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Health Literacy In Action:. An Immunization Curriculum Development Process. The ability to read, understand, and act on health information. Health Literacy Defined:. Literacy Vs. Health Literacy. Limited health literacy is not restricted to adults with limited overall literacy skills. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Health Literacy In Action:An Immunization Curriculum Development Process

  • Health Literacy Defined:The ability to read, understand, and act on health information

  • Literacy Vs. Health LiteracyLimited health literacy is not restricted to adults with limited overall literacy skills.Most health education materials are far too difficult for people with low literacy skills and are also "above the heads" of average and above-average readers.Many of us have low health literacy as a side effect of medications, illness, anxiety, fear, being in a medical environment, and many other factors.

  • Peer Language Review ProcessText and ideas were drafted by experts and based on researchTo enhance validity, a consistent team facilitated the process across countiesThe same materials were reviewed in each session to ensure that comments and revisions were similar, regardless of facilitators or the representation of the group

  • Peer Language Review ProcessUses members of the target audienceParticipants provide feedback on the layout of the materialsParticipants were asked to give feedback on the language, sentence structure and content on materialsParticipants were asked to improve the readability and relevance of the materials

  • Peer Language Review Process3 representative counties were chosen: Saginaw (urban), Sanilac (rural), St Clair (mixture)Participants were recruited from existing MSUE programs to ensure target audienceGroups were limited to 10 participants per session to allow for small group work and easier group interaction

  • Peer Language Review ProcessA total of 12 participants were involved in the processParticipants engaged in a mixture of small group, individual and full group activitiesParticipants were provided breakfast, lunch and a stipend for participating in the process

  • Materials ReviewedPre Immunization SurveyWhy Immunize?Disease Pictures (visuals)Why Bee Wise and ImmunizeAdapted Immunization ScheduleHow to Comfort Before, During and After ImmunizationsA total of 19 pieces were reviewed

  • ResultsImmunization materials are written in everyday language when appropriateReading level of parent handouts is appropriate for variety of audiencesParticipants engaged in a vigorous learning experienceParticipants connected with others in their communities, increasing support networks

  • Does Peer Language Review Process Work?Has been used with a variety of audiencesHas been used with a variety of materials (parenting, financial literacy, environmental, health, etc)Lets try it!Read through the handout in front of youAs I read the sentences, ask yourself:Is there a better way to say this?How would I say this when I talk to my friends?

  • Before Peer Language

  • After Peer Language

    Originally introduced to MSU Extension by Dawn Koger, PhD, Early Childhood consultant.In addition to using this process with our target audience, we also did a session our MSUE staff. They reviewed the instructor information for layout, content and teachability. Through the instructor process, many new activities were added to enhance the curriculum (such as literacy activities).


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