How to Outsource Prepress Work to a Photo Editing Agency

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Know about the finer points of outsourcing your prepress work to a good and established Photo Editing Agency to ensure excellent output, timely delivery as well as reasonable costs.

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  • How to Outsource Prepress Work to a Photo Editing Agency

  • Know about the finer points of outsourcing your prepress work to agood and established Photo Editing Agency to ensure excellentoutput, timely delivery as well as reasonable costs.

    Almost every kind of business around the world needs high qualityphotos and images for distinct purposes. Although professionalprinting and publishing companies require such images on a regularbasis, but other enterprises also need photos for their printcollaterals as well as online usage. Hence these companies alwayslook for a Photo Editing Agency, which can be entrusted with thisimportant job.

  • In todays time, when nearly everything is sold online, e-commerce companies need a regular flow of high resolution quality photos of their products, which are uploaded frequently on their websites. Also, photo editing studios, photographers, designers, printing presses, educational institutions, advertising agencies, media and publication companies, catalog companies etc, empanel their own Photo Editing Agency for getting high quality pictures.

    But, for zeroing down on a good Photo Editing Agency, such companies often look for a few parameters, which are summarized as follows:

  • Due caution should be exercised insearching the best Photo EditingAgency on the internet. Afterobtaining details of a fewcompanies for outsourcing, theirwebsites should be visited to assesstheir experience, services offered,pricing etc.

    The most important aspect to be seen is the quality of work implemented by these companies in the domain you want to outsource.

  • List of CustomersYou should make it a point to see the list of clients of every Photo Editing Agency, to get an idea of the level and standard of the work the agency undertakes. Moreover, the final output can also be seen in the print collaterals as well as online media of their clients

  • Seek Sample Images

    Before After

    A few samples images, before and after the editing process, can be sought from the Photo Editing Agency through mail. This will give you an idea about the accuracy and quality of editing the agency provides, in terms of color, contrast, background, object removal, blemish removal etc.

  • Turnaround Time (TAT)

    Since most of the companies going for outsourcing need regular supply of high quality photos, the turnaround time is a vital aspect for such work. Hence confirming the time taken by the company for different jobs should also be checked before finalizing.

  • Image SecuritySecurity of data is a pre requisitefor all IT processes. Hence due careshould be taken about securingyour photographs with propercopyright agreements as well asNon Disclosure Agreement (NDA)with Photo Editing Agency to whichthe job is outsourced.

  • Customer Reviews and FeedbackAnother important aspect tocheck is the customer reviewsand feedbacks of the shortlistedcompanies, which are availableon the companys own website aswell as other review sites.Reviews can also be crosschecked on various onlineplatforms for authenticity.

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  • PricingLast but not the least comes the pricing. Since editing is an ongoing process, a small difference in pricing could add up to huge amounts in the long term. The pricing model as well as the modes of payment should be properly assessed, before selecting the one that suits your budget.

    Keeping in view the above step bystep guide, you can easily find aprofessional Photo Editing Agency,to get high quality output ofphotos and images for promoting,advertising and selling yourproducts and services to the wellinformed customers of today.

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