted by Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Coca-Cola rankedFENC as its best supplier in theworld. TopGreen fiber was twiceassigned to be used for World Cupjersey in 2010 and 2014. FENC iscurrently developing renewablysourced bio-based PET polyestermaterials, to be used for PET bottle,film, fiber and a variety of other prod-ucts.

    In the development of polyester fi-ber, with TopHeat+ heat generat-ing fiber, TopCool+ cooling fiberand Outlast temperature regulatingfiber, FENC has successfully adopteda differentiation strategy by combin-ing high performance with sustain-able development. In 2013, the com-pany unveiled the worlds first highperformance bio-based cooling fiberBio-TopCool+, the very embodi-ment of combining functionality withbio sustainability and the most tech-nologically advanced fiber for ap-parel in todays market. FENC willalso introduce far-infrared retaining,high UV resistant, as well as antibac-terial functional fibers at TITAS2014.

    As a vertically integrated total so-lution supplier, FENC provides highperformance textiles which are aes-thetic, functional and sustainable, beit for sports, outdoor, or simply forleisure and comfort.

    For further information, please visit

    industry. Carbon fiber compositefactories will work with domesticcar makers and corporationsthrough continuous investment onthe development of carbon fiber forweight reduction in cars. It is esti-mated that the demand for carbonfiber from the automobile industrywill be the drive for next growingmomentum. The characteristics ofcarbon fiber in high intensity andhigh rigidity will lead to the appli-cation on yacht and wind turbineblades.

    Functional yarn BODYTEK-With the use of different fiber ma-terials, Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltddevelops diversified, innovative,and high value-added yarn prod-ucts. The wide application to prod-ucts according to functionalities ofyarn can be classified into four se-ries: Health Care Series - With theappeals of holding temperature andkeeping warm, facilitating bloodcirculation, releasing negative ion,killing bacteria and removing odor,isolating ultraviolet, and caring forskin, Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd. de-velops various types of underwear,outdoor wear, bedding sets, medi-cal pads, protective devices, andshower products; EnvironmentalProtection Series - With the appealsof nature and environmental protec-tion, resource reuse, and loving theearth, Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd.develops various types of under-wear, sports wear, leisure wear, andfabric products for daily use; Func-tional Series - This includes under-wear, sports wear, leisure wear, andpremium one-pieces that absorbbody humidity and generate heat,quickly dry out, have anti-pillingfunction and soft touch feeling,wear with cooling comfort, arefractionally resistant, and regulatetemperature; and Protective Series- This includes special wear, worksuits, fire retardant or flame retar-dant fabric, speaker damper fabric,textiles with high strength, protec-tive devices, materials for homedecoration with high strength andresistance to cut, static, and elec-tromagnetic wave.

  • J. S. N. International, December 2014===37

    Tri Ocean TextileGenuine Solution

    Founded in 1968, Tri Ocean startedas a producer of various polyestertextured yarns and now becomes oneof the leading polypropylene filamentand fabric manufacturers in theworld. After more than 40 years ofstriving for the development of tech-nical fibers with emphasis on bothhigh performance and eco-friendli-ness, Tri Ocean is equipped with afull range of expertise and technol-ogy from filament extruding, fibertexturizing, weaving, finishing togarment making.

    DreamFel is the registered trade-mark for a polypropylene filamentyarn made exclusively by Tri OceanTextile. Featuring lightweight andsoft, thermal and durable, the mostoutstanding benefit of this yarn is itsability to quickly transfer moisturebefore it condenses on the skin andcreates a feeling of clamminess,therefore an ideal material for pre-

    SINGTEXS.Caf reuses the 99.8% coffee

    grounds left from your cup of cof-fee to make eco-friendly products

    SINGTEX, one of the mostprominent fabric manufacturers inTaiwan, is operated by a profes-

    ECLATInnovation & Sustainability

    The theme of ECLATs exhibitsat TITAS 2014 was Innovation &Sustainability. Ever since its es-tablishment, with the support of itsstrong research and innovationteam, ECLAT has been striving tobe a leading provider of quality andfunctional knitted fabrics and ap-parel for a global sports clientele.

    ECLATs strategic operation hubsworldwide help to close in on themarket, satisfy customer needs, andstreamline an internationally verti-cal supply chain from knitting toapparel manufacture for the pur-pose of offering a one-stop sourc-ing service for its clientele.

    Aiming to enhance the clothingquality and wearing comfortthrough an eco-friendly productionprocess, ECLAT is incessantly pur-suing the balance between the in-dustry and environment while be-coming a sustainable enterprise.

    For further information, pleasevisit

    Fabric KingFashion vs. Function? Environ-

    mental Protection vs. Technology?How does Fabric King show you a

    new concept for textile & apparel atTITAS 2014?! We will lead you tothink out of the box, breaking the ste-reotype of the textile industry. Whenfashion meets function, and environ-mental protection meets technology,well present you a brand new userexperience.

    And the experience is both physi-cal and visual. In the show we willpresent the 3D fabric which can gen-erate visual changes through specialtissue construction, the 2.5-layered

    TexrayTexray Industrial Co., Ltd is the

    public traded company in Taiwanwith global sales and productionnetwork covering North America,Africa, China and South East Asia.

    As a well-organized vertical in-tegrator, Texray supplies from yarn,fabric to garment. Owing to rapidchanges of global environment,Texray has committed herself to de-velop sustainable green products aswell as high functional fabrics.

    TCool is developed by TexraysR&D team, and it can block 70%of the suns rays so as to contribute2~5C lower than regular polyes-ter fabric. Cooling performance ofTCool is permanent and wont bedeclined after home laundry bymeans of injecting the nanoscalecooling master batch into yarn. Theleading brand FILA adopts TCoolfabric in one of major categories.

    RAYs21TM is the laminated lu-minous fabric with energy-saving,weatherproof, non-toxic and trendybenefits. By absorbing sunlight orfluorescent light for only 10 min-utes, it can glow automatically inthe dark for more than 2 hours tokeep users safe when taking a walkor doing exercises in the evening.RAYs21TM is proved by SGS tobe non-toxic.

    If need further information, pleasevisit

    mium outdoor sportswear. Mainlyexported to western markets as se-lected material for renowned brandsand retailers, sportswear made ofDreamFel are available now in Tai-wan under the brand name GenuineSolution founded by Tri Ocean.

    For further information, please

    sional team engaging in the devel-opment of fashion, functional andeco-friendly fabrics. Focusing onthe development of innovative fab-ric, SINGTEX enjoys a long-termpartnership with major outdoorsbrands and retailers includingPatagonia, The North Face, Timber-land, VF group and Puma.

    The most important and famousproduct from SINGTEX isS.Caf coffee yarn, which waslaunched in 2008 and has won nu-merous invention and innovationawards ever since. S.Caf is atechnical composite fiber ideal forknitted and woven apparels. Utiliz-ing the natural ability of coffeegrounds to eliminate odors, the fi-ber provides a comfortable wear-ing experience as well as UV pro-tection (five times higher than cot-ton) and fast drying function.

    Based on the core technology ofS.Caf, SINGTEX has ex-tended its textile series to createmore eco-friendly, innovative andhigh quality products. By reusingthe 99.8% wastes left from your cupof coffee, SINGTEX regeneratethe value and function of coffeegrounds. What the company wantsto do is to share the idea of protect-ing earth resources through afriendly and comfortable textile.

    For further information, pleasevisit,

  • 38 J. S. N. International, December 2014

    ACHIEVETEXFounded in 1987 in Yunlin, Taiwan,

    the company began producing greigefabric.Advanced textile machineryand high tech manufacturing pro-cesses now allow the company toachieve high volume production ofnylon, polyester, and N/T fabrics.

    Annual production volume for thecompany tops mores more than 13million yards. The company is com-mitted to superior quality and the bestpossible services to apparel manufac-turers and trading companies.

    The company makes products thatare suited for outdoor uses such assnowboarding and skiing as well asclimbing, jogging, and hiking. Ma-jor markets include Europe, Austra-lia, Japan, U.S.A., and China. Thecompany has achieved steady growththroughout its long and successfulhistory, and is well suited to the chal-lenges that lie ahead in the future. Formore information, please visit theirplease visit

    Kingwhale IndustriesSince 1992, Kingwhale Indus-

    tries has been working relentlesslyto manage and control a compre-hensive and complete productionprocess. Without the hard work,there is simply no way to deliverthe kind of innovation and qualitythe worlds leading textile custom-ers demand.

    With each passing year, new fa-cilities and capabilities wereadded. From knitting, texturizingand dying mills to state of the artgarment factories, we have movedaggressively to vertically integrateour supply chain to answer theneeds of clients around the world.Today, we are proud to say westand as a globally recognizedleader in the development and pro-duction of high performance tex-tiles and technologies.Our core offering centers aroundcircular knitted functional textiles,including proven performers likesweater fleece and techno stretch.While these products remain in de-

    mand, our story is about muchmore than fleece. To be an inno-vator requires adapting to andchanging with new trends andmarket conditions and one trendthat is driving the market today isthe demand for sustainable fabrics.Fabrics that make better use of re-sources, reduce costs for our cus-tomers and provide value to theircustomers in the form of moreplanet-friendly apparel. Ourunique solution to this demand isL.I.T. (Low Impact Technology),and no greater statement of itsvalue to the market could be madethan to list just a few of the brandsthat have embraced it: Patagonia,the North Face, Jack Wolfskin andPeak Performance.

    Beyond L.I.T., Kingwhale is ad-vancing textiles in the areas of per-formance (moisture-wicking andtemperature control) and comfort(cotton-touch and FIR).

    These products tell the story ofKingwhale today, but if the pastperformance is an indication of fu-ture results, you can trust we arenot resting on these successes. Wecontinue to look for ways to opti-mize, expand and push the bound-aries of whats possibleall witha laser-focus on making productsthat just feel great, whether fromtheir fit, functionality or their re-spect for the environment.

    For further information, pleasevisit

    print fabric, and the thermal change& photoreceptor technology appliedon textile. You will see how these newconcepts are brought into your dailywear. In addition, we will highlightfunctional fabric with wicking andquick dry effects created by specialconstruction without applying anychemical treatment, as well as retrostyle, two-tone effect knitted fabricand eco-friendly, light weight Ddyefabric collection.

    Last but not least, continuing fromlast years active lighting system tex-tiles, we will introduce LED appareland accessories with more powersupply choices to combine with wear-ing technology.

    Just like our business motto, LOVEPEOPLELOVE EARTH, our prod-ucts are full of vitality and versatil-ity enriched by the wearers environ-ment. We bring technology togetherwith fashion and safety to offer youa more comfortable and happier life.For further information, please visit:

    Solis Fabric TechnologyCompany

    Founded in 1991, Solis FabricTechnology Company is a verti-cally integrated manufacturer fromyarn spinning, weaving, dyeing tolamination, bonding and coating,with a specialty in high-tech per-formance fabric. Considering qual-ity as its core value, Solis insists onhaving all the products 100% madein its own mill, which is also thereason why the company can offerhigh-tech textiles in more competi-tive prices. Committing itself toproviding safer and more eco-

    friendly textiles, Solis productshave obtained Oeko-Tex Standard100 certificates since 1999 and forthe last couple of years have beenapproved by bluesign .

    Solis product lines cover variousfabrics for outerwear, sportswearand bags, as well as woven/knittedfunctional fabrics including breath-able, anti-UV, wicking/quick dryand anti-bacterial. With its Innova-tive manufacturing and advancedprinting technologies, Solis aims todevelop modern, fashionable highperformance textiles in order togive new aspects and appearance totraditional functional fabrics andgenerate added-value for outdoorand sports wear. Currently the com-pany launches nearly 1,000 newfabric items each season (sixmonths) to meet market demands.

    In the map of the Apparel Life,perfection & innovation will al-ways be Solis DNA in the devel-opment of new textiles.

    For further information, pleasev i s i t w w w. s o l i s t ex . c o m ;

  • J. S. N. International, December 2014===39

    Sunny Special Dyeing andFinishing Co.

    Sunny Special Dyeing and Finish-ing Co. was founded in 1984 and iscelebrating 30 years in business thisyear. Our products include syntheticfunctional woven and knits fabricsand range from apparel for Outdoorwear and Sportswear to Industrialpurpose fabric. We are also directlyauthorized from Invista to produceinternational brands, such asCORDURA fabric, Supplex fab-ric, Tactel fabric, Thermolite fab-ric and Coolmax Extreme, Activeand Everyday fabrics.

    Our products are marketed world-wide with various of functions, in-cluding wicking, durable water repel-lent, UV protection, anti-bacterial,anti-mosquito, and breathable water-proof coating and lamination. Ourmanufacturing plant and products areapproved by Bluesign and Oeko-tex; we committed to the highestlevel of consumer safety and the con-tinuous improvement of environmen-tal performance in our productionprocess. Our belief allows us to staycompatible with the most well-known brands worldwide and rootsin Taiwan for sustainable develop-ment.

    Sunny has devoted massive amountof resources into energy efficiencyand carbon reduction regarding ourproduction process; approximately30 % of water and heat energy usageare reduced from our energy savingfacilities. Sunny will persist our pathin sustainable production and mini-mize impacts to people and the envi-ronment while manufacturing thehighest quality functional fabrics.Our ultimate goal is to elevate thecompetence of Taiwanese textilewhile initiating the next more versa-tile and prosperous 30 years.

    Hung's Fortune Interna-tional Co., Ltd.

    HistoryIn 2003, Sam Hung took his more

    than 20 years of experience in theTaiwan textile industry and foundeda new company, HFI. Twelve years

    Concern for the environment hasalways been a guiding principle forHFI. Realizing we have only "OneWorld" and that global climatechange is one of the most challeng-ing issues of the day; HFI attainedBluesign certification in 2008.HFI continually strives to providethe most eco-friendly textiles pos-sible, using the most advanced en-vironmental solutions in the mar-ketplace. We work to make sure thatour partners end up with great gar-ments that perform in the most ex-treme environments, while still pre-serving the environments they aremade to be worn in. To this end,we are proud to offer our greenesttextile yet: 3X Green, a perfect eco-friendly high performance solution.

    If need further information, pleasevisit

    later, as the managing director ofHFI, Sam is more committed thanever to ensure that HFI is a com-pany capable of partnering with ourclients to provide the highest qual-ity, highest performance fabricsavailable in the marketplace. AtHFI we dont just provide textiles,we provide textile solutions.

    HFIs Textile SolutionsHFI uses in-house research and

    development and integrates the lat-est technologies to satisfy the highdemands of our global partners. Wesupply a wide range of OutdoorFabrics, specializing in Technical,Functional, Sustainable, andSportswear Textiles including:* Sustainable Textiles: including

    our new three times eco-friendly3X Green collection, as well asRecycled polyester-wovens /knits; Recyclable PET mem-brane; PFOA/PFOS Free Chemi-cals; Solution Dyed; Starchbased textiles.

    Outerwear: 2, 2.5, 3.0 LayerBreathable Coating and Lamina-tion.

    * Softshell: Windproof Lamination,Bonded

    * Downproof Textiles: by construc-tion

    * Mid layer: fleece, bonded textiles* Technical knits: next to skin per-

    formance textilesResources, Integrity and Honesty

    With the benefit of full supportfrom family-owned mills, as wellas sourcing from the most talentedsuppliers, HFI has the resources toprovide the best textile solutionspossible for our partners. We alsofully believe in the importance ofopen and honest business practices,and require our employees and sup-pliers to be clear, open, and honestin all communications. At HFI weknow our success is ultimatelybased upon the achievement of ourclients, and our team works effi-ciently and honestly with each part-ner to achieve that success.

    Eco-Friendly Solutions

    Varied WiseAn Expert in Specialized Cloth-

    ingVaried Wise International Co. is

    a professional manufacturer ofsportswear with special expertisein seamless running + biking +yoga wear, compression wear andMerino Wool thermal underwear.

    After two decades experience ofworking with top sports brands, thecompanys work team is welltrained to analyze latest marketinfo and provide both ready-madeapparel and customized services.Adopting state-of-the-art yarns andfabrics combining with its uniqueseamless sewing technique to cre-ate ergonomic and comfortablestyles, Varied Wise makes sure thatevery piece of its products is of topquality through a strict testing andexamination procedure.

    Working with worldwide design-ers in every new season, VariedWise is able to constantly updateproduct offers which always getthumbs up from its sport-lovingclientele!

    If need more information, pleasevisit;