Hostage UK: Who we are, how we work and how can we help you do your job? © Hostage UK 2014

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  • Hostage UK: Who we are, how we work and how can we help you do your job?

    Hostage UK 2014

  • Aims and objectives

    To provide specialist services and pastoral support to hostages and their families, during and after the case To provide education and training for organisations on family support and hostage re-integration

    To campaign and advocate for improved government and organisational policy and practice relating to family support and hostage re-integration

    Hostage UK 2014

  • People and principles

    People with direct experience of hostage taking and kidnap

    Driven by needs of families and hostages

    Sticking to our niche and value added Hostage UK 2014

  • Resources and capacity


    Staff (part-time Director and Administrator)Trustees (Board)Pro bono advisorsVolunteers

    Other resources

    24/7 HelplineSupport in kind from various organisations

    Hostage UK 2014

  • Case handling

    Hostage UK 2014

  • Family support services

    Hostage UK 2014

  • What families experience

    Shock, numbness, denial

    Fear, anxiety, powerlessness

    Isolation others cannot possibly understand

    Hopelessness about the future

    Ambiguous about what is happening

  • What families need

    Regular, consistent, honest information not false hope Good sense and peer support

    Professional support from trained people

    Practical help to deal with routine problems

    Something to do, options but clear guidance against some things

    Ongoing support after the kidnap is resolved

    Hostage UK 2014

  • Operating principles

    Access: free at the point of use; info-rich website

    Trust: independence (funding, brand, relationships); confidentiality; one person per contact, not per case

    Helplessness: support/empower but dont take over; offer practical help; complement rather than replicate existing support networks; professional support rather than friendship

    Hostage UK 2014

  • Family support challenges

    Drifting into response, providing advice, liabilities

    Perceived v. real independence government, response companies, employers

    Dealing in uncertainties, lack of information, desire for action

    Getting too close to the family, doing rather than supporting

    Family conflict

    Hostage UK 2014

  • Business model challenges

    Low core staff capacity

    Reliance on volunteers: verification, non-payment, motivations, consistency of support

    Funding model: independence, regular flow of income, variety of income sources Hostage UK 2014

  • Income sources

    Hostage UK 2014

  • The Future

    Hostage International

    Hostage US established with 5013c statusInterest in:South America (Pais Libre)EuropeAustralasia Hostage UK 2014

    **Aim 1 is central everything flows from that and it dictates our values and operating principlesAim 2 we dont want to have a monopoly on good family/hostage support want to help others to do this better, too. Plus there is stuff we can learn from them.Aim 3 only where necessary.*Our people are critical to our success:They have direct or professional experience of kidnapThey are driven by the needs of families and hostages and no other interestsThey play an active role in the charitys operational delivery unlike most charities trustees work for HUK (though obv not paid)

    This is important to families/hostages:Dealing with someone who understands what you are going throughMistrust of families being there just for them, being independent

    Also have a strong commitment to sticking to our niche family/hostage support. Do not veer into other aspects of kidnapping would compromise our ability to deliver effective family/hostage support but also there are others better placed to deliver on these other aspects.Importance of being non-operational we dont have the skills, importance of separating operational from family support. Any responders that might have knowledge of operational side of a case step aside and do not get involved in family support for that case. **NB We do not actively solicit cases:Families already have many people knocking on their doorNot all families want or need the kind of support we can offerMany families decide they need support after the early stages of a kidnap need to wait until they are ready for support

    Importance therefore of having the right profile to make it more likely that families will find us, while guarding against the organisational challenge that would result from being a household name:Good links to government, police, employers (educational work helps with this)Good web/social media presenceAbility for people to contact us via the websiteProvision of 24/7 phone line

    Supporting approx. 1.5 new families or hostages per month. Length of time we support a family or hostage varies from one contact to months/years. Support continues post-release.*Pastoral SupportRespondersFamily support networkPractical HelpAttending meetingsContacts Strictly non-operationalInformationSense makingHow to guidesProfessional HelpPsychologists/psychiatristsLawyersFinancial advisorsMedia advisors***Our operating principles are dictated by what families experience need, and to ensure that how we work does not get in the way of our ability to help. ***Seminars: 550/450/300; max 35 paid places; gross income 10,500-16,500 depending on who attends; costs c 3k.

    Speaking engagements: 300-500; Met Negotiators course; police forces; private sector companies

    Products: how to guides; 3k per guide

    Core funding: 50k donation Peter De Haan charitable trust; x2 1k from Pru; 1k from Drapers Co; marathon/sponsored events 2.5k Jim Collins*