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Business Opportunity Generation AtHCL CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTRE(A Division of HCL Infosystems Ltd.)





Acknowledgement.04 Executive Summary...05 Introduction....07 Company Profile....11 Product Profile...19 Activities and Analyses..22 Conclusion..46 Limitations..47 Recommendations...49 Bibliography50



I feel a deep sense of gratitude to our beloved and highly esteemed Institute BALAJI INSTITUTE OF MODERN MANAGEMENT for growing us into true business managements Students. It is my privileged to thank Prof. (Col) A. Balasubramanian ,President Sri Balaji Society, Prof. Dr.A.P Ghosh, Director ,BIMM , Mrs. Dimple Saini ,Director Corporate relations and Both Teaching and non Teaching staff of BIMM, for their immense support throughout our study I express my deepest and most sincere thanks to the Mr. Dipankar Gupta, Regional Head, Frontline Division, HCL Infosystems Ltd., Mr. Arun Xavier Biswas, Business Development Manager, HCL Career Development Centre, my project guide Mr. Raju Ghosh, Assistant Business Development Manager (Centre Manager ) HCL Career Development Centre, Mr. Souvik Bhattacharya, Assistant Business Development Manager( East ), Mr. Debashish Chakraborty, Marketing executive HCL Infosystems Ltd. Without there guidance and support this project could not have been completed. I take this opportunity to thank all senior executives and every associate of HCL-CDC, as without their cooperation the project could not have been completed.

Executive Summary4

This report is to describe the project that is based on brand awareness, positioning and ultimately business generation of the IT training wing of HCL INFOSYSTEMS named as HCL CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (CDC).HCL INFOSYSTEMS had started its educational and training wing called HCL CDC in Kolkata on 29th march 2007 HCL-CDC is the IT training division of 15,000 crores HCL Infosystems, India's premier information enabling company. Leveraging its 31 years of rich expertise in total technology solutions .The mission of this training division is to provide quality I.T education to students and fresh graduates to provide industry ready man-power to I.T industry and eventually the vision of HCL CDC is to bridge the skill gap between academics and industry. Since HCL CDC Kolkata has been in this field for the past 1 year hence our primary objective was to build awareness about it and position the same properly in the minds of the student community. Ultimately all this is directed towards handsome business generation of the company. For the above mentioned objective the first and the foremost thing which we did was a competition analysis. We visited the centres of our competitors as students, met their counselors, faculties and obtained all the detailed necessary information about their infrastructure, courses curriculum, fees structure, certification, duration, etc .We gave all the detailed feed back to our centre and chalked out our plan of action accordingly.We have to carry out our actions under two subheads i.e. Corporate and Retail. In corporate section, under institutional alliances account we visited various colleges (technical and non technical) and educational institutes,had initial interaction with their management and officials for the purpose of having a institutional5

alliance between company and HCL CDC by setting up converges labs and summer training for students of institutes .Under Prometric and corporate account we visited various corporate offices and companies for providing them facility of various certification and training requirements. Apart from this in retail account we also visited various colleges across West Bengal and invited various prospective students at HCL CDC to address them through counseling sessions and arrange Aptitude tests for them. Besides doing all these we also conducted a special kind of activity. We showed them benefits and finally we are looking for a commercial win win situation. Final objective of all these activities is to get regular walk-ins in HCL CDC and to enroll them in various courses and training programs of HCL and generating business for HCL CDC.



HCL Career Development Centre - A PROFILE Group Profile: HCL- Career Development Centre is the IT training division of 15,000 crores HCL Infosystems, India's premier information enabling company. Leveraging its 30 years of expertise in total technology solutions, HCL Infosystems offers value-added services in key areas such as system integration, networking consultancy and a wide range of support services. It is rated among the leading players in all the segments, comprising domestic IT products, solutions and related services, including PCs, servers, networking products, imaging & communication products. HCL Infosystems manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 - 2000 & ISO 14001 certified and adhere to stringent quality standards and global processes. With the largest installed PC base in the country, HCL Infosystems owns the brand of indigenously developed and manufactured, most popular PC - 'Ezeebee', 'Busybee' 'Beanstalk' and 'Infiniti' - and its robust manufacturing facilities; HCL Infosystems aims to further leverage its dominance in the PC market. It has been consistently rated as Top player in PC industry by IDC. A strong dominance also prevails in verticals like Finance, Government, and Education & Research. The Channel Business of HCL Infosystems has an extensive network of over 2500+ resellers across 300 locations. It has actively promoted the penetration of PCs and Laptops in the home and the small office/home office (SOHO) segments. As a leading information enabler, HCL Infosystems has long standing relationships with world technology leaders such as SUN for enterprise computing solutions, Intel and AMD for PCs & PC Servers; Microsoft, Novell and SCO for operating systems and software solutions; Toshiba Corp. for business automation equipment; SAP AG for specialist ERP solutions; and Oracle, Sybase and Informix for RDBMS platform, EMC, Veritas for storage solutions. The aim is to straddle the entire landscape of information enabling technology far more comprehensively, effectively and competitively. Indeed, a vision to create enterprises of tomorrow.

OUTLINE OF HCL divisions


HCL Technologies

HCL Infosystems


The aim of the project, Business Opportunity Generation is: To form alliances with the institutions so as to minimize the Skill Gap which the IT Industry is currently facing. To figure out the training and development needs of IT, Non IT and Government Organizations and cater to those needs. To establish HCL CDC as an organization which provides Corporate Training to corporate. HCL Enterprise is a $ 4.8 billion (Rs. 19,215crore) leading Global Technology and IT enterprise that comprises two companies listed in India HCL Technologies & HCL Infosystems. The TIME magazine has referred to HCL as an "intellectual clean room where its employees could imagine endless possibilities". The fact is, over the last thirty years that HCL has been operational; the company has stood by its values and core philosophy.


Fueled by the entrepreneurial zeal of its founders, HCL developed the first indigenous micro-computer in 1978, at the same time as Apple. Since then, HCL has had a 3 decade rich history of inventions and innovations. The three-decade-old enterprise, founded in 1976, is one of India's original IT garage start-ups. Its range of offerings spans Product Engineering, Custom & Package Applications, BPO, IT Infrastructure Services, IT Hardware, Systems Integration, and distribution of ICT products. The HCL team comprises approximately 53,700 professionals of diverse nationalities, who operate from 18 countries including 360 points of presence in India. HCL has global partnerships with several leading Fortune 1000 firms, including leading IT and Technology firms. HCL Infosystems' portfolio of products covers the entire spectrum of the information technology needs of its customers. By virtue of the immense diversity of markets and customers that it addresses, HCL Infosystems' products offerings include everything from high end enterprise level servers for mission critical applications to multimedia home computers. HCL is also known for the manufacturing of Desktops and Laptops. HCL's computer hardware manufacturing plants include four facilities, two at Pondicherry, one at Chennai & one at Uttarakhand. HCL Infosystems has alliances with global technology leaders like Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Bull, Toshiba, Nokia, Sun Microsystems, Ericsson, VIDIA, SAP, Scansoft, SCO, EMC, Veritas, Citrix, CISCO, Oracle, Computer Associates, RedHat, Infocus, Duplo, Samsung and Novell.


HCL Infosystems has long standing relationships with world technology leader, SUN for enterprise computing solutions, Intel and AMD for PCs & PC Servers; Microsoft, Novell and SCO for operating systems and software solutions; Toshiba Corp. for business automation equipment; SAP AG for specialist ERP solutions; and Oracle, Sybase and Informix for RDBMS platform, EMC, Veritas for storage solutions. These alliances on one hand give HCL access to best technology & products as well as enhance its understanding of the latest in technology. On the other hand they enhance HCLs product portfolio, and enable HCL to be one stop shop for our customers. As the fountainhead of the most significant pursuit of human mind, HCL believes, only a leader can transform you into a leader. HCL CDC, a division of HCL Infosystems is an initiative that enables individuals to benefit from HCL expertise in the space and become Industry ready IT professionals. HCL