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<ul><li><p>Higher GroundCharles Hutchinson GabrielJohnson Oatman, Jr., 1898</p><p>Public DomainCourtesy of the Cyber Hymnal</p><p>4. I want to scale the ut most- height And catch a gleam of glo ry-3. I want to live a bove- the world, Though Sa tans- darts at me are2. My heart has no de sire- to stay Where doubts a rise- and fears dis-1. Im press ing- on the up ward- way, New heights Im gain ing- ev ery-</p><p>ad</p><p>G =9534 kk kk</p><p> kk kz</p><p>k zkk kk kk</p><p>kzk z</p><p>kk kk</p><p>kk kzk z</p><p>kk kk</p><p>kk</p><p>bd 34</p><p>kk k</p><p>k k</p><p>k kz</p><p>k zkk kk k</p><p>k</p><p>kzk z kk</p><p>kk</p><p>kk</p><p>kzk z</p><p>kk kk k</p><p>k</p><p>bright; But still Ill pray till heavn Ive found, Lord, plant my feet on high er-hurled; For faith has caught the joy ful- sound, The song of saints on high er-may;- Though some may dwell where those a bound,- My prayer, my aim, is high er-day; Still pray ing- as Im on ward- bound, Lord, plant my feet on high er-</p><p>adkzkz kk kk</p><p> kk kz</p><p>k zkk kk</p><p> kk</p><p>kzk zkk kk</p><p>kk kk</p><p> kk kk kk</p><p>bd kzk z kk</p><p>kk k</p><p>k kz</p><p>k zkk k</p><p>k k</p><p>k</p><p>kzk z kk</p><p>kk</p><p>kk</p><p>kk</p><p>kkkk kk</p><p>ground.ground.ground. Lord, lift me up and let me stand, By faith, on Heav ens- ta ble- land, A high er-ground.</p><p>adkzkz</p><p>Refrain</p><p>kk k</p><p>k kk kzk zkk kk kk kzk z k kk</p><p> kk kzk z kk</p><p>kk kk kzk z kk</p><p> kkkk</p><p>bd kzk z</p><p>kk kk</p><p> kk kzk z kk</p><p>kkk</p><p>kzk z kk</p><p>kk</p><p>kk</p><p>kzk z</p><p>kk</p><p>kk</p><p>kk</p><p>kzk z kkkk</p><p>kk</p><p>plane than I have found; Lord, plant my feet on high er- ground.</p><p>adkzkz</p><p>kk kk</p><p> kk</p><p>kzk zkk kk</p><p>kk kk</p><p> kk kk kk k</p><p>zk z</p><p>bd kzk z k</p><p>k kk kk</p><p>kzk z kk</p><p>kk</p><p>kk</p><p>kkkkkk kk kzk z</p></li></ul>