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  • 8/6/2019 Habitat Humanity Bro Email


    Its only ahouse until

    You MakeIt A Home

    If you believe that you qualifyfor a Habitat for Humanityhome, ll out the questionnairewithin this brochure, and returnit to Habitat for Humanity ofJohnson County.

    Deliver your application to:Habitat for Humanity of Johnson County98 S. Edwards StreetFranklin, In 46131(317) 736-4454

    Mail your application to:

    Habitat for Humanity of Johnson CountyP.O. Box 302Franklin, IN 46131

    How DoesIt Work?

    We are pledged to the letter and spirit of the U.S. policy forthe achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout thenation. We encourage and support an afrmative advertisingand marketing program in which there are no barriers toobtaining housing because of race, color, religion,

    sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.

    1. Submit an application.

    2. If you meet income and credit guidelines, youwill attend an information meeting and ll outa full-length application.

    3. A member of Habitat for Humanity of JohnsonCounty will do a home visit to verify your needfor housing. Need for housing can includeovercrowding, leaky roof, high rent anddangerous electrical wiring.

    4. If approved, you will attend an orientation andstart earning your 300-500 hours of sweatequity. To earn hours, you attend weekly budgetclasses, participate in homeowner educationclasses like construction, home maintenance,and nancial planning and management.

    5. Once youve started earning your sweat equityhours, youll be assigned a lot among thosewhere we plan to build.

    6. After selecting your lot, you will work alongsideHabitat for Humanity of Johnson Countyvolunteers to build your own home.

    7. Once completed, Johnson County Habitat for

    Humanity will work with you and yourCovenant Partner to bless your homeat a dedication ceremony.

    8. Your home will be deeded to youand you become a homeowner.

    If you have additional questionsplease give us a call at(317) 736-4454 or visit us on the

    Web at

  • 8/6/2019 Habitat Humanity Bro Email


    Habitat for Humanity of Johnson County is a nonprot,

    ecumenical Christian organization that works inpartnership with families in Johnson County to buildsimple, decent, and affordable homes with those inneed. The partner families contribute hundreds ofhours of sweat equity in the construction of theirhome and the homes of others. Simply put, you pickup a hammer and get to work on building your home.

    In addition to sweat equity, partner families mustattend budget classes and monthly homeownerworkshops. These classes and workshops help toprepare our partner families for the nancial andother responsibilities that come with owning a home.

    HomeownerPartnering ProcessHabitat for Humanity ofJohnson County workswith partner familiesthroughout the partneringprocessfrom the initialassessment to a blessingceremony when theyreceive the deed to

    their home.

    Do I Qualify?If the following conditions apply to you, then you maybegin the partnering process:

    Is your current housing not meeting your needs?

    Can you make a monthly payment for your home?

    Are you willing to volunteer to help build yourown home?

    Can I Afford A Habitat For Humanity Home?

    If you meet income and credit guidelines,you will attend an information meetingand ll out an application.

    Applicant Name _______________________________________________________________________________________

    Social Security Number___________________________________________ Date of Birth ___________________________Your social security number is required to run a credit check.

    Co-applicant Name ____________________________________________________________________________________

    Social Security Number___________________________________________ Date of Birth ___________________________

    Address________________________________________________________________ IN Zip ________________________

    Home Phone _______________________ Work Phone _______________________ Cell Phone _______________________

    If approved, how many people will be living in the house? ______________________________________________________

    Applicant Income $ ______ per [email protected] ______ hours per week. How long at this job? _______________________________

    Co-applicant Income: $ ______ per [email protected]_____ hours per week. How long at this job? ____________________________

    Child Support ______ per month. SSI ______ per month. Disability ______ per month.

    How much are you currently paying for rent? ________________________________________________________________

    How much debt do you have? ______ (total balances) ______ (total monthly payments)Examples: credit cards, medical bills, car payment

    Are you willing to attend a budget class once a week for a year? ________________________________________________

    Are you willing to learn construction and help others build houses? _____________________________________________

    Describe your need for a Habitat for Humanity house:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________





    ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________

    Applicant Signature Co-applicant Signature

    BuildA HouseMakeA Home

    Thank you for your interest in partnering with

    Habitat for Humanity of Johnson County. To nd

    out if you qualify to own a Habitat for Humanity of

    Johnson County home, please answer the questions

    below and mail or deliver your application to the

    address listed on the back of this brochure.