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  • G u n s m o k eAn American Institution

  • G u n s m o k eAn American Institution

    Celebrating 50 Years of Televisions Best Western

    by Ben Costello


    Chandler, AZ USA

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    Costello, Ben.Gunsmoke: an American institution celebrating 50 years of television's

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    Acknowledgements ix

    Foreword By Jim Byrnes xiii

    Preface By Jon Voight xvii

    Introduction xix

    Opening Shot xxiii

    Series Introduction xxvii

    The Formative Years 1

    The Cast 11

    James Arness 11

    Amanda Blake 19

    Dennis Weaver 29

    Milburn Stone 36

    Ken Curtis 45

    Burt Reynolds 54

    Buck Taylor 59

    Glenn Strange 64

    The Producers 71

    The Writers 79

    The Directors 93

    An Interview With Dennis Weaver 107

    Dean Martin Celebrity Roast Highlights 116

    Welcome to Dodge:

    The Guest Stars Reminisce 121

    Behind The Scenes 143

    The Run 155

    An Interview With Buck Taylor 177

    Welcome to Dodge II:

    The Guest Stars Reminisce 189

    GunsmokeLive! 211

    The Memorabilia 225

    An Interview With Burt Reynolds 247

    The Television Episodes 255

    The Movies 541

    Gunsmoke - Recipes For Success 559

    Legacy 565

    The Last Word 575



  • A TALENTED TRIO Dennis Weaver, Milburn Stone and Amanda Blake, better known as Chester,Doc and Miss Kitty, coming soon to a venue near you! This photo was used to announce dates forthe 1960 Rodeo Circuit Tour.

  • he freshman season of Gunsmoke presented astaggering thirty-nine episodes. Even more stag-gering, in addition to writing and producing,Charles Marquis Warren directed twenty-six ofthem. Harry Horner directed one, Robert

    Stevenson and Ted Post, six each. Post has an impres-sive list of television credits, ranging from Wagon Trainto Cagney and Lacey, in addition to over fiftyGunsmoke credits.

    I hold the record for most episodes directed...nine-ty-five, stated a proud Andrew V. McLaglen. Its quite anexperience to be part of a show that is as well known asGunsmoke.

    Born in London, England in 1920, the son of AcademyAward winning actor Victor McLaglen, he began his careerin 1944, playing an uncredited role in the film Since YouWent Away. Preferring work behind the camera, which hebegan in 1948, McLaglen worked on a multitude of projects,including assistant director on The Quiet Man for JohnFord, and two projects that featured a young James Arness,Big Jim McClain and Hondo, where he functioned as assis-tant director and unit production manager, respectively.


    ANOTHER OPENIN, ANOTHER SHOW The three popular GUNSMOKE stars pose in the auditorium of their latestlive appearance, circa 1958.


  • I had worked with Jim Arness in 1951 or 1952. Hehad one year of Gunsmoke in 1956 and during his hiatus,I went to United Artists and in five minutes sold them ona nice small western with the star of Gunsmoke calledGun the Man Down. We made the movie, Jim went backto Gunsmoke and in the course of time he said to CBS,Hey, why dont you have Andrew come and do a couple

    of episodes. You know, Ive worked with him and he mightbe good, recalled McLaglen. They signed me up for two,and ninety-five Gunsmokes later...

    McLaglen also directed many episodes of Have


    It was just incredible, totally magica real thrill, a real kick.

    UNITED CEREBRAL PALSY TELETHON Dennis Weaver, AmandaBlake and Milburn Stone lead the crowd in a rousing rendition ofthe song, Hes Got the Whole World In His Hands, the finale usedin most of their live shows.

    RUN RABBIT, RUN Chester and Doc stop bickering long enough tomake music during a performance in Jacksonville, Florida.

  • GunWill Travel. During those days Gunsmoke andHave GunWill Travel were alternating as the numberone shows, literally, in the Nielsens. The accomplisheddirector credits many factors for the record- breaking runGunsmoke would set. John Meston and NormanMacdonnell were the genesis of the whole thing and, verybriefly, Charles Marquis Warren. It was just a very homey,warm type of a Western without being necessarily bloodand guts.

    I cant say enough about my pal Andy McLaglen,gushed actress Angie Dickinson. They were smart to doa lot with him. You get in a groove, there is a camaraderiethere of character and of person that falls into place andhelps the show so much. Dickinson turned in a movingperformance in the groundbreaking episode from 1957,Sins of the Father. What I loved, of course, continuedDickinson, in the part of Andys direction was the ease ofit all. In a half-hour or less not counting commercials, theytold so much, so innocently and smoothly. Maybe thatwas the key to its great success. It was simple and veryhuman. They cared and it showed.

    On the subject of McLaglen, actress Suzanne Lloydgushed, I adored him! He was wonderful, I cant praisehim enough. He knew what he was doing. FrequentGunsmoke guest star Wright King added, He was a doll.Andy is a great big man, easygoing guy with a wonderfulhumor about him. You didnt feel rushed or any kind ofpressure with him. That wonderful humor was appreciat-ed by actor Robert Donner. Andy had a penchant for

    stepping on your toes, recalled the actor. He used tolove to walk over, face you straight on, of course at hisheight, hes looking right over your head. Hed be standingon your toes. His nickname for me was Hank, Where thehell is Hank?! and of course hes standing on my feet. Wehad good times.

    McLaglen directed his final episode in 1964, whichaired in 1965. He went on to a successful career in featurefilms directing, among others, John Wayne in many classicfilms including McClintock. Assessing McLaglen, actressKaren Sharpe observed, A solid base. You felt secure


    SEPTEMBER 1959 Milburn Stone, Amanda Blake andDennis Weaver pose in front of the real Long BranchSaloon in Dodge City, Kansas.

  • when you worked with him. High praise from the actresswho was married to producer-director Stanley Kramer.

    Harry Harris, Jr. joined the show in late 1960 duringthe final season of the half hour episodes. As Harrisexplained, I started on Wanted: Dead or Alive, the SteveMcQueen show, and I went on to Gunsmoke. WhenGunsmoke began season seven, the episodes were nowan hour in length. It was this transition that promptedHarris to state, That was the best experience...the peoplethat were associated with the show at that time wereprobably the best of what was around at that time in tele-vision. John Meston was in Europe and every week youdget a script from somewhere. Mestons wife was a ladybullfighter and he followed her all over, particularly inSpain. Norman Macdonnell was probably the nicesthuman being I ever met in my life and the two of them,Norm and John, had a close bond. John was really thefather of that show.

    For his take on the popularity of the oater, Harrisoffered, It was an anthology of the West...a little town inKansas where all these people passed through. They wentinto such depth of characterit wasnt just people shoot-ing people in the streets. They had every kind of problemthat people had in those dayssickness, poverty, greed orcriminalsattached to this little town. Jim Arness wasthe epitome of the law, this six-foot-seven guy upholdingthe law. Doc, this homemade guy, a Doctor. Amanda, thewoman in the bar, who did or didnt have anything to dowith Matt, who the hell knows? Dennis was a hayseed

    who was smart and the sidekick. They were all charactersthat people attached to.

    Harris directed actor Michael Forest in two memo-rable Gunsmoke segments, The Cousin and Innocence.Forest, reflecting on his work with the director, opined,Harry Harris. Terrific, easygoing guy. Knew what to doand how to get it done with very little effort. Left you to


    SHERIFF PAT GARRETTS BUGGY Milburn Stone and AmandaBlake ride the real deal in the Truth Or Consequences FiestaParade in New Mexico, 1958. (Photo courtesy of the GeronimoSprings Museum, Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico)

  • improvise within the scene...nice guy to work with.Harris truly enjoyed his time on Gunsmoke and the

    creative license he was given by Meston and Macdonnell.He left the show only after the Meston/MacdonnellLeacock/Mantley shakeup.

    In addition to Gunsmoke and the aforementionedWanted: Dead or Alive, Harris also directed episodes ofRawhide and, for eight years, In the Heat of the Night. Hecontinues his craft today on 7th Heaven. Another assess-ment from Karen Sharpe: I worked with Harry Harris onDry WellI liked working with him. Im one of these thatlikes to bring my own props, so I knew exactly what Iwanted to do; he never told me anything, he just loved

    everything I did, so I could do anything I da