Http:// Redefining New Media Literacies: Promises and Possibilities in Teaching and Learning.

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  • RedefiningNew Media Literacies:Promises and Possibilities in Teaching and Learning

  • CCNMTL Mission and StrategiesMission: The purposeful use of new media and digital technologies in education.

    Basic Strategies:Creating the Culture of UseEmpowering Faculty with New Generic ToolsForging Partnerships (Internal, External)

  • Design Research methodology

  • Columbia professors are blending the "traditional" learning management system with new media technologies to better engage their students

  • Service PlatformsColumbia on YouTube EDU

  • Wikispaces: Virtual Learning

  • Wiki ToolsRomantic Wiki Ravings

  • Two Blog Tools Blog Tool

    Piazza(featuring Bob Neer)

    Piazza(Bob's class)

  • Two Blog Tools Blog Tool

    Piazza(featuring Bob Neer)

    Piazza(Bob's class)

  • Video Annotation

  • (New?) Directions in Teaching and Learning

    Turning teaching upside down(CHE)

    7 Things About Flipped Classrooms(EnhancED)

    Trends leading to it

    Tech innovation is hereNeed evidence of learning (cog sci)Need for other kinds of knowledge transferEconomic realities

  • Best Practices 4 T&L w/ New MediaRule #1: Let the pedagogy drive the technologySee "Study Suggests" article in CHE

    #1a: Define pedagogical goals and desired outcomes for course/curriculum

    Rule #2: Use one or two tools/resources, not all of the ones you know about or have seen used

    Rule #3: Once you decide on a tool that you feel best fits your pedagogical goals, learn how to use it

    Rule #4: Consider costs, security, ease of use, and support

  • Further Reading

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    *Mediathread isCCNMTL's innovative,open-sourceplatform for exploration, analysis, and organization of web-based multimedia content. Mediathread connects to a variety of image and video collections (such as YouTube, Flickr, library databases, and course libraries), enabling users to lift items out of these collections and into an analysis environment. In Mediathread, items can then be clipped, annotated, organized, and embedded into essays and other written analysis.*Chronicle of Higher Ed articleEric Mazur's class at HarvardU of Colorado at Boulder

    * STEM classes in which the concepts are traditionally transferred from prof to student via the banking concept of education* Newtechnologieshave made flipped classes possible - recordvideo, audio lectures and have students watch/listen before class* Students can take their time with new material* Can be tested for knowledge comprehension before class* engenders just-in-time teaching* motivates some, but not other students (like passive learning)* In-class more engagement -- peer-to-peer and prof-to-peer*Need to have access to tech, which most do -- even if it is just YouTube or internet connection and LMS sign-on

    *costs -- free, license,passwrod, easy to use, learn? IT or tech support?