Graduating from High School What Middle School Students Need to Complete to Graduate in Humble ISD

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Graduating from High School What Middle School Students Need to Complete to Graduate in Humble ISD Slide 2 What Do I need? 26 total credits Including 19 required credits Pass 5 End of Course (EOC) exams Earn an endorsement Slide 3 How Do Credits work? A credit is something you earn when you pass a class Typically each semester is worth.5 or half a credit Every class you take can earn you credits towards graduation Failing a class means you do not earn the credit Credits from a failed class can be earned through credit recovery options (such as summer school or retaking the course again and passing) Slide 4 What Do I Do with Credits? Keeping track of your earned credits is very important Your counselor in high school will help you but It is YOUR responsibility to track your credits and get what YOU need to graduate You need to earn 26 credits total or more Certain classes are required Slide 5 19 Required credits 4 English 4 Math 4 Science 3 History 2 Lang. other than English 1 PE/Athletics 1 Fine Arts Need 7 other credits Slide 6 English- 4 credits English 1 has an EOC English II has an EOC English III Additional English Slide 7 Math- 4 credits Algebra I has an EOC Geometry 2 Additional Math courses Slide 8 Science- 4 credits Biology has an EOC At least 1 lab based course 2 additional credits Slide 9 Social Studies- 3 credits US History has an EOC US Government/Economics (.5 credit each) World History or World Geography Slide 10 Other credits- 4 2 credits of Language other than English 1 PE/Athletics 1 Fine Arts Slide 11 7 other credits These are elective classes Can be a mix of any category such as Arts, Athletics, Electives, Career Technology classes, etc. You should pick these classes based on your interests and possible future careers DO NOT pick based on where your friends are or which teacher is attractive or an easy grader Slide 12 5 End Of Courses English I English II Algebra I Biology US History These tests must be passed at the End Of Course in order to earn credit for the course Slide 13 Endorsements Slide 14 Student must declare in writing an endorsement upon entering 9 th grade ( helps) Students can take classes in other endorsements until their junior year You are not locked in and have flexibility but you need to be intentional and exploring options Waiting until the last minute to give real thought to this will result in taking unnecessary classes and possibly delay graduation or you may not be able to get the endorsement you want It is time to make adult decisions, ARE YOU READY?!? Slide 15 Pathways STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) - 3 different pathways Business and Industry - 13 pathways Public Service - 5 pathways Arts and Humanities - 3 pathways Multidisciplinary - 2 pathways Slide 16 Summary 26 total credits including 19 required classes Pass 5 EOCs Declare and earn an endorsement A good relationship with your high school counselor is also important Still have Questions??? HMS will have HHS Course Selection Family Help Night 2/10/15 6:30pm Library