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  • APRIL 2014

    HATTIE STEWART - Illustrator & Artist

    We can all doodle, but not all of us can doodle like this.

  • Hattie STEWART is a young London based illustrator with a vibrant, cheeky style.A self professed 'professional doodler', her unique and playful illustration extends itself through art and fashion having worked with designers such as House of Holland and Adidas. In recent years her notoriety has increased due to a project aptly titled 'doodle-bombing' where she draws over the covers of influential publications such as Interview and Vogue.Hattie STEWART is only three years out of university.

  • There is an energy and excitement in Hattie STEWARTs work which is infectious, palpable in any of the mediums she uses.

    Her cheeky, fun illustrations make her a perfect match for the designers she has worked with, from Luella and Marc Jacobs on his younger line Marc by Marc Jacobs to Henry Holland, with whom she has collaborated on various collections. As well as her work within the fashion industry, Stewart has joined forces with musicians, animators, and has decorated a line of crockery.

    Growing up, Stewart began honing her craft by copying images from The Dandy and The Beano comics before setting her heart on fashion illustration at the tender age of 13. Her relationship with her family is something that has been integral to her artistic development, both creatively and professionally. Watching the people around her carve out careers in creative industries inspired her enterprising and go-getting attitude, and has led to her admiration of, and collaboration with, other similarly-minded young artists.

    Rather than being mere absent-minded scribbles, Stewarts drawings are deliberate and self-conscious, meaning the work always stops short of becoming something cutesy or kitsch. Her Doodle Bombed covers of some of the worlds most important fashion magazines inject a dark humour into an industry that can sometimes suffer from taking itself too seriously. Her images can both alleviate tension or add intensity. They scrawl over the perfect bodies and faces on these covers and transform them into a different kind of absurd.

    To see Hattie Stewarts Beautiful DoodlesCLICK HERE EXTERNAL WEBSITE

    To see a lot of her work on Tumblr, including work other than magazine coversCLICK HERE EXTERNAL WEBSITE



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