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  • Fdration Internationale de Football AssociationHitzigweg 11 P.O.Box 85 8030 Zurich Switzerland Tel: 41-1/384 9595 Fax: 41-1/384 9696 www.fifa.com

    Report Futsal World Championship

    Guatemala 2000




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    Guatemala 2000

    Technical ReportFIFA Futsal World Championship

    18 November - 3 December 2000

    Rapport TechniqueChampionnat du Monde de Futsal de la FIFA

    18 novembre - 3 dcembre 2000

    Informe TcnicoCampeonato Mundial de Futsal de la FIFA

    18 de noviembre - 3 de diciembre de 2000

    Technischer BerichtFIFA-Futsal-Weltmeisterschaft

    18. November - 3. Dezember 2000

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    Guatemala 2000


    Table of contents

    Prefaces Joseph S. Blatter 4Ricardo Terra Teixeira 6

    Tournament analyses The Futsal Football Tournament Overall Analysis 8The Preliminary Competition 12Survey of Results 15Tournament and Match Data 17The Stadiums 30Goals and Scorers 35Development of Futsal within the Confederations 41Semi-finals 70Play-off for Third Place 72The Final 74Improving Standards 76Offensive Strategies 86Defensive Strategies 88

    Team Data Team Data (Average Age of the Teams) 91Argentina 92Australia 94

    Brazil 96Costa Rica 98Croatia 100Cuba 102Egypt 104Guatemala 106Iran 108Kazakhstan 110Netherlands 112Portugal 114Russia 116Spain 118Thailand 120Uruguay 122Players and Coaches who participated in previous

    FIFA Competitions 124

    Refereeing Carlos Alarcon Rios 126

    Medical Report Dr. Rudy Gittens 130

    FIFA studies and the Technican's View 135

    The Awards 141

    All-Time Ranking 145

    SOS SOS childrens village in Guatemala 147

    Delegation 148

    Committees Contents

    Fdration Internationale de Football AssociationPresident Joseph S. Blatter (Switzerland)

    General Secretary Michel Zen-Ruffinen (Switzerland)

    Address FIFA House Hitzigweg 11 P.O. Box 85 8030 Zurich Switzerland

    Telephone number 41-1/384 95 95

    Telefax Number 41-1/384 96 96

    Internet www.fifa.com

    Futsal Committee Chairman Ricardo Terra Teixeira (Brazil)

    Deputy Chairman Isaac David Sasso Sasso (Costa Rica)

    Members Tom Van der Hulst (Netherlands)

    Joan Camps i Reig (Spain)

    Alvaro Melo Filho (Brazil)

    Alfredo Asfura (Chile)

    Georges Vernet (France)

    Semen Andreev (Russia)

    Petr Fousek (Czech Republic)

    Lee Harmon (Cook Islands)

    Colin Klass (Guyana)

    Omar Sey (Gambia)

    Anthony Williams (Nigeria)

    Mohammad Khabiri (Iran)

    Rafael Ignacio Tinoco Kipps (Guatemala 2000)

    Sub-Committee for other Types of Mini-FootballMembers Pertti Alaja (Finland)

    Timothy Fok (Hong Kong)

    Chet Greene (Antigua)

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    Guatemala 2000


    Prefaces The President

    Joseph S. Blatter, FIFA President

    For FIFA as an organisation and for me personally as its President, it is a pleasure to assume the responsibility of propaga-ting certain universal principles, such as the education of our children, and the concepts of fair play and of solidarity between nations; noble and fundamental ideas which culminate in the competitions that FIFA organises.

    This time it was Guatemala in central America and the CONCACAF confede-ration which hosted the world futsal family on the occasion of the FIFA Futsal World Championship Guatemala 2000, the fourth time this competition has been held within the world-wide house of foot-ball.

    The efforts made by Guatemalas national football association under the leadership of its wise and enthusiastic Pre-sident Mauricio Caballeros were reflected in the extraordinary welcome we received from the people of the country, whose delight and enthusiasm were communica-ted to all the participants.