FY10 Budget Reductions

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FY10 Budget Reductions. Amount Source Avail @ Decis. $200,000Academic Pool($416,000) $ 46,000Staff Pool($120,000) $ 30,000Reclass Pool($ 75,000) $ 175,000GA Pool($280,000) $ 5,000 Wages Pool ($42,000) $456,000($933,000). Projections. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FY10 Budget Reductions
AmountSourceAvail @ Decis. $200,000Academic Pool($416,000)$ 46,000Staff Pool($120,000)$ 30,000Reclass Pool($ 75,000)$ 175,000GA Pool($280,000)$ 5,000Wages Pool($42,000)$456,000($933,000)

Cuts could be as much as 33%More likely to be 10-15%Role of feeIncreased to $244More previously state-funded items being moved to fee monies Long-term implications

Library Voluntary Separation CriteriaRemember: We Pay
Is the position one we wont need to replace?Can the position be filled through internal reallocation?Can we realize a salary savings by hiring a low-salaried person?Can the work be contacted out?Can we find other ways to do the work? E.g., joint appointments on or off campus; new models

Stewarding [email protected] Steering Committee
Deans and other campus leadersCharge:Develop open and visible process for stewarding excellence Develop criteria for considering specific operations and functionsFormulate projects with clear objectives and constraintsCompose teams for each projectDevelop options and recommendations

Campus Advisory Committee
Primarily tenured facultyChargePropose activities/operations to CSC for possible analysisProvide feedback to CSC on the processesProvide feedback on recommendations from project teams

Project Management Committee
Primarily administrators with expertise in project management, campus coordination, and/or communicationChargeProvide project managementDevelop Project Mgt tools for the teamsTrack progress of teams and implementationBring issues to CSCLaunch and maintain communication tools