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  2. 2. A HIGHLY POSITIVE OUTLOOK FOR MARKETING PROFESSIONALS In Mainland China, marketing has evolved rapidly in recent years and there is a talent shortage at senior levels In France many organisations are looking to consolidate their senior marketing teams at European level while recruiting digital specialists who can execute on the strategy In Hong Kong there is a strong focus on digital marketing and customer experience There are excellent opportunities across the board in Ireland, especially for digital marketers, e-commerce and marketing communications professionals.There is a skills shortage in web analytics In Singapore there is a talent shortage and while there is demand for digital and tech-savvy marketing professionals, some functions are being offshored UAE-based companies are internationalising rapidly, creating demand for strategic marketers In the UK hiring organisations are seeking talent across a wide range of marketing and communications specialisations, both traditional and digital In many regions recruitment budgets are increasing Salaries are likely to increase in regions where there is strong demand and short supply at senior levels The Marketing discipline has been evolving rapidly over the past few years. The emphasis on digital platforms and understanding the customer through data analytics has resulted in a convergence between marketing and IT. While this trend will continue, in recent months we have also seen more organisations recruiting into strategic marketing roles and in some regions there is also a skills shortage in traditional marketing communications. Where there is a shortage of talent at junior levels, many organisations are willing to take on less experienced individuals who show potential, and train them. Overall the outlook is very positive for 2015 it is a good time to be in marketing! 1 QUICK LINKS MAINLAND CHINA................................2 FRANCE.....................................................3 HONG KONG..........................................4 IRELAND...................................................6 SINGAPORE.............................................8 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES .....................9 UNITED KINGDOM...............................11
  3. 3. While the talent pool for digital marketers has grown in recent years, the focus is now turning to CRM, where hiring organisations have found it challenging to identify candidates with the right skills and experience. Overall the situation for marketers is improving. Though the rate of growth in China has slowed relative to previous years, the outlook is positive for marketing-driven organisations.There is a shortage of talent at senior levels and recruitment budgets are increasing. Digital marketers, e-commerce and analytics specialists are currently very much in demand and we expect this trend to continue through 2015.There are also opportunities for marketing professionals early in their career as the talent shortage is forcing companies to train up less skilled professionals who show potential. Talent with a combination of agency and in-house experience is highly sought after for senior and assistant manager level roles both in-house and at service providers, says Rio Goh, Manager of Morgan McKinley China. It is an advantage for candidates to be able to demonstrate some stability and commitment. Things have changed rapidly in China and whereas most people stay only two to three years in a role, a candidate who can demonstrate solid achievements at a company over a longer period will stand out, he adds. 2 It is an advantage to be able to demonstrate some career stability. INCREASING RECRUITMENT BUDGETS MAINLAND CHINA SALARIES & BENEFITS Sales and marketing professionals staying in their current role will probably receive on average a 6-8%.Those moving to a new role can expect a 15-20% increase.
  4. 4. In France we have seen little discernible change in overall demand for marketing professionals, but some changes in emphasis. Operating models are changing with the creation of new European platforms and hubs and this calls for strategic skills at the European level, with a consolidation of generic marketing functions, combined with high-quality local execution. Companies are buying in digital marketing talent and we expect to see this trend increase throughout 2015. There is a focus on internal mobility and retention of key people, and at the same time the need to get strategic and specialised professionals on board. At the senior level there is a strong preference for candidates who are fluent in English, to support the development of European platforms, say Hubert Levesque, Managing Director, Morgan McKinley France. An MBA in international marketing is therefore a highly valued qualification. At the top end of the marketing hierarchy there is a major focus on brand content and internationalisation as well as digital transformation. Organisations see these as the three key pillars of growth, adds Levesque. At the execution level there is increased focus on direct marketing, CRM and data mining. We expect potential candidates to get more proactive in seeking new opportunities in 2015. Despite the prevailing economic outlook, and recruitment freezes in some companies, organisational change will keep the market reasonably fluid, with recruitment at senior and junior levels for in-house talent. 3 There is a major focus on brand content and internationalisation as well as digital transformation. CONSOLIDATION OF GENERIC MARKETING FUNCTIONS FRANCE SALARIES & BENEFITS Marketing stars with compelling strategic skills or digital expertise, especially on an international level, can expect high salary growth in 2015. Generally speaking, marketers with smart and expert profiles can expect to see an improvement in salaries but we anticipate no significant growth for candidates with generic marketing skills.
  5. 5. With the rise of digital and mobile marketing, all marketing professionals need to be tech-savvy. The gap between IT and marketing has narrowed. Marketing professionals with a technology mind-set will be much better equipped to navigate their way through to a successful career path, comments Emma Brinsford, Manager, Sales & Marketing recruitment at Morgan McKinley Hong Kong.There are abundant opportunities at all levels of seniority in digital marketing, SEO, SEM and digital analytics. Organisations in Hong Kong increasingly understand the importance of providing an excellent customer experience and it falls to marketing to take the lead in representing the consumer or clients voice. Therefore we are also seeing many new roles being created for marketing analytics and customer experience specialists, says Brinsford. Big data, analytics and CRM used to be IT disciplines but now they are part of the marketing mainstream. Specific marketing qualifications are not usually a requirement, though to make a start in marketing at a junior level, candidates generally need a degree. Industry-specific product training is of far greater significance. Whilst traditional marketing is what we all know, it is fundamentally static and it is hard to measure results. Companies now mainly interact with customers and measure brand loyalty and advocacy via digital marketing, says Brinsford. Fluency in Chinese is becoming more important as Hong Kong-based organisations look to increase their share of the market on the mainland, she adds. Junior-level candidates are often required to take a writing test in simplified or traditional Chinese. However, rather oddly, at some levels there is a lack of consistency between the requirements of hiring managers and those of the HR department. For example, senior managers put most emphasis on marketing experience at regional manager level, whereas the HR function may insist on Cantonese or Mandarin language skills, says Brinsford. At the senior level, Chief Marketing Officers are playing an increasingly strategic role, taking on leadership responsibilities that used to fall within the remit of the CTO and CEO. In particular, CMOs are expected to be IT and data savvy in order to lead initiatives to interact with customers and predict future marketing trends. 4 CMO and CIOs are now more intrinsically linked than ever before. GAP BETWEEN IT AND MARKETING IS CLOSING FAST HONG KONG
  6. 6. 5 SALARIES & BENEFITS Hong Kong as a whole is expecting an average of 5% increase in salaries for existing employees across the board for 2015. Financial services, NGOs and construction will be at the higher end of pay increases whereas those in commerce slightly lower.This means that salary increases will be lower than in most Asian economies. Those moving jobs will probably receive an increase in the order of 8-13%.
  7. 7. Many organisations based in Ireland are applying a more strategic approach to marketing as they seek to capture the opportunities presented by the economic upswing. In particular, there is a heightened focus on improving the customer experience and developing e-commerce channels. We have seen a lot of organisational change and increasing demand for new headcount in digital marketing, e-commerce and marketing communications. As we progress through 2015, we expect to see more opportunities for IT-savvy marketing professionals, for example in CRM and marketing database management. We have an excellent marketing talent pool here in Ireland. Demand is increasing steadily at junior and assistant manager or project manager levels both in-house and with agencies and service providers, comments Cecilia Desmond, Recruitment Consultant at Morgan McKinley Ireland. There is also very healthy demand for in-house senior and strategic marketers. A standard requirement from hiring organisations is a qualification in marketing and, incr