GPS-GSM-Based Vehicle Tracking Monitoring V1.pdfGPS-GSM-Based Vehicle Tracking Monitoring System Model U101 V1 ExecutiveSummary CoreCompetence

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Text of GPS-GSM-Based Vehicle Tracking Monitoring

  • An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

    GPS-GSM-Based Vehicle Tracking &

    Monitoring System

    Model U101 V1

  • Executive Summary

    Core CompetenceEngaged in Design, Development in the

    domains of GPS,GIS, Mobile Applications,

    RFID, Web Based Enterprise


    Company InceptionCommenced operations in February 2009...

    GeographyA Bangalore, India, based Company.

    ServicesEnd to End Solution Providers in the field of

    Telematics that includes hardware, software

    and cloud/mobile based applications for

    various domains.

    Technology Consulting Services.

    ResearchA Full Fledged R & D wing with a dedicated

    team of qualified professionals.

    ManufacturingManufacturing of GPS-GSM-RFID-Sensor

    based Tracking and Monitoring Systems.


  • To be a vibrant company, providing quality and efficient service to customers and a rewarding

    experience to its employees.

    OUR VISIONWe will develop products and provide services that will have a

    Strong Social Impact and would improve the quality of Human Life. From a business perspective, our products/services will help our

    clients get a better control over their business and make a positive impact to their bottom-line. .


  • iTriangle Infotech Pvt.

    Promoters Profile

    A Commerce and a Managementgraduate, with an experience of 20years in the fields of Finance,Banking, HRD and Telecom. He isthe founder Director of iTriangleInfotech Pvt Ltd.

    Founder & Managing Director

    Vadiraj. S. KattiAbhimanyu Raja Pillaiyar

    A Textile Industrialist based inHyderabad, has over 30 Years ofprofessional experience. He is theDirector of the Company.

    Founder & Director An Architect by profession with over15 Years of Experience. Wellknown in his field for his innovativedesigns and quality of work. He isthe Director of the Company.


    Ajay KamathA Commerce Graduate with CAIIB,with a total professional experienceof more than 35 years. He hasserved in the Banking sector formore than a decade, handlingBusiness Banking at various levels.He is currently into Real Estate,handling Cooperative Housing,Multi Unit Housing andInfrastructure projects acrossKarnataka. He is the Director of theCompany.


    Anand R H.An Electronics engineer, having aPost Graduate Diploma inEmbedded System Designingfrom Center for Development ofAdvanced Computing (C-DAC). Hasmore than 10yrs of industrialexperience in embedded systemsdesigning and development with anexposure to hardware and softwaredesigning on Automotive embeddedsystems. Has worked with Siemensand C-DAC. He is one of thefounder members and theTechnical Director of the company.

    Founder & Technical Director

    Kiran A R

  • iTriangle Infotech Pvt.

    Promoters Profile

    Has a Doctorate from IndianInstitute of Science, Bangalore inthe area of Scalable ComputerSystems and Architecture Appliedto Real-time control of MTDCsystems; is a Gold medalist fromIndian Institute of Science andDept. of Science & Technology-Lockheed Martin India InnovationGrowth program 2011 forInnovation of a Eye ScreeningDevice. Has worked at Seniorpositions in Ericsson, PhillipsInnovation and is also thePresident and the CTO of ForusHealth Pvt Ltd. He is the Mentorand the Non-Executive Director ofthe Company.

    Has a doctorate from IndianInstitute of Science, Bangalore. Histechnical contribution is in the areaof Systems science and hasworked on Multi Variable SystemDesign. An Electronics, Electricaland Computer Science Engineer,He has a varied experience of 43yrs in the field of education.Published several research papersin the areas of Control Systems,Artificial Intelligence and SpeechRecognition. He is currently doingresearch work in the area ofSpeech Recognition and DigitalSignal Processing. He is theMentor for iTriangle InfoTech PvtLtd.



    Dr.Shyam VasudevRao Mentor

    Dr.S.K. Katti

  • ---------------------------------------

    Market Information

    The Transportation and theLogistics industry play a criticalrole in shaping and improving aCountrys economy. EfficientOperations will lead to higherproductivity and higher revenues.

    EconomyGPS-GSM-RFID based solutions

    will help Companies to effectively

    track and monitor the movement

    and the status of their fleet on a

    real time basis and there by

    reduce mal practices, wastage,

    and thus improve productivity

    and security.


    The ability to provide Safety,

    Security and Productivity has

    made the GPS-GSM-RFID

    based products and services an

    integral part of the managing

    process of the Fleet in any

    organisation which intends to

    derive maximum benefit from

    their assets.

    BenefitWe are moving to a situation

    where it is going to be mandatory

    for all the Vehicles that are being

    used for a commercial purpose

    should have a GPS based

    tracking device fitted into them.


  • -------------------------------------------------------

    aQuila Track OEM Offerings

    Model U101 V1

    C e r t i f i e d----------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • 8

    Small Form factor.

    Parameters location, time, speed, distance, ignition status, 1 analog readings(fuel), 2 Digital I/O.

    Easy installation and configuration.

    Suitable for hidden/stealth installation with both GPS and GSM internal antennas

    Voice Communication.

    Low power consumption and power optimization to save vehicle battery.

    Long battery backup- up to 8hrs of tracking with inbuilt 1500 mAH Lion Battery

    Can be charged through USB ports.

    Motion Sensor

    Mains battery removal alert.

    Easy software integration with SDK.

    All parameter configuration through SMS and USB.

    Remote health checking /diagnostic through SMS.

    Configurable Tracking interval, 10Sec,30Sec, 1Min ( other options may be provided based on request)

    Parameter Configuration through USB (hyper Terminal) or SMS.

    Inbuilt load balancing algorithm.

    Low communication data usage.

    DNS support available enables domain name configuration instead of IP address.

    Dual IP support ( special firmware required).

    Data Storage and forward architecture with storage capacity of 1MB (approx 3000 tracking records).

    Customization support available.



  • ---------------------------------------Device Specification

    Parameters Description

    Processor ARM7, 60 MHz, 30 MIPS 32 bit Controller

    Memory 4MB solid state Flash, 100K Erase and Program Cycle, 10 year data retention.

    GSM Module Quad Band, GPRS: class10 Coding Scheme CS1 to CS4.

    GPS ModuleGPS:66 acquisition-/ 22 tracking channels, Ultra high tracking/navigation sensitivity: -165dBm1,Inbuilt patch antenna, 5 Meters Accuracy. Make: GNS Germany.

    Antennas Internal Antennas

    Communication Interface TCP/IP on GPRS. Bluetooth 3.0 EDR( supported from Phase 2 of firmware release)

    Record Storage/buffer 20000 Tracking Records.

    Ports 1-USB Device type, 1 Rs232, 1 Analog I/O(fuel) and 2 Digital I/Os,1 Voice channel

    Configuration Recording delay, transmission delay.

    Communication Scheme Connect ->transfer->disconnect.

    Speed Sensor Real time(VSS Interface)GPS(default)

    Parameters Description

    SIM Interface Supports SIM card: 1.8V & 3V

    SMS Supports Text

    GPRS Packet Data Class 10 ; Class 8 (Optional), Coding Scheme CS1 to CS4

    LED Indication Processing, GSM, GPS, USB Detection

    Connectors 10 Pin power mate connector

    Power Supply Wide DC input voltage range (9V - 32V),

    Current Consumption 300mA during tracking and 150mA during standby

    Internal Battery 1500mah, 5 to 8 Hr backup, can be charged from USB interface /cable also.

    Enclosure Rugged IP 67 rated ABS Plastic Casing

    Operating: -10C to +55C

    Temperature Storage: -10C to +85C (Without Battery)

    Dimension (mm x mm x mm) 115 L x 80 W x 25 H in mm

    Weight 150 grams

    Other Interfaces Tamper Alert Switch. FOTA

    Geo Fencing Polygonal Geo Fencing available

    *IP67 casing can be provided at an additional cost.

  • General Information & Product Description

    Features may vary depending on the model and the variant-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • System Architecture----------------------------------------

  • Dashboard-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Dashboard-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Dashboard-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Current Summary-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Current Summary with Fuel Meter-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Locate Vehicles-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Travel Replay-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • View All Running Vehicles on Map-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • View Selected Vehicles on Map-----------------------------------