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  • 7/29/2019 GonD Manual - En


  • 7/29/2019 GonD Manual - En


    WARNING Before playing this game, read the Xbox 360 console,Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor, and accessory manuals for important safety and healthinformation.www.xbox.com/support.

    Important Health Warning: Photosensitive Seizures

    A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed tocertain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear invideo games. Even people with no history of seizures or epilepsy may have anundiagnosed condition that can cause photosensitive epileptic seizures whilewatching video games. Symptoms can include light-headedness, altered vision,eye or face twitching, jerking or shaking of arms or legs, disorientation, confusion,momentary loss of awareness, and loss of consciousness or convulsions that canlead to injury from falling down or striking nearby objects. Immediately stopplaying and consult a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms.Parents, watch for or ask children about these symptoms children and teenagersare more likely to experience these seizures. The risk may be reduced by beingfarther from the screen; using a smaller screen; playing in a well-lit room, and notplaying when drowsy or fatigued. If you or any relatives have a history of seizures orepilepsy, consult a doctor before playing.

  • 7/29/2019 GonD Manual - En




    Game Controls ...................................................3

    Main Menu ............................................................4Heads-Up Display (HUD) ...................................5

    Health System .....................................................6

    Pause/Objective Screen ..................................6

    Multiplayer Objectives Screen ......................6

    Calling Card (MP Only) ....................................6Credits .................................................................7

    Customer Support ..........................................22

    Product License Agreement ......................... 23

  • 7/29/2019 GonD Manual - En



    Y Switch Weapon

    X Use/Reload

    B Crouch/ProneA Jump

    _Throw SpecialGrenade

    LMove,Click to


    CLook,Click forMelee Attack

    ] Aim Down Sight x Fire Weapon

    l Inventory

    Objectives Menu

    ` Throw Frag Grenade

    Xbox Guide

    GAME CONTROLLERXbox 360 Controller

    Strike Force Controls

    _Nearby Units Follow Player,

    Hold for All Units to Follow Player

    lSets Waypoint forUnit Type, Hold to

    Control Unit

    L(Tactical View Only)Move Across TacticalView Map

    C(Tactical View Only)Change Angle on

    Tactical View Map

    button any time in Campaign or Zombies to pause the game and access thismenu. From here you may access game Options, restart the current level or save and quit tothe Main Menu.

    MULTIPLAYEROBJECTIVES SCREENCall of Duty: Black Ops II cannot be paused while playing in MP mode. Pressing> in MPwill bring up a menu that will allow you to choose a new class (taking effect on your nextspawn), view the description of your current game mode, and access the Options menu.Keep in mind that the MP match is still live in the background when you are in this screen.

    CALLING CARD (MP ONLY)Access your Calling Card to create your own custom Emblem that will represent yourpersona online. View Recent Games you or your friends have played and save them to yourFile Share for safe keeping. You can view and rate other Films, Clips, Screenshots, andCustom Games created by members of the Call of Duty: Black Ops II community.You can also view all your key game statistics in the Combat Record, check your progressagainst the in-game Challenges, view the game Leaderboards, and create a Clan Tag all fromwithin the Calling Card.

  • 7/29/2019 GonD Manual - En



    CREDITSStory byDavid S. Goyer

    Directed ByDave Anthony

    Executive ProducerJason Blundell

    Director - OnlineDaniel Bunting

    Design Director - OnlineDavid Vonderhaar

    Studio Creative DirectorCorky Lehmkuhl

    Chief Technology OfficerMark Gordon

    Technical DirectorDavid King

    Art DirectorColin Whitney

    Animation DirectorDom Drozdz

    Audio DirectorBrian Tuey

    Story ByDave Anthony&David S. Goyer

    Directed ByDave Anthony

    Executive ProducerJason Blundell

    Director OnlineDan Bunting

    Project Senior ProducerPat Dwyer

    ProducersCharles ConnoyDaniel DonahoMiles LeslieSam NourianiShane Sasaki

    Associate ProducersSteven EldredgeRonnie FazioZach GonzalezDon OadesJohn ShubertBrent Toda

    Production CoordinatorsRichard GarciaMatt ScronceKornelia Takacs

    Build EngineerDan Baker

    Associate Build ManagersDaniel GermannDustin Rowe

    Chief Technology OfficerMark Gordon

    Project Technical DirectorDavid King

    Project Lead EngineerTrevor Walker

    Lead Engineers - OnlineAlexander ConservaMartin Donlon

    Lead EngineerJames Snider

    Lead Engineer - GraphicsDimitar Lazarov

    Senior EngineersOmar AzizScott BeanBlair Bitonti

    Stephen CroweMicah DedmonJose DoranMarcus GoodeyLei HuSumeet JakatdarMatthew KimberlingJohan KohlerAustin KraussDan LauferDan LeslieJay Mattis

    Tom McDevittDan OlsonEwan OughtonEran RichJoe ScheinbergDimiter malkia StanevChris StricklandKrassimir TouevskyMike UhlikJivko VelevLeo Zide

    EngineersPravin BabarAmit BhuraPenny ChockAdam DemersRyan FeltrinMark HuTommy KeeganBryce MercadoJuan MorelliBharathwaj NandakumarJamie ParentTimothy RappDiarmaid RocheCaleb SchneiderLucas SeibertVarun SharmaDavid Young

    Associate Engineer

    Mark SorianoAdditional EngineeringBryan BlumenkopfNaty HoffmanJosh Menke

    Engineering InternsJeffrey ColvinTarun Sharma

    Art DirectorColin Whitney

    Technical Art DirectorBrian Anderson

    Associate Art DirectorsShaun BellKen Harsha

    Lead Character ArtistsLoudvik Akopyan

    Brad GraceSenior Character ArtistsYaw ChangMike CurranDennis EusebioThomas InesiMichael McMahanAnh NguyenScott WellsPeter Zoppi

    Lead Effects ArtistBarry Whitney

    Lead Effects Animation ArtistJess Feidt

    Senior Effects ArtistsMichael ChubbDarwin DumlaoRobert MoffatDale MulcahyMy Wu

  • 7/29/2019 GonD Manual - En



    Effects ArtistsAsher DudleyMike GevorkianGavin LernerDavid Seabaugh

    Associate Effects ArtistTyler Robinson

    Lead Weapon ArtistMurad Ainuddin

    Senior Weapon ArtistsWill HuangMax Porter

    Weapons ArtistsBlaed HutchinsonMark Manto

    Associate Weapons ArtistGeoffrey NgCaleb Turner

    Lead Vehicle ArtistChad Birosh

    Senior Vehicle ArtistsTony KwokJohn McGinleyDaniel Mod

    Lead Environment ArtistGilbert Martinez

    Senior Environment ArtistsChris ErdmanAndrew KrelleAndrew LivingstonBrandon MartynowiczNelson Plumey

    Environment Artists

    Bryce HouskaWilson IpChris LedesmaAustin MontgomeryJoe SimanelloFidel Villa

    Associate Environment ArtistsJoaquin EspinozaJuan Gil

    Lead Technical Artist

    Stev KalinowskiSenior Technical ArtistBrendan Holloway

    Lead UI ArtistStewart Roud

    UI ArtistGil Doron

    Additional UI ArtByron CunninghamAlex Stodolnik

    Lead Lighting ArtistTimothy Bud McMahon

    Senior Lighting ArtistsAngus BenckeYonghee ChoiJames Ford

    Lighting ArtistsChristin HiserNeil Masiclat

    Senior Concept ArtistsKevin BaikEric ChiangDaniel Cheng

    Peter LamChris MillerDan PadillaKhang Pham

    Additional Concept ArtSam GebhardtJosh KaoEugene Negri

    Animation DirectorDom Drozdz

    Lead AnimatorAdam Rosas

    Animation SpecialistYanick Lebel

    Animation Project ManagerGuy Silliman

    Senior Animators

    Jason BarnidgeJae ChungDavid KimPhil LozanoTimothy Smilovitch

    AnimatorsJordan AbelesJeremy AgamataBen DeGuzmanPhillip KourieKevin Kraeer

    Cody MitchellJae ParkJon StollKristen Sych

    Associate AnimatorsDavid PumpaErnie UrzuaEji Yared

    Additional AnimationAmelie Le-Roche

    Animation InternsAggie ChristakisAnthony DiCenzo

    Design Director - OnlineDavid Vonderhaar

    Principal Designer - OnlineColm Nelson

    Designer - OnlineAnthony Flame

    Associate Designer - OnlineMark Yetter

    Campaign Design Directors

    Dave AnthonyJason BlundellCorky Lehmkuhl

    Campaign Game DesignerJoe Chiang

    Lead ScripterGavin Locke

    Senior ScriptersBrian BarnesKevin DrewMark MaestasJune ParkChad Proctor

    ScriptersMike AnthonyMatt BettelmanBrian JoyalMike Slone

    Associate ScriptersPokee ChanAnthony GrafftTravis JanssenJoanna LeungDamoun ShabestariJameson SilcoxJacob TrueGreg Zheng

    Lead Level BuildersPhil Tasker

    Kevin WorrelSenior Level BuilderSusan Arnold

    Level BuildersJohn DelgadoJared DickinsonBrian DouglasWerner Eggers

  • 7/29/2019 GonD Manual - En



    Gavin GoslinDoug GuanlaoDave HarperAdam HoggattMatthew HutchinsonRoss KaylorPaul Mason-FirthThomas SchneiderLia Tjiong

    Associate Level BuildersMuhammad AyubIan BowieJames CusanoIan KowalskiMike MaddenAnthony SaundersAllen Wu

    Audio Director

    Brian TueyLead Audio DesignerChris Cowell

    Audio DesignersCollin AyersScott EckertShawn JimmersonJames McCawleyKevin SherwoodLee Staples

    Senior Audio EngineerStephen McCaul

    Audio InternElliott Ward-Bowen

    Additional Production SupportNakia Harris


    ProducerReza Elghazi

    Associate ProducerAaron Roseman

    Lead EngineerPeter Livingstone

    Senior EngineersDan Laufer

    Evan OlsonBryan Pearson

    EngineersRyan HigaFeng Zhang

    Additional Art DirectionDan Padilla

    Senior ArtistsGary BergeronOmar Gonzalez

    ArtistJesse Moody

    Design DirectorJimmy Zielinski

    Senior Game DesignerDonald Sielke

    ScripterChris Pierro

    Associate ScripterAlex Romo

    Level Builders

    Brian GlinesErika Narimatsu

    Additional DialogMicah Ian Wright

    Additional DesignDallas Middleton


    Senior ProducerAnna Donlon

    Associate ProducersAdrienne ArrasmithJacob Porter

    Production CoordinatorAndr Lawton

    Art DirectorDavid Dalzell

    Senior ArtistsMayan EscalanteEdward HelmersOmar McClendon

    ArtistsJuan MendiolaLee SouderMayumi Suzuki

    Lead Animator

    Jamie EgertonSenior AnimatorSteven Rivera

    AnimatorsIan AdamsFred CarricoMegan GoldbeckSteven TomAlexandra Zedalis

    Associate AnimatorJames Fiorella

    Cinematics DesignerMichael Barnes

    Cinematics ScripterG. Henry Schmitt

    Additional EditingJoi Tanner


    Story ByDave AnthonyDavid S. Goyer

    Written ByDave Anthony

    Craig HoustonAdditional DialogJames C. BurnsKamar de los Reyes



    Studio HeadMark Lamia

    Vice PresidentDave Anthony

    Chief Technology OfficerMark Gordon

    Studio Creative DirectorCorky Lehmkuhl

    Director Of TechnologyCesar Stastny

    Director - Brand DevelopmentJay Puryear

    Director - CommunicationsJohn Rafacz

    HR ManagerMonica Temperly

    Senior Director - TechnologyRose Villaseor

    Senior Manager - OperationsAmy Hurdelbrink

    Operation CoordinatorTristan Curran

  • 7/29/2019 GonD Manual - En



    Director - ITRobert Sanchez

    Systems AdministratorNick Westfield

    Senior IT TechnicianKris Magpantay

    Senior RecruiterMichelle Gallego

    ReceptionJoe Puralewski


    QA Senior ManagerIgor Krinitskiy

    QA Project LeadKimberly Park

    QA Senior TestersCzyznyck DecoTristen Sakurada

    QA Platform SpecialistsJonah DokTom DuongCody KennedyTan LaCraig D. NelsonGarrett Oshiro

    QA Database SpecialistWayne Williams

    QA Training ManagerBrian Carlson

    QA Dev TestersMelvin Allen

    Tuan BuiEric ChanHubert Cheng

    QA Testers

    Moises LopezPaul A. BarfieldFrank J. Martinez IIIAndrew L. BaxterGraham S. McGuireEarl M. Baylon

    Joseph T. McMahonAnthony BenavidesJosue D. MedinaJose R. BernabelAlexander A. MejiaBrandt C. BinkleyYasheera MendozaJohn E. BlakelySam MogharabiZachary B. Blough

    Maria MoralesCharles BuckleyNestor MurilloFelicia BuckleyEduardo NavarroAdam CarrilloRobert J. NewmanCordera CarterDan Young T. NguyenChristopher CaswellNeal E. NikaidoKevin R. ChesterPatrick J. OMalleyCharlton ChuMarvin OraguzieRodney ClanorNorman OvandoJuan ColeEdwin G. PayenMichael Coleman II

    Angel T. PerezKyle CollierJason PeytonFrancisco J. DelgadilloVien Vien V. PhamCody G. DemingBenjamin A. PlunkJohn DohertyDavid C. QuevedoAlex EllingJonathan RichardsonJoel EspanaEdward RoblesElijah FiguresOscar O. RojasTaylor T. FontecchioAlexis JS RueggerAnthony H. FrancoAnthony J. RuizAndres A. GarciaMehrzad SadeghiBrandon C. GarrettRoger J. Sawkins

    Andrew GirardDaniel B. SeamansJason S. GlennKenneth SitJames R. GobertJohn SleimanChristian GomezAdam SmithJeremy C. GonzagowskiEdward SmithDavid HambardzumyanFrankie S. Smith

    Daniel HaynesMichael S. StewartRaymond B. JacksonKevin SweeneyJennifer M. KalinowskiTony TangFrancis KimEvan TextorJefferson J. KittellColin A. Tistaert

    Quy G. LeJason TongMartin LimonEnrique ValentinMatthew LittelDavid G. WeaverJesse Lloyd-DominikStuart R. ZinkeNicholas Long

    Additional Contributions

    Jeanne AndersonManuel PlankHess BarberJason SchoonoverJames DargieJordan SmithJohn DehartRyan Smith

    John EnriccoAshley SorianoLeif JohansenTyler SparksGary SpinradDallas MiddletonTricia VitugGeoffrey MoyerWalter WilliamsAlex Perelman

    CASTSINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGNFEATURING THE VOICES OFAlex MasonSam WorthingtonJason HudsonMichael Keaton

    Mike HarperMichael RookerFrank WoodsJames BurnsRaul MenendezKamar De Los ReyesDavid Section MasonRich McDonald

    Admiral Tony BriggsTony ToddJavier SalazarCelestin CornielleChloe Karma LynchErin Cahill

  • 7/29/2019 GonD Manual - En



    Farid Kizginkaya/Mujahideen SoldierOmid AbtahiDefalcoJulian SandsJonas SavimbiRobert WisdomTian ZhaoByron MannManuel NoriegaBenito MartinezSecretary of DefenseJim MeskimenPremier Jiang

    James HongCol. Lev KravchenkoAndrew DivoffPresident of the United States(POTUS)Cira LarkinHimselfLt. Colonel Oliver L. NorthSUPPORTING VOICESPilot Anderson/DispatcherJennifer HaleYoung David MasonHayden ByerlyJane McKnight/Josefina/DispatcherEden Riegel

    Secretary of the Treasury/Graveyard AttendentKirk ThorntonMullah RahmaanCas AnvarErik BrieghnerRobert PicardoJimmy Kimmel

    Jimmy KimmelCIA NerdDesmond AskewNewscaster Andrew RobbinsMary Beth McDadeGeneral/Government AgentMichael Gregory

    Mark McKnightAndy HawkesSecret Service Agent JonesKen LallyStrike Force Soldier/Navy SEAL/DoormanBrian BloomStrike Force SoldierAl RodrigoStrike Force SoldierMichelle RodriguezStrike Force SoldierClancy BrownADDITIONAL VOICES

    Brianna Lynn BrownValerie AremArmando ValdezYuri LowenthalCrispin FreemanMarc WordenRichard EpcarTravis WillinghamJohn BentleyChad GuerreroJosh GillmanMatt MercerJordan MarderDave PaladinoPatrick SeitzJamieson PriceTroy BakerShaun PiccininiChad GuerreroMichael RoderickJenn WongJeremy DunnSteve Wilcox

    Danny PardoSteven BauerLiane SchirmerCathy LizzioYousefFahim FazliBoris KievskyPasha LynchikovDimitri DiatchenkoBernardo De PaulaMaxwell De PaulaCoy Clark

    Leo AzevedoNavid NegabanEthan RainsPej VehdatMULTIPLAYERRick WassermanTravis WillinghamBrian Bloom

    Troy BakerMatt MercerJason BegheScott WhyteDave ForsethIan Anthony DaleBrian DelaneyGlen MorshowerLiam OBrienKirk ThorntonDave BoatRoger CrossRon YuanJames LeungJen Sung OuterbridgeRon YuanMing LoLiam OBrienAvery Kidd WaddellJeff Fischer

    Dave FouquetteSteve BlumMichael BenyaerSaid FarajSam SakoZuhair HaddadMichael DesanteZOMBIES

    Abigail Misty BriartonStephanie LemelinMarlton JohnsonScott MenvilleRussman/Survivor 4Keith Szarabajka

    Samuel StuhlingerDavid BoatRichtofen, Bus Driver, Bus PA,

    SurvivorsNolan NorthMaxis/Survivors 1 & 2Fred TatascioreSurvivor 3Jack AngelFEATURING THE MUSIC OFTrent ReznorElbow

    Avenged SevenfoldSkrillexANDComposed, Conducted andProduced byJack Wall

  • 7/29/2019 GonD Manual - En



    Orchestrated byNeal Desby & Edward TrybekAssistant to Jack WallAlex HemlockAdditiona...


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