Get Cash for Phones By Selling Your Mobile

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This document talks about how to get cash for old and broken phones.


Get Cash for Phones By Selling Your Mobile

What do you do with your old cell phone when you upgrade your service and get a new phone? Most likely you keep it or give it away to a child, right? Well heres another way of getting rid of your old cell phone. Why not sell it and get instant cash for your phone? Cash for phones is now almost as popular as cash for gold as there are plenty individuals or companies that purchase phones and recycle them.

You may choose to get cash for phones online, by telephone order or in store. Selling your phone online or by telephone is similar as it involves you mailing your phone to the person/company to which you are selling the phone. It is advised that you choose this option with companies that you are familiar with or trust, as you have to mail your phone out first before you receive payment. In either case, you can research different companies to find out how much they will pay for your model phone before you settle on that company.

If you want a more secure online experience, you may sell your phone on EBay. EBay shopping will cost you a little as you will probably have to pay a fee for using their services and you may also have to factor in shipping costs. However, you may get a higher price here as EBay is a trusted online shopping arena. In selling your phone through EBay, you will have to set up an online account, much like renting space for storage. Therefore EBay is ideal for persons who do a lot of online shopping and selling.

The best way to get instant cash for phone however is selling your phone directly to a store. There are clear advantagesno shipping and handling, no wait for payment and no fees to join up on EBay. Sometimes you may also see stores that are advertising cash for phones. If not, you can easily find them in local ad listings. And if you love a good haggle, you might just have to that to get the price you want for your phone. A lot of merchants will try to give you the lowest possible price for your phone. Therefore it is a good idea to know what the current price is for your model type phone. You can then decide if how much less you want to settle for. If you wont settle, you can hang on to your phone a little while longer. offers free resources on how you can Get cash for phones on your old mobile phone.