How to Build a Website…The Right Way

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The above mentioned guidelines will help any and everyone to build a good website that not only is remembered and re-visited but also one of the visitors favorite.


<p> The Website Design Process</p> <p>1. Listen</p> <p>The first step in designing a web site for a business is to first understand how that specific business works and operates. The business needs to determine who their target audience is and how exactly they want to market their business online. In short, the needs and goals of the company need to be clearly defined.</p> <p>2. Assess</p> <p>After gaining an in-depth understanding of a company's goals, a strategy about how to achieve these goals is developed. This is done by combining the web-marketing tools that are available to the goals that are needed. In addition, a flow chart of the website is created in order for the business to gain a good idea of the website's navigation and site map.</p> <p>Before the actual process of building the website takes place, any graphics, logos, and content should be ready so that the building process will be made easier. After all the information is gathered and the flowchart is finalized, the construction of the site is ready to begin. Careful planning each step of the way will lead to a smoother construction process.</p> <p>3. Design</p> <p>Following the finalized flow chart, the site is constructed, applying all graphics, logos, and content needed. The navigation will be built into the website based on the agreed upon flowchart. Simultaneously, as the website is being constructed, a host is found that will provide server space for the website however, the website will not be posted online until the website is completely finished. In addition, a domain name (for example is purchased through a registrar such as and This domain name will be the URL for the newly created site.</p> <p>An important step in the web construction process is developing the website's Search Engine Optimization (SEO).This aspect of construction enables websites to be found by search engines like Google and Yahoo! Most search engines search very much the same with some minor differences. SEO is key to online marketing because if a site is never found, obviously there is no way for a business/consumer to view the company online.</p> <p>4. Test and Deploy</p> <p>Upon completion and after a series of site tests, and the domain name and host have been chosen, the website is put up on the web. The website should possess a sleek design, clear navigation, optimization for search engines, and whatever other marketing tools were chosen.</p> <p>5. Listen</p> <p>When the website has been up for a while, changes may want to be made and the content may need to be updated. Maintenance of the website is key to a successful website in order for the website to look up-to-date and running properly.To know more about professional website design click here Los Angeles Web DesignSource: Los Angeles Web Design</p> <p>By David Ephraim of ATAK Interactive, Inc.</p>