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<p>How to get started in social media</p> <p>By Jan-Philipp RiekeHow to get started in social mediaStart to blogIf you decide to go into social media the first thing you should do is start to blog. In your blog the following information's should be given.</p> <p>Introduce yourself and your company to the internet community</p> <p>Make it obvious how people can find and contact you</p> <p>Also you should make a page which shows your products and servicesCreate a Facebook site If Facebook would be a country it would be the one with the third biggest population in the world. That is why you seriously should consider to place your company there.</p> <p>Avoid trying to sell your products thereUse your site to inform people about what youre doingTry to get in contact with your customers and replay to critics Get a LinkedIn accountFinally you should get a LinkedIn account. There you can find the appropriate staff for your business. It is a platform which sets its focus on the working lives of the people rather than on the social lives.</p>